Today, my lovely, naughty girlfriend had been teasing me.

She was looking at other women and saying that she would like to see them naked, and what a cute ass that one had.

We were giggling together, but I was planning to show her whose boss, just for a change.

My girlfriend is one who always believes that she is in charge, in control. Yes, I do like her to make love to me, to just lay back and let her love me, sometimes she will let me control our moves, this time she will have no choice.

When we arrived home, I grabbed her and kissed her fiercely. We started to undress each other, I led her to our bed room and pushed her onto our bed.

She was laughing and happy to play my game for a few minutes.

What she did not see were the scarves that I had placed by the side of our bed.

We both love the feel of silk, so all the scarves were silk. I sat astride her and held her hands over her head while I kissed her sweet mouth.

Then quickly I wrapped one of the scarves around her wrists, I tied it, securing her, then with another scarf I tied her wrists to the head of the bed. She was still smiling at me , but sensed that this was different.

I then stroked her legs, knowing how much she liked that. Stroking her thighs, her calves, her ankles. Then I gently wrapped another silk scarf around her ankles, tying her to the base of our bed.

Now I was able to step back and admire my handiwork. She looked beautiful as always, I loved seeing her naked, but to see her tied to our bed really excited me.

I leant down to her, kissing her mouth. She wriggled, trying to kiss me back, but I pulled away. I kissed her breasts, taking her nipples into my mouth and sucking on them.

I kissed her tummy, feeling her raising her hips to me. I kissed her smooth mound, her scent gently filling my head, and exciting me further.

I rolled her onto her front. seeing her cute ass.

I knew that she was confused now. This was not going according to our normal routine of love making.

Then she gasped as my hand connected with her ass. It was a sharp slap that surprised her more than anything.

I leaned down to her and whispered in her ear, " You were teasing me, now its my turn".

I kissed her shoulder, then nipped it with my teeth.

I kissed all the way down her lovely back.
Then I spanked her again. It sounded loud, but there was no one to hear.

The more I spanked her the more she wriggled. She was crying out now, her ass was going red, my spanking would sting but I would not hurt her for the world. I loved this girl, more than anything.

I decided that 12 slaps were enough. I leaned down and kissed her ass cheeks, they felt hot, I blew gently on them.

Then slid my hand between her legs, she raised her bottom, opening her legs as she did.

God she was wet, but then so was I. We had both enjoyed the experience.

My fingers slipped into her waiting pussy, I pressed my two fingers deep inside her, curling them down to her g spot.

I knew that this would trigger her orgasm. Sure enough as I found that special spot, her body started to convulse, her hips bucking under my fingers, her whole body shaking.

She gripped my fingers so tightly, lost to me in her climax which went on and on as I continued to fuck her with my fingers.

She screamed my name as she collapsed onto out bed, her orgasm slowly subsiding.

This young woman is mine, she is so beautiful and lovely.

I sat by the side of our bed, rubbing my swollen clit, and fingering myself. I opened my eyes to see her watching me. She blew me a kiss and smiled as I began to feel my own orgasm build within.

Our eyes were locked together as I fingered myself, waves of pleasure washed over me, I rode them savouring each and every one, crying out my lovers name as I too came.

My hands were still shaking as I untied my lovely girl. She threw her arms around me as we lay together each of us spent, for now.
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