Teach Bill
A friend in V9 has requested many times that I write a story in this genre. So I have finally conceded and here it is. It is my first Bi-sexual story hope you enjoy it. I was definitely out of my element writing this one. This was written just for you Touch!

Kay and I were best friends first and now coworkers. I loved business trips with Kay they are usually like mini vacations. This trip to Atlanta was different it had been all work and no play. This had turned into a typical business trip, airport, hotel, a restaurant or two and conference rooms. Tonight was our last night in Atlanta we had gone out to dinner had a few drinks, but we both were so tired from the meetings and travel we decided to forgo our planned clubbing and headed back to our hotel to just hang out for the evening. When girlfriends hang out the topics of conversation can be about anything and everything but before long it is guaranteed to turn to men and sex......tonight was no different.

"I had to spelled it out for him myself. Why I ask, do men know how to spell and define fellatio, but play stupid about cunnilingus?" I had just taken a shower and was sprawled across my bed, swinging my feet and finishing the last of my glass of wine. I stretched out to sit the empty glass on the night stand my shoulder hanging off the bed, my breast pointing toward the floor.

"There's words I never got in the spelling bee." Kay snorted, as she sipped on her third glass of Pinot sitting at the desk sporting her usual button blouse and jeans. How can she stand those clothes any longer.

"Want another one?" I offered, but Kay shook her head, waggling her almost empty glass at me. She'd already had too many. I settled myself back on the bed with a sigh, stretching, my tanned, bare body full-length crossing my legs at my ankles.

I have never thought a thing about being naked in front of Kay, since the beginning of our friendship in college I was always the one who ran around in various stages of undress. Just as comfortable naked as fully clothed. I laugh silently thinking how at first Kay was so shy she blushed beet red every time she saw me in my birthday suit and would quickly looked the other way. While Kay the shy girl still changes her clothes in the bathroom even around me. She's too self-conscious to even wear a camisole or tank top how she can stand that button shirt buttoned high, and long jeans in this Atlanta heat is beyond me.

"Then what!" Kay asked. According to Kay she could count on one hand the number of times a guy had attempted cunnilingus on her.

"And then he said if I was waiting for him to do that, I'd be waiting for the cows to come home." Whatever the hell that was supposed to mean. I rolled over onto my back, putting my feet up on the wall and hanging my head off the end of the bed, making a face at her. She made one back, reaching for her wine glass sitting on the desk.

"And?" she prompted.

We are like the odd couple. I was spoiled having been abandoned by my birth parents and raised by grandparents who paid for my Ivy League school, my first car, my first condo. Kay went to college on scholarships and grants, working part-time jobs her parents were incredibly poor. Welfare poor. To say she was a stranger in a strange land wasn't just a cliché, it was also a huge understatement, Kay's words, and still, we got along. We are best friends in spite of, or maybe because of, our differences.

"So I left with his best friend." I grinned at her, slithering to the floor and reaching for the remote, flipping to the London Olympics.

"Did you do him?" She asked, twisting around in the desk chair and putting her jean clad legs on the desk.

"Yes," I confirmed, grabbing a pillow off my bed and fluffing it behind me. "Of course, that's when I thought he was going to return the favor!"

"No tit for tat?"

"Oh, honey he got plenty of tit," I said, my hands pressing my bare 34 DD breasts towards each other with a grin. Kay much smaller than me, was barely a handful, but they were the perkiest, prettiest little things and it made me envious. Sometimes I think I have too much chest. I winked at Kay looking at her chest. She crossed her arm in front of her blouse covered breasts, self-conscious. A long standing joke between us.

"Maybe next time, you should make sure he does you first," she suggested, taking the last sip of her wine looking at me over the glass with those beautiful hazel eyes. It must be the wine why am I so aware of Kay tonight.

"Guess I'm just too generous," I agreed with a sigh. "That will be my policy from now on. Cunnilingus before fellatio."

"Do you want me to make you a t-shirt?" she grinned.

Laughing. "Do you think it would stay on long enough for him to read it."

"You're such a slut," she laughed, shaking her head.

"Can I help it if it feels that good?" I say, batting my eyes seductively at her. "You know, you could use a dose of slut slipped into your pinot once in a while yourself!"

"Wish it was that easy." she said watching me. Kay had always wished she had a more outgoing personality.

"So does the new boyfriend do it for you?" I asked. "That is when he's not being Mr. Long Distance?"

She shrugged, blushing. "He's tried... a few times..."

I look at her with raised eyebrows. "That doesn't sound very promising.

"He..." she stuttered and cleared her throat. "He hasn't figured it out yet."

I roll my eyes. "Then show him!" "What are you waiting for." I am thinking if he hasn't figured it out by now I am not sure he is going to without instructions......

She stared at me, lying naked on my bed, as we talked about the most intimate things like we were discussing a new recipe or something. "I don't know how, she said."

"What does that mean?" I sat up, tucking my short blond hair behind my ears hugging my knees to my chest.

"Sometimes he finds the right spot," she admitted. "But he mostly seems interested in putting his tongue... inside..."

I have never seen Kay so red, she matched her hair, shifting in her char, I could see the heat crawling up her cheeks.

"That's a common mistake," I said, shaking my head. "It's not where it feels best, is it?"
Just when I thought she couldn't get any redder I see the heat in her cheeks go scarlet.

"Hmm, sounds like the boyfriend needs some lessons." "You just need to show him where to lick," I said teasing her.

"Can we not talk about this?" she said, reaching for TV remote turning up the volume like she really wanted to hear what the announcer was saying about the gold metal standings for each country.

"No, no, no" I said, grabbing the remote and turning the TV off before tossing the remote behind me. "You're not getting out of it, now."

"Lucy, give me the remote," she said with a sigh.

"Nope!" I grabbed my pillow, lying across my bed and placing my feet on her bed, I spread my legs.
"What are you doing?"

"Have you ever even looked at it before?" I asked and she stared as I parted the bare lips between my legs, exposing the dark pink center.

"Wow, Lucy," she said, shaking her head. Her eyes frozen, watching where my fingers were spreading my lips. "Running around naked is one thingbut this is all kinds of wrong." Kay whispers.

"Who says?" I ask, as I brought my other hand down, opening everything up even more. Her eyes still focused between my legs, in spite of her discomfort.

"Its right here, isn't it?" I asked, rubbing the pink, glistening folds at the top of my slit. "It feels so good when he licks you here?"

She couldn't speak just nodded, watching my fingers pull back the swollen lips, exposing the erecting bud of my clit. My eyes closed as my fingers teased it, back and forth, feeling a dull throbbing between my legs.

"I know what a clit is," she told me, swallowing and moving her eyes up to my face, avoiding that dreamy look on my face trying not to notice my fingers moving between my legs. "That's not the issue."

"So tell me," I murmured, making a little "mmm" sound as I rubbed myself. "What is the issue?"

She squirmed on the bed, squeezing her thighs together, I knew she was feeling that ache between them. Watching me touch myself made her want to touch herself, too. Her nipples were hard as she wiggled, rubbing against the shear material of her bra.


"You can tell me," I said, my palm moving over my tightening nipple as I make slow, easy circles. The blush on her face spreading to her chest, it was like her whole body was flushing with the heat.

She tried to explain. "He just can't seem to... stay in the right place... long enough..."

I sat up, kneeling next to her bed. "Well, let me see... maybe your clit is shy... like you... just hard to keep a tongue on... "

She shook her head, smiling. "Forget it."

"Oh come on," I urged, reaching over and unsnapping the top button of her jeans. "You've seen everything I've got... in all the years I have known you I've never even seen you in your underwear."

"Hey, come on," she said halfheartedly as I started unzipping her pants. Even as she said the words, I could tell she was wanting... something. She thinks it's the alcohol, I told myself as she whispered, "Quit." Wondering myself if it was the alcohol taking us both over.

"Do you even wear underwear?" I teased, peeking under her jeans. "Of course you do, are they granny panties?"

"Lucy!" She pushed at my hands as I tried to tug her jeans down her hips, but the effort was weak, even she knew it.

"What?" I murmured, sliding a hand under her jeans, but over her panties, making her gasp. "Mmm... warm... are you a redhead all over, Kay?"

"This isn't a good idea," She whispered, trying not to get carried away by the sensation of my fingers rubbing over the crotch of her panties, my other hand edging her jeans down, trying to make more room.

"Why not?" I asked, looking down at the V her zipper made, the place where my hand was rocking against her flesh. "I just want to show you how to make things better between you and Bill... besides... doesn't this feel good?"

She couldn't help moaning when I managed to wiggle my fingers around the side of her panties, touching the swollen flesh of her lips, the slippery wetness between them, the sound encouraged my fingers to search through her folds, finding her swollen clit and teasing it.

"There it is," I murmured, my eyes on hers. "Not so shy... feel good?"

She let out a pent-up breath, closing her eyes. "Lucy, please..."

"Don't be shy, Kay," I whispered and she jumped like I had burned her with my lips when I kissed the exposed skin of her belly between her blouse and her unzipped jeans. "Come on...just this once...lets do something out of our comfort zone..."

My words, my fingers, the delicious slick pulse between her legs, had her hooking her thumbs in her jeans, wiggling them down, toeing them off.

Smiling, my eyes between her legs. "Now, can I see if you're a real redhead?
My hand was free now to use two of my fingers between her slit, cradling her clit and rubbing up and down under her panties. Sighing, I could feel her giving in completely.

"Turn this way," she sighed when my hand slid out from between her legs as she swung around. "Lift." Her bottom went up into the air as I slid her panties down her thighs and tossed them across the room.

"Your so pretty," I murmured, my finger finding that spot again, moving it back and forth. "You like it when I rub here?"
"Mm... yes." she said, as she moved her hips, her eyes closing with the sensation.
"What about this?" I whispered and she gasped when my mouth came down to cover her mound, my tongue finding her clit.

"Oh my god," she grunted as my tongue made circles around and around.

I didn't slip my fingers inside her, like she said Bill always tried to do, and my tongue didn't move from that spot to probe through all the folds, like she said Bill's always did. Instead, I focused all of my attention right there, varying pressure and direction, sometimes moving back and forth, sometimes in circles, sending her off on pleasurable chase of her own climax.

When I sucked her whole clit into my mouth, she moaned and thrashed on the bed, my tongue teasing it back and forth as I sucked. The sensation was too much, so intense, my tongue in the wet heaven between her legs. I could feel her orgasm coming in the tense trembling of her thighs, the tightening of her belly.

Watching her I was surprise when her hand went up under her blouse, unhooking her bra up front and squeezing her nipple, sending a hot jolt of pleasure right down between my legs. She did the other one too, rolling her nipples as I licked her. She was thrusting hard against my mouth, my tongue, wanting more, I had to press a hand to her tummy to keep her still.

"Pleasssse!" she whimpered, my hole pussy is on fire.

The soft noises I made letting her know I was really enjoying it were to encourage her, wanting her to enjoy it too, until she just couldn't stand it anymore. I felt it start in her belly, as the waves of pleasure hit and she flooded my mouth with her juices, her clit throbbing and pulsing her pleasure against my tongue. My tongue softly lapping against her sex was so intense after her orgasm that she moaned and squirmed, trying to get away from the extreme sensations she felt, almost too good, practically unbearable.

"Now do you see what all the fuss is about?" I asked, feathering kisses on her vulva.

"Yes," she gasped, covering her eyes with her arm, not wanting to look at me still kneeling between her legs. She couldn't believe what we'd just done and secretly neither could I.

"That's why I won't date a guy who won't do it," I said. "And that's why you have to teach Bill..."

"There's no way!"she groaned, sitting up and pushing herself back on the bed. "He doesn't do... what you... just did..."

The heat in her face was incredible now that she was looking at me, seeing her wetness on my cheeks, glistening on my lips, all over my face... the thought made her blush even more with embarrassment.

"But you'll teach him to," I said, sliding up next to her on the bed. She pulled her blouse down, as if to cover herself from my eyes, which seemed silly, and I smiled at her gesture.

"Ok, shy girl." I grabbed the bottom of her blouse and lifted it over her head. She struggled and we laughed, but I got it off, and all she had left on was her front-hook bra that was hanging askew.

My eyes moved over her breasts, much smaller and perkier than mine, the pink nipples erect. "If I had your body, I would walk around naked all the time."

"You do walk around naked all the time," she reminded me.

"No," I said, shaking her head. "I mean all the time." She blushed as I tugged at her bra, divesting her of the last remnants of her modesty.

"Are you ready for your lesson?" I murmured, grabbing a pillow and laying back on it. My knees were up and open, and she could see a little glistening pink between my lips.

"In... what?" she asked, watching my hand slide down between my legs, finding my clit.

"Let's teach Bill how to eat pussy." I grinning at her, my finger moving back and forth.

Fascinated, she watched me play. I made fast little circles, but I used the fleshy hood in an up and down motion over the bud of my clit.

"Is it tit for tat time?" she asked, swallowing hard, meeting my eyes.

"New rule: cunnilingus before cunnilingus?" I murmured, rubbing it a little faster, my breathing getting heavier. "Kidding, Kay... I just want you to know what to say to him... how to tell him what you want."

She cocked her head at me. "How?"

"You play Bill," I whispered, making that "mmm" sound again, my eyes half-closed. "And I'll play you."

Finally understanding what I meant she clenched her stomach. I could see the struggle on her face trying to imagine doing to me what I had done to her.

"But I don't know how," she countered, frowning. My fingers were moving faster, my eyes almost closed. That "mm" sound coming from me in little waves.

"He doesn't either, I whispered. "First, you do what I'm doing... touching yourself like this... he'll like watching you..."

"He will?"

"Don't you like watching?" I asked, squeezing her nipple.

She blushed. "Yes."

"Then you ask... 'will you lick me?'" My voice a soft, plaintive. "Please?"

She groaned at the desire in my tone, seeing me nod and gesture to her to get between her legs. Stretching out, part of her hanging off the bed, still, she moved between my thighs.

"Show him with your fingers," I murmured. "You've been touching yourself there already, and he's been watching. So tell him..."

I new she could smell my a slight musk, and I was so wet that the bare skin of my lips was glistening with it.

"Right here," I whispered, nudging my clit, using my other hand to guide her head, unitl her mouth was touching my wetness. "Now... lick it."

My lips puffy, my clit a swollen bud between them as her tongue reached out for it, moving it back and forth with the tip.

I gave a soft moan, my head going back. "God, that's good."

My response encouraged her to lick a little faster, probe a little harder. I gasped and pressed her in so her mouth was covering my mound.

"Ohhh," I moaned when she started to make circles, too. "Mmmm... ok... wait..."

She didn't stop, my musky taste and the soft feel of my flesh and my response to her tongue like a drug.

"If he goes to move somewhere else," I murmured. "Like trying to put his tongue inside you..."

Taking the hint, She slipped her tongue slowly downward.

"You say... oh god..." I wiggled when she found my hole, teasing it with her tongue. "Just tell him... 'Lick me here, baby...' and show him... with your fingers..."

She watched as my fingers found my clit, rubbing it, and I directed her back there with my other hand until her mouth was covering my mound again.

"Yesssss," I purred, squeezing and pulling at my nipples. "That feels so good when you lick me there. Please, don't stop."

My words must have made her pussy ache as she groaned against my flesh, licking faster.

"Oh!" I cried, looking down at her, hungry and eager between my thighs. "Oh, god, Kay, you're soooo good at this."

She did what she remembered me doing to her, back and forth for a while, then switching to circles. She had to keep swallowing and swallowing my juices.

"Yes," I whispered, keeping one hand on her head as I rocked. "Right there. Don't stop licking me right there on my hot little clit. That feels so good."

She blushed, trying to imagine saying those things to Bill, wondering if he would respond like I didit made her want to devour me she told me later.

"Oh fuuuuuck," I moaned and she nearly stopped then in shock, hearing the word coming out of my throat in a guttural cry as I rocked against her mouth. "Oh baby, lick my pussy, yessss, you're so close to making me cum."

She was panting, lapping at me fast and hard, her own pussy leaking wetness down her thighs. I was moaning and twisting, still guiding her into my mound, mashing her face and tongue there until she could barely breathe.

"Are you ready, baby?" I whispered, my thighs trembling. She could feel my leg muscles twitching against her arms. "I'm gonna cum all over your face."

"Ooooooohhhhh fuck, now!" I cried and I thought she would cum, too, just from hearing my words, feeling me let go and shudder and roll with my climax, thrusting up against her mouth as I came in waves. I didn't let go of her, riding it out until I was panting with the effort, everything slowly beginning to relax as the tide ebbed.

"Wow, amazing" I said, looking down at her still propped between my thighs. "You are fucking fantastic at that, Kay... have you done it before?"

She shook her head, blushing, trying to clean up the mess on her chin and neck with her palm.

Smiling, I sat up and she did too, feeling even more shy now in the transition from passion to composure. Neither of us knew what to say.

"Think you can show him?" I asked after a moment, cocking my head at her.
She shrugged. "I can try."

I grinned and winked. "Well... even if he never figures it out... I promise, I'll do you again, if you'll do me."

She laughed. "Tit for tat, huh?"

My eyes dipped down to her breasts. "You would win on that score, doll."

"Shut up," she said, nudging my thigh with her knee.

I stretched, looking at the clock. "I need another shower. You wanna?"

She bit her lip, shrugged. "Ok."

Standing, I held my hand out to Kay and as we walked hand in hand to the bathroom I said.

"Kay, just so you know you were my first girl too."

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