It was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and both of my kids were coming home today. My 25 yr old son and 19 yr old daughter had not been home from college in a couple of months and I missed them both. I especially missed my son's big cock and as I stood in the kitchen preparing food for tomorrow, that was all I could think about. Even though we had been having sex for the last 7 yrs every time he entered me it took my breath away.

I was wearing one of his big t-shirts with no bra and some light cotton pants as I stood barefoot at the counter. I felt a little flushed and I looked down and saw my nipples were hard as I wondered if he would get home first. They went to different schools and he didn't have as far to drive. My son and I had been sexually active for some time, but had kept it a secret from everyone. I had always wondered if my daughter had suspected anything, but so far she had not questioned me. I had just finished washing my hands in the sink when I heard the garage door open and someone come into the house. It was my son.

I turned to him and could not help but smile. He was so handsome. He smiled back at me and dropped his duffel bag which I was sure was full of dirty laundry he expected me to clean. That was fine with me I was just glad he was finally home. He crossed the kitchen quickly and pulled me close. He asked me if his sister was home yet and I said no. Hearing that he kissed me hard and deeply. I wrapped my arms around his neck pressing my large breasts into his chest. I guess his desire had been building on the ride home because I felt his hard cock grind into me.

He didn't waste any time and grabbed and pulled the t-shirt I was wearing off of me exposing my naked boobs. He began sucking and slurping on my nipples as if he had never seen them before. I love the feeling but told him we were taking a risk because his sister could be home any time. He let go of my nipple and said he didn't care he had been thinking about fucking me all the way home. As he quickly stripped off his clothes I got out of my pants. We were now both naked in the kitchen, mother and son.

He spun me around and bent me over the counter. Standing behind me he rubbed his hard cock on my pussy as I opened my legs. I was pretty wet since I had been thinking about his cock earlier. His big head started to split me open and I moaned and whimpered some. Once he got the head in he grabbed my hips with both his hands and slowly pushed as much of his cock as he could inside me. It never went all the way in at first. My pussy was too shallow for it. With some work and in certain positions he could get all his 9.5 inches in me.

He started slowly stroking in and out of his mother. He of course was not wearing a condom and I would never make him wear one. Even though I was not on the pill I always wanted him to cum inside me. I had checked the calendar and felt that it was not much of a pregnancy risk this week. That would come at the end of the month. He had picked up the pace some and I wasn't sure how long he would last. Our desire for each other was intense as he pounded me. I had my hands on the counter for support as my large breasts swung back and forth in unison. Suddenly he pulled out of me and turned me around. He said he wanted to look me in the eye when he came in me. I knew we might not have much time so I got down on the kitchen floor on my back.

He got on top of me and put his big cock back inside me where it belonged. I wrapped my legs around his and told him to hurry. The floor was cold and hard on my back but his cock was hot and huge inside me. It wasn't very comfortable, but it sure must have been a sexy sight. My pussy was making slurpy sucking sounds as it was being assaulted. It was a very tight fit even though by now I was very wet. I looked down at where we were joined and saw him going all the way in me. I heard him say to look at him. I raised my gaze up to his face and saw him looking at me. We stared into each others eyes as I felt him stiffen. There was almost a look of pain on his face as he was about to cum. Just as I felt his first eruption in me I came hard. Our eyes were locked together as we came together. It felt much more violent there on the hard floor. He would drive as deep as he could with each spasm. It felt like a gallon of cum was inside me. We continued to look at each other as we calmed down and slowed. My pussy and his cock were both still having little involuntary twitches as he put his mouth my ear. He told me that he loved me so much. I held him close and told him the same thing. After a moment I slapped his ass and told him to get off me that the floor was hard and he was heavy. He climbed of me pulling his still fat cock out of me. When he did my pussy started leaking his huge load onto the floor. As he stood over me he saw it and smiled. He had his phone nearby and actually took a picture of me. I was still laying there when I heard a car in the driveway. His sister was home.

We looked at each other frozen in a panic. I knew we had just a minute before she walked in the house. I jumped up off the floor and told him to just grab his clothes and head to his bedroom. I had less to put on so I just quickly threw the t-shirt back on and jumped back in my pants. I turned toward the sink just as she walked in the kitchen. I heard her say hi and I grabbed a towel as if I was drying my hands. I smiled at her and said welcome home. She came over and gave me a hug. She told me it looked like I was working hard. I asked what she meant and she said that my hair was kind of messy and my face was flushed. I laughed and said there was a lot to do. As I said that I looked down and noticed a large puddle of cum on the floor. It must have leaked out of me while I was laying there. I pretended to drop the towel I had in my hands. When I picked up the towel I wiped as much of it as I could.

She asked me if her brother was home and I said he was and pointed to the large bag of laundry. I told her he was in his room. She gave me a quizzical look and asked me if I was OK. I said of course and asked her why the question. She said I looked a little tired and that the t-shirt I was wearing was inside out. I blinked and looked down at myself and sure enough when I had put it back on in the rush to get dressed I had put it on inside out. I laughed and said that I had been wearing it all day and hadn't noticed. I made some excuse about being preoccupied with stuff to do before tomorrow. She nodded and said she was going to unpack and look in on her brother. As she left the kitchen I let out a long breath and relaxed. Surely she didn't suspect anything. I quickly took off the t-shirt and turned it right side out. Before I put it back on I looked down at my large breasts and noticed some little hickies on them no doubt left there by my son. I smiled and slipped it back on.

The rest of the day was uneventful. My daughter helped me in the kitchen and my son went out and got us some Chinese take out for dinner. Finally around midnight I put the turkey in the oven to cook all night and went to bed. My son and I had agreed not to risk getting caught again that night since earlier had been such a close call. On Thanksgiving Day there was football to be watched and dinner to eat. A few extra family members showed up as well as some of my kids friends who didn't have a place to go. Everyone enjoyed the company and food. Later that evening I was tired and sitting at the kitchen table just relaxing. My daughter came in and sat down with me. It was just us two in the room. We made some small talk about the food and gossiped a little about the guests. There was a pause in the conversation and out of the blue she asked a question. She wanted to know if I was having sex with her brother, my son.

I was speechless for a moment. It was a question I never wanted to hear her ask yet I knew that someday she probably would. I had always been honest with her and I wasn't about to lie about it now. I looked at her and smiled and simply said yes. She nodded and was quiet for a moment. I asked her if she wanted to talk about it. She had some questions and I found out she had suspected for a long time. She asked how it got started and her. Then she asked something that I didn't expect. She asked me how the sex was. How was her brother in bed? She laughed when I told her he needed to be trained some but he had improved a lot. The she asked the question all women ask when talking about a guy and sex. She wanted to know how big his cock was. I smiled and said very big. She pressed asking for specifics. I told her 9.5 inches and thick. She was impressed and said she had thought it would be that big. We talked some more then she said that she was fine with it, but just for us to be careful.

That evening after all the food and football were over some of my son's friends were going to the movies. He was going and he asked his sister to go as well. I was sure after the movies some drinking would take place somewhere. I stayed home to clean up more and found I was pretty tired. Around 11pm I went to bed and they were not home yet. I was sound asleep when I felt someone get into bed with me. I felt his arm go around me and I knew it was my son. I looked at the clock and it was 2am. I turned toward him. I could smell alcohol on him so I knew he had been drinking. He was already naked. I slipped my nightie off and he pulled me close. I asked him if his sister was home. He said yes that she was in bed already.

His hands were all over me. I could tell he was worked up. I decided to give him a treat and I worked my way lower. I took over the situation and kissed his chest and stomach all the way down. I reached his half hard cock and kissed it. After giving it a few licks I stopped for a moment. Something was different. It was unmistakeable. I tasted and smelled another woman on his cock. I licked him again and then took his cock in my mouth. As I brought it back to life I had no doubt that he had been with someone else tonight. His cock had been in another pussy. He was getting harder as I sucked on it. I tasted her and I knew. He had fucked his sister tonight. After her questions today I knew she would want to try his cock out, just to see what it was like. They had been drinking so he probably was an easy mark.

I continued to suck him as I was actually enjoying her taste and scent. She tasted very similar to me. He was moaning and saying how good this felt but I knew he wasn't going to cum anytime soon. I wanted his cock in me right then. I climbed on top of him and began to insert my son's cock in me once again. The same cock that had been in his sister earlier. I wondered how they did it. Was he on top or was she? I had gotten his cock very wet so it started to slide into me. Down and down I went on it. It hit bottom before it was all in. Had he been able to get it all in her? I wasn't going to obsess about it. I was just going to fuck my son like I always do. He was in bed with me anyway. I went up and down on his rock hard cock. My pussy gripping it with it's wet tightness.

I was riding him hard. I was trying to get more and more of him inside me. He was stretching me a little more each time as I felt his big head press into my cervix. I was talking dirty now. Telling him to fuck his mother. As I ground my clit into the base of his cock I pulled and pinched my big nipples. I leaned forward as I fucked him so he could suck on my big tits. I loved the feeling of his warm mouth on them at the same time his hot cock was inside me. I moaned as he sucked and bit my nipple. I started to cum and my pussy tightened on his cock. He had to stop stroking for a minute until I loosened up again.

He rolled me over and staying inside me he began to stroke again. He was doing the work now. I could feel his butt muscles tightening and I knew it wouldn't be long. He was really slamming into me grunting each time. I wanted my pussy fucked hard and he was doing just that. We were both sweating from the effort. He had such a big cock and he knew how to use it. The fact that he was also my son made it that much more intense. My legs were wrapped around his thighs and my hands were on his ass pulling him deeper. He was kissing me with one hand on my breast and the other was steadying him above me.

I felt him groan into my mouth as he thrust really hard and deep. His cock swelled and erupted inside me. He kept kissing me as he came. That is until he had to get some air because of the exertion. My pussy fit his cock like a glove. His cockhead was right up against my cervix as he kept shooting his seed. I was pretty sure I couldn't get pregnant but at this point I didn't care if I did or didn't. This was the best feeling in the world and I wasn't going to stop. I shuddered with another orgasm as he was ending his. We held each other for a long time still attached. We fell asleep like that. I didn't care if my daughter knew he was in my bed or not, in fact I hope she did.

The next morning I made them breakfast like I always do. They were joking around with each other but nothing was really different or out of the ordinary. It was like everyone knew what had happened but didn't find it necessary to talk about. If my daughter wanted to discuss it she would. She left to go back to school that afternoon. He stayed another day and of course we had more sex. I came to the conclusion they had done it just to see what it was like. He hadn't lost any of his desire for me. He left and I knew he would be back in a few weeks for Christmas. He would stay home for almost a month then.

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