The 4th of July Part 1
It was the 4th of July and I was at my family's lake house. It was the summer after I graduated high school and I was 18. My whole family was here including my 22 yr old brother who I had not seen in awhile. It was a big event and I had even brought my boyfriend along. We had been dating for a couple of months. He was a nice guy and treated me great even though he wasn't that experienced in bed. It was mid morning and I was in the shower.

I guess I hadn't locked the bathroom door because I heard it open. Whoever it was would figure out someone was in the shower and leave. I had shampoo in my hair and my eyes were closed. I heard the glass door open and someone stepped in to join me. I figured it was my boyfriend but he usually wouldn't make a bold move like this one. I felt hands on my ass then they made their way up to my boobs. He squeezed my 36C breasts. I let the water rinse the suds out of my hair and my face. He moved up close behind me and I felt his cock between my ass cheeks. His very large cock. It was then I knew it wasn't my boyfriend who is just average in size.

I turned around and looked at my brother. He was smiling at me as he pulled me close. I asked him in a whisper what the hell he was doing, we could get caught. He said he had locked the door as he began to kiss my neck then my ear and finally my lips. It had been 8 months since we had last been together. We used to have sex a lot and I missed it. I felt his huge hard cock between us. It had been the first one I had ever fucked. We got re-familiar with each others wet bodies as we kissed. He turned me around and I bent over for him.

He rubbed his big cock head against his sister's wet slit. My brother started to push it in and I held my breath. His desire for me was great but he took it slow for now. I arched my back as he started to slid in. He had one hand on my hip and another on my shoulder. He continued pressing in and finally hit bottom. He is at least 9.5 in long and can't get it all in me all the time. As my brother started to stroke in me he said how tight and hot my pussy was and how much he missed being in it. I missed him being inside me too.

He was fucking me like he always does, full long strokes of his fat long cock. The big head would hit bottom pressing into my cervix flattening it. I wondered now how I would ever be satisfied by an average cock, one like my boyfriend has. I told him to hurry because we had been in here too long. My brother was about to cum in me once again. I wasn't going to stop him even though I knew I would be ovulating in a couple of days. This was risky but I wanted him too.

He had both hands on my hips now driving hard and deep. I had my hands on the wall in front of me to steady myself against the onslaught. Just as we started to run out of hot water I felt his cock swell even bigger inside me. He stopped stroked and I felt it jerk and start to unload. My brother was cumming in me. His loads were always huge and this one was no different. On and on it went filling me up. The feeling got to me and I came as well. My pussy clamping and milking his cock. His cock finally slowed down and stopped shooting. It still felt huge in me as he started to pull it out. Once out he turned me around and held me close. I was glad of that because my knees were weak. I felt his load start to pour out of me.

He gave me a kiss and then got out first to dry off and try to leave un-noticed. I washed my pussy as best I could and got out too. I wrapped a towel around me and waited a few minutes after he left. I made my way back to my room and didn't see anybody. Since we were at the lake I just put my swimsuit on. It was a little black bikini and was actually from last summer. As I adjusted it I saw that it was really too small. My boobs had gotten bigger and were spilling out some. It wasn't a thong but since my ass had become shapelier it rode up between my cheeks. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought I looked pretty hot. Maybe part of that was because I had just had hot sex with my brother, but I knew I would get lots of looks wearing this. I made some final adjustments to my top. I have fairly large areolas and the two little triangles of fabric barely covered them. I thought there was going to be a pretty good chance something would fall out but I wasn't going to worry about it. I went to the kitchen to get some breakfast and everyone was in there. My boyfriend gave me a kiss on the cheek and when I made eye contact with my brother he winked at me.

I was at the sink when my mom stood next to me. She whispered to me asking if I thought that the bikini I was wearing might be a little too small. I whispered back that it was from last year and was the only one I brought. I saw my dad look at me and then frown. Always the protective dad, he didn't like his little girl showing too much. I grabbed something to eat and then went outside onto the deck. It was two levels. The upper level had the outdoor cooking and eating area and the lower deck was built around the pool. There was a pier that led down to the boathouse where our boat and a few others were tied up. I got some sun by the pool until about noon. I went to get something to drink and found my brother. He asked me what the plan for the afternoon was. I told him that we could take the boat out and go over to Party Cove. It was an area of the lake where big boats would anchor and tie up to each other forming a big floating island. A girl friend of mine's dad had a big party boat and she said it would be there and she invited us to come party.

He said that sounded like a great idea. I told him to get the keys to the boat and find out who else wanted to go. I found my boyfriend and told him that we were taking the boat out and going to meet up with some friends. We went down the the boathouse and my brother was releasing the boat. They would be six of us going. My brother, three of my male cousins, my boyfriend and me. I was the only girl. Our boat was a Mastercraft ski boat. My brother was driving as we pulled away from the dock and headed out to the open lake. We cruised along and the spray and wind felt great on this hot day. We went through an area of the lake that narrowed. The water here was always rough from the big boats wakes. I had been leaning back with my eyes closed enjoying the ride when we went through some bigger waves. The boat started to bounce more and I heard some chuckling. I looked around and noticed my cousins smiling at me. I asked them what the hell was their problem. They just pointed at me. At my chest actually. I looked down and saw that my left boob was completely exposed. The bouncing of the boat through the waves caused it to pop out. I called them all horn-dogs and put my hand over my nipple. I think my brother was purposely trying to make the ride as rough as possible. I managed to tuck some of my boob back in my top.

Just as I thought everything was going to fall out again we made a turn and entered the cove. I looked and saw all the boats. They were tied up in four rows. There had to be at least 200. The biggest boats were in the last row and right in the middle of them was my friends dad's boat. It had to be the biggest one out here. It was well over 40 feet long with multiple decks. It really belonged on the ocean or a great lake instead of this lake. I guess if you had the money and liked to party then you needed a big ass boat like this one. We got within about 20 yd of it and anchored our boat. We swam over to it and climbed aboard. We were told to go up the stairs to the next level, that's were the party was.

When we got to the top I could tell there was a hell of a party going on. It was a big flat deck and there had to be at least 30 people up there. The music was loud and people were drinking and dancing. Someone handed each of us a beer. I looked around for Sheri my friend. As I did I noticed something. Most of the women were topless. I recognized some from school but others were older. Even though my top barely covered my nipples I felt overdressed. I saw Sheri over in a corner. She waved me over. I noticed she was sitting in a man's lap and like almost all of the women she was topless. Sheri had A cup boobs, much much smaller then mine. She did however have amazingly puffy nipples. They always looked very distended and swollen, like little boobs on top of boobs.

I walked over to her and she introduced me to the man who's lap she was sitting on. It was her father. His name was Bob Evans and he owed a few car dealerships in the state. He had divorced Sheri's mother a few years ago. Sheri told me that he takes this boat out here to party cove every weekend during the summer. He likes the younger crowd and obviously likes to show off his wealth. I guessed him to be in his early 50's. He was shirtless with lots of gray chest hair. I would describe him as barrel chested, but in good shape overall. Sheri was sitting in his lap wearing nothing but a tiny thong. Her arm was around his shoulders and one of her nipples was pressed into his chest. There had been rumors that she was having sex with him. As I was introduced he took my hand and kissed it.

As he looked me up and down standing before him he asked me how I liked his little dinghy. I smiled and looked right at his crotch. Either from Sheri squirming on his lap or him looking at me I saw a nice bulge there. As I looked right at it I said it doesn't look so little to me. He laughed and said no the boat, how do you like the boat? I said it looked really cool, but I hadn't seen much of it. Mr Evans then asked Sheri to take me on a tour so I could see it all. Sheri gave her daddy a kiss on the cheek pressing both her nipples into his chest and then got up and took me by the hand. We went down a different flight of stairs into a big room that she said was like a living room in a house. We walked through the large galley area to another flight of stairs that led down to the lowest level. This was were the staterooms were. There were 4 small ones and at the end of the hall a very large one. This was the master suite. I asked Sheri which of the smaller rooms was hers. She looked at me and said that none were. She always stays in this suite with her daddy. It was then I knew.

I came right out and asked her if she was fucking him. She giggled and said yes. I asked her how it was. She said it was great. He was good in bed even though she had to work at getting his cock hard sometimes. I said from what I could tell it was big. Oh she said it is super thick, much thicker then any other guy she guessed. She said fucking him has it's benefits. She get's a new car every 6 months and takes his credit cards to go shopping. She said that he wants her to get breast implants and he of course is paying for them.

As she was saying this she was staring at my breasts. She told me that when we were in school all the girls were jealous of my boobs. They all thought they were perfect. All the guys wanted a chance to touch them too. She was walking closer to me. She said that since she was topless and all the other women were that I needed to join them. I was kind of expecting this, so I reached behind my back and untied my string. I slipped the top off my head and tossed it on the dresser. Sheri was staring at my boobs again. In a tiny voice she asked if she could touch them. I said yes. She reached out and cupped them in her tiny hands feeling their weight. She squeezed them and ran her palms across my nipples making them hard. She said she was going to tell her dad that she wanted some exactly like these.

She had one of my breasts in each hand and she bent down and kissed a nipple. She kissed the other one then took it into her mouth. While sucking on it she flicked it with her tongue. Something felt weird and as she continued I figured out what it was. She had pierced her tongue. It had a shaft through it with two metal balls at the ends. As she licked my nipples a metal ball would run across it. It felt really good. She had been squeezing them and licking them and I guess I had been backing up some. The back of my knees hit the edge of the big bed and I sat down.

I was breathing hard and I leaned back. Sheri left my boobs and moved lower. She opened my legs and I let her. She had to get to my pussy so she just pulled the tiny piece of fabric to one side. My labia lips are naturally big and were still a little swollen from this morning with my brother. Sheri started to run he tongue up and down them. The little ball in her tongue would part them, opening me up. This wasn't the first girl I had ever been with but it had been awhile. She knew what she was doing and I loved it. My boyfriend didn't seem to like oral sex and wasn't very good at it. Sheri was an expert. She was holding back from letting her piercing make contact with my swollen clit. When she did that I would go over the edge. My eyes were closed and I was lost in her tongue when I heard the door to the stateroom open. I looked up and saw Mr Evans standing there.

I looked at him and he was smiling so I smiled back. Sheri turned her head and saw him but didn't skip a beat in her eating of my pussy. He closed the door behind him and I heard him lock it. He said he had been wondering where us girls had gone off to. We had apparently started our own little party. I saw him reach into his swim trunks and pull the drawstring. They dropped to the floor and he stepped out of them naked before us. I looked at his cock. It was semi erect and Sheri was right. It was only average in length, maybe 6 - 6.5 inches. What was amazing was it's girth. Not even hard yet it was easily the thickest cock I had ever seen. It was like a beer can and the head on it was huge. He shaved himself down there too. His huge balls were smooth each looked like a lemon. I had heard that the older a guy get the more his ball sack will sag. Mr Evan's was low hanging. Either from his age or the weight of those balls. He walked over to me and knelt on the bed.

He positioned his cock right in my face wanting me to suck it. I steadied myself on one elbow and took his cock into my other hand. I lifted the big head to my mouth. I gave it a kiss and started to lick it. I really wasn't sure I could get it in my mouth. I kept working at getting it wet and finally was able to open wide enough to take it in. I sucked on it and tickled the opening with my tongue, even pushing the tip of it into his slit. He groaned when I did that. He was fully hard now and huge. My hand would only go halfway around the shaft. I pulled the head out of my mouth and took one of his balls and kissed it. I then sucked it into my mouth. He swayed a moment not expecting that. He said to Sheri that even though she was a great cocksucker she could learn some new tricks from me. Sheri was flicking my clit with her piercing now and I moaned with one of his balls in my mouth as I came.

He asked Sheri if my pussy tasted good and she nodded. He then asked her if it was tight and she nodded yes again. I had let his ball come out of my mouth. He told his daughter to move aside, that he was going to find out how tight I was. Sheri did as she was told and he moved in between my legs. He reached down and undid the strings holding my bottoms on and pulled them of and tossed them over where my top was. I was nude laying on his bed and he was about to fuck me. This was my friend Sheri's dad and she was watching us. He pulled my ass to the edge of the bed and spread my legs. I opened them up as far as they would go hoping this would help.

I was wet from Sheri and he was wet from me. He placed his big glans at my entrance. My brother was big and I hoped fucking him earlier in the day had pre-stretched me for this thing. He pressed forward and for a moment I thought there was no way. I knew he had fucked Sheri and if she could take him I was going to. I rolled my hips some to get the angle better and he pressed again. My swollen lips started to wrap around his head slowly taking it in. Sheri was watching this closely. She told her dad he was doing it he was getting inside me. I felt a slight burning sensation, then I actually felt the ridge of his glans pass through my tight entrance and it was in.

I had been holding my breath and let it out slowly. He leaned forward and continued to press deeper inside me. Sheri told us he was about halfway in. It felt like someone was shoving a baseball bat up inside me. The thickest part of his shaft was now in and he was actually not as wide toward the base of his cock. Sheri said you're in daddy, you're in. I knew he was too because I felt his smooth ball sack on my ass. He was not near bottoming out in me but I was stretched side to side as much as I could possibly be. He had held still for a moment to let me adjust to his size. I didn't think I would ever do that. He started to stroke a little. My pussy was gripping him so much he wasn't really sliding any. He said that I was so hot and tight. Even though I was really concentrating on him fucking me I noticed Sheri had taken he thong off and was playing with herself. She rolled toward me and took my nipple into her mouth again as she diddled herself. Her dad was starting to make some progress inside me now. His fat cock was sliding some, but still being gripped by my pussy walls. I had no idea of his stamina. I really didn't want him to cum in me. Sheri helped me out with this problem.

She rolled over on her back and begged her daddy to fuck her. She said she was about to cum and wanted his big cock inside her when she did. He looked over at his daughter and reluctantly started to pull out of me to satisfy her. As he pulled and pulled I thought the inside of my pussy was going to go with him. He had to stop a couple of times and the he popped out. He moved over between Sheri's legs and placed his cock into her pussy. I was actually a little amazed how easily it went in. He was balls deep in one stroke. Either she was naturally loose or they had been fucking for awhile and he had reamed her out. She was probably ruined for any other cock or at least any that didn't come close to his girth. Mr Evans began to pump his cock in and out of his daughter's pussy. Sheri was beside herself and was thrashing about on the bed. She was talking really dirty now. She started to cum and I saw him holding back. She finished her orgasm and went limp. He pulled out of her and I saw he was still very hard not having cum in his daughter's pussy.

He moved back over to me and began to re-insert his mega fat cock back inside me. He said he just had to get back in that hot tight pussy. I was a little concerned but let him keep going. It went in a little easier this time but still was a very slow go. I thought to myself that if his cock head was any bigger he might actually get stuck in me. He was all the way back inside me now. He leaned forward to lay onto of me pressing his chest down on to my big boobs. He was breathing hard and from the way he was holding me close I was pretty sure he was going to cum soon. My lips were next to his ear. I whispered for him to please not cum in me. He whispered in my ear as to why not. I told him I could get pregnant. He said not to worry, he had been fixed. I almost said OK, but something told me not too. I asked him again to please pull out. He nodded and then asked Sheri if she was ready to suck his cock. She greedy said yes. He said he was about to cum so she should get ready. She got into position down near where we were joined.

He picked himself up off of me and had his eyes closed driving into me. His climax was fast approaching. He was cutting it close, real close. I actually felt his cock swell even bigger which always meant it was about to go off. He started to pull out of me. He got all the shaft out then something happened. Since his cock head had swollen a little bigger the ridge on it hung up on the tight exit to my pussy. It stopped and I saw a little look of panic on his face. He pulled harder and it popped out. That little hesitation probably lasted less then 2 seconds, but to me it was like it lasted an hour. Right before the head popped out I felt it. I felt a twitch, a throb, a pulse in his cock. I was certain he had shot at least once inside me.

He had grabbed the end of his cock and Sheri dove in for it taking it into her mouth as the pressure of his load released. He grabbed the back of his daughters head as he pumped her mouth full of his cum. I closed my eyes hoping he was telling me the truth about being fixed. Maybe only a little or maybe none had been left in me. He was done cumming in Sheri's mouth. He rolled over her onto the bed exhausted. Sheri came over to me and kissed me. She opened her mouth and I opened mine. Her father's load flowed from her to me. It was a lot and filled my mouth. It was thick and salty. I pushed it back into her mouth and we exchanged it back and forth a few times not breaking the kiss. Finally I kept half of it and she took the other half and swallowed as did I. We both looked at him and smiled then opened our mouths and showed him we were good girls and it was all gone.

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