The 4th of July Part 2
I laid on the big bed for a moment longer. Sheri and her dad were laying there too. Sheri had rolled over and was kissing her father and stroking his limp cock trying to get it back to life. He had just had sex with two 18 yr old girls so I was pretty sure that would take awhile. I decided to get up and go back to the party. I found my little bikini bottoms and put them back on. I tried to adjust the little patch of fabric but because my labia was swollen from fucking Mr Evans super fat cock I was having trouble. I did the best I could with it and left Sheri and her dad alone in the room. She had climbed on top of him and was rubbing her pussy on his now semi hard cock. I was sure she wanted his load inside her. I hoped if he had shot any in me he was really fixed.

I found the stairs to the party level and went up them. At the top was an outdoor shower. I turned the water on and rinsed off. The water felt good and with slick wet hair I turned it off and joined the party. I felt a little sore. It was a good kind of sore though. My pussy and nipples had quite a workout and as I walked across the deck I was reminded I just had sex. I saw some eyes follow me as I walked topless to the dance area. I noticed all the other women there were now topless as well. I saw my brother dancing with a hot blond. I stood watching him for a moment and smiled. He saw me and walked over to me. He looked me up and down and asked if I had fun because it sure looked like it. I asked what he meant. He pointed to my nipples and I looked at them. The looked red, sore and were still very hard. I guess Sheri's little tongue piercing had worked them over. I just smiled at him. He said that if I wasn't careful I was going to be showing something else as well. I knew he meant my pussy lips. I moved close to him and hugged him pressing my boobs into his chest. I asked him if he was jealous then slapped his ass and told him to go get me a drink.

As I waited for my brother to get back my boyfriend walked up. He asked where I had been and I told him that I had been getting a tour of the boat. He looked at my naked boobs and before he could ask why there were so hard and red I pulled his face to mine and kissed him. I stuck my tongue in his mouth and swirled it around. I still had Mr Evans cum coating the inside of my mouth. If my boyfriend had never tasted another man's semen he just did. I broke the kiss and saw him licking his lips. My brother walked up holding a beer and one hand and a shot of tequila in the other. I downed the shot and then grabbed the beer to chase it down. I then turned and walked out into the crowd of people and started dancing.

I was feeling great. I was getting a little buzz from the tequila and I felt very sexy dancing topless and knowing people were watching me. My brother got me a couple of more drinks. I asked him who the hot blond he was dancing with was. He said she was a stripper. In fact there were a few others here. Mr Evans paid them to party here on the weekends. I laughed at that fact. I noticed a couple of those professional girls were dancing near the edge of the big deck. Down below was the lake and quite a few partygoers had gathered in the water below to watch the show they were putting on. Guys were in inner tubes or on floats looking up at the topless women. There were cops around patrolling the area so some restraint had to be used. They let the semi nudity slide but not lewd acts. I was sure Mr Evans had explained that to these girls.

One of my cousins was instigating an impromptu dance contest. It was obvious who the professional dancers were. They all had fake boobs. He would take one by the hand and lead her to the edge of the deck. He then would work the crowd that was watching below and get them to start cheering as she danced. I noticed that people on the other boats nearby were watching the show as well as the people in the water. Everyone was laughing and cheering as the girls tried to outdo each other without going too far. My cousin had worked through the five strippers and I thought the contest was over. He suddenly walked over to me and took my hand pulling me to the deck edge. He pointed at me and asked the crowd if they wanted to see me dance. I was thinking there was no way I was going to do this. The other girls were strippers and danced for a living. The guys below were all cheering and clapping so I guess I had to. The music was blasting and it was a good song to grind to. I actually was in great shape. I was just out of high school and had run track. My legs were toned and my ass was tight. My boobs were as big as any of the fake ones and they were real.

So I did my best and having had a few shots of tequila helped. I shook my tits at them and they loved it. I turned around and showed them my ass and the cheered. I bent over and squatted down some to give them a good view of it. I felt a breeze on my pussy lips and I knew my little bikini bottoms had failed and slid up between them . I am sure they were on full display and Guys below were trying to move into a better position to see them. I turned around and gave them a good look at my flat stomach and I moved my hips around to the song. I was actually having a great time and enjoyed the attention. When the song was over I stood there and waved at the crowd smiling and breathing hard.

My cousin lined up all the girls that had participated in his little contest. He went down the line and held his hand over their heads to let the crowd cast it's vote with a cheer. He got to the girl standing next to me. She was the hot blond my brother had been dancing with. The crowd loved her and gave her a big cheer. She smiled and waved to them. He then came over to me and held his hand over my head. The guys below and the people on the boats erupted int the biggest cheer yet. I think my cousin was egging them on some but I guess I had won. There was no prize, just pride. The blond turned to me and congratulated me. I hugged her, our naked breasts pressing against each other. The guys below loved that and cheered and cat called. We turned and looked at them and smiled. Mt right nipple was still rubbing against her left one when we heard the guys yell for us to kiss. I hesitated a moment to let the anticipation build then I put my hand to the back of her neck and I pulled her close. Our lips met and mouths opened. I tasted a slight hint of cigarettes which I didn't like but other then that she was a great kisser. We knew everyone was loving this so we played to them. She rubbed her boobs against mine and I ground my mound into her thigh. I couldn't take this too far because I knew the cops were probably watching.

We broke the kiss smiling at the crowd. I gave her ass a little squeeze as she did mine. We turned and walked away. She leaned over and told me that if I ever needed a job she was sure her boss would hire me on the spot. That was good to know if I ever wanted to be a stripper. I was hot and sweaty and just needed to cool off for a little bit. I had seen a tub on the upper deck and I went to find it. It was a hot tub but the water was cool. The jets were on and I got in it. It was very refreshing and I leaned back to enjoy it. Someone got in with me and I saw it was my boyfriend. He sat close and I let him. I had been ignoring him a little today some. I guess some others had the same idea as me and they joined us in the tub. It was a big one but was soon crowded. To make room my boyfriend picked me up and sat me on his lap. His hands were under the water holding me close to him. The bubbles from the jets obscured things. I felt his fingers slide under my ass. They pulled the thin piece of fabric that was splitting my labia aside exposing them. His fingers started playing with my clit and lips. This was all going on below the surface as we were sitting talking to these people in the tub with us.

I felt a finger slide inside me. I could have embarrassed him in front of these people but I didn't. His finger had been inside me for about a minute when I noticed something. He had one hand on my left hip and the other hand on my right hip. That mean that wasn't his finger. Right when I came to this conclusion I felt him shudder. I knew what that meant, he had just cum in me. I couldn't believe it. He had been inside me for less then a minute and hadn't even stroked. I wasn't too pleased so I got up, adjusted my suit then got out of the tub. I went looking for another drink and I guess he followed me. He asked me if I was mad. I asked him if he had just cum in me and he said yes he couldn't help himself. He said I had turned him on today so much and when my pussy was so close to his cock he just decided to slip it in. I guess since I had been fucked earlier buy Mr Evans super fat one and that morning by my brother's big cock I didn't realize at first it was his cock and not a finger. I told him to never cum in me again without me knowing first. I had to say yes or he couldn't do it. If he couldn't follow that rule we were done. Properly chastised he agreed.

I had three different cocks inside me today. That was a record for me. I was sure two had cum in me and probably all three. I looked at the setting sun and knew we needed to get back to our lake house. My parents would be cooking out and then when the sun went down the fireworks show would start. I found my brother and told him to gather everyone up, that we needed to get back. I went to find Sheri and her dad to thank them. I found Sheri near the bar, she was very drunk. She was completely nude not having even bothered putting her tiny thong back on. I hoped she didn't go to edge of the deck and have the cops see her. She hugged me ans slurred that her dad had fuck the shit out of her and filled her with his cum. She said she loved her daddy and loved fucking his big cock. Some people turned and stared at her when she said this and I just smiled and told her I would see her soon. I found Mr Evans at the back of the boat. I told him we need to go and thanked him for a great time. He opened his arms asking for a hug. I let him pull me close my still naked breasts pressing into his hairy chest. He whispered in my ear that I was always welcomed her and he hoped he would get another chance to fuck my hot tight pussy. I told him to be good to Sheri and I gave him a kiss on the cheek. He handed me my little bikini top and said not to forget that. I had been topless all day and actually had. I thanked him and holding the top I dove in the water and swam to our boat.

Everyone was in the boat and we pulled up anchor and my brother started the engine. It had been a day to remember and we were all quiet just enjoying the ride back. The boat bounced some going back through the waves and I am sure my still naked boobs bounced as well. I didn't care and just laid back and closed my eyes. After awhile my brother called my name and I looked up. He said that if I didn't want the whole family to see my big naked boobs that I better put that little thing I call a swimsuit back on. I realized we were almost back to the dock. I scrambled to get my top back on. My brother would jerk the steering wheel back and forth making the boat lurch side to side. He was laughing the bastard. Nobody was offering to help me get my top tied. Just was we pulled up to the dock I got it tied and positioned the little triangle pieces of fabric over my nipples. That's about all the thing covered. We tied up the boat and walked back up the pier to the house. The young kids were all still in the swimming pool. On the top deck the adults were either cooking or sitting around drinking and talking. I was hungry and walked over to the grill where my dad was standing. I gave him a hug and asked if he had a burger ready for me.

He looked at me and I saw that frown come back. He said if I wasn't planning on getting in the pool could I please go put a top on. I loved my daddy and told him sure. He was conservative and I knew as much skin as I was showing bothered him. I told him I would be right back and to save me a burger. I went up to my room and jumped in the shower for a minute. Drying off I looked for something to wear. I didn't bring much and found a white ribbed tank top. It was a man's undershirt, a "wife beater".
It was a man's small and was stretched tight across my boobs. I of course wasn't going to wear a bra in fact I hadn't even brought one. I looked in the mirror and wondered which showed off my boobs more, this tank or my swimsuit. You could basically see right through the thin fabric of this top. My nipples and areolas were very visible. I smiled as I slipped on a pair of cotton cheer shorts. No panties for me.

I went back out on the deck and had my burger. I sat with my brother and my cousins and we had a good time. My boyfriend was with us but I think he felt out of place some. It was getting dark. The marina had towed a barge out into the middle of the lake and that's where the fireworks would go off. We had a great view of it from our house. My mom said we should all go down to the pool deck to watch. Their were more chairs there. Everyone did as they were told and we all walked down the steps. I stood to the side letting others get some seats. It was almost time for the fireworks when my brother came over and took my hand. He led me back up the steps to the upper deck. It was dark up there because all the lights had been turned off to better see the fireworks. I asked him what he was doing. He pulled me close and told me he wanted to fuck. I told him it was too risky that everyone was down below and we might get caught. He said that they were all going to be watching the display and we were alone up here. My heart was pounding some and I swallowed. I asked where would we do it. He pointed to the picnic table we had been sitting around earlier. It was in the shadows but still exposed. He spread a towel out on the top of it.

My desire clouded my common sense and I went over to the table and sat on the edge of it. I didn't take my shorts off I just pulled them aside. He unzipped his shorts and pulled out his big cock. My brother moved in between my legs and rubbed his big cock head up and down my lips. I told him to hurry and just as he started to push it in the fireworks started. He was stuffing more and more of his cock into me as I heard the big booms in the distance. His cock was very hard and he was able to get most but not all inside me. If someone saw us it might look like a brother giving his sister a hug since we were both still clothed, but once he started stroking there was no doubt he was fucking me. My pussy was still a little swollen and sore but it felt so good to have my brothers cock in me. I saw the flashes of light from the fireworks in the windows of the house and I jokingly said I was missing the show since I was facing away from it. He pulled out of me and then had me turn over and bend forward over the table. He re-entered me and started fucking me doggie style. This was both of ours favorite position. It allowed for the deepest penetration.

Now if someone saw us there would be no doubt that a brother and a sister were fucking. My dad would kill us if he knew and he was just below us on the other deck. My brothers big cock was stroking firmly back and forth in me. He was banging into my cervix flattening it. That hurt a little but I didn't want him to stop. Between booms I told him to do it harder. I was pushing back into him making him go deeper. He had his hands on my ass driving his cock deep, trying to get all 9.5 inches in me. On a couple of strokes it seemed like it did and we both knew it. I could tell from the increase of flashes of light that the finale of the firework show was approaching. I told him to hurry. His strokes picked up speed. He was really pounding me. I told him he needed to pull out but the firework booms were almost constant now and I don't think he heard me. Even if he did I don't think he was going to. I said it again right when the big finale began and I felt him cumming inside me. I shuddered with my own orgasm and decided not to worry about it. He pumped and pumped filling me deep. Just before the lights of the display ended I opened my eyes and looked toward the steps that led down to the pool. I thought I saw someone in the shadows looking at us. I could have sworn it was my boyfriend.

The fireworks show was over and I told my brother to pull out now. Just as he had tucked away his cock and zipped up people were coming back up to the top deck. I had stood up and pulled my shorts back in place. My mom turned the deck lights back on and came over to us. She asked why we were up here. I told her it was crowded down there and we could see just fine from up here. She looked at us then nodded. I have always wondered if she ever suspected anything was going on between my brother and I and just didn't say anything. The young kids went to bed and the older ones continued to party and have fun. Anyone over 18 could drink beer and we sure did. I had been fucked four times that day and had drunk a lot of beer and tequila. I guess I was tired and sometime around midnight I must have passed out.

I was starting to wake up. I had been dreaming. I had been in bed with my brother. He had asked me if I wanted his cock in me and I had said yes. He asked me if I wanted him to cum in me and I had said yes. I blinked my eyes a couple of times waking up and I realized two things. I had a killer headache and someone was in bed with me. I turned to look and saw it was my boyfriend. He was pressed up against me from behind. My shorts were off and his cock was inside me. It was soft now and slide out of me. From the wetness I figured out he had just cum in me. I asked him what the hell he was doing. He said nothing he had been here all night with me. My brother had carried me to bed. My boyfriend had snuck in at some point in the night. I asked him if he had just fucked me and cum in me. He said yes that I had said it was OK. I looked at him confused. He said he had asked me like I said and I had said yes. I thought I had been dreaming that but it was him asking me that not my brother. I shook my head and just sighed. I told him he needed to leave because someone might come in. He did and I just laid there a little while. I took a shower and then helped my mom pack up. Around noon my brother left to drive back to where he lived. My mom cried and hugged him. He shook my dad's hand and I walked him to his truck. We hugged and I cried too. I was going to miss him and all I could think about was maybe moving to where he lived. We made the drive back home and things got back to normal or so I thought.

Two weeks went by and I had missed my period. I waited another two weeks and still nothing. I went and bought a test and took it. It was positive, I was pregnant. I cried and cried not knowing what to do. I finally told my boyfriend. He said he would do the right thing. I asked him what that meant and he asked me to marry him. That shocked me some and I told him I needed to think about it. I had decided to have the baby. My parents were furious when I told them, but calmed down some when I told them I was going to get married. I had accepted my boyfriends proposal. We got married in a small church. My brother didn't come saying he had to work and couldn't get away. Getting married and having a baby changed my relationship with my brother forever. When I was about 8 months pregnant I was at the store one day. I was waddling around looking for something and I ran into Sheri Evans. I hardly recognized her because she had gone and had gotten implants, big ones. I commented on then and she said that she had originally wanted some my size but at the last minute told the doctor to go bigger. She looked at my swollen belly and big boobs and said it looked like now we matched since my boobs had gotten much bigger too. She asked me when I was due and I told her in about a month. She said she had just received some great news, she was pregnant as well. I was a little surprised and said I hadn't heard she was dating anyone and asked who the lucky guy was. She leaned in close and said she was having her daddy's baby.

I almost passed out right there. I asked how that was possible seeing that her dad had a vasectomy. She laughed and asked where the hell I had heard that, her dad had wanted her to have his baby and actually wanted more. I didn't tell her that her dad told me he had been fixed which was an obvious lie. I wished her luck and I checked out and went home. I guessed that there was a slim chance that Mr Evans could be my baby's father if he had actually shot enough in me. A month later I had a beautiful baby boy. I was 19 and a new mother.

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