That Old Feeling
Copyright 2011: Allen Freed

I have always heard you can never go back . . . but you know something, sometimes you can.

Today I saw her. Yolanda Rush. Time has not even touched her after more than twenty years. She was the one that got away, the girl I still think about even now.

When she came into view my heart stopped. I felt like a foolish kid, same as when I met her.

There she stood--her long strawberry blonde hair flowing down over a tight pink silky blouse that accented her ample breasts--a short black skirt showed off her long sexy legs in black four inch heels. God she looked so good.

I took in a deep breath and walked over to her. "Hello, Yolanda."

"Brian, Oh my God!" Throwing her arms around me, she kissed me. "How are you?" she asked with a big smile on her face.

"I'm doing very well," I lied. "And look at you, you haven't changed at all."

I had flash backs. The taste of her, the feel of her, how I felt about her. Pulling back, I looked at her from head to toe and couldn't keep the smile off my face. She smiled and exclaimed, "It's magic."

It must be, I thought. A mental inventory of myself popped into my head. I recalled seeing my reflection hall mirror before I left the house. It didn't help my confidence to think of my thinning brown hair with a little grey and my nerd glasses. But then I thought about the Boston Marathon I had just completed and the cute girl at work who just told me I looked in good shape for my age.

"Yolanda, would you like to get some coffee and catch up?"

Looking at me with those knowing deep blue eyes of hers, she said, "I'd love to."

We walked hand in hand to the nearest coffee shop where we sat and talked for hours. It seemed like minutes. Come to find out, we'd both been married and were now divorced. Neither of us had children, though we both had wanted some.

That old feeling started creeping back over me. I could tell it was for her too. We couldn't keep our eyes off each other--just kept holding hands and laughing--right up until she stopped talking and looked at my thumb lightly brushing over her knuckles.

"You do that so lovingly . . . what do you say to getting out of here, taking me home."

Without a word and our hands never parting, we rose to leave the table. As we walked out to my pickup, our eyes never left each others. It's funny how so many times over the years I had thought of this very moment. Now it was at last happening, I was in a daze, mesmerized, ready to follow her anywhere.

When we got to the passenger's side she stood up on the tip of her toes and kissed me. In an instant, my mouth opened and received her tongue and let it slowly chase mine. Our lips fit together so well, it was as if they were made for each other. The kiss was amazing, I found it hard to remember how to breath. With our bodies pressed tightly together, we continued kiss after kiss. It was if we couldn't stop until we broke for air--strangers staring at us brought it to an end.

Giggling we hugged and I opened the door for her. Running around to the other side I got in the driver's seat and asked, "Your place or mine?"

"Yours," she said, stretching out her long sexy legs.

With my right hand I brushed a strand of her soft hair from her left eye. "My place it is then." Taking my hand, she guided it up to her full lips and kissed the tip of my index finger as her lips slowly wrapped around it and tenderly she sucked and teased me.

I laughed and said, "How the hell will I ever be able to drive like this?"

Noticing the bulge in my jeans she grinned. "I'm sure I can help you with that," she whispered resting her hand on my hard cock. "Have I told you in the last hour, how glad I am to see you? Especially, like this."

My eyes roll back into my head as she unbuttoned my jeans and slowly unzipped my fly. My cock popped out with a spring and she wrapped her long beautiful fingers around it. Moving slowly up and down my shaft, she teased the head of my dick with her long finger nails.

"Oh, God, Yolanda," I cried. "I love how I could always get you going. It's good to see something's haven't changed."

"Are we going to just sit here or are you going to take me to your place and fuck like rabbits?"

"It would be hard not too," I said with a laugh, "but I'm not sure I can concentrate to drive."

"Brian, it's not like I'm going down on you," she said squeezing me and giggling. "You have a good head so to speak, I trust you."

Using all my concentration and willpower I was able to get us to my house without wrapping us around a tree or killing us. As I pulled into the drive way and turned the key, she winked at me and grinned. "See Brian, I knew you could do it and what control you have."

I laughed and said "You are so EVIL," and winked.

"You have no idea," she said with a low chuckle.

Zipping up my fly, I walked quickly to open the door and take her hand as she stepped out. Watching those long sexy legs in those 4inch heels in front of me, made me want to feel them around my waist. I unlocked the door and before either of us knew it we were on the floor in front of the fireplace.

Our mouths engaged, I slowly unbuttoned her blouse and gasped when I saw her white lacy bra contrasted against her dark erect nipples. Burying my face between them, I slowly moved my mouth down to her belly button and found it was pierced with a silver ring imbedded with a dangling diamond. I teased her by kissing all around the belly ring. As she fell back as I told her, "That is just like you, a beautiful jewel, classy and such a turn on."

Slowly removing her short black skirt, I lovingly kissed the front of her lacy panties. A deep growl rushed from the back of my throat as I worked beneath them to take her wetness and engulf her, let my tongue explore each fold of heaven I found. Satisfying moans of pleasure came forth from her and all I wanted to do was taste her sweet nectar. When I felt her body arch, I used my teeth and lightly bite her swollen clit to take every drop from her fountain. That did it. She called out to me in a dusky desperate whisper, "I Want You . . . I need you . . . take me."

Gently lifting her into my arms, I carried her to my bedroom and set her carefully on the edge of my bed. Slowly I unclipped the front of her bra and watched her breasts fall out as I took in the sight of her sitting before me in sexy black stockings, a garter belt, and nothing else.

Unzipping my jeans, she slowly pulled them to the floor. As I stepped out of them, she looked up at me with an approving smile saying, "I told you I would help you with this."

Taking my hardness into her hand, she kissed the tip of my cock, squeezed it and sampled my pooled pre-cum before taking me completely between her lips. My knees went weak and I found that I was unsure that I could stand. She was able to take most of what I had to offer and she wanted more. I was trembling with excitement as she turned me around pushing me back on the bed into a 69. I was back in heaven drinking from her fountain and she was using her tongue in ways that I've never felt before. I covered my thumb with her juices and teased places forbidden. I could feel her start to quiver. I knew she was getting close--could tell she was on the verge.

"Fuck me Brian, fuck me now!"

I crawled on top of her and our lips met. Slowly I penetrated heaven as my tongue explored her mouth and tasted the mixture of our juices. We were moving so good together I couldn't tell at this moment, were she started and I ended.

"My turn," she said rolling me over to ride me. I thrust up to meet each advance she made. My hand reached up to tease her hard nipples as I moaned. We were moving faster and harder. "Oh Jesus, fuck me, Oh my God," she cried. I pounded into her with all the power I could muster. I could feel her ride the wave of our pleasure as we moved faster and deeper. All at once spasms of ecstasy over took us and we came together crying out in unison.

Falling on top of me, our sweaty skin was covered in the mixture of Yolanda and me. We both were panting and breathing hard. With a playful smile on my face I nuzzled her neck and whispered, "Best ever! Of course there was this girl twenty some odd years ago that it's hard to compare too."

Her head resting on my chest, my fingers traced her cheek to find tears flowing from her eyes. "Yolanda, what's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing, I'm just happy that I found you again."

I grinned and said. "Me too."

Then looking at me as if into my very soul she murmured, "Not a day has gone by without me thinking about you Brian, wondering where you were . . . how you were . . . "

"And now here we are. I have felt the same way. I think that is the main reason my marriage failed. What I really wanted was you. God, this sounds like a country song."

She laughed with tears pouring down her face. "It does to me too. But we're going to just take one day at a time and be good to each other, not worry about any tomorrows."

Before going to sleep, I kissed her like it was our first kiss, but fully confident, it wouldn't be our last--that there'd be many more to follow.


The End.
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