Thanksgiving with him
The smell of the Thanksgiving feast filled the small cottage. Anne had promised herself that this year she would spend the holiday with the love of her life, hidden away from the world in the country cottage. It had taken her month's to find the perfect cottage. She had known from the instant she saw the ad that this cottage would be perfect.

It was made in an a frame fashion. It had one floor. The inside was completely open except for the bathroom. It had a small kitchen. The small living room area was a love seat in front of a fire place. A cabinet held a television. A queen sized bed that was super soft was in the bed area along with a dresser and night stands. A hot tub was on the porch. The glass windows around the porch had steamed to the point that thin rivers of dew ran down the glass. She had just pulled the turkey from the oven. It was gold and juicy. Stuffing had been stuffed inside and lined all the way around the bird. She was closing the oven door when a knock sounded on the door. For no apparent reason color rushed to her cheeks. A smile rushed to her lips.

She tossed the mitt onto the counter and crossed the room. She drew a deep breath in her lungs and gave the door a tug. He stood there for a fraction of a second. It was as if he had peeled away her dress with his eyes. As he stepped through the door. He tossed his suitcase on the floor. His arms strong as bands of steel wrapped around her narrow waist. Their mouths met in a passionate kiss. Neither felt the cold for several minutes. As they tasted one another. Her fingers were in his hair. His hands were wrapped around her sides. He stepped inside carrying her with him. Using his right foot he pushed the door shut. She muttered something about dinner. He agreed with a simple mmhm. She groaned when his mouth moved down her throat. It had been weeks since they had seen one another. This time would be rushed. She didn't mind. She craved him as badly as he did her.

He took two steps and pressed her against the wall. She gasped and wrapped her legs around his waist. He reached between her. Per his request he found her bare beneath the dress. She was hot and wet. The mound of her sex had been shaven smooth. She whimpered as his fingers toyed with her pussy. His mouth had gone from her neck to her breasts. He worried her nipples through the thin green material.

He rubbed her clit until it was swollen and drowning in her juices. An animalistic growl was lost between her breasts. As his mouth traveled from her left nipple to her right one. Her fingers slide from his hair down the back of his shoulders. She clawed at him trying to draw him inside her. She needed him like she'd never needed another. As if sensing her need. He tugged his pants open. He was hard and full. In on furious thrust he filled her. She arched drawing in a deep breath. Her body trembled as her hot wet walls rippled around his girth, adjusting to his cock. He held nothing back.

Again and again his hips thrusts forward upward slamming her up the wall. Her juices leaked out of her running in droplets down his length to his sac. In a matter of minutes she climaxed. The sound of her quivering cry shoved him over the edge. Rope after hot thick rope spewed deep inside her. He held her tight against the wall even after their orgasms were fulfilled. She clung to him as if he were her life line.

As his cock started to shrink. He slipped out of her and let her back to her feet. Her legs trembled. His mouth found hers again. This time it was warm and tender. A lovers delicious kiss. A soft murmur was lost within the kiss. It was a murmur of love. The proof of their love trickled down the inside of her thighs.

She laughed as she felt a line slide along the inside of her knee and commented on needing to wash up. His words were simple. "No, leave it. We'll wash in a bit." Anne laughed softly and nodded. "As you wish my love, as you wish." She kissed him once more. They then washed their hands and ate dinner. Afterwards they showered together. After which neither had bothered with clothes. She wore the collar he had placed around her neck months before. He was her owner. She was his slave. Both were extremely happy with their disposition.

When she had finished drying her hair from the shower. She had returned to the open area of the cottage. He had lit candles about the room. They cast the entire room within the soft warm glow. The sweet scent of vanilla and jasmine filled the room. When she approached him. She started to kneel. His hand caught her's and drew her onto his lap. His voice was soft and low. "I've been away far to long." She started to answer but the word was swallowed when his tongue invaded her mouth.

It was slowly seductively exploring the depths of her mouth. She moaned softly and kissed him back just as deeply. His hand slid between her thighs. The tips of his fingers slid along the smooth shaven petals. She was fresh from the shower. The lips of her pussy were dry. He started to mutter a complaint. When he felt her desire. Within the seam of her slit, she was juicy. His slave was needy. He stood her up and guided her between his thighs. She knelt eagerly. The palms of her hands slid up his thighs. As her lips soft and full slid over the head of his cock. She drew him deep in her mouth.

Her tongue was hot wet velvety soft. It bathed his length, his girth from base to tip. He groaned and opened his thighs wider. He was drained from their frantic love making from before. When he was coaxed to a full hardness. He pulled her up to him once more and kissed her hungrily. She started to climb onto his lap facing him. When he turned her around. The dressers mirror caught her reflection, their reflection. He guided his cock deep in her pussy. His left arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her back.

She drew in a deep breath and started to grind down on him. "No" he hissed. The single worded demand halted her. He pulled her back tighter and draped her thighs over his. Then spread his legs open wide. He saw himself buried inside her. She too watched. The sight of him possessing her made her tremble. He kissed her shoulder and watched her eyes through the glass. His fingers slid down her mound. He spread the dew covered petals apart. Her clit swollen, drenched within her juices, pink exposed. She bit her bottom lip and whimpered.

He kissed the side of her neck and whispered one word that made her heart flip. "Mine"... Her head laid back on his shoulder. He smacked her pussy lightly. "Watch" He said. She swallowed nervously and met his gaze in the mirror. "Good girl" he growled. The pad of his fingers fluttered her clit from side to side. Each rake of his fingers over her sensitive clit made her hips jerk. Her fingers curled around his wrist. She knew better than try to guide him. She knew to simply hold on. His hips rolled beneath her. She watched as he pushed in even deeper and out again.

A single droplet of juices ran down the underside of his cock. She whimpered softly. The tip of his index finger slide around her clit as he whispered again. "Mine". She nodded slowly her eyes were locked on his. She whispered in a trembling voice. "Yours" both of his hands slid over her hips down her thighs and back up the inside of her thighs. Using both hands he peeled her pussy open and watched as he began moving inside of her.

His voice quivered. He was near his breaking point. A place he loved to be. A place she loved for him to be. "Mine" he growled. She writhed on him as much as she could with his hands holding her down onto him. He began frigging her clit hard and fast with the pads of his fingers. Unable to hold back her body rode him hard and fast.

He growled a feral animal that would not be held back. His arms wrapped around her waist once more. In a flash of an instant he spun her around and tossed her on the bed on all fours. He pinned her to the mattress with the weight of his body. He was hot on her, in her. She ached to push back on him. He kissed the back of her shoulder. "Mine" He said once more.

She wanted to scream with frustration. She had been so close to having an orgasm. He had spun her around just in time to stop it. He pulled out of her and she groaned whispering in a helpless whimper. "Please Master" he ignored her. The head of his cock slid from her pussy to her ass. He smeared her juices over her tight star. He whispers against the back of her ear. "All Mine" he growled. She groaned. She knew what he wanted and he would have it. He pushed the thick bulbous head into the pinched star. Slowly steadily he pushed himself inside her.

He gave her a tiny moment to adjust as inch by hot thick inch stretched her around him. When she was full of him and her body had adjusted. He drew back a couple inches and pushed deep inside again. His arms wrapped around her. He held a breast in each hand squeezing kneading the full globes. "You are all mine, don't ever forget that." She trembled with his words and pushed back against him. His hips began to piston in and out of her. Even though he was buried balls deep in her ass. Her pussy leaked of need for him. Faster, faster, faster he began to pound her ass taking, giving, refusing to slow.

Within minutes both were fevered covered with sweat. She felt the familiar twitch of his cock deep inside. She cried out one simple plea "PLEASE!!!!" He growled his response just as he began spewing inside her. "NOW!!!!!" She screamed loudly. The sound echoed throughout the small room. Thin digits twisted in the quilt. She pulled desperately. Her heart hammered against her ribs ruthlessly making her breathless. As one wave after another rushed through her. Until she had both drained him of his seed and given him her all.

He kissed the back of her neck. She could feel the beat of his heart against her shoulder. His whisper was husky. "I love you slave girl." The simple confession made the butterflies within her belly soar. She whispered breathlessly as tears filled her eyes. "I love you my Master." He didn't withdraw that time. Instead they napped with him buried deep inside her. It wasn't until hours later when she awoke and realized that he was moving inside of her once more. He was still asleep. She could tell by his breathing. She didn't dare wake him. She wanted to dream with him.

The End...
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