Looking forward to being her next conquest and not worrying if I put my heart into it because as I looked at things it was only sex. And I loved sex.

It had been a while but I still remembered where things went. Plus her taste in partners had surprised me as of now she had taken on having sex with both genders.

So here I found myself in one of her antirooms that was quite comfortable with a large cushion in the middle of the room.
With my head between her legs.

The vision before me was clean-shaven, not a hair to be found. She also had an angel tattooed on either side of her mound. A little devil was over the middle.

The angels we're starting to glisten and had the tiniest amount of angel juice on them, so inviting.

Not wasting any time she started to pinch her devil which released even more moisture onto her. This was so very pleasurable for her that when I started to lick and gently suck her she didn't really notice.

She was holding my head so I couldn't escape or really move, it was such a turn on.

Lapping and sucking her lips and flicking my tongue in every so often was driving her crazy. Just to have someone pay attention to her with the knowledge that she was in charge.
My hands were holding her butt and with such gentle pressure I was guiding her buttocks apart and she didn't seem to mind.

I was under her sell completely. She had me and we were the only two people in the world.

I wasn't even surprised when I felt another tongue start to lick my rod which had now grown to quite a size.
I wasn't complaining.

We rolled on our side.
This opened up more possibilities for fun and games.

Raising one knee and opening up more of her delicate garden made things so much more exciting for all of us.

I felt a cheek beside mine as I shared the juicy prize that oozed such goodness, I didn't mind sharing and for sharing I also started to get the most passionate kisses from this lovely extra body.

Her body quivered and started to shake with ecstasy as she came the first time.

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