The Adventures of Miss Geeta Ep1
They say if you don't ask you don't get, and my cousin Raj was never to shy to ask. My name is Geeta and this is my story......

I work in my Uncle's wine shop, no it's not a corner shop it is a classy shop, they are the well off side of the family. My cousin Raj is often running the place, he is 25, I'm 22. Raj has always had a control on me and took my cherry when I was 15 he told me it was important that we know how to please our future partners and I was naive, because of this I fucking hate him.

Even tho Raj is a total prick he is quite the stud, tall well built, 10 inch cock say no more.

My Mother and Father had been busy finding me a Husband, yep arranged marriage was heading my way. The plan was to stop working for my Uncle after I was married.

I was working in the shop with Raj and we had just locked up, the shutter came down and we went to the store room - Raj said to me, "Who's the boss?"

"Duh your Uncle"

"Well he's put me in charge so you have to do what I say."

I was not convinced but yer he was in charge, but I was not expecting him to say "suck my cock"

At first I said I am engaged to get married but he started unzipping his pants, I do love sucking his cock so I agreed this would be the last time.

I got on my knees, his cock needed me, I took it into my mouth and massaged it to size with my tongue.

He was well prepared his balls freshly shaven inviting me to kiss and suck them, but as his cock grew he took control fucking my mouth deep into my throat I was on the verge of choking but faced with a feast of a cock.

With my mouth full of saliva and cock I pulled myself free, I had so much more to offer than my mouth.

We were alone in the store room the shop was shut and I was soon to be married so I wanted to make most of this, I slowly stripped then quickly stripped cos my work clothes were not and could never be sexy.I flicked away my unsexy panties (which I later regretted) he too stripped but it was all happening too quick. I wanted to tease him.

I sat him down on some wine boxes - I stood before him like a Lap Dance, I demanded him not to touch his cock, I wanted to watch it grow ripe in front of me. First I did a naked belly dance for his pleasure. He had not seen my pierced belly button until now, I danced my hips before him, my body is well toned and I am proud to show it off, I am short slim with a 34c chest my hair is straight and reaches my lower back. And my pussy? Well my pussy is completely smooth. As I danced close to him I had to slap his hands off, I was so close he could smell my juices moistening my clit.

My tease went one stage further..... I placed a wine bottle on the floor, as I danced I lowered my body all the way til the bottle top touched my clit, I wriggled keeping my hands in the air and slowly took the bottle into my pussy, I lifted the bottle of the floor and then sat on it so it went deeper into my pussy.

Raj could take no more he wanked like mad his 10 inch throbbing cock as I played with the bottle.

I took the bottle to him and let him lick the neck, then I sat on his lap eager for him to pleasure me. His beautiful cock filled me, I wriggled on his lap dancing and fucking my boobs slapping his face - my nipples baiting his lips.

But despite his size he could not pleasure me, he lasted only 2 minutes which for him was good, his warm sperm filled me and his cock turned back to just a willy. I got dressed (minus my panties) kissed his less cocky face and left.

It was late far too late for a girl with no panties to be walking home, Raj was suppose to take me home, I walked on to a deserted platform and boarded the Tube train. At the next stop a guy sat opposite me, why opposite me? The carriage was nearly empty, he was cute, blonde student maybe. I was wearing a skirt, my thighs were sticky, I opened my legs just a little for air, and I wondered should I show him a bit more????

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