Tennis Anyone - Finale
Continued from Tennis Anyone...part 4

Francine wanted them both but she had to show Charles her husband that she still had that desire and it had not been lost but simply slipped away for a few years. Now she was so aroused and wanted Charles to see it. He had had hinted through the guise of the private tennis lessons for her to relax and let go a bit as he wanted to see if she had indeed had become cold to sexual pleasure. Now she was going to show him it was not gone but could he handle this rekindled desire.

So now both Charles and Mike were on the way to the bedroom and she was ready to have the sexual time of her life but was Charles really ready?

Charles did not see this coming when he had talked with Mike a few months back about giving Francine a private lesson. Charles had explained the situation to Mike about Francine's love of tennis. Mike understood her love of tennis since he had been working with her in the group lessons. What Charles shared with Mike took Mike a bit back at the time but Charles shared that sexually things were almost non existent between Francine and him. Charles boldly ask Mike if he would come on to Francine. Charles thought since Mike was single he might want to see if Francine could take her enjoyment of tennis to a sexual level with him. Mike told Charles he was attracted to Francine but did not want to ruin a marriage. Charles told Mike you may save a marriage. Mike and Charles agreed that Mike would make the effort to attempt to seduce Francine. They both then discussed an offer of a private lesson when the time was right and that Charles would tell Francine he was OK with it and even encourage her to do so. Now here they both were 4 months later and the planned had worked but this was not part of the plan as it was now playing out.

Mike said now what, as they walked toward the bedroom and Charles said just play along and see what happens. Mike nodded to Charles as if to say OK. They both then entered the bedroom; Mike first and there was Francine on the big master bed. Francine had completely removed her athletic bra and smiled as they both entered the bedroom. Francine remarked directly at Mike will it does come off after all. She had her breasts covered by her crossed arms. Charles and Mike looked at each other and Charles said it looks like you two are up to some fun. Mike relaxed a bit at Charles' remark and said yes we were. Charles smiled at Francine and said are you enjoying this? She responded yes very much and she responded and I think you might like this also. Charles knew then he was so ready to enjoy what was about to happen. Charles gently pushed Mike on the shoulder and said please continue.

Mike looked back at Charles and then with out saying a word moved to the bed and leaned in to kiss Francine and as he did Francine's hands fell away from her breasts. Mike kissed Francine deeply on the lips and she returned the kiss with her tongue darting into Mike's mouth. Charles eyes were fixed on Francine and he noticed how taught her nipples were as her hands feel away from her breasts when Mike leaned in to kiss her. Charles felt and excitement in his groin he had not felt in years and he settled into a chair next to the bed to watch. Francine winked at Charles as if to say so this is what you wanted you are going to get it.

Francine's hands were all over Mike as she pushed his shirt off his chest and pulled it off him. Mike now was working his tennis shorts off as well. Charles was now squirming in the chair and his cock was getting tighter and tighter in his shorts. With Mike's shirt off and his shorts down to his knees he was now cupping and fondling her breasts and her sighs told them both she was really enjoying the attention to her breasts. Mike mouth was now devouring her breasts and Charles was not missing a moment as he focused on her obvious enjoyment of her breasts being kissed, sucked and played with. This was something Charles remembered that she loved in by gone years. Charles' arousal was growing be the second. Francine was now holding Mikes head to her chest and stroking his back, arms, and shoulders. She could see Charles was enjoying his view of Mike pleasuring her and smiled at him as wicked a smile as he could ever remember. With that wicked smile from Francine Charles worked his shorts down and felt his cock strain through his boxers for relief.

Mike was now kissing down her stomach as he let herself fall back on the bed between Francine's opening thighs. Her tennis skirt was long gone but her pale blue tennis panties remained. Mikes kissed inches to the top of her panties and Francine's gently sighs of pleasure let both Mike and Charles know she did not want this to stop. Charles could not take it any more and as he got up to kick off his shorts and pull his boxers down to give him access to his cock. He took a few steps over to the bed and reached his hands in to pull Francine panties down her hips, then her thighs, down her lower legs and finally off her feet. Mike was not stopping his kissing and tonguing of her lower stomach area and she turned to tell Charles please join us. Francine was in new sexual world and Mike was now gently spreading her thighs wide as his kisses were darting all over her inner thighs. Charles pushed his boxers down and Francine reached out to grab his already stiff cock. Mike was now lying between her thighs and kissing and playing with her swelling pussy lips with his mouth and tongue. Charles was now standing next to the bed with Francine's hand holding and stroking Charles' cock. Charles watched as Mike was now licking and sucking her pussy lips into his mouth and Francine full bush was now dripping wet with her sweetness. Charles felt the tight grip and stroking of his cock as Francine was working his cock in a steady motion as she lifted her hips to give Mike full access to her pussy. Mike was now working his tongue into Francine as she arched her back to give him all of her he could handle. Charles cock was not pulsing with Francine stroking him faster and faster.

She pulled Charles even closer to the bed as she turned her head towards Charles and she licked across his swollen cock head. Charles about lost it as she had never ever done that to him. His excitement was building to a point he did not know if he could stop from cumming. Francine was now bucking in arousal as Mike was using his fingers as well as his mouth and tongue to get close to her clit and she was raising her hips and enjoying this unbelievable pleasure. She could hardly concentrate on Charles and his cock from the pleasure she was feeling from Mike. Charles could sense and see her pleasure. Charles was a sexually aroused as he could ever remember from what he was seeing and experiencing. She managed to take Charles' cock into her mouth and was working his shaft with her mouth. Charles as now moaning loudly with this new found pleasure.

She could not stand the pleasure any more and just screamed out, Charles FUCK me please and NOW!

As she released Charles hard engorged cock Mike heard the request and stood up and let Charles move between Francine's thighs. Charles thrust his bigger than he or she could ever remember cock into her wet flowing pussy and Francine motioned for Mike to move toward her. Mike did as she requested and she reached out to stroke his cock and found it to be not as large as Charles but still a wonderful feeling in her hand. Mike was so ready to explode with cum and she could feel his cock stiffing. Charles' cock dove hard into her pussy and she screamed in pleasure. Charles cock was now throbbing and he was driving deep long thrusts that were touching her clit with each trust. Francine could not remember ever feeling her clit pleasure ache like this. She then screamed FUCK ME HARD CHARLES. Mike's cock released its load of cum covering her hand and her left breast. Charles seeing this moaned I am cumming and his hips drove long and deep into Francine's wanting and wet pussy. Mike feeling spent walked into the master bath to clean up and left the two of them on the bed. Charles was driving his cock deep into his wife and felt his cock pulse with excitement as he exploded hard and long into her. She moaned a loud moan of pleasure and said to Charles with a wicked and sexy smile....... See why I love tennis so much look what it can do for us both.


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