By: Rachel R. & Sassy Sue

It was a weekend filled with surprises; my weekend companion had to cancel due to a work conflict and was unable to accompany us on a N. Carolina foray. It was to be a special romantic weekend, filled delicious sultry sex and satisfying my base carnal desires as well as his. Ryan and I never had the opportunity to be intimate or to do the dance of a beast with two backs. We had several dates and I always did my best to be a sultry temptress, show little skin with low cut tops. Letting his eyes linger on my exposed mammaries when I bend over pretending to get something from my bag. It is amazing how a slip of a nip makes it hard for a man to walk.

Ryan is a good-looking man in mid-twenties, around my age and I was attracted to him. His jet-black hair, blue eyes, buff body, drove me to distraction and desire. I was yearning to discover what his clothes concealed. Dirty flirty lunches that were the main course and the food secondary, although I did tease him with the proactive consumption of many foods and drinks, all executed for the intentionally arousal of Ryan. Now our act of consummation postponed for another time, soon I hope.

Sue and I departed for N. Carolina and the absence of Ryan left me feeling like the one who was going to be the proverbial third wheel to Sue and Jeff. We arrived at Jeff's rural log cabin home that is dripping with Christmas cheer. Sue and Jeff took the master bedroom and I had a large guest room at the end of the loft, at least I would not be subject to the decadent sex they would enjoy later. We changed into jeans and flannel shirts with Carhartt sweatshirts ready for our horse ride.

Sue and I arrived in the stable, and greeted by a jovial Jeff and four horses.

"Jeff didn't Sue tell you that Ryan could not make the trip, I asked Jeff?

"My good friend and foreman of this place, Mark, will be riding with us if you ladies don't mind."

Mark walked in the barn, a rugged looking man, six-foot lean frame, excellent shape and toned muscles. He is wearing a faded, black sandstone work jacket, which bore the scars of many hard chores. A blue denim, shirt tucked in his tight fitting jeans and a pair of disheveled boots. A faded camouflage hat, cocked back, is crowning his wavy, caramel brown hair.

"Ready Jeff, gates are opened, you lead I will trial behind the ladies."

Jeff made the introductions and after a few minutes of small talk and Mark poking good-natured fun of the tenderfoot's choice of footwear, sparkling clean running shoes, we mounted our horses and ambled down the trail to the woods. The ride was exhilarating, I could almost feel Mark's eyes watching my butt as it bounced up and down in the saddle. We stopped to take in the panoramic view of tops hills and the crests of ridges. We talked, Jeff had brought a bottle of wine, a wedge of cheese, and Mark supplied four, dented and chipped, blue enamel cups which Jeff promptly poured a generous portion of wine. We laughed, ate and drank enjoying the company of each other. Jeff informed us that he was having a small Christmas party that evening, nothing formal and seeing that Ryan was absent Mark would be available to escort me if I did not mind. Sue was grinning like a Cheshire cat, Mark, blushing, looking at the ground, looking anywhere but towards me. It was obvious that Mark was uncomfortable and I gave him a rough time. He laughed and then said we best get back before it rains.

I glanced towards the alabaster skies and with a little attitude; I told Mark that it would not rain today. To punctuate my prognosis, I quickly turned my horse back down the trail giving Mark a view of my gyrating ass in the saddle and I watched Sue's perky, little butt jiggle, Poor Jeff, he just had trees to look as he resumed the lead. Fifteen minutes out from the ranch the clouds opened up with a cold, winter drizzle, Jeff picked up the pace and we hustled back to the barn, four wet horses, and two very wet tenderfoots.

Mark and I headed up to the cabin and he joked about my recent forecast. I headed upstairs for a hot shower and some dry clothes. I wanted to invite Mark to join me but it was just too soon. Mark left and took care of the wet horses and on his way out shouted, "See you later tenderfoot!"

I muttered to myself, "Arrrgh!"

Sue and Jeff had snuck off to the tack room and latched the door behind them. Sue and Jeff, kissing, her hands caressing his body and Jeff saying something about getting out of those wet clothes. Sue took this as invitation rather than advice and began a slow strip tease; draping her jacket, flannel shirt and her teal bra on a sawhorse, she gave Jeff a show.

"Sue you best put something on before I give you a bit of loving."

"Not here, no place to screw, so I am not worried about that happening," Sue teased offering her breast to him.

The room reeking of leather, reins, bits and other tack hung from the walls. Jeff approached Sue, took one of her arms, and pulled her to him, kissing the side of her neck, and fondling her breast. His and on her belt buckle he undid her jeans, pushing the down to her ankles. Now, Sue stood there, clad only in teal bikini panties and her jeans around her ankles. Jeff too a step forward and Sue was against a leather saddle. Jeff pushed on her shoulder and Sue's breasts were press against the seat of the saddle. Jeff using the billet strap lashed her wrists to the saddle's horn and the pulled he teal panties down.

He unfastened his jeans and let them drop; erect, rubbing Sue's swollen pussy lips, parting them ever so slightly with the mushroom head of his dick. The shaft gliding between her lips, lubricated by Sue's bounteous nectar and Jeff sawed on her clit. Her legs spread as far as the jeans and panties permitted, Jeff, hand wrapping in her blonde locks, he mounts his filly and controls her as he slowly, pumps in and out of her. Sue covered in sweat as Jeff, with great deliberation, brought Sue to her orgasmic edge. Sue panting begging to cum, but was denied that pleasure, for now and felt Jeff pull his cock from her juicy pussy. Her thighs clammy, wet with her fluids of desire, Jeff smacking her bare ass cheek playfully and released the billet strap.

The Tack room door latch rattled and Sue hurriedly pulled up the wet teal panties and her jeans. She slipped on her flannel shirt, stuffed the teal bra in her back pocket leaving a teal tail hanging from the pocket. Coat in hand, her shirt, buttoned crooked, she opened the door, and Mark walked in giving her a quick, casual look. Sue is feebly smiling, her body on fire, and she heads towards the cabin for a shower.

"I am going to shower and change Jeff, thanks for the ride."

Jeff leaning against the post replied, "Anytime tenderfoot, anytime," with a warm chuckle.

Jeff and Mark stood there watching that teal bra tail swishing as Sue walked away and once out of sight the two men returned to the business of running a ranch.

Sue and I cleaned up, had a little wine, a little girl talk while waiting for Jeff. Food was in place guest were arriving and Jeff was busy in his role of host. Sue and I looked on and talked about Mark. I had my hand on Sue's bare thigh when Mark walked up, "evening tenderfoots, you are looking good tonight.

Sue was wearing a mid-thigh silver and black cocktail dress, a red thong, and no bra with two-inch black heels. I opted for a pair of tight fitting jeans, a black G-string, and a sheer smoky bra to cradle the girls. For a top, I chose a deep V-neck Christmas print cotton top to highlight my bodacious boobs. I elected to wear my boots in lieu of my "tenderfoot tennies" as Mark called my running shoes.
We sat at a table, talking, getting to know each other, while Jeff making intermittent appearances as he mingled with his guests being a gracious host. Mark is flirting with me and the flirts are becoming dirty flirts as the evening goes on. Jeff and Sue were huddling together with sporadic bursts of laughter and all indications were they would be in the bedroom ripping each other clothes off before the bewitching hour. I on the other hand had not yet made up my mind on if Mark would be pleasuring me or I would be left to my own devices since Ryan had canceled.

Mark on the other hand had already decided my fate in his mind.

"You are like a wild bronc that needs a strong rider and I am just that rider for you tenderfoot," Mark whispered in my ear with one hand resting firmly at the confluence of legs giving my thigh a gentle, but controlling squeeze.

My body is flushed with desire and Mark had just made any thought of going to bed alone vanish. Mark leaning in kissing me behind my ear and I felt a shiver down my back and my legs spread a bit from his firm touch. We went to the dance floor and our bodies pressed together, I could feel his hard erection under his jeans and I rubbed my jean-covered mound on his bulge. His hands had eased down to cup my butt as we moved to the music. My breast rubbing on his chest, I wanted him and more than that, I needed him.

The party is winding down and Jeff is bidding his remaining guests goodnight as they depart with Sue hovering nearby. Mark unfastens my belt; taking the tail of my belt, he leads me like a filly across the floor of the great room and up the stairs to my room at the end of the hall. Obediently, I followed and as we cleared the threshold of the room Mark kicked the door shut and said, "I hope you like it rough."

Mark pulling the belt from my jeans, tossing it on the bed and began to slowly easing his hands under my top, and I ran my hands over his chest opening his shirt. Running my soft hands over his hard nipples, he had a fine dark chest hair, which is soft and silky to the touch. Mark is raising my top over my head and arms, my hair spilling down, and Mark tossing my top to the side. Mark with his strong hands, cupping my breasts and pinching my nipples through the sheer bra. I reached behind and unhooking my bra so when Mark moved his hands my bra fell to the floor. Mark kissing each nipple, his tongue grazing my aching, hard nipples, and I am running my hands through his brown hair. His fingers unbutton my jeans and he pulls the zipper down and the palming my little black G-string to discover that it is wet. Mark is petting my lips through the G-string, exciting me, making me secrete more, and my scent stronger.

"Strip for me, show me your hot naked body, and then take my jeans off and see what I have for you if you are a good girl."

Dancing around, I peeled the tight jeans from my body, then hooking the wet black G-string I worked it over my hips and down my thighs and now I stood naked, aroused and ready to screw Mark. Kneeling before Mark, following his dictates I undid his jeans, eased the zipper down, sliding the denim off his taunt ass and down his legs, Mark, wearing briefs which had a nice package with a wet spot on one side. I slipped them down to his ankles and stepping from the jeans and briefs Mark is deliciously naked now. I had no idea of what to expect but Mark's manhood thick, oval shaped and above average length. While not huge, he was very stout and I knew I would be moaning before long when he took me.

Mark stood there, hands on his hips, his cock jutting out, in my face in all its stunning glory. I needed no instructions, but Mark, in a commanding tone, "Go on tenderfoot, and suck that cowboy cock." Opening my mouth, I took the head of his cock between my lips and licked the purplish head and the slit of his dick.

"Nice and slow you little whore!

"Yes sir," I moaned, slipping into my submissive role and I was tonguing the underside of Mark's cock.

"Yes sir!" I moaned as I tongued the underside of Mark's cock.

Mark watching as my lips traverse down his throbbing cock and then as my brown hair flouncing as my head is bobbing on his erection. Closing my eyes and listening to the sounds of my slurping on Mark's cock and his manly groans is making my pussy drip. Feeling the heat from his balls, smelling his pungent scent, I am looking at Mark's face and see him watching me intensely. Pulling off his cock, quickly riming the head of his dick and licking his shaft I took his balls into my mouth. Pumping his cock as if I were possessed, grunting as my tongue played with Mark's hot balls. Releasing his balls, once again, I take his cock in my mouth and Mark is fucking my face savagely. Leaning back, his cock in my throat Mark is filling my throat with his creamy cum. His strong hands are on my head, my nose buried in his pubes as he came, and his seed trickling from the corners of my mouth. Mark is groaning loudly, my hands gripping his thighs; I am sucking his cock and swallowing his cum, and purring like a kitty with a saucer of cream. Mark finishes pumping his cream into my mouth and he pulls his cock from my greedy mouth and strands of cum snapping clinging to my chin.

He pulls me by my hair and I stand, naked before him and his calloused hand caresses my breasts and then cups my swollen pussy lips, Mark inserts a finger into me and curls it to rub on my g-spot and I am ready to melt from his touch. I shudder, push my naked mound to him, I want him to fuck me but that is not Mark's desire, at least not yet. Mark raises his hand, I stretch, on my toes now, I want his finger rubbing my g-spot. He backs me up to the bed, I can feel the bed pressing on my calves, and I am rubbing my cunt on his impaled finger, I am dripping with desire for him.

His other hand on my shoulder, he pushes me back and his finger pulls free from my cunt with a loud slurping sound, and I tumble back on the bed. I hear a dresser drawer open and Mark is standing next to the bed with a length of rope in his hand and a bandana over his shoulder.

"Tenderfoot, pull the covers back."

I scramble to comply and the bed is now just covered with a satin white fitted sheet and a few pillows. Mark's hand is lighting fast and he has me by the ankle, pulling me towards him. He grabs a wrist, another ankle and finally my one free hand and as quick as he can the rope is wrapped around my ankles and my wrist binding them together. I lay there on the satin sheet, tied my lady bits completely exposed, swollen and dripping with my juices. My hair tussled and my breasts with erect nipples touch the cool sheet. Mark drags my body to the edge of the bed, my pussy to the edge and I can't move, Mark smacks my bare ass and I feel the heat from the swat.

The air is cool on my hot skin, his calloused fingers spreading my throbbing pussy lips, dipping in my nectar and painting my labia with my juices as Mark torments me. My clit is aching; I know it is hard and protruding as Mark's fingers having brushed it; I want his cock on it. I quake like a bowl of jello when Mark takes the bandanna, wraps it around my eyes tightly and my world goes dark. My body on fire, aching with desire and I can do nothing but lie there and moan as I respond to Mark's touches.

His strong fingers spreading me, opening my pussy to his pleasure, as I can feel him kissing my pussy lips and tasting my nectar. He is at the bottom, next to my perineum, soft wet sloppy kisses and then nothing. Now I feel the silky head of his cock touching my mouth, rubbing and I lick tasting him. Moaning and groaning, I am on fire and filled with the need of his hard cock. I want him to fuck me!

Nothing again, I lie there in there dark, I am imagine all sort of things but yet nothing and the I feel a slight touch, something slipping between my pussy lips. My lips parting as this warm object travels up my slit. My cunt spams, trying to grip the object and suck it into me but fails. A jolt jars my body as the object rubs on my hard, exposed clit and then nothing again. I am at my wits end, longing, wanting, and needing to be taken by Mark.

After what seemed to be an eternity I could feel my pussy lips spreading again, Mark was penetrating me, finally. I moaned a low guttural animalistic sound as he pushed his thick cock into my cunt. The head of his cock was in me, I tried to push to take more of his cock, but unable to move I was at his mercy. He pushed deeper into my wet pussy and I was shrieking at his slow methodical fucking. I never experienced a man that screwed me so slowly with such deliverance. Mark knew what he was doing to me, he push deeper into me and my pussy tighten around his thick, rigid shaft, and now I can feel his balls slapping on my cunt. With slow, long strokes at first and then with a rapidly increasing tempo he fucks me hard driving me to my breaking point. His hands on my thighs, he pummels me, I am begging Mark to make me cum, for him to quench my fire with his cum but nothing, and he pulls from me.

Mark removes the bandana from my eyes and I squint adjusting to the light. Mark is standing over me, his hard cock jutting out, dripping with my juices from my freshly fucked cunt. I ache to cum but Mark is not ready for me to cum just yet. Now he releases my ankles and wrists, sits on the bed rubbing my ankles as I rub my wrists.

"You like to ride tenderfoot, so ride me and cum."

With that Mark lay back on the bed and pulling me on top of him. Swinging my leg over his torso, straddling him, posing my pussy over the shiny, mushroom head of his cock I rubbed my slit on his cock. Holding his cock steady with one hand, lowering my pussy I impaled myself on his cock and began to rock back and forth on his turgid prick. Working his prick in my cunt I was soon dripping with sweat as I rode my cowboy. Leaning forward, I dangled my tits in his face as we screwed and it did not take me very long before my body tenses and my pussy clamps tight on his dick. I bathe him with my cream, squeezing him as I cum, feeling him in me and filling my desire. He pushes deep into my cunt and sprays my pussy with rich strands of his man cream. My pussy soggy and makes slurping sounds as fuck and our juices ooze from my pussy, over his pulsating balls and onto the satin sheet.

I collapse in a heap on Mark, his cock still in me but the hard shaft is becoming flaccid at least for now. Lying side by side Mark fondles my breasts, kissing the hard nipples and sucking on my dark areolas. His half hard cock is lying in a puddle of cum and my fingers caressing his balls as I still want Mark. We lay there enjoying the afterglow and resting for the next round. Time passes and with all our making out Mark's cock is getting hard and he waste no time.

Mark swings his leg over my torso his ass towards my face and he tucks my legs behind his arms. My pussy, once again open, my swollen labia, my wet slit and my star are completely exposed to him. I can feel his panting, warm breath on my exposed sex. It turns me on as he kisses my wet pussy.

"Suck my cock tenderfoot," an unnecessary direction as his cock in inches from my mouth.

I take his cock in my hand and press it to my lips. I am licking the silky, wet head of Mark's cock, as my tongue darts into the eye of his prick and tasting the remnants of our fucking as I slide my mouth down his shaft. I greedily devour Mark's throbbing prick taking it deep into my throat while hoping that Mark will hose my throat with another salvo of his man cream. WE lie there, locked in a sixty-nine position, his mouth wreaking havoc in my pussy, sucking my juices, and probing the nooks and crannies of my milky cunt. I am cumming steadily again and them Mark explodes in my mouth filling me with his seed. The unexpected burst of cum fills my mouth; it is more than I can swallow and his cum squirts from the corners of my mouth. Mark is fucking my mouth, his tongue buried in my slit when he jams his thumb into my ass.

This takes me by surprise, I damn near bite his cock, and with a savage twist of his thumb in my tight asshole, I explode in a massive orgasm and almost pass out. I am weak, exhausted, and well fucked as my body goes limp. Mark's cock slips from my mouth, his thumb pulls from my ass, and Mark softly strokes my quivering pussy and taking me in his strong arms, he cradles my trebling body.

We lay there spent, sweat covered bodies dripping with the passion of making love and clinging to each other as we can hear Sue and Jeff making some ungodly noise. Sue is shrieking loudly, so I surmise that Jeff must be fucking her hard. After a little bit the house grows quiet and sleep has taken over our tired bodies. Mark and I lay entangled sleeping, recovering, and preparing for a morning quickie before rejoining Sue and Jeff.

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