Teasing You, Number 2

Teasing You #2

"Tease me some more. I love it when you tease me." I could hear your words.

Did you realize what a gauntlet you had thrown at me feet?? Silly you.

Sitting in your chair with your laptop, working away a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The crisp air of a sunny Autumn day making me want to play, and you had given me a clear signal that you wanted to be teased.

I walked in the room unbuttoning my shirt and unzipping my jeans. I sit on the hearth, clearly in your line of sight, slipping my shoes off, followed by my jeans. No reaction from you.

Standing directly behind your laptop screen, I drop my shirt to the floor. I turn and bend over, slipping my panties down. The corner of your lips turn up just a touch.

I step back, grazing your legs with mine, and ask, "Could you help me with this?", as I reach my hand back to the hooks on my bra. You look up, my bottom directly in front of your face. Your hand reaches up and with a flick of your fingers my bra clasp is open. I bend forward and drop the bra to the floor.
You clear your throat and say, "Honey, I know you are trying to distract me, but I'm just not in the mood right now. I have, um, things to do."

My mind races, thinking fast, but not verbalizing, "First you want me to tease you, then you have things to do! There is me to do. How dare you not be distracted! Well I'm going to have fun today with or without you. You'll want to play with me. Just wait!" I smile and the temptress in me takes over.

I slip out the back door. Out on the deck the sun feels so good on my bare skin. I twirl like a child. Head back, arms outstretched, twirling in the sun, laughing and feeling good.

Stopping, I see you quickly turn your head back to your laptop. Shaking your head and smiling.

I walk to the window. Tapping on the glass. Flicking my nipples, caressing my breasts in large circles, closing my eyes, and making the motions of loud moaning. Over acting for your amusement. Throwing you a big kiss before turning, bending over, and swatting my bottom.
Laughing and running to the yard. Reveling in the joy of the day.

I hear the back door open and look to see you standing in the doorway. Your arms crossed, leaning on the facing, and shaking your head.
"You do realize your are not 12 years old. You are a grown woman with grown children."

I run to you. Stretching up to give you a kiss, rubbing my body against you. "Play with me."
I back up into the sun, motioning for you to join me.
You shake your head again, "You are amazing."

Coming back to you when you don't move. Biting my lip. My hand caressing your crotch. Unbuckling your belt.
"You are not giving up, are you?" You shake your head and pull your shirt off.
"Yea!!!!!" I yell, jumping up and down. My breasts giving you a bouncing show.
You kick your shoes off. Still shaking your head, but laughing now. As you strip off your pants I realize you were commando. "No underwear!" I shout. "You do want to play. I'm yours if you catch me." I run for the yard being careful to stay where we cannot be seen.

You run after me. Playing chase around the tree. I know I am no match for you; so, I turn. Trying to fake you off and run back to the deck, but I am caught. Your arms wrapping around me. You pull me to you, kissing me, taking my breath away, and swatting my bottom. Each swat of your hand on my bottom is pressing my body against yours. Your cock slipping between my legs, caressing my wet slit.

"You my dear, need a lesson in acceptable behavior." Giving my bottom a harder swat.
Laughing with you. I say, "You need a lesson in fun."
"Sweetheart, I love your teasing and I love playing with you, but I think my idea of play will be much more satisfying."

Your lips trail down my body to my breasts. Sucking, nibbling and running your teeth over my nipples. Your hands on my hips. Dropping down to your knees and licking the length of my lady lips until I am considering surrender.

But, I realize you are on your knees and at a disadvantage. I back up and turn to get away. You are too fast for me. You grab me and pull me back against you, caressing my breasts, squeezing my nipples. As I struggle, I feel your hard cock on my bottom. You slip one hand between my legs, stroking my already wet, swollen lips, pressing my buttons you know so well, making me come on your fingers.

As I come, you bend me forward and drive your full length into me, taking my breath, and weakening both of our knees. We drop to the ground. My hands bracing on the grass. Slowly stroking me deep and hard. You have me moaning loudly. Just when I begin coming again for you, you pull out of me; teasing me and denying me your cock. Slipping it up and down the length of my slit. Pressing it into my throbbing clit. Rolling the tip around my dripping hole. Making me beg for you.
Then, when you can wait no longer, holding my hips, you pull me onto you. Stilling to let me calm, before you begin slamming your full length into me. Your sac is slapping against my clit, We move against each other feverishly until you are ready to let me come again. You begin spewing your cum and waiting to feel me pulsing around your cock.

You pull me up against your chest with your cock still throbbing inside me. Pinching my nipples, you feel my core still clenching you. Your fingers strumming my clit. You are stroking me with your cock and your hands, listening to me moan and purr against your chest.

Laughing, you whisper. "Are you making the sound of a pussy when it is stroked? And my game was to enjoy my sweet, teasing, babe 'doggie' style in the yard."
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