Sarah walked into the hotel lobby with grace and confidence. Her stiletto heels lightly tapped on the marble floor as her head turned, looking, searching really , for the face that was so dear to her. A face she had only seen in pictures. Her breathing was deep as anticipation built within her. They had waited and planned for this moment for so long. She didn't realize that she was holding her breath until she saw him rising out of his chair to greet her. Her eyes lit up as she released her breath, relieved to finally see him and know that he had actually shown up.

They walked toward each other and met in the middle of the crowded lobby. Their eyes sparkled and smiled as both sets of hands came up to clasp together, physically joining them for the first time.

"Hi Woody," she said.

They both smiled, pleased that the attraction they had shared had conveyed to real life and leaned forward for a chaste kiss before pulling back to look at each other. Sarah's eyes took in his sharply pressed khakis and his crisp button down shirt. His eyes focused on the delicate features of her face and the array of curly hair that was framing it.

"Ready?" He asked as he indicated with a nod toward the hotel restaurant.

Sarah smiled and shook her head no. Woody's eyes opened in surprise at her denial. Sarah leaned forward and whispered in his ear, "I'd rather skip the food that neither of us are interested in right now and go directly to my room."

Sarah held her breath while she waited for Woody's response, hoping that she had read the light and pleasure in his eyes upon their greeting correctly. Woody's eyes searched the expression of longing on Sarah's face and finally smiled his approval.

"Yes," he answered in a low voice, husky with a rapidly growing sexual tension. "Yes," he repeated before adding, "Yes, we have spent enough time during the last year talking....we both know what we want." Sarah sighed with relief as they started walking hand in hand toward the elevator.

The hotel room was dimly lit as the door swung open before Sarah and Woody. Sarah led the way into her room. The scent of her bath oils still lingered in the air, a remnant of her preparations for their first meeting. A light was dimply lit on a table beside the bed, casting a soft illuminating glow over the rom. A soft chair sat to the side of the bed, a low table positioned nearby. On the table lay a basket. Woody strained to look at the contents of the basket, but when unable to discern the contents he eyes roved further in their perusal. Next to the basket was a bottle of wine chilling on ice and two delicate wine glasses. A bowl of fruit completed the table contents.

Sarah smiled as she took the role that she loved to play. "Sit" she directed as she gently pushed Woody toward the chair. Woody smiled as he acquiesized to her demands, knowing that after all the times that they had shared over the phone and on the internet that he could trust Sarah.

Sarah backed away and flipped the switch to turn on a portable stereo. Soft piano music floated gently across the room. "No Touching" she said.

Sarah started to sway serenely with the music. Her hips softly rotating under the silk sundress. Woody's eyes roved over her lithe body, watching as the silk clung to her curves and pulled against her body. Her hands caressed up her silk clad body, over her breasts, up her neck and through her freely flowing hair. His eyes followed the progression but quickly jumped back to the sight of her erect nipples pushing against the light fabric of her dress.

Sarah continued to move to the soft beat of the music, moving her finger to her mouth, she wet her finger and then quickly slid her finger to her protruding nipple. Her wet finger grasped and rubbed against her nipple, dampening the bodice of her dress. Still her body swayed to the music. She danced closer to Woody. Leaning toward him with one hand resting on the each armrest on either side of his body, she kissed him gently on the lips. His eyes followed her neckline down to where her dress fell forward, revealing her ample cleavage. His breath caught and his hand moved to caress her breast.

Sarah began laughing and quickly pulled back. "I was afraid you would try to touch." She admonished while she simultaneously reached into the concealed basket. Her eyes glinted with mischief as she pulled out a pair of handcuffs. She quickly snapped the cuffs on his wristschecking to make sure that they were not too tight and then leaned in for another kiss. Woody breathed in deeply the aroma from her skin that wafted to his nostrils and filled himself with the heady scent of her perfume.

Sarah danced away and seductively and slowly pulled the ties that held the silky dress to her body. The dress slowly slipped down, brushing her fevored body as it descended. Her hands tangled within her hair as her body was revealed to him. Her breasts were perfect tan orbs, accentuated with her erect nipples. Her flat stomach stretched before him and lead a path toward the skimpy pair of panties that barely covered her shaven mount. A garter belt wrapped around her lithe body and attached to a pair of stocking that smoothly covered her shapely legs. Her stiletto heels remained on her feet as she stepped out of the silk pooled around her.

Sarah moved toward the table and plucked a few grapes out of the fruit basket. Woody's eyes followed her movements as she brought the grape to her lips and as her lips parted to allow the grape to pop inside her lush mouth. Winking at him, she leaned forward, a grape in her hand. She brought it to his lips. Woody's lips parted and she deftly fed him the grape.

As she leaned over him, her breasts brushed over his arm. The contact of her skin burned and caused him to strain against the handcuffs in a vain effort to touch her body.

Sarah grinned and moved backward to the table and sat down on the low table. Wantonly, she spread her legs wide. Woody's eyes glazed over with lust as his gaze fell upon the skimpy clearly damp cloth between her legs. His heart beating wildly, Woody calmly made his request. "Let me loose babe, I want to taste that dampness."

Sarah's laugh rang out in the soft glow of the hotel room. "I don't think so luv" she answered. She settled back onto the low table with her legs spread wide. "Want to see what else is in the basket." She teased. Knowing his answer, she reached into the basket and pulled out a dildo. She lifted her hips and quickly pulled the panties down and discarded them on the floor. The dildo rested for mere moments on her thigh before she began to run it up and down---closer and closer to her sopping wet slit. Woody's eyes remained glued to the scene being played out in front of him. His erection rose and grew harder, visible to Sarah. The dildo slide closer and closer until she couldn't resist and plunged it deep into her pussy. Her cries of sudden ecstacy mingled with his gasp of heightened pleasure. Woody watched, his breathing becoming more choppy and harsh while Sarah pushed the dildo in and alternately pulled it back out. He smiled knowingly as he recognized the moaanything about it. He settled back to enjoy the rest of Sarah's show. Her eyes closed and her head thrown back, her body found ns and sighs signaling that she was close. His own body screamed for release but other than lightly shifting in the chair, he was unable to do it's release. Woody watched helplessly as her body convulsed and spasmed until finally she opened her eyes and smiled at him.

"Uncuff me" He said in a low voice.

Slowly and lazily her head turned from side to side in denial even as she pulled the dildo from her pussy. She held it up, glistening in the soft glow of the lamp. Without breaking eye contact, she brought the dildo to her lips and slowly licked the length of the dildo. Woody stared intently at the moisture as it pooled upon her tongue.

His eyes looked at her imploringly, "I'm begging," he pleaded.

Sarah shifted forward and brought the dildo to his lips. His cock tightened and grew harder yet as he tasted the sweet necter of her pussy. His sigh of contentment echoed through the room.

All too soon Sarah pulled back and laid the dildo on the table. She moved back toward Woody and straddled his lap. Her body rubbed against him teasing him through his khakis. Her wetness dampened his trousers as she ground her body against his fully clothed and fully erect cock. Wasting no time, she pulled his shirt from his pants, unbuttoning it to free his chest. Her fingers traced the contour of his chest. And then she slid off of his lap. She was back before he could voice his protest, pushing his shirt aside, she helped him maneuver until he was half reclined. Reaching behind her she grabbed an orange from the basket. Woody watched as she cut the orange in two and began to squeeze the juice onto his chest. As a trickle of juice began down his chest, Sarah leaned forward and traced the juice trail across his well honed chest. Over and over she trailed juice across his torso only to lick him clean again. Her tongue brushing his nipples, his stomach and occaisionally a stray trail that drove her lower.

Sensing his mounting need, Sarah finally slid off of his lap and landed on her knees between his outstretched legs. Her hands fumbled with the button and zipper on his pants. He helped her ministrations by raising first his hips and then each leg as she divested him from his pants. Her eyes met his for a split second before her head lowered. Woody could see her lips part as her head descended and he licked his lips in anticipation. Her lips were soft against the hot head of his cock. Her tongue darted out to gather up the precum that had gathered on the head of his cock. She pulled back and allowed him to see his hot love juice on her tongue.

Woody groaned deeply as his hips pushed up toward Sarah's mouth. She grinned and opened her mouth wide and leaned forward. Woody gasped out as his cock slid into her soft mouth. His breathing quickened as his cock bottomed out deep in her throat. And then her mouth began to move. Pulling. Sucking. Working on his throbbing manhood. Teasing him with her tongue. Fondling his balls with her hands. Attacking all of his senses. Woody's eyes stayed glued to the sight of his cock sliding in and out of Sarah's red plump lips. His body began to shake with a barely controlled need to cum. Sarah backed way. Smiling warmly at Woody she pushed off of her knees and leaned into kiss him.

"Babe" Woody ground out. "Let me feel you"

Sarah reached forward with one finger and pressed it on Woody's protesting lips. "Patience luv" She said softly. Deftly she moved until her legs straddled his outstretched body. Woody could feel her slick heat as she moved closer to his distended cock. Finally he felt her wet pussy pressed against his hard dick. She wiggled against him...teasing him senselessly.

Her lips found his neck, his earlobes and his lips. She nibbled and tasted. Teasing him with her pussy tantalizingly close. His cock on the threshold.

"I want you now" she proclaimed softly into his ear. Her hands quickly moved to the cuffs, releasing his body.

Freed from his fetters, Woody's arms rose quickly to grasp Sarah around the waist. Without preamble, Woody held her hips still as he thrust upward into her willing pussy, finally taking possession of her body. Gasping, Sarah pushed downward taking him deeper into her tight honeyed warmth. The pressure built quickly as the conjoined bodies moved in tandem. Sarah was the first to scream out as her body began to first shake and then convulse. Not able to withstand the tight spasms of Sarah's pussy convulsing around his cock, Woody followed and screamed out his release as he gathered Sarah tightly into his embrace to hold her close as their bodies spasmed and rolled through wave after wave of pleasure. He was still holding her moments later when her eyes closed and her body slowly started to relax.
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