The Adventures of Miss Geeta Ep3
I love my pierced belly button - its my sexy secret weapon. In a chance meeting I met up with a girl who I knew from my colledge days, Mia told me she did tattoos and piercings (i was like WOW new best friend)
As a present to my Fiance I wanted my nipple pierced so we aranged to meet up.

Dressed casual in tight jeans, knee length boots and a long T Shirt I headed to the Tatoo studio where Mia worked. As I got there a young girl was leaving (I wondered what did she have done?)I went inside where I was greeted by a guy covered in tats and piercings, I could barely look at him as his ears had horrible holes Urrh! Mia saw me and came over and introduced us, his name was Jez - Mia told me his cock was also pierced and told him to show me, I declined.

Mia and I went off to a bar for a drink before going back to her place to have my nipple pierced by this stage I was a bit tipsy cos I don't normally drink.

'Im going have to tie you to the bed to stop you moving' Mia demanded.
I took off my boots, T shirt and bra.
'Im going tie your legs too so those tight jeans have to come off too'

So I lay there tied up on her bed in just my panties, Mia was a short skinny blonde girl, short hair sweet face. I asked to see her pierced nipples, Mia was wearing leggings and vest top, she took her top off and I got to see her Tattoos and WOW! a green snake on her side and back, 'it starts on my thigh' and with that Mia took off her leggings, Its tail was curled round her thigh then up leg curved on her side and round her back. On her bum she had a care bear style heart, despite having small tits she looked beautiful and I was turned on.

Mia must have noticed my moist panties, she got her tools and saddled me, I felt her wet panties on my belly, my nipples were rock hard and then she did it - aaahhhh the pain, and Mia added a ring, and then she kissed my lips.

Mmmm that was good, Mia untied me, we had another glass of wine, we were both only wearing panties, I studied her body, never had I felt so turned on by a female, I admired my nipple mmm should I get the other one done?

Mia came over to me, we kissed her tongue pierced too, felt nice. Mia layed me on the bed and pulled off my panties, she placed her hands on my boobs and then caressed my body, Ive never been a fan of Tats but she did look so beautiful, nipple to nipple we were together kissing, Mia slid her Panties down, her pussy had short hair like a mouse's ear and her pussy lips were pierced too.
I lay there in complete extacy as her tongue bar pleasured my pussy, what was I doing Im not a lesbian but this girl with the snake tattoo made me so turned on.

'I have toys' Ol yes I replied lets play. 'oh my dear I do have one demand?
'Anything' I looked at her toy box and found a strap on mmmm I was to lazy so I gave it to her to fuck me and she did, unlike any guy she lasted a while I was cuming and cuming my pussy was being fucked to its limit and fucked over and over I was in a state that no man had ever managed.

I lay there in a drunk sleepy state, Mia's pussy was presented to my face and I licked and played with her clit ring and as I was doing this she sucked my belly button stud.
I loved her clit ring and begged her to give me one. It was all too much and I fell asleep kissing her bum.

I woke up naked in her bed, The morning sun shone bright,Mia was still asleep, I had 31 missed calls (I was in trouble - mother had been worried even tho Im 23)I touched my pussy it now had a piercing awe was that a good idea?
My bum cheek was sore? I twisted round, I stood in front of the mirror - I had a small green snake tattoo on my bum! YOU COW!

A sleepy Mia looked at me and said 'its my tag sorry all my lovers get one I told you I have demands'

With one killer hang over I gave Mia a kiss and left.

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