Teenage Sexual Experimentation
Disclaimer: This is a story about two brothers so if you would be offended by it then please do not read it!

This story is about John and Joe and they are brothers that have hit the teen age experimentation, curiosity and exploration phase in their lives.

John is 19 and has a girlfriend named Julie and they are sexually active. Even though they are sexually active with John's raging hormones Julie is not nearly as sexually active with John as he would like.

Joe is John's younger brother and he is 18. Joe's beginning to become very curious and very aware of his hormones.

John started stroking his dick a few years ago probably about the same age at his brother Joe is now. He remembers how amazing it was the first time he stroked his dick till it got very hard and how his body responded. It rocked his world as he stroked it till he came. Needless to say his days of stroking his dick had only just begun.

John learned the fine art of stroking his dick and soon he began calling it his cock, cock seemed more manly and more studly. He learned different ways to make it better. One involves stroking his cock with one hand and cupping his balls with the other hand as he felt them in his palm and finger and cupped them snuggly as he jacked (another term he started using.) His cock would get even harder as he did this and he swore he came harder and came more when he would do that.

One day while he was jacking off his cock was so slippery because he had found some KY in the bathroom and as his one hand slid up and down on his cock his other hand massaged his balls and he was so excited and wanted to cum immediately but something in him wanted to slow things down a bit and just enjoy it. He slowed his stroke and slowed the massaging of his balls. The ky had warmed up and had dribbled down his ass crack and as he reached back to wipe it up with his finger he got a feeling through his body he had never known or felt till that moment.

It felt amazing to move his finger over his ass and he got a crazy tingling feeling he wanted more and had to have more. He moved his hand about and found that he could still fondle his balls as his finger searched out that place that caused him such a tingle and when he moved his finger over it, it had the opposite effect of slowing him down. He rubbed over it again and again then he moved his finger inside and when he did it was tight, soft, warm and so nice.

He then began to move his finger in and out and in and out and it only took him just a few times of that and his hand cupping his balls and his other hand jacking him off and this time he came so hard and such a huge amount, way more than he ever had. It felt like he shot two feet and he was sure he had. Well now that he had found this new and exciting thing to do he could not get enough. He was doing it every chance he got.

One day Joe saw him through the crack in the door and Joe just stood there and watched. Mesmerized he watched as his brother masturbated and found himself getting hard, as he got hard he unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out and began masturbating and it felt so good. It seemed like it was immediate that he began squirting out stuff from his Dick and then his brother John started squirting too only he was shooting much more and much further.

Joe noticed that his brother was masturbating at night when the lights went off. Always trying to be so quiet but before long Joe could hear his brother masturbating faster and faster and he would hear his brother breathing hard until he would hear a suppressed moan.

Now when John started masturbating Joe would also join in and soon they both would be Cumming. They both kept a washcloth near and soon John found out that Joe was jacking off at the same time and they talked about it and started talking about sex. John told his brother Joe that he and Julie were having sex and Joe had the usual questions about what it felt like and how does he do it. John was more than happy to tell his brother.

It was the right thing to do but also it made him feel like the know it all big brother. John told Joe that Julie liked sex but it seemed like once a week was good enough for her and he needed it all the time. Then Joe asked John if that was why he masturbated all the time and John laughed at him and told his brother he was so young and such a square. Only old people and text books call it masturbation silly. It is called Jacking off or Jacking your cock! Joe said oh...Ok!

One day when their parents were gone John started talking to Joe and told him that he would teach him everything he knows about sex but that Joe had to cooperate. Joe wanted to know what he would have to do to cooperate? Well John told him that he wanted to put his cock in Joes butt. Joe told him no way at first and then John started telling him it felt really good and that he would lube up his butt and get it all relaxed so it wouldn't hurt and there is nothing wrong with it and he said if you let me do you then I will let you do it to me.

John also told Joe that, this is also a really good way to learn how to fuck a girl. Of course a girl has two places and we have only one but it is still pretty much the same. They were bonding as brothers and learning about sex with each other. Truth was John didn't really know a whole lot more than Joe did, he just like to act like he did.

Joe agreed to let his brother show him how to fuck and so John went to get the KY and started putting it on his ass and pushing his finger inside Joe and Joe said "ouch. That hurts" John told him not to be such a big pussy and just relax so he tried but it wasn't easy. He took some deep breaths and he began to relax and as he did his brother got behind him and stroked his cock and put some lube on it and stroked it some more while he played with his brothers ass relaxing it more and more little by little.

Then John pointed his hardened cock at his brothers ass and pushed gently as possible but firm enough so that the head of his cock pushed into his brothers ass and he said "ouch, damn that hurt" John told him that if he would just hold still while his ass adjusted to it and actually the hard part it over because the head of my cock is bigger than my cock so now when you're ready I will move in and out of you. I will fuck your ass and that is how you will fuck a girl.

So poor Joe hung in there and John put more lube on his cock and pulled out a little so that the lube could go in Joe's butt and slowly John began his moving his cock in Johns tight virgin ass and pushed in and pulled out and John picked up the tempo as he fucked his brothers ass and it was so good and tight and it didn't take long before he filled his brothers ass with hot cum. John was very excited and loved it. Joe was not as excited as Joe. The only thing Joe was excited about was he made it through it all and now it was his turn to fuck his brothers' ass.

Joe lubed his hand and fingers and as he touched his brothers' ass he got excited again. His cock got so hard while he did that to his brothers ass. Soon his brothers cock also got really hard...harder than he had ever seen his dick.

John got some lube and started stroking his cock with his well lube hand Joe couldn't hold back any longer and he pointed his cock at his brothers ass and moved it over his brothers ass, John seemed to like it better than Joe did and he was eager for him to put his cock inside his ass so he added more lube to this brothers ass and to the end of his cock and he pushed it into him and it resisted, but then the head of his cock gave way and slid in easily. He pushed in slowly and it felt so good.

While Joe pumped his cock in and out slowly of Johns ass, John was jacking off, all of the physical and visual delights were overwhelming and soon they both were so excited they were so close to shooting their cum it took such great effort to control to not let go but it felt so good that he did not want it to end and John said Joe, grab my hips and hold on and pump my ass hard and fast and as he pumped his cock into his brothers ass harder and faster the tightness, smoothness and being so well lubed, the sensations of it all overwhelmed him and he was unable to control it any longer he shot his cum in his brothers ass and he watched as his cum spilled from his ass.

Just as his brother shot his wad as well. As their breathing returned to normal and he watched as he removed his cock he was speechless and amazed, it did feel so wonderful.

As he went to clean up he was trying to make reason of it all and he told me there was nothing romantic or really any gay feeling about it and I know there are many that will disagree and that is ok but he says it was just a way to do what he needed and wanted to do, which quite simply was to fuck.
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