Text me some sex
"I can't wait to feel your cum on my face. I've been rock hard all day just thinking of you squirting your juices all over me!"

"Holy Shit!" was all I could whisper as I reread his text over and over again. As I sat at my desk, my breath was lost and completely taken away. "Oh my God! Oh MY GOD".

I had been wanting him so bad for so long. We hadn't been connecting for awhile sexually and my mind was confused and concerned at the same time. Was it life's stresses, just not finding me desirable anymore or something else? It was such a hard thing to begin a discussion about. I wasn't sure where to begin, how to make it a safe discussion where egos and misunderstandings wouldn't occur.

I haven't hit that stage(one that hits every relationship sometime)when I don't think about fucking him at least 10 times a day. Okay, maybe some days I only think about it 2 The truth is I always find my mind wandering to all kinds of sexy, romantic, kinky and fucking amazing ways to fuck him and get fucked!

He is to any woman's standards the most generous and gifted lover. He had taken my body to levels of pleasure that had never been reached before and the more we explore together the better it gets. We both love erotica, V9, taking pictures and videos of our love making and screwing in all different positions and places.

That is why this text was so over the top arousing. He wanted me again. He was initiating instead of me trying and wanting and wanting and wanting.

Apparantly he wasn't done. Next text,"Silent?!? I like that. I am going to lick you from head-to-toe, stopping to pay special attention to those titties I love to suck and pinch with my teeth. Then I am going to kiss down to that patch of heaven and then I am going to smash my face into it so I can eat your pussy till I lap up every last drop of your cum."

UUUUUUmmmmm god I thought and then noticed that my stomach was flipping over and over and my nipples were begging to be circled with a finger or a tongue. I had to feel them so I could imagine him with me. I slowly took my left hand and cupped my breast, taking a whole handful squeezing it and rubbing my hand upward so I could feel the hardness of my tit grow. I couldn't text now and fully enjoy myself. I had to put my cell down and then went back to my breasts to help play with both breasts. I was feeling myself up, rubbing, massaging and then I pulled my nipples out and started to role them through my fingers. God, I wanted more. I decided to tell him.

I stopped my self-pleasure and grabbed my cell, "I am getting ready to fuck myself... is that okay with you?"

He sent a very quick response, "I was hoping you would say that. Let me help you, but promise you'll be ready for a live performance when you get home. I have a treat for you!"

"I promise! What is my treat?"

My mind was spinning. My body was on fire. What did he have planned? Should I go home now? I couldn't, I just couldn't. My pussy was throbbing so hard, just pumping and begging for relief.

"How hard are your tits?' he interrupted.

"As hard as bullets."

"Unbutton your shirt and pull your bra down just enough so it wraps under your boobs. Then lick your finger and circle your tit slowly. Is it growing? Is it getting harder?"

I did as he directed after locking my office door, sitting down in my revolving chair and turning it so my back was to the door, my legs lifted up on the sill of my window that had an incredible view of the city skyline. I noticed how good my shapely, firm calves looked in my black heels resting on the ledge.

"Quickly, I unbuttoned my silk blouse, and pulled my blue lace bra as he instructed. My breast were so glad to be released and I licked my finger completely, imagining that it was his cock in my mouth. I licked the tip of my index finger and circled it with my tongue. Then I sucked in a quarter more into my mouth and then pulled the whole thing in and out and made sure the whole long, appendage got soaking wet and then I released it and took it to my impatient nipple, waiting erect with wanting. I took my finger and circled and god how that thing popped out longer and so quickly. Then I pinched and pulled and let out a moan and gasp.

My head arched back and my legs stiffened and I wanted to...

"Are you ready to see how wet you are? I want you to shimmy in that chair and hoist your short, tight skirt up above your ass."

"Wait and I will" I text back in awe that he noticed what I had left the house in this morning. "Can't believe you remembered what I was wearing!"

He replied, "Are you kidding me? That is what got me going so bad. You looked fucking hot as shit. I almost pulled you back into bed with me and flipped you over on your stomach so I could pull that skirt up and ram you from behind, HARD!... Now, tell me how wet you are!

I didn't want to leave my breast. My nipples loved to be played with. I swear I have had mini-orgasms just from attention given to them. But, I was under his control and I did as he said. I took both hands and shimmied my skirt up and wiggled my thong down my thighs and over my knees and allowed them to drop to the floor, never leaving my original position on my chair. Gotta say anyone in the building across the way within several floors of mine was getting a really good show.

Then, after freeing myself of anything that would complicate his desire, I continued to feel up my breast with one hand and parted my knees so the other could reach in-between an palm my bush. Oh, the juice was everywhere. It covered my hand in seconds and dripped through the cracks in-between my fingers. I told him so in my next text.
"Lick your fingers for me. I want to taste you. Tell me how good you taste."

In order to get the full taste I rubbed my pussy hard and back and forth adding pressure so I could feel my throbbing clit and then stuck one finger through my slit and pushed it in and out and then added a second, then a third finger. I kept thrusting my hips in rhythm with every entry. I was almost lost and going to fuck myself to satisfaction when that blip pity blip that signals I got a text blasted through my moans and groans of self-satisfaction.

"Did I lose you, don't cum yet. How do you taste"

With frustration, I stopped my fingers and pulled them out after continuing with a few lasts thrusts. I brought them to my mouth and pushed them in slowly allowing my tongue to taste all of my sweet, tangy goo. I took my time to taste it completely. I wanted to go back down to my cunt, but waited long enough to text back.

"I just licked away all of my juice. Ummmm it was so satisfying and good and tangy. I imagined it was your lips and tongue and now I just want your tongue fucking me, I want you to fuck me!" I needed to hear him now. "Tell me how you will fuck me. I am going to finger fuck myself good, oh good, and I am going to explode and cum and squirt all over my chair. God, I am jamming my fingers into my slit and I can feel your fat, hard, fucking amazing cock in me now. Fuck me... god, I am rocking baby, I am so hot and wet and I am rocking in my chair while my fingers are just going, oh going, in and out... oh I wish they were your god damn rod... god I love how it hits me just right....

I had to stop texting and make what I was saying true. I shoved my fingers into my hole cupping my cunt just right so that while my fingers were inside me, my palm was giving my clit the attention that it desired. I rocked my hips at the same time moving my hand over my clit while the motion also helped my fingers slide through my dripping wet lips. I thrust them in,,,,ahhhhhhh.... and out.... oh god and I rubbed and rocked my palm on my button just right. I was getting so ready to explode, but I wanted him... I wanted to know he was there...

He answered my wishes, "Oh babe my cock is so ready for you. It is bulging through my boxers so I am gonna lift your ass out of that chair and fling you around so that you are sandwiched in-between me and your desk. Then, I am going to push you down and force your arms to lay out in front of you so I can get the best look at your firm ass and I will use my knee to spread your legs cuz I want to see your beautifully groomed garden. Jesus, my cock is fucking throbbing and pulsing and my body is tight with the need to get into your cunt. I drop my boxers and push you down a bit harder and I grab you around your waist... The anticipation of entering that slit almost makes me explode early. But I control myself...........................................................................................................

What the fuck? Where the fuck did he go?

Finally, his texting began again. "Tell me what you are doing? Are you still fucking yourself? How many times have you cum? Is anyone watching you through the window?" He asked letting me know he was waiting for me to take care of myself before texting anymore.

And that was just what I was doing. I now had both hands in my crotch; rubbing poking, pushing, fucking. The excitement of text-sex helped me to came over and over, but not that big one I wanted; I needed. I couldn't stop and he knew it.

The next text from him read, "Take a moment, please. I am going to call you, just answer and put me on speaker. Just do that and then let me hear the rest. Fuck yourself for me."

It took a bit more than that moment he asked for; for me to want to stop. I wanted to go over and over and over... but I slowed myself and came back to some reality to text with juicy fingers, "CALL"

I waited a moment or two and then his special ring tone sang out and I answered and did not talk to him, but pushed the speaker button, placed the phone on the window sill and got back into position.

"Hey babe, where are your hands?" His words were shaky as he spoke.

Part coy, but mostly curiously I responded, "I will tell you when you tell me where yours are!"

"Sweet. I got my right one wrapped around my shaft and it is rolling and pulling and jerking my cock. I am imagining you are blowing me or jerking me off with your hand."

"I love to watch you masturbate, ohhhhh, shit....ohhhh.aahhhh.aahhhh" The image of him standing and me watching his hand and hearing his breath and moans. I went over, and I blurted, "shit... uuuuuuhhhh Gooooooooddddd."

"Are you squirting, Please, tell me you are squirting!"

"AAAHHHHH. uuuummmm...yeah...ohhh yeahh... it's spurting baby, running down my leg... ummmmm, uuumm..." my moans slowed and I was messy and happy and then I heard his breath and I wanted to hear him go... "You gonna get that hard cock and fuck me with it? Are you? "

"yeah" he managed with wisps of words.

"NO!... I commanded


"No, I am gonna get you in my mouth... I want to kneel down and go down on you. Don't you dare stop jerking yourself. But tell me what you want me to do"


and still:



I could hear him "uggh" and "ahh" and the light slapping of his hand on his rod. Finally he interrupted the silence, "Put your mouth around my shaft. Don't waste time now on the tip, I need to fuck you and I need you to take me in... deep throat me... let me slide down your throat. Ummm do that thing where you suck so tight. oh, yeah, god you are so fucking good."

I couldn't help it, he was making my clit throb and I needed more. My hands went right back to where they just were and I rubbed and rocked in rythym to his words and to what I think was the slipping and slapping of his hand fucking that fat, thick, long, hard cock. The thought made me blurt out "I am gonna cum again... I am dripping... uuuhhhh, I am yeah I am I ammmmmmmmm"

I came hard and I heard him getting there... I knew he was ready to let his load go. I wanted to get him off as much as he got me off and I began to talk again.

"You gonna cum babe? I need you to cum and I want you to cum hard, long. Let your load go.... take out your cock, I don't want that taste of cum that I love dripping down my throat this time."

"Where... uuummm...where?"

"Take it out of my mouth right when you are gonna let go... I am sucking you so good, yeah you know it. Go baby, go baby please, yeah, fuck my mouth... tell me when you are gonna cum... tell me!!!"

"Fuck... Jesus... Fuck... I am gonna it...

"Pull it out... pull out and cum on my face. Let it drip into my mouth... "

"HOLY SHIT, YEAAAAHHHH...uuuggghhh uuughhh aaahhh," he let it go and then followed those loud exclamatories with slower, more controlled grunts. "oh, babe... I spewed everywhere. Thank God I am home in bed!"

I giggled back into the air so he could hear me, "well, not that easy for me... I think I need a new chair and maybe even a window washer!"

He let out a belly laugh and I could hear the smile on his face. I had a huge smile creeping across my own face.

"Go clean up girl. Get your ass home soon, don't forget I am not done with you and I can't wait for you to see my surprise. Get ready for a new adventure you god damn sexy, hot woman!"

"I can't wait. Love you"

With that we hung up and I began the ritual that always follows sex so that you can get back to reality of life.

Ding-ity-ding... my phone was a blast with a text.

"Just want you to know... I never ever will stop wanting you and needing you. I know it has been off, but my desire for YOU has never lessoned, it actually grew!!!! (no pun intended..ha) Thank you for the Want you to know that I am back, we are back and be ready for adventures you could never imagine! Love you and just want to fuck you without a phone anywhere in sight!"
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