Techno Aphrodite

"DJ DJ Stephanie doing a set here tonight?"

"Ah Stephanie, no, no. Tomorrow, nine o'clock. You come back then."

Mick smiled and blinked hard as he looked at the man's glistening, dark brown eyes. Eyes set into a hairy, brown Aegean face that was framed by the dazzlingly white wall beyond. The man had moments ago emerged from a square, black door at the top of a short flight of steps in response to the bell. He now turned, rapidly descended the steps and without looking back added, "Nine o'clock - ok. Tomorrow, Savato," then disappeared, shutting the door silently behind him.

Mick continued to look at the door for a few seconds after the man's departure. Its proportions and position indicated that it might not always have led to a nightclub, but possibly into a cellar. He couldn't imagine any architect or builder choosing the square as a shape for a door, when the rectangle lent itself so well to that function. It was difficult to tell what this building might once have been but then that was typical of this part of Lindos where the old, the ancient, the ultra-modern and a few bizarre hybrids of all three, existed side by side in an uneasy alliance.

Turning, he walked back down the street, the unimaginatively named Othos Venizelos, then paused and looked back. The wall was huge, four or five stories at least, conspicuously free of posters and political graffiti, pristine white and utterly featureless except for that square black door, set like the gaping mouth of a faceless geisha

He walked on. Simone, the Dutch girl at the hotel, had told him about the club last night over fried calamari, cold Amstel and village salad. She had stumbled across it one night whilst out on the town with a couple of girls from Marseilles.

"The place with the back door," she had said in her sweet, Dutch accented voice, "It's wild Michael, you'll love it."

He took a deep breath of cool morning air then removed his sun glasses to blow a tiny beetle from one of the lenses. Beneath the shades were large, light blue eyes that narrowed naturally as they met his strong, slightly aquiline nose. Lower down his face, an angular jaw and lightly bifurcated chin were matched with a wide, generously lipped mouth - a mouth accustomed to grinning toothily.
He was fit and athletic, twenty-five years old but looked younger, or so most people told him. Thick locks of wavy blond hair, usually kept in place as now, by a cap, fell upon broad round shoulders.

He was nearing the end of his second week in the ancient city of Lindos on the Aegean island of Rhodes. It was his seventh week in Greece and, in the next few weeks, he planned to go north to visit Turkey's beautiful south shore, before eventually heading north-west to the Ionian coast and a long planned pilgrimage to Gallipoli.

Lindos was a quaintly beautiful town with a long history. It had been conquered, liberated, re-conquered, destroyed and rebuilt in sand stone, marble, brick and concrete several times throughout its history. But it still had charm, particularly in the tight streets, geologically layered houses and narrow alleys of the old quarter where Kyria Barbara's guest house was located. The charming, dignified old lady lived, seemingly all alone, but for her temporary staff, in a beautifully restored three hundred year old merchants house. He had found it in his search for accommodation on the day of his arrival in Rhodes. Listed quite unassumingly as Rent Rooms Penelope, he had expected some soulless block of backpacker flats built in the 1980's, not the beautiful and comfortable hotel that he had come to call home, or at least home base.

His feet ached and he could feel mild sunburn tightening the skin at the back of his neck. His stomach growled again, adding hunger to the general chorus of sensation and, suppressed though it was, another primal urge haunted his mind, like a voice in a dream - he was horny. A line of Jim Morrison's from a Doors song came into his head, "there's only four ways to get it unraveled, one is sleep and the other is travel." "Well, here I am Jim but I'm as raveled as ever." He couldn't remember what the other two ways were.

¢* * * * * *

Saturday afternoon saw Mick relaxing on the fine, sandy beach that lay within walking distance of Kyria Barbara's establishment. The cloudless, cerulean blue sky, in concert with the cool, clear turquoise waters of the island's east coast, never failed to seduce him. It was a scene of timeless splendour as only the Mediterranean could offer. He had with him his father's well thumbed copy of Gerald Durrell's Reflections on a Marine Venus and he now turned to a passage which his father had bracketed,

She sits in the museum of the island now, focused intently upon her own inner life, gravely meditating upon the works of time. So long as we are in this place we shall not be free from her; it is as if our thoughts must be forever stained by some of her own dark illumination.

The passage referred to an ancient statue of a woman pulled by local fisherman out of the sea and now the centerpiece of the local museum. Battered and stained but still beautiful; her identity was never in doubt, she is Aphrodite, the goddess of love, born again as she had originally been, from the foam of the sea.

Mick planned to visit the museum in the coming weeks but for the present, the indolent delights of the beach were too enticing. Lindos was popular with tourists from all over the world but Northern Europeans and Americans were predominant. He had already met some nice girls on his travels; adding a page or two of e-mail addresses and Facebook friendships to his travel diary.

In Lindos he had met Simone on his first day at the Rent Rooms Penelope. In fact just after he had signed in, she had descended the stairs and greeted him. Her cute freckles and her warm smile, golden tan, bright green eyes and strawberry blond hair had all made an instant and lasting impression. He turned on his beach towel to look at a group of French tourists nearby; catching a few lines of their animated banter. He smiled then looked at his watch, 3pm. Nothing to do now but head back for a shower and a Turkish coffee and maybe a slice of Kyria Barbara's delicious baklava. Leaving the cold, wet Australian winter behind had been easy and while he couldn't indulge his passion for surfing on Rhodes, the island's beaches and nightlife offered ample compensation.

He wandered slowly through the quiet whitewashed streets, running his hands idly along the ancient stonework. The old merchant's mansion had been built into a narrow, easily defended street. The house had a heavy iron door which opened out into a curving arched loggia. The cool gloom of the loggia was a welcome relief from the dust and heat of the street and he never failed to notice and savour the aroma of the ancient house - at times redolent of cinnamon and cloves or roasting lamb and rosemary, at other times aromatic with sweet basil, wild thyme and garlic. It was a place to treasure, a haven of peace and a cool oasis amidst the glare of the July sun.

Mick now ascended a short flight of steps to the courtyard garden. The garden was bordered on each side by the windows of guestrooms with a trellised grapevine offering some privacy to those within. He took a seat at one of the garden tables and glanced towards the kitchen. Sure enough, Kyria Barbara had already seen him. She smiled sweetly and in her broken English, enquired if he would like a drink or something to eat. He soon tasted her wonderfully rich, bitter coffee; complemented perfectly by sweet, nutty, syrup soaked baklava.

"What could possibly be better than this?" Just as he whispered this to himself he saw a slight movement in the corner of his eye.

Glancing up, he caught a glimpse of Simone at her upper storey window. She was looking into a mirror that hung by the widow and was brushing her long, blond hair.

"But soft! What light from yonder window breaks?"

She turned her back for a moment and it was then that he noticed that she was topless. She would hardly have cared as she often sunbathed topless on the beach. But somehow, here and now, the quiet domestic setting added a lovely note of intimacy to the gorgeous scene. She turned again and this time he saw her ripe, full breasts as they swung with the sway of her hair and body. For an instant their eyes met and Simone smiled before disappearing back into the shadows of the room. Now his voice rose and a note of poetic grandeur entered it as he addressed a pair of amorous swallows that had alighted on the trellis,

" The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars,
As daylight doth a lamp; her eyes in heaven
Would through the airy region stream so bright
That birds would sing and think it were not night!"

But the birds just sat there, unimpressed and stared down at him.

"Not into Shakespeare huh?"

* * * * * * * *

Evening came, banishing the sun's heat and glare and bringing with it the prospect of a good night out. Mick again sat and waited at his usual table in the courtyard while taking in the pleasant moonlit ambiance. He had showered and dressed quickly after dinner, forgetting that Simone and some of the others that they had invited, were likely to take their time getting ready. Still, the atmosphere in the old house was wonderful and he tried to imagine some of its long, turbulent history. He saw dark eyes watching him from the shadows and imagined the glint of steel and the sheen of silken robes. There were dusky, veiled women with restless, passionate eyes and men whose haughty arrogance could only be matched by their vanity and thirst for blood. Were these the lost ghosts of Lindos; the ancient city's wandering spirits searching in vain for release from their torments?

"Hey, I hope I haven't kept you waiting too long."

Simone's beautiful smile now banished the ghosts as surely as the sun banishes the night.

She turned, performing a nicely improvised piece of choreography; swaying her hips seductively, waving arms, fists and elbows. Then swirling her long golden hair and ending by squatting down to look up at him with hair covering one eye. He laughed appreciatively,

"You're not a fan of the Pussycat Dolls are you Simone?"

"Ha! Those no-talent hos. No way," she giggled as she walked away from him.

Now his eyes could take her whole form in; she wore a black strapless top with loose lacing at the back that left her strong shoulders beautifully displayed and her midriff enticingly exposed. Black high heels tapped rhythmically on the flag stones but it was what she wore below her waist that had him instantly undressing her with his eyes. It was a skin tight creation in glossy black leather that reached down to her ankles. Black cord lacing ran all the way up both sides, leaving a delicious, inch-wide strip of flesh exposed from above her waist all the way down. It was the sexiest pair of leathers he had ever seen. She might have been wearing a G-string beneath it but there was clearly no evidence of panties.

The sight of her fully occupied his mind as he stood watching her walk slowly to the steps that led down to the loggia. She turned as a slight breeze caught her hair and sent a ripple through it, sending a tingle down his spine at the same time.

"Are you gonna stand there all night long Mick?" she asked with a tone of feigned impatience.

Mick suddenly came to his senses, ran up to within a pace of her and cast his eyes down her golden cascades to her perky leather-clad butt.

"Man, you look gorgeous," he whispered behind her ear.

"Why thank you Mr. Jones." She replied formally. She then gave him her arm.
"Shall we walk, ow you say...agaze?"

"Mais oui ma belle."

Arm in arm they strode down the dark curved vault of the loggia and out through the door. The street was relatively quiet for it was still early, but the few people that they did pass seemed to be walking in the same general direction - towards the town's small harbour.
The town's nightlife was concentrated around this sixteenth century harbour, the spacious town square and particularly along the Othos Venizelos and its numerous side streets. The bustle of this part of Lindos rarely seemed to subside and Saturday night, as in most parts of Greece, was a time for fun and business. Sure enough, all the restaurants and cafes that they passed along the Othos Venizelos seemed full to overflowing.

As they turned the final corner Josh instantly felt a pulse in the ground. Faintly at first, then growing in intensity; it was like the beat of an enormous heart from some primeval leviathan or the pulse of the very Earth itself. At length they reached the far end of the street where the huge blank wall loomed - white as bleached marble and an almost perfect square but for the tiny black patch of the portal, also square, nestled below. Even though a knot of people now mostly obscured the door, Mick could not help thinking how incongruous it was, how like the entrance to an ant's nest only on a monstrous scale.

They soon joined the crowd of people that had gathered in front of the door to Club Luna. As they did so, the aromas of the Mediterranean night gave way to those of Tommy Hilfiger, Chanel, D&G and others whose brand names could only be guessed at. With the scents of fashion went the painted eyes, the glossy cherry lips, the bouncing ringlets, the cascades of gold, of fire, of chestnut and the shimmering black waterfalls of hair; splashing down onto bare shoulders and supple tanned arms.

Simone's attention too was soon focused on chest hugging white singlets and printed tees beneath which muscles rippled, and on tight jeans and studded leather. Her eyes lingered on stubble tinted chins and sideburns, on mirror shades and she savored the acid tang of aftershave. Added to the sights and aromas of this crowd of bodies was a confusion of sound, but as they stood facing the black square door this began to resolve itself into whispers and giggles, whistles, murmurs and laughter, then fragments of German, French, English and what might have been Polish, Czech, or Magyar. Mick put his hand on Simone's shoulder. As she looked up he said,

"Quite a crowd."

"Mmmmm," Simone purred.

"Jake and a few of the others should be here a bit later. I'll keep an eye out for them."
She nodded just as the crowd began to move forward. A couple of paces at a time, soon found them walking down a flight of stone steps into a surprisingly spacious underground room. Behind a long counter stood the man with the weather beaten face that Mick had met the day before. With him were two dark haired girls who might have been identical twins had they been the same height. Entry into the club was ten euros. As Simone reached into her pocket for money Mick stayed her hand.

"I'll pay."

He gave the money to the taller of the girls, who smiled mechanically at him saying in oddly accented English,

"Come to me if you want a stamp to go out later."

"Thank you."

"Oh Michael, you're quite the gentleman," Simone giggled then added, "Ok, I'll get us some drinks. Is beer ok?"


As she left, he began to take in details of the room. The walls were built of large rectangular blocks of different sizes that had been thinly plastered and painted white. The whole space might once have been a cellar or hypogeum - now there was an evocative word. The club was tastefully if sparsely decorated with chrome, black and green predominating. Danish style ultra modern but comfortable looking furniture was dotted around a circular dance floor with the DJ's station raised behind it. There were several big plasma screens and a few discreet C.C.TV cameras. The far wall was covered completely by sculptured black paneling that could have been made of heavy rubber. It had a curiously organic look, reminding Mick of the segments of some enormous insect. Into it was set a sign of curved, bright blue neon tubing - LUNA. The club obviously possessed a good set of speakers too, that could pump out the bass while not losing any of the finer details of the music. Lastly, there was a large bar against most of one wall where Simone was now talking to a blonde barmaid. He noticed that a pair of guys sitting behind her were already eyeing her casually,

"Knock em dead Simone," he whispered to himself.

People continued to come down the stairs and soon most of the tables around him were occupied by couples and small groups. He sat down at one small table and continued to take in the ambiance. It seemed that Luna was new; it was spotlessly clean with a faint chemical aroma in the air as though everything around him had just been unpacked. He glanced to one side and turned his head back only to see the slow approach of a pair of slinky leather clad hips.

"Here's your beer."

"Thanks babe, Heineken too, awesome!"

"Nothing but the best for my boy."

Simone sat down elegantly opposite him. The crowd continued to grow and soon there were more people standing than sitting. The indistinct background music was now replaced by a louder, bass driven beat. Raising her voice Simone said,

"I got an e-mail from Brad yesterday......"

She then stopped abruptly and stared down into her glass of scotch on the rocks. She gave the ice cubes an unnecessary stir with the little straw then looked up at him. He was waiting for the rest of the sentence but it never came. Instead she smiled sadly at him and he gazed back at her compassionately. Brad was Simone's absentee boyfriend. He was supposed to be flying to Greece to join her in a week or two but she seemed to be rather ambivalent about their relationship and rarely spoke positively of him. No further words passed between them and they continued to sip their drinks and watch the crowd, then Simone saw that he had finished his beer.

"Shall I get you another or shall we dance?"

Seeing that her mood had lightened he said,

"Let's dance."

A few people, mostly women, were already on the dance floor and as Mick and Simone joined them, a couple of the women smiled at him, allowing their eyes to linger just long enough as to be suggestive. He smiled back politely, but the women's attention did not remain on him. Simone's presence was clearly the reason why. He had never really seen Simone dance in the two weeks that he had known her, but guessed that she was as good at it as she was at all things physical.

The spontaneous choreographic moves and brief energetic routines that she often treated him to since they first met were truly inspired, leading him to compare her teasingly to some of the lesser lights of pop culture.

To begin with they danced close to each other with the music producing a warmly intimate vibe. All the while he could not help but marvel at how her beautiful green eyes seemed to catch even the low light of the room and glow with it. But she looked just as sexy when lines and beats in the music caught her attention and she closed her eyes as though to meditate upon them.

Now she moved slowly away from him and he watched her spin around for several minutes with her head shaking, hair whirling and arms flexing. He took a step back to see her better but as he did so she stopped spinning and moved closer to him again.

"Mmm, I'm beginning love it here. Aren't you?"

"Yeah, it's a classy place alright," he nodded.

Her easygoing enthusiasm made him smile and she took his hand. Like many guys, Mick usually found it difficult to unwind enough on the dance floor to fully enjoy dancing. But with Simone's encouraging smiles and approving nods and the warm caress of her hand, he rapidly found himself a lot less self-conscious and positively empowered. They danced for three tracks, by the end of which the dance floor had become quite crowded. Simone then indicated that they should take a break. As their small table had long been taken, they headed to the bar.

"What would you like?" Mick asked.

"Scotch on the rocks, please."

He left her for several minutes while he waited to be served. When he returned he had lost sight of her, which was not surprising considering the ever growing crowd. It was nearly 10pm and he guessed that DJ Stephanie would start her set before too long. He made his way carefully forward with the drinks then caught sight of her talking to a brunette who was a little taller than her. The woman had her back to Josh and after exchanging one or two more words with Simone she nodded and left her, disappearing back into the mass of clubbers. Simone's head turned and they immediately made eye contact.

"I see you've found some company," he smiled.

"The company found me. Oh thanks."

Taking the scotch from him she took a sip then said,

"Let's go over to the DJ's station. What time is it?"

"Just after ten, DJ Stephanie must be on soon."


As the concentration of people was greater by the low platform that housed Luna's DJ station, it took them a little while to secure a convenient spot in which to stand. Soon after they had done so, the music stopped to be replaced by a background of strong but subtle electronic beeping, whirring and buzzing. This filled the club with an air of expectation and caused attention to focus on the centre of the platform. A dark haired girl dressed in black now appeared. Josh recognized her as the taller of the twins that had earlier worked the ticket counter. She took up a microphone and spoke with the same odd accent that Mick had noted earlier.

"Ladies and gentlemen, for your pleasure here tonight at Club Luna. Direct from California, please put your hands together for DJ Stephanie!"

As the crowd applauded, whistled and cheered, a slim woman in her mid twenties with dark, shoulder length brown hair climbed the steps at the rear of the station and positioned herself behind the console. Serene, poised and dignified; she was like a Jason Brooks illustration come to life. Her face was indescribably beautiful, causing Mick to hold his breath involuntarily as he looked at her. Some ancient scribe on the banks of the Nile might have imagined the face of Isis thus, he thought. Stephanie looked around the room smiling and then took the microphone from the tall twin who left the platform.

"Hey, how are we all doing tonight? Are we feeling good? "She was met with cheers. "Ok, let's get the party started here at Club Luna on the lovely island of Rhodes."

Mick whistled and applauded too then a sudden realization struck him. Putting his hand on Simone's shoulder he pointed briefly to the young woman up on the platform,

"Hey weren't you talking to her earlier?"

"DJ Stephanie, was it? I don't know," she seemed genuinely surprised, "I wasn't really paying attention."

"Well that's da babe herself," Josh laughed. "I hope you were nice to her."

"I'm always nice," she smiled exaggeratedly, showing her perfect teeth and making him wonder what it would be like to kiss her.

"Wow, Simone's met DJ Stephanie!"

"Are you jealous?"

"Damn straight."

"Invidia a morbus est."


"Envy is a disease."

Stephanie began her set with rolling drumbeats and the haunting tunes of Andean pan pipes, followed by echoing birdcalls and mysterious sounds of the rainforest.

"Here we go," said Simone.

"Yeah, the last time I saw this chick's show was back home in Adelaide at The Garage."

"Was she good?"

"The best. She isn't in the Bedroom Bedlam club for nothing."

"Bedroom.... Bedlam.....right."

After listening to the music attentively for several minutes, the phrases electro hard house, and underground progressive house passed thorough the logical/analytical centers of Mick's mind. He recalled these definitions of Stephanie's unique style from one of the dance music magazines back home.

"Well, we are underground," he reasoned.

But what it was that he now heard and the feelings that began to well up from within him defied definition. His spine tingled and his breathing deepened as he drank in the smartly complex, sophisticated techno beats and invigorating bass lines. Stephanie moved like a force of nature; elemental and inexorable, hers was the power of the storm, the ecstasy of the ocean wave and the vigor of the sea breeze. The serenity of her face belied the passion in her heart and her passion, quite obviously, was music.

He sighed. Next to him there seemed to float a giant golden butterfly whose velvet hand now came to rest upon his arm. He turned and instantly caught Simone's magical green eyes.

"Hey Mick, This Stephanie chick is kinda funky."

He smiled back at her. Beautifully summed up Simone, he thought.

Stephanie rocked. With effortless grace and surging power.

Whatever its definition, the crowd eagerly lapped up Stephanie's distinctive brand of house music, becoming more and more immersed in the music's euphoric energy. As Mick watched, Simone moved her svelte, leather clad hips in perfect resonance with the bass line. It was almost as if her body itself was generating the sound from deep inside - her rhythmic gyrations seemed to produce music rather than to be a product of it. As she jumped, twirled and moved her arms to magnificent effect, Mick imagined a well tuned machine performing at its optimum.

His attention then turned back to the crowd and he savored the many sights and aromas that surrounded him. He imagined the throng of reveling bodies as a single entity, a beast that pulsed and moved with a vitality all its own. It was a gestalt - a composite creature with its own instincts, its own psychology, a being that was much more than the sum of its parts. He knew what rapport with the beast could give him; liberation, through the loss of individuality and the sublimation of ego and it could give him energy such as no individual alone could possess. Music was the soul of the beast, lust for life - its governing passion. The bass was its heartbeat and the electronics - its neural pulses. The mass of bodies were its muscle and sinew. When the beast manifested itself, it celebrated life and exalted in its own power.

For the next three hours Stephanie had the club rocking. It would have been obvious to even the most casual patron that a Stephanie set was something special. Mick watched her as she spun track after track; infusing everybody in the room with energy. He was entranced by the sight of her, she had the innate ability to get under your skin; spend long enough at one of her shows and thought of all else soon receded into the background.

At about 2am the time came for the end of Stephanie's set. She thanked the audience and said a fond farewell to the isle of Rhodes,

"Now to finish here's a track dedicated to Michael from Simone. Michael are you here...ah there he is! What a handsome boy! Well Michael, this is Simone's thanks to you for being such a good friend over the past couple of weeks."

Mick cheered and Simone hugged him; pressing her warm, sweet, body against him and making him tingle.

"Awww, how sweet of you."

"You've been lots of fun and a good pal Mick."

"Well thanks babe, that's lovely of you."

The track was one of his absolute favourites; Mea Culpa's Spiritual Light. He had played it to Simone one night over cold beer and had listened to it countless times over the years. Dancing to it now with Simone, in the exhilarating atmosphere of Club Luna was nothing short of a magical experience. The sheer energy of the piece and its irresistible rhythm, combined with elegant, sensual harmonics made it a hymn to life and an orison to the modern world. After six amazing minutes the music faded to be replaced by a resounding cheer as Stephanie blew kisses to the crowd.

"Wow, what a fucking great show!"

"Yeah, Whoooooooo Hooooooooooo!"

A little while later as they slowly emerged from Club Luna, Mick's first impulse was to compose an update for his holiday blog or something short and witty for his Facebook page. But he soon felt Simone's hand pulling his belt and leading him away from the chattering mass of clubbers. He looked at her delicate face and serene, jewel-like eyes and imagined himself kissing her neck...

"Well Mick, the night is not over yet and I have another surprise for you."

She pulled a couple of cards from her back pocket and gave him one. On one side was an address and on the other, along with her picture was a message from Stephanie,

"You are cordially invited to my after-party, Stephanie xox."

"Awesome! Could this night get any better?"

"I thought you'd be pleased."

Mick hugged her and jumped in the air to her laughs and squeals. She then said,

"I've even got us a ride with a couple of the other guests."


They walked a few blocks to where a blue Alpha Romeo sedan was parked. In the driver's seat sat a gorgeous stately blonde who introduced herself as Jenna in refined English tones. They jumped into the back. Simone seemed to know Jenna but, aside from a friendly kiss and few comments about how much they each enjoyed the show, little passed between them. Then Jenna said to Mick,

"We're just waiting for my friend Agata then we'll get going."

Jenna's cool, sophisticated beauty was mildly disturbing and her darkly sensual voice made him sit closer to Simone who seemed to welcome the warm embrace of his arm around her bare midriff.

Now a girl with cascading back hair and bare shoulders opened the passenger side door. She smiled at Jenna and apologized then greeted Mick and Simone with an accented, - "Hello."

Mick guessed that she might be German or Scandinavian but wherever she came from, she was as beautiful as Jenna but seemed warmer and friendlier in some way. Mick didn't mind; he was in the company of three beautiful women on the way to a party thrown by his favourite DJ - he was in heaven!

* * * * * * * * * *

They drove along the quiet coastal road for nearly an hour, soon leaving Lindos behind and passing small sleeping villages and isolated farms whose presence was only marked by a few streetlights. At length, the miles of shingle beaches were replaced by rocky cliffs and it was towards the brow of one of these that the car now turned. Ahead, Mick could make out the silhouette of a house and beyond it; glittering tranquil water. A quarter of an hour later they came to an ornate wrought iron gate. The gate swung open noiselessly and Jenna parked the car just beyond it. The path to the house was bordered on both sides by lush beds of roses and white sand lilies whose languorous perfume filled the night. The house was dark and seemed to cling to the edge of the cliff. It was a two storey building and its discernable features gave an impression of ultra modern chic and cool elegance.

The front door opened and they were greeted by a young woman with long, strawberry blond hair. She smiled at Agata and Jenna as she opened the door but said nothing. Inside was a large, sparsely furnished but comfortable looking room. At its centre were four white couches and four arm chairs that had been arranged to face each other around a luxuriously plush rug. Several people sat and chatted while a pair of girls including the strawberry blond served drinks. In the far wall of the room was a set of glass doors which led out to a broad balcony overlooking the sea.

"Quite a place huh?" purred Simone.

He looked at her slyly, "Have you been here before?"

She smiled at him knowingly, said nothing, and took two glasses of wine from a tray that the strawberry blonde now brought them. The wine was cool and sweet; a delicious, aromatic blend of fruit chilled to perfection. It revived his senses and allowed him to relax and take in more of his surroundings. Apart from himself and Simone, there seemed to be nine people in the room; five men all of whom seemed to be in their twenties, and four women. The women were all young and attractive and wore a variety of tasteful, sexy outfits. Aside from Agata and Jenna, he thought he could recognize a couple of faces from Club Luna, but the majority of Stephanie's guests just looked like handsome and beautiful young tourists.

"I wonder where Stephanie is."

"Hmmm, I'm sure she will appear soon. Let's go out onto the balcony."

"You have been here before, you minx."

She looked back at him mysteriously, smiled and took his hand. They stepped out onto the balcony to be greeted by a breathtaking view. The full moon lay low over a placid sea. Its melancholy face was pure buttermilk over the darkened plains of the Aegean. That sea was like a mirror of obsidian; translucent yet unfathomable like a dark veil over ancient mysteries.

Simone leant on the balustrade sipping her wine while Mick took in the beauty of the evening and admired her svelte form once more. Under the moonlight she seemed even more beautiful and the sweet honeysuckle of her perfume made his mouth water. She leant against him and whispered,

"I love the moonlight; it's so, so lovely."

"I do too."

She looked at him seductively for an instant with her cool, emerald eyes and their lips met. Mick was surprised by the intensity of Simone's kisses. Her lips were pure honey and she was soon devouring his with relish. His hands traveled slowly down her body; enjoying the feel of her full beasts, her tight muscles and her shapely curves. Her free hand soon found its way into his shirt and she ran her nails down his chest as he kissed her with growing ardor. After a few delicious moments she said,

"Mmmmm, but let's not stay out here too long."

"Right, where are our manners."

As they stepped inside, Simone excused herself and headed to find the bathroom while Mick turned his attention to his fellow guests. He noticed that there were still about the same number of people in the room; all chatting and drinking quietly. Of their host there was no sign so he got a fresh drink and took in some of the décor.

In a deep alcove on one side of the room were display cases containing rare and beautiful things from all over the world. Mick saw exotic costumes and masks; delicate creations of feathers and silk, leather and beads. There were also jewels of jade and moonstone, turquoise and lapis-lazuli, exquisitely carved netsuke and okimono from Japan, whimsical Pre Colombian figurines and arcane stone masks from Teotihuacan. Occupying the central position in the alcove was a tall, slim glass display case containing a single enigmatic object.

It seemed to be a vessel of pure gold, and looked to be about the size and shape of an upturned cup. It had been scratched, dented and slightly crushed by its long sojourn beneath the earth but it was still an object of surpassing beauty. One side of it was inscribed with a single word made up of precisely cut, regular characters but in a script he did not recognize. At one end there was a golden stem with a finely wrought golden leaf whose every vein had been skillfully rendered by the ancient goldsmith. He looked at the object in wonder for a long time, until a sudden thought entered his mind,

"Oh, it's an apple, a golden apple."

He then noticed a delicious scent next to him and turned to see Stephanie's sphinx - like eyes. She smiled at him and he swallowed a lump in his throat.

To call Stephanie beautiful was a monumental understatement. She glowed with a warm inner light and an ethereal radiance seemed to flow from her eyes. She had a Classical profile such as Pheidias might have carved. Her Latin features, supple olive hued skin and lightly dimpled cheeks made her glorious to behold. She moved with effortless grace and boundless charm; her body was a poem made flesh, her limbs the very talismans of desire. To merely catch a glimpse of her delighted the eye but to be in her presence captivated all the senses.

"I see that you're admiring one of my little treasures," she purred.

"Yes, it's lovely and quite fascinating. Is the inscription Celtic?"

She gazed steadily at the apple and without taking her eyes off it she replied,

"No, Linear B, what is called Mycenaean Greek these days."

"Wow, so it's over three thousand years old."

She stared at him with a slight smile in her enigmatic eyes and nodded slowly.

"What does it say?"

"For the fairest."

She turned as if to go and looked at him seriously, "I'm an American citizen so it's not illegal for me to own Greek antiquities. This came from Halikarnassos in Turkey. I take it everywhere I go, the world is my playground and this is my lucky charm." Then under her breath she added, "I think I've earned it."

But he didn't hear her, intoxicated again by her perfume; he slowly looked away from the golden apple to follow her elegantly graceful form as she walked to the door. Over her shoulder she called,

"Are you coming to join the party Michael?"

Back in the main part of the house the atmosphere had changed subtly since Stephanie's arrival. The conversation was more animated and all the guests seemed to be sitting closer together around the middle of the room. Mick saw Simone immediately. She was sitting with Jenna and Agata, who now beckoned to him,

"Come join us Mick," she said in her strangely accented voice.

"Thank you, don't mind if I do." As he sat between Agata and Simone, Agata looked him straight in the eyes and said,

"Simone was just telling us what a great kisser you are."

Jenna then looked at him with beautiful glacial eyes.

"Yes but you mustn't be stingy Simone, and keep him all for yourself."

All three girls giggled as Mick felt Simone's warm hand pulling him towards her. She kissed him again and this time, when he opened his eyes, it was to see her beautiful and blissfully tranquil face with eyes shut. No sooner had he taken a breath than Simone's lips were replaced by Agata's. He was pleasantly surprised and savored her sweet perfume; finding it lovely. She kissed him and bit his lips lightly while her hands pressed down on his shoulders.

"Now it's my turn." He heard a refined English voice say and found that Jenna's face had replaced Agata's. "I like this game", he thought to himself and clasped Jenna's golden maned head. Her kisses were just a fiery and sweet as those of the other girls despite her seemingly reserved exterior. Jenna kissed him for what seemed like a blissful eternity; he welcomed her tongue as it explored his mouth and wrestled with his own. All the while he could hear the others talking quietly, almost subliminally, in the background. When he thought he heard his name a couple of times he opened his eyes to see Jenna sit back with Agata; both girls smiled at him.

"I think you have quite a find here Simone," purred Agata.

Simone's only reply was a contented "Hmmmmm." then she got up; clasped Mick's shoulder and pulled him after her. The girls laughed playfully and reluctantly moved aside.

Mick followed Simone to where a fresh tray of drinks had been set out. She passed him a glass of wine and looked at him slyly. She strode off towards the balcony door; looking back at him only once. But that one look spoke volumes and he followed her almost immediately. A slight sea breeze had picked up, banishing the stillness of the night and adding a fresh saline tang to the air. Mick breathed it in as he stood next to Simone on the balcony rail.

"The girls seem to have taken quite a liking to you, but I'm not jealous."

"Why would you be jealous?"

But she never answered him. Her fiery lips locked onto his with wild intent and of course, they were immediately met by the growing desire that he had felt for her over the last two weeks. His hands now massaged her body with little inhibition and Simone reciprocated, running her palms all the way down his sides to clasp his waist and hold him close while he fired a volley of hot kisses at her mouth, chin and throat. Simone sighed and moaned with each kiss; digging her nails lightly into his back and letting herself enjoy his every approach. She welcomed his efforts and soon he felt her fingers nimbly undoing his shirt buttons. Next her hands played across the muscles of his chest and her nails dug more aggressively into the skin of his back. Her lips and tongue matching the intensity of his; they kissed and explored each others bodies, as far as their clothes would allow, for what seemed a delightfully long time.

Simone then pulled her head back and looked behind them. At the end of the balcony was a short flight of stairs leading down,

"C'mon, I know somewhere a little more private."

Silently he followed her down to a paved area that was bordered by a long colonnade with a wrought iron balcony which overlooked the sea. The house now seemed to be much bigger than Mick had first imagined and he could not make out the limits of the colonnade. On this level too, were numerous alcoves with padded bench seats all of which looked out onto the moon drenched sea. That sea was a beautiful sight; one that never failed to take his breath away.

Simone sat down in one of the alcoves and looked up at the moon. She could hardly look more beautiful, was Mick's initial thought, but in the buttermilk moonlight she took on the almost unearthly image of a goddess - a perfect countenance of purest Parian marble from the hand of some ancient master.

As soon as he sat next to her she kissed him again, wasting no time in unbuttoning his shirt and darting her tongue in and out of his mouth. She moaned with growing desire as Mick reached around to lift her top. Underneath he found a sports bra which he slowly pulled from Simone's shoulders. She did not protest.

His hands found her cool, firm breasts and lingered there; massaging and kneading them tenderly as he kissed her. Simone meanwhile, slipped the shirt from his shoulders and ran her supple palms over his muscles as though she were playing a harp. She slowly settled back on the cushioned seat as they kissed and soon her hands had found his belt. It was merely a matter of seconds before she had unfastened his shorts and slipped her hand down into his boxers. Mick accommodatingly brought his hips closer to her and soon her hand was cupping and tickling his balls, squeezing them at their base and feeling them contract with growing arousal. His cock was next to receive her attention and it too rapidly responded.

Mick pulled away from her mouth and saw her smiling. He said nothing but pulled her black top up revealing more of her tanned midriff then her gorgeous, ripe breasts. This was the only cue that Simone needed; she discarded the top and bra, throwing them unceremoniously onto the ground. She then arched her back as Mick sat beside her to admire her perfect breasts for the second time that day.

"You like? She asked teasingly.

All he could do was nod. He kissed her again and then with long, lingering tongue strokes, he traced a path down her neck, towards her breasts. He held each one in his hand as he licked and tickled her nipples with his tongue. Soon her nipples hardened and rose and he took then gently between his teeth, making her moan with pleasure. After several minutes he felt her pushing his head away and he sat up. With one deft hand she reached down and freed his cock from his boxers. She looked up at him and growled playfully then slowly twisted his shaft; running her hand to the base and back again several times. Each time she repeated the action, she applied a little more pressure so that before long, Mick's cock was a rigid, serviceable handful. Simone purred as she looked at it curving up towards her face. Mick's hands stroked her golden hair and he marveled at its silky softness. But his attention was swiftly diverted, for now he felt Simone's cool lips and warm tongue envelope the head of his cock. His balls retracted swiftly as the sheer delight of Simone's mouth combined with the ever increasing pressure of her hand twisting his shaft from its very base all the way up.

He could feel his shaft becoming harder and harder; his balls aching and straining as the unrelenting force of Simone's mouth drove him trough an upward spiral of lust. His hands reached down and gripped her breasts in a desperate attempt to distract himself, but it was all to no avail. He cupped the side of her head in his other palm as his cock finally reached the apogee of its hardness. He tensed is hips and flexed his buttocks as juices gathered deep inside his loins and finally boiled over. Simone glanced up at him with fire in her eyes. One look into her beautiful green eyes and he sighed, releasing shot after delicious shot of hot come into her mouth. Simone held him close and drank every last spurt. When his orgasm had subsided she gently squeezed his shaft and cleaned off the last drops of his seed. As he reached up to wipe a few beads of sweat from his brow he heard soft laughter from behind him.

He turned to see Jenna and Agata only a few feet away. They grinned and giggled again as though they had been watching the entire time and had found it highly entertaining. Simone did not seem to be surprised to see them. She sat up and as she did so, the girls came closer. Both were nude and in the moonlight they seemed perfectly at home. Now he felt their hands running up and down his muscles while their eyes, from time to time, looked deep into his own as though to reassure him. He turned back to Simone who had discarded her leathers and lay next to him as nude as her two friends.

"Ladies, I don't know what to say..."

"Say nothing Michael, just enjoy us," whispered Jenna in her refined tones.

Agata then pulled his hand towards her and their lips met. The Scandinavian girl kissed him hard; employing her lips and tongue to marvelous effect while pressing her sharp, firm breasts into his chest. She settled up close; his cock just making contact with her midriff. His hands quickly found the softness of her waist and the delicate curve of her lower back, settling eventually on her smooth ass cheeks. He parted them gently as Agata kissed him. She wore a beautiful spicy perfume and her skin was as sensually soft as the petal of a night flower. Once or twice he paused to look into her eyes; seeing there deep seated desire. Meanwhile, Agata's English friend kissed Simone. For Michael, seeing two beautiful women kissing tenderly was hugely arousing but his attention was not diverted from the nymph before him for long. Agata's hands stroked his shaft as she kissed his neck; returning often to his mouth to plunge her velvet soft tongue between his lips. Her long cascades of dark hair tickled his shoulders and added their touch to the chorus of sensation that he now enjoyed.

It may have been the excitement of making love to a complete stranger or the sheer fervor that Agata brought to the task, it may have been the surreal setting or the sight of two beautiful girls beside him taking it in turn to lick each others pussies, he was not sure, but soon Mick found himself becoming harder and harder. The fact was not lost on the beautiful Scandinavian. She gazed at him with turquoise eyes and bit her bottom lip. Continuing to massage his shaft and rub drops of pre-come onto the head of his cock. Mick's hand ventured cautiously between her legs and she immediately parted them, allowing him to slide two fingers over her moist labia. She sighed and purred then gripped his hand and pushed his fingers in. Her soft, moistness was pure bliss and he rubbed the entire length of Agata's slit while she worked his cock with her strong supple hands.

After several minutes of this, he noticed that the other girls were looking at him. They smiled and continued their love-play. Agata raised her head and looked behind her. She sat down on a low sun-bed and lay back. Her black hair framed her divinely beautiful face and in the moonlight her long fluid curves reminded him of the crystal waters of the Aegean. She beckoned to him and as he was about to move he felt Simone's hand slap him playfully on his ass cheek. Both Simone and Jenna laughed quietly as he rose and, with his cock leading the way, he strode towards where Agata lay. As he looked down at her she grinned languidly and parted her long legs.

He settled next to her and drank in her lovely perfume. Her hands immediately played with his cock and soon he was driving his shaft between the velvety folds of her pussy. Agata clasped his waist and raised her legs; allowing him to penetrate her deeply. She arched her back and he gripped her firm hips. Her skin was cool and silky smooth next to his, her long fingers sent tingles down his back as she ran them up and down. She sighed and moaned with his every thrust; increasing the tempo as he fucked her harder and harder. In his eyes, she was a creature of pure delight; beautiful, alluring and desirable. He fucked her with sweet abandon and she reciprocated fully; meeting his every thrust and returning his every kiss. Now he raised her into his lap and she bore down with her full weight upon his cock.

After several breathless minutes of this and she came; digging her long nails into his shoulders and uttering such strongly felt cries as he had never heard before. Once the torrent of sensation in her had subsided, she looked at him intensely for an instant and settled back on the sun bed. He needed no further sign that he had indeed pleased her. Now he propped himself above her face and looked down at the feast of beauty below him. He fucked her hard at first until he felt the first stirrings of release deep in his loins then he slowed to a leisurely rhythm; enjoying every inch of Agata's fine pussy. When he came, it was in waves of ecstasy; pressing his fingers into the flesh of Agata's shoulders and releasing spurt after spurt of come deep inside her.

She sighed and smiled then hugged him tenderly as he caught his breath. He slowly became aware of new sounds and movement around him. As he looked up he caught sight of Jenna only a few metres away. She was licking the cock of a darkly tanned muscular guy as though it was a delicious treat. Just behind her another couple was fucking up against one of the columns. He watched the guy's muscular ass as it pumped rhythmically to the deep groans of his partner. Behind the guy, Mick could see a svelte pair of legs encircling his waist and a pair of hands with long red nails clinging to his torso. The mere sight of this one couple fascinated him until he rose from where he lay with Agata. All around them Stephanie's guests were gathered; all of them, men and women were naked and indulging their every passion and desire.

To the right, beautiful faces kissed; mouth hungered for mouth, hands clasped hands, bodies writhed and undulated, rolled and rode the untamable steed of lust. To his left Mick saw a pair of women licking and pumping a man who in turn licked the pussy of a fair haired girl. As he watched, the girl looked at him languidly for a moment then moaned and shook with the sweet assault of her orgasm. His breath was taken away when he saw another near by couple performing a wild sixty-nine; the girl's perfect ass rising and falling as she ground her pussy hard onto her lover's mouth. He now noticed that Agata was looking around too. Her pleasant smile showed that she was pleased with what she saw around her but she didn't seem overly surprised by it. Mick cast her a quizzical glance,

"Enjoy this experience to the full Michael, very few get the chance."

He nodded. Her answer was enigmatic but at the same time he felt uninhibited and liberated. He stood up and took a few paces towards a pair of women whose mouths were sharing a glistening cock while its owner had his mouth buried in the pussy of a petite blonde. As soon as the women became aware of his presence they both parted their legs and the nearest of the two rubbed her pussy invitingly. She was an arrestingly beautiful red head with abundant breasts that hung enticingly as she competed for the one cock with her equally beautiful companion. Michael wasted little time in settling between this woman's firm, smooth thighs. He found her pussy moist and deliciously musky. She responded to his tongue and lips with an encouraging hand on the back of his head and his hands traveled the length of her legs; always returning to part her labia as he licked and nibbled her lips and her clit.

After several minutes he moved on and the woman refocused her attention on the cock in her mouth. Mick saw another woman with short raven hair sitting alone by a couple who were fucking doggy style. As soon as he approached her she smiled sensually at him and kissed him on the lips. Before he could do anything else her hand grasped his cock and started pumping it. Michael in turn massaged her fine tanned breasts, marveling at the smoothness and softness of her skin. They continued kissing and settled on a sun bed by the wildly fucking couple. The almost tangible heat of passion that this pair radiated began to have an affect on Mick as did his partner's hands working on his cock. She was sweet, trim and athletic; the type of girl he often found himself admiring in public and imagining in private. She looked educated and refined and it occurred to him for an instant to ask her name but she kissed him with such intensity that all other thoughts were banished from his mind. She fed the growing need in his loins while his fingers explored the beautiful curves of her ass and her delicately shaped hips. Her pussy dripped honey and he slowly inserted two fingers between her glistening lips. Mick's cock was once again becoming hard and he soon found himself relishing the prospect of fucking this ravel haired nymph. He didn't have long to wait, for after a further minute or two she got up on all fours and looked eagerly into his eyes. Then, with a low voice, in what he took to be a German accent, she said,

"Fuck me like this; I want your cock in me. Oh and my name is Ursula"

"Nice to meet you Ursula, I'm Michael."

He offered a friendly nod and smiled; nearly overcome by the sheer surrealism of the situation. He took his shaft in his hand as the little frauline pointed her ass at him. She then reached back with one hand and parted her pussy. Mick loved that particular visual most of all and felt his cock twitch in anticipation as he caught sight of her succulent slit. Right away he fed his shaft into Ursula's pussy, finding it wonderfully tight despite its wetness. Soon he was in heaven as he rubbed the head of his cock against the lips of Ursula's vulva; enjoying the sheer sensation of her tight, wet hole then slowly sliding the entire length of his shaft deep into her pussy. She moaned with his every thrust, getting louder and louder as his tempo increased. His hands gripped and kneaded her ass cheeks; pulling her closer with every stroke and allowing his cock to reach deeper into her satin slit. Ursula met every one of his thrusts with equal force until his heavy balls began to tighten. Sensation ran riot through him as the pace and force of their fucking sped towards a mind numbing crescendo. Ursula dug her nails into the mattress of the sun bed and arched her back again and again; bucking like an unbridled steed to meet each assault from Mick's rigid tool.

As he thrust into Ursula, Mick sought to distract himself by focusing his attention on the couple next to him. He now saw the woman's face clearly and recognized Simone's English friend Jenna. She looked at him seriously and in a refined and breathless voice she said,

"Nice to see you getting into the spirit of the evening Michael."

All he could do saw nod. He then glanced at the man who was savoring Jenna's pussy. He seemed to be lost in coils of pleasure and almost seemed blissfully unaware of his surroundings....and no wonder, Michael thought; to fuck such a beautiful woman ahhhh.

Now his attention returned to the ravishingly hot Ursula. He gazed down at the perfect skin of her back, letting his palms run the whole length of her body; from her pert ass to the nape of her slender neck. His hands drank her flesh as though it was the waters of a cooling stream. She continued to buck and sway from side to side as his cock cleaved a path deep into her. He tensed and held her hips tightly. She sensed he was about to come and slammed harder into him. He unleashed what felt like liquid buckshot into her; howling gleefully as he did so and only pulling out of her reluctantly as she settled on the sun bed to rest.

She kissed him tenderly and after a few minutes she got up and moved to the balcony rail where a young man with long blond hair stood waiting. It was clear to Mick that the man was not expecting Ursula but he did seem very pleased when she knelt down before him and took his cock in her mouth. Mick watched them until he saw the man's cock harden and a steady stream of come; his come drip from Ursula's pussy. Again, it was a stunning visual; one that he had never witnessed before and it was profoundly arousing. He got up and walked around the balcony. Everywhere there were couples and threesomes licking, rimming, sucking, kissing, and fucking. He witnessed a tanned blonde being double penetrated, elsewhere he enjoyed watching a wild rim job performed by a woman with long flowing black hair whose fingers and tongue alternately stimulated the eager ass of a guy whose cock was enjoying the throat of another woman. After a while he glanced out at the sea. The buttermilk moon still hung there; huge and totally unchanged. Did time stand still in this otherworldly realm?

Time spent watching aside, it was surely time again for him to join in. He wondered briefly if he would be welcome. Most of these people were total strangers after all. But straight away, all doubt was banished from his mind. He found that none of the women's bodies were denied him. Each pair of lips that he kissed were sweet and greeted him in kind, each tongue that he played with, played with his own as though it belonged to some long lost lover. Nor did any of the men seem to be at all concerned as he licked the pussies or made use of the mouths of the women who they happened to be with, on the contrary, he was welcomed by them as a friend and as an initiate. Twice women offered him her asses; spreading their cheeks with one hand while their pussies were being fucked by lovers under them. These offers astounded him and he obliged by plunging his tongue and his fingers into their willing and hungry flesh.

Later, as he rose from tonguing the labia of one woman he heard an unmistakable voice.

"Michael, I see you are enjoying our revelry."

Next to him there stood Stephanie; magnificent, enigmatic and regal. Like everyone else, she wore nothing but a faint smile on her sensual feline face. He swept the scene before him with an open palm.

"My pleasured gaze roams over this feast of beauty as though it roams from gem to gem..."

She laughed, "Oh you are a poet."

"No, just a paraphraser and a poor one at that."

"You are too modest. I've been watching you. You fuck beautifully..."

She turned gracefully and his eyes traveled down her svelte form to the lovely cleft of her ass. Almost inaudibly he let out a deep growl.

"Like what you see?"

She turned again and this time his eyes met her splendid breasts.

"You are so beautiful, so perfect."

"Hmmm, some might even call me a goddess..."

She seized him by the shoulders and crushed his lips with her own. He felt fire in his blood as though her kiss was reigniting his waning energies. She broke away from him and strode towards the edge of the balcony. All he saw was her flowing hair, her magnificent ass and the musical curves of her back receding. He followed her and she turned to look at him with witchery in her eyes. A further flight if stairs led down and she descended these slowly; like a ballerina, in time to some silent symphony. Everything about Stephanie is musical, he reflected as he followed her down the stairs. What better picture could you paint of her than one of notes; that exist for but an instant, beautiful and perfect, and then fade into the silence of the night infusing it with their beauty?

At the bottom of the stairs was a tiny beach of dark pebbles. In the buttermilk moonlight they shone with a leaden luster. Stephanie stood ankle deep in the water with the breeze in her hair. She beckoned him to come closer and he did so, stepping carefully over the pebbles.

"Are you going to turn into a mermaid and swim away?"

"Not before I have finished with you," she laughed.

Emboldened, he gripped her waist and pulled her close. Soon her cool lips found his. The aroma of the sea was as intoxicating as fine champagne, the foam of the waves played about their feet as they kissed in the shallows and the warm water caressed their skin like a thousand loving hands. Mick found his fingers traveling down her back as he explored her every perfect curve and she gripped his shoulders; working her tongue into his mouth. With every flick of her tongue she kindled a little more of his desire; with every touch of her body she brought his flesh to life. He kissed her supple breasts and caressed her ivory smooth mound.

On the beach they lay together at last massaged by the black pebbles. Mick parted Stephanie's legs gently and rubbed her soft inner thighs. His hand reached her pussy and felt its inviting wetness. He worked his fingers into her warm slit and marveled at its softness. As he did so she grasped his cock and began to pump it hard. Several minutes passed and he lay back looking up at the moon. Stephanie sat up; looking at him with eyes like smoldering embers. She smiled as her hand gripped the very base of his cock. There she pressed and massaged his shaft while her lips hovered over the head of his cock. Mick felt his shaft coming rapidly to life and he tensed his muscles finally as Stephanie's lips locked around it. Her mouth was a cauldron of pleasure; spilling its delights over his shaft, his tip and his balls. He sighed, groaned and shivered as the waves of ecstasy washed over him; swiftly making him harder and harder. He played with her silken hair and rubbed her shoulders as she feasted on his cock. As the sea breeze cooled him he could imagine just how incredibly wet she had made his shaft. He luxuriated in the sweet sensation for a few minutes then pulled her gently away; licking his lips with the prospect of tasting her pussy. But she had other ideas.

"No," she said breathlessly, "I want you to fuck me hard, I love to come fast, so fuck me hard!"

Without another word she rolled onto her back; doing so with effortless grace despite the pebbled surface underneath. Michael looked down at her and gloried in her beauty once again; to merely look at this woman was a moving experience, to fuck her was to converse with the majesty of the universe.

Michael knelt between her legs, catching the merest glimpse of her smooth and glistening slit, and then Stephanie seized his cock, pumped it hard and guided it into her inner depths. She entwined her legs around him and he found the perfect fulcrum against the pebbled shore. He fucked her, remembering her injunction to fuck her hard. His legs flexed, his knees strained and his hips propelled his cock deeply and firmly into her seemingly voracious pussy. Stephanie responded in kind; bucking and tossing her hips wildly with Mick's every thrust. Everything that he had experienced that night, it seemed, was in preparation only for this.

They fucked in perfect unison, swapping positions several times so that his cock tasted her every fold and cleft, and she savoured every inch of him. At last, with her on top, he was treated to the sublime spectacle of her body, slamming down upon his cock; feeling it plunge as deeply into her as it could go. Her magnificent breasts rose and fell as her hair danced upon her shoulders, her arms rose slowly as a strange smile played upon her lips. Time slowed and all sound ceased, he watched her dance to some hidden beat; some inner cadence that was part of her nature. The moon loomed above their bodies, larger than he had ever seen it before and a relentless deep bass beat began to enter his mind. Now Stephanie shut her eyes and tossed her head back. She brought her hands down onto his abdominals and dug her nails into his flesh. Her lips parted with an unearthly lilt like the voice of the sea breeze. She came. Her hips ground hard into him, her pussy milked his cock for what seemed like a blissful eternity until he too came; shooting ropes of come deep into her. His mind was numb with cascading riots of pleasure, his eyes closed and he breathed deeply of the ocean spray. Cool lips met his briefly then they were gone. Time began to pass again and his powers of perception slowly returned.

He opened his eyes and saw a smiling, freckled face framed in blond.


She giggled gently as he sat up. Around him and nearby were some familiar faces; he saw Agata and Jenna sitting with their feet in the water. They smiled at him knowingly. After taking in the scene he stood up, looked around and was greeted by some of the people that he had encountered that night, people who he had never met before. There was one face missing. He looked at Simone and was about to open his mouth with a question when she touched his lips.

"Shhhhh, at dawn tomorrow, never speak of this night to anyone. Until then, come relax with us and enjoy this balmy eve and this sweetly countenanced moon."

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