Teasing Little Brother Goes Too Far
It was Friday afternoon. I was alone. Oh how I hated the West Coast road trip. You see, my husband is a professional athlete here in Chicago. We met at the University of Michigan. He was drafted, and moved us to Chicago.

I prefer not to travel with him on this trip. I really don't get along with the other wives/girlfriends. They all seem so shallow. Showing off their expensive clothes and jewelry. Me, I am a born and bred farm girl from Minnesota. I am comfortable in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

The phone rings. I see from the caller ID that it's from my family back home. It's my Mom on the phone. "Hello Bethy", she says. "Mom, it's Beth
B-E-T-H." "OK whatever", she says. "why don't you come up for the weekend?" " Mom, it's an eight hour drive." "I couldn't do that by myself."
"Then fly up", she said. "My treat" "OK, let me call and see what flights are available" Don't worry", she said, "I booked you on a 7:00 a.m. flight tomorrow." "Mom, what if I said no?", I asked. She knew I would never turn down an invitation to go home though.

I threw together a small carry on bag with some change of clothes, a swim suit, and other unmentionables. OK, I'll mention them......panties.

It's a short flight to Minneapolis. Only an hour. I slept the entire time. When we landed, I exited the plane into the terminal. There stood my brother Anthony, or ANT as I always affectionately called him. Except Ant wasn't such a little boy anymore. He now stood about 6'4" tall, with a muscular build.

"Wow Ant, is that really you?" " "Yes Bethy, it is me.....all me". "It's BETH....B-E-T.......never mind." I opened my arms for a hug, and he put his strong arms around me, and lifted me up into a big bear hug. "Ant", I said, "put me down this instant" "I am giving everyone a free show here. (I was wearing a short sundress, and now my panties were exposed for all to see. Although my husband always says, that my butt was my best ASSet. I wasn't in to showing it to strangers.

Ant slapped me on my pantied butt and said "OK, besides, I enjoyed the show too."

I couldn't get over how great he looked. As we walked to his truck, I asked him how the football team did. He told me that he was the starting middle line backer, and the recruitment letters has already started to arrive.

I said, "So, does my hunk brother have a girlfriend?" "No, not anymore, it's a long story Bethy....I mean Beth." "I really don't want to discuss it now" I was thinking, who would not want to go out with this beautiful, muscular guy?.

When we got to the truck, it was one of those jacked up pickups. "How am I supposed to get in here?" He said that he would give me a boost. So, he came around to my side, and grabbed me by my waist, and lifted me up into my seat. Of course I was not prepared to be whisked up into the air, and my legs flailed open, offering Ant a great view up my dress. As Ant hopped in the truck, he noticed my dress was still high up on my thighs. I noticed him staring, and pulled my skirt down covering my exposed thighs.

It was uncomfortably quiet, on the hour long ride up to the farm. I did catch Ant sneaking peeks at my legs during the drive. I finally broke the silence. "It's so good to be home." Ant answered, "it's good to have you home Bethy" This time I didn't correct him. I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. "Thanks sweetie", I whispered back to him.

We pulled up to the house, and there was Mom, standing on the porch waving. At 50 years old, she still was beautiful. A natural blonde, like me, bright blue eyes, and still in shape. As a matter of fact, I was built just like her. No boobs, but a beautiful butt, and long shapely legs. I was so happy to see her. I jumped out of the truck just as Ant was coming around to my side. My skirt flew up to almost my waist as I jumped down. I thought Ant's eyes would pop out of his head, as he stared at my panty covered crotch. I am sure he noticed that I have a full muff. I don't like to shave, although I do keep myself trimmed. There were blonde wisps of hair sticking out the sides of my panties.

As we walked into the house Mom told me that she and Daddy were going on their Saturday night date. I remembered Daddy always took Mom out every Saturday night. I used to hear them when they came home, giggling like teenagers. I heard them go into their bedroom, and close the door. Soon I would hear the bed squeaking, and Mom was moaning softly. This would go on for a while until I would hear Daddy grunt. The squeaking then stopped, and all was still. Well except for my fingers stroking busily between my legs.

I went up to my room. It was just as I had left it. The walls covered with pictures of my favorite athlete.....the man to whom I was now married to.

Mom yelled up that she had made some sticky rolls, and a fresh pot of coffee. I yelled back that I would be right down, as soon as I changed my clothes.

I removed my dress, and was standing there just in my panties. I looked in the mirror only to notice that my nipples were really erect. I had a small wet spot on my panties. I was actually turned on. Was it because Ant was ogling me? He's my brother for Chrissake. No way!

I threw on a t-shirt on a pair of jeans. I was proud that I was able to wear "skinny jeans" that really accentuated my best ASSet. The T-shirt was clingy, though and because I wasn't wearing a bra, my nipples were poking through. You see, I might have small boobs, but my nipples are really big, and sensitive too. I loved the feeling of my bare nipples rubbing against my t-shirt.

I ran downstairs to find Mom and Ant, already sitting at the table. Ant must have noticed that my nipples were sticking out, because his jaw was dropped, and he was staring directly at my chest. I felt a tingle between my legs. I knew I was getting wetter. I was actually enjoying teasing Ant.

So, here we are sitting around the kitchen table, Ant still trying to sneak peeks at my erect nipples, when we hear the front door open.

"Where's my Bethy", a loud voice bellows. "Daddy!" I shriek. I run to the front door jumping into the arm of my Daddy. Dad hugs me tightly. "I'm glad you're home Bethy", he says. I never seemed to mind him calling me by my childhood name. Daddy lets go of me and looks around the room, "Where is the love of my entire life?" "Here I am J.J.", she answers. He looks at Mom like it was the first time he saw her. They lovingly look into each other's eyes, as he draws Mom into a passionate kiss. It was beautiful to see that they were still so much in love with other. Dad grabbed Mom's butt, moved his hand around between her legs and cupped her mound. "J.J. (shoert for John Joseph) behave", Mom said as she brushed his hand away. He said, "until tonight then",as he went into his home office to do some paperwork.

I said to Ant, "speaking of tonight, I suppose you have a date with a cute little girl". Ant said, "sadly no", his head bowed in embarressment. I said "don't worry Ant, I'll babysit you tonight", as I tossled his wavy blonde hair. "Stop it Bethy" "It's Beth.........." "Bethy, Bethy, Bethy," he sassed back at me. I actually was kind of excited to be alone with Ant tonight. I was going to tease the shit of him. "This will be fun" , I said to myself., as I went upstairs to lay down for a nap.

I slept so soundly, although it was only one hour, it seemed I had slept through the night. I had a dream of a faceless man slowly pulling my shorts down, and putting his hand into my panties. I woke up with a start. I actually thought it was the next morning, but it was 5:00 in the evening.

My cell, phone rang. It was my husband. He asked me if I missed him. I cooed back to him that not only did I miss him, but I missed his cock too. I was horny. He said, "5 more days, be patient." "I will", I whined back. He told me to send his regards to my family, and the I heard his coach in the background yelling. "Gotta go" he said. "Love ya Baby" "I lov......" before I could finish, he had already hung up.

I went downstairs, and Ant was watching the pregame show. Apparently, D's team was on national TV. "Do we have to watch this" I asked. "Don't you wanna watch D play?", he asked. "Not really", I said. "What are we going to do for supper?", I asked. Ant shrugged his shoulders and said, "how ' bout a pizza, and some beer?" he asked. "Maybe there's a good movie on too", he said. "Hmmmm" I thought. This poor lug doesn't know what he's in for tonight. But I'm sure he's in for one thing. A severe case of blue balls. "This was going to be fun", I thought as I felt that same tingle in my pussy.

Mom and Daddy had already left for their date. It was just Ant, and I, a pizza, and a six pack of lite beer. "I hope I don't get arrested for contributing to the delinquency of a minor" I said as I handed Ant a cold bottle of beer. "I've drunk more beer in the last year than you probably drank at college Bethy", he said." It's BETH!", I screamed. B fucking E fucking T fucking H!!!!!! He laughed as he took a long chug of his beer. I tried to take just as big of chug and ended up spilling beer down the front of my shirt.

My wet shirt clung to boobs and really accentuated how hard my nipples were. I thought Ant's eyes would pop out of his sockets. I pulled my t-shirt tight across my chest, and said, "Oh I seemed to have made a mess on my shirt. It was easy for ant to see the swell of my breast as well as my hard nipples. "I have to take this shirt off and change into some a dry shirt. Except that all my other shirts are in the wash. "Could I borrow one from you Ant?", I asked.

Ant jumped up and ran to his room. He was back in a flash with one his football jerseys. I began to pull up my t-shirt exposing my midriff to just under my breasts. Ant's eyes were wide open and his mouth was agape as he held out the jersey for me.

I was still holding the shirt up clenched in one hand, and took his jersey with the other hand. "Thanks Ant, I said. I kissed my index finger and touched it to his lip, and then walked past him into the small powder room right off the den.

I left the door slightly open and began once again to pull my shirt up, this time exposing the bottom of boobs. Although my back was to Ant, he could see my reflection in the wall mirror. I turned my head towards him and kicked the door shut behind me. I could see in the mirror Ant mouthing the word "Fuck".

My plan was already starting to work. I was teasing the shit out oh him, and i was loving every minute of it.

I stared at my topless self in the mirror. My nipples were hard as rocks. I had that familiar tingle between my legs. I knew my pussy was soaked. Was I really getting turned on by all this teasing? You're damn right I was! I pulled Ant's jersey over my head. Because he was so tall, it nearly came down to my knees. "Let's get a little riskier", I thought. I took my shorts off. I was only wearing the jersey, some white cotton panties, and a pair of white socks. Ant wouldn't know I did'nt have anything on under the jersey. Unless I showed him of course.

So I come back out to the den. Ant is laying on the sofa watching the game. The couch is a sectional shaped like an "L". I sit on the other side near Ant's feet. He is chomping on his pizza and chugging his beer. "Do we have to watch the game?" I ask. " What do you want to watch?", he asks. "I'm sure there's a good movie on cable" Ant starts hitting the channels on the remote. "Your going too fast" I hate when you do that. "Oh you like it slow?", Ant asks, grinning. "Yeah, I like it real slow", I sass back. "really slow, and deep" Ant nearly chokes on the swig of beer he just took.

He stops at the movie Titanic. "Oh I love this movie" "Don't change the channel. It was the scene when they made love in the car.I had drawn my legs up and was sitting with my chin on my knees. I was watching intently. Ant was watching intently too. He was watching that the jersey had now ridden up. He had a clear view of my panties. The crotch was tightly stretched over my pussy mound. I knew I must have had a wet spot forming. I could feel how wet I was getting.

For the first time I noticed Ant's loose sweat shorts were beginning to tent up. Ha! "my little brother is getting a boner", I thought to myself.Ant must have known that I new he was getting hard, because he adjusted his cock so it wasn't sticking straight out, but straight up. This now allowed me to get an idea of how long and thick his cock was. This guy was hung!

The ship was sinking and Jack was dead. My eyes filled with tears,as I quietly sobbed. "Don't cry Bethy, it's only a movie", he said. He turned on his side and made room for me on his couch. C'mere lay by me. "Oh Oh Kay", I whimpered. I moved to his side of the couch and soon we were spooning. My ass was right up against his now rock hard cock.

I pushed back slightly, but made it look like I was adjusting my position. I liked what I felt.

It seemed Ant didn't know what to do with his arm. It was just laying on my hip. My jersey had ridden up almost to my waist. I took Ant's hand and pulled around my waist. In doing so, it caused my jersey to ride up higher. My hand was over his as I placed it on my bare tummy right above the waistband of my panties.

I was dying to see what Ant would do, as I moved his hand in circles around my tummy. He was very tense, and it was hard to guide him., but he soon relaxed and was massaging my tummy without my help.

The movie was over and another had begun.Neither one of us knew what was on, nor did we care a that point.

"Let the teasing re-start",I said to my self. I'm going to give this boy a cheap thrill. I figured he might faint. I took his hand and moved it up to the under side of my breast. Ant took in a short gasp of air. I continued until his hand was now cupping my entire breast. He played with my nipple which was so erect. It was my turn to gasp.

I grabbed his hand, and moved it back down to my tummy. Ant left his hand there not moving a muscle. I'm sure he thought he went too far. He nuzzled up to the back of my neck, which sent shivers down my spine, and whispered, "I'm sorry Beth" his hot breath on the nape of my neck was really beginning to turn me on.

Ant's hand moved down my tummy and was at the waistband of my panties. His fingers sneaked under the waistband and were in the tuft of hair on my pussy. My breath was now coming in short gasps from my mouth. I knew this was wrong, and I had taken this game to far. My brain was yelling "STOP", but my pussy wanted more.

I placed my hand over his. Ant must have thought that I was going to pull his hand out, because I felt his hand stiffen. I didn't pull his hand out. I moved his hand further down across my wet slit. I moved my top leg over his hip, opening my pussy to his exploring hand. His fingers soon found my clitty. I shuddered as he massaged my erect bud.

I clamped my legs together around his hand. I was now moaning soft "ohs, and oohs" squeezing his fingers against my pussy.

Ant pulled his hand out and now was tugging my panties, down from behind. What I did't know was, as he was trying to pull my panties down, he had pulled the front of his sweat shorts down as well, exposing his monster cock.

Although, I allowed him to pull my panties down, and even helped him by lifting my hips to get them all the way down, I knew this had gone too far. "Ant, we have to stop." " I was just teasing you.", I said as I opened my thighs.

I felt Ant's massive cock head at the entrance to my pussy. He said, "anytime you want me stop, Beth, just say so" "I just will put the head just here and rub a little"

Oh, Ant, I gasped, please don't fuck me. I am a married woman,and I'm also your sister. He was rubbing his cock up and down my slit. Damn it felt good though, but I had to stop.

I reached around and grabbed his cock to move it away. I just held it there for a few seconds. I could feel his cock pulse with every beat of his heart. I did move it away from my opening though. I moved it right to my engorged clit.

I was now moaning audibly now. I knew I was close to cumming, and felt I would explode a large splash of cum onto his cock and balls. "Oh,oh oh oh Ant.....thony!!!!! Ant snapped back away from my as I painted his cock with the thick fluid that ejaculated from my pussy.

I grabbed Ant's cock and brought it back to the entrance of my pussy. With the mixture of my wetness, and his cock covered by my juices, it slipped in easily. I was now on auto-pilot. There was no thinking to be done. I have a wet pussy, he has a hard cock, and there was going to be some fucking. I pushed back on his cock until he was balls deep in me.

Soon Ant began slowly pumping his cock in and out of me. We were moaning loudly as we fucked. Ant reached around under my jersey and lightly pinched my nipples. I new I was ready to cum again. I felt Ant's cock throbbing inside of me. His breath was coming fast and hard. I knew his cock would soon be spewing fast and hard too. I soon felt Ant shooting his hot cum into me, as I exploded with my own orgasm.

Here we are both trying to catch our breath. I look at my baby brother, and now he does't look so young any more. I just can only say "WOW" " that was intense and unexpected".

We heard the front door beginning to open. Mom and Daddy were home! Ant pulled his shorts up quickly, although he had a big wet spot in front. He pulled his napkin across his lap to cover it. I pulled on my panties quickly and pulled down my jerseyto cover. I sat down quickly in this huge wet spot we had created.

Much to our surprise, Mom and Daddy, hardly noticed us. They waved quickly, and ran giggling up the stairs, with Dad snaking his hand up Mom's skirt. I actually got a sneak at Mom's panties before she brushed Daddy's hand away.

we heard their bedroom door close and lock. Soon the bed was squeaking and Mom was moaning. Ant and I looked at each other and burst out laughing.

I crawled on Ant's lap and tongue kissed him deeply. I broke the kiss and said, "I will sneak in to your bedroom tonight my dear brother and fuck you proper. But you must promise me Anthony, no one ever knows about this. "I promise Bethy......Beth, I mean"

"Ok stud, see you later then. I lifted up the back of my jersey, pulled the back of my panties down. and wiggled my ass. Ant made a move to garb my ass, but I ducked under his hand and ran upstairs. I really enjoyed teasing him. Of course, I enjoyed fucking him too!

The End?

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