The Adventures of Miss Geeta Ep2
Arranged marriages are bit like a raffle - some prizes are great some are not so great.

When I was with my fiance Shabaz I had to pretend to be all innocent and virgin like - I would bake him cakes which he would pretend to like. I wondered had he saved himself for me?

Up to now all we had done is kiss, Shabaz was cute but not sexy, we went for an evening walk in the park so we could be alone. I wore a pretty summer dress which was fairly see thru (mother did not approve) lilac french knickers with matching bra. I also wore a summer cardigan to please mother.

He was wearing a suit (yer dork) We sat on a bench at the top of a hill and admired the city view, I pulled his tie and kissed him, usually this felt awkward but tonight I felt a connection. It had felt like maybe I had taught him to kiss. I got braver and slid my hand up to his chest, it was hairy (ooh I would fix that after we marry) he did not advance on me (is he gay?) but as my hand played I felt his desire for me in his pants.

I pressed my boobs against him as if to say get the hint, and through my dress he put his hands upon them, mmm I was getting somewhere. I stood up I unclipped my bra and cleverly removed it, then I saddled him and ground my pussy on his growing dick. I felt so good knowing how much I was turning him on, I had to release his cock so I did, I started unzipping his pants - he made a feeble attempt to stop me but I was unstoppable, I held his cock, slid down and sucked him off.

The breaze felt good, Shabaz looked over the city as I kissed and licked his pulsing cock. I did not want to make him cum I wanted to keep him hard, again I stood up, I slipped off my knickers and placed them in his hand. I was about to saddle him but we were startled by a group of kids heading our way.

Shabaz walked me home, this time his awkwardness was due to the pole in his pants.

I was so dam horny, I had him so close. It felt so good walking along side him wearing no underwear and a very thin summer dress, as we walked along I removed my cardigan and dropped it in a bin, now Shabaz and anyone else who was close would see my hard nipples and maybe a bit more.

Shabaz was showing a bulge, we looked into each others eyes and then at an alley way - oh yes he was thinking like me (there was hope for him yet)

Shabaz sandwiched me against the wall, his hands ran parallel up my body raising my dress, I undid his pants and freed his tool.

It was then I became an actress and did the oh be careful I'm a virgin routine but I was so wet he would have no trouble breaking me.

I guided his tool into me, ahhh it was satisfying, so satisfying, it slid a journey into me, slow and sensual. As the tip reached its destination he kissed me a kiss of true lust and then he whispered 'Hold on, I'm going to fuck your brains out'

And he did, he sped up like a race horse released from the trap - my feet lifted from the ground as his cock bolted in and out of me.

My dress too was being fucked as I was being pressed and lifted against the wall, I heard the buttons fall to the floor but I was having too much fun to care.

My arms clung to my wonderful fiance as he sped to the finish line and he shot his virgin load to meet my orgasm, I can not put it in words how good it felt.

But reality is a killer; my dress had holes where my red sore bum cheeks live and the upper back was ripped (damn I needed a cardigan).

Enter Prince Charming - Shabaz placed his suit jacket over me and hugged me and I melted in his arms.

That night I lay alone in my bed - although I was sore and satisfied I wanted more, for a dorky kind of guy he was good and he had been chosen to be my husband. My phone bleeped a text message, was he thinking of me? Maybe but this message was from my blonde friend - the hot guy I met on the train....
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