Teasing You Number 1
Teasing You Number 1

Standing in front of you, just out of your reach.
I lift my t-shirt and slowly run my hands over by breasts.
Smiling and shaking them at you.
Pulling my shirt over my head.
Turning my back to you.
I bend over to lower my panties and moon you.
Kicking my panties off of my feet, I take off running.

"Not fair!", you yell as you strip off your shorts.
"Seeing your body makes me drip".
You try to run after me, throwing off your shirt, stroking yourself as you run.

I stop and turn to catch a glimpse of you.
Laughing, I stop and wiggle my bottom.
You don't slow down and you bump into me.

Your hands reach to grab me by the hips. You pull me onto your hard cock in one swift motion. Burying yourself deep inside me, filling me so full I lose my breath. I can feel the smile on your face as I reach for the door frame to brace myself.
You bump into me, again and again, pulling me toward you. I moan loudly with each stroke. Soon you have no need to pull me to you, because I am rocking so hard against you that you are holding on for dear life.

You feel my muscles clench around you, but instead of driving me over the edge, you pull out of me. You turn my back to the wall, and facing me, you slip your knee between my legs. I look up to you, waiting for you to enter.

You lean down and suck one of my nipples into your mouth. Raking your teeth over it as you pull your lips from it. Repeating your process with the other. Then you slip your cock between my legs and draw it slowly across my clit.

I begin to beg, "Please".
You whisper, "Pay back is a bitch."
You continue teasing me. Listening to my pleas.
Smiling as you torment me, touching me with your hands.
Tormenting me with your cock. Pressing me against the wall.

You look into my eyes and say, "Tell me exactly what you want."
I begin to babble, "You know what I want, I want you."
You stand there running your hands over my body, waiting.
I haven't said the right words.
"I want you to stop teasing me."
You laugh and shake your head.
"I want to come."
You do nothing to bring my release.
"I want you inside me."
You smile that half smile and take a deep breath. I must be getting closer.
"I want to come for you. Please...."
Your lips cover mine as you enter me. With one, two, three strokes, my entire body stiffens, then relaxes, pulsing against you. You lift from our kiss, pumping me deep and hard, watching the expression on my face as I come on your cock.

When I am spent, you lay me on the couch. One of my legs bent on the cushion. The other on the floor. You standing between them. Caressing me gently, you lift my hips. I moan saying,"I don't have any more." Looking into my eyes, you enter me again, slowly. Stroking until I am moaning loudly, begging for more. You begin to move faster, leaning forward and driving into me. Your release triggering another orgasm. I am trembling, coming with you, for you.

We lay on the couch. Exhausted.
You ask, "Learned a lesson about teasing?"
"Yes," I answer. "I should do it more often."

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