The Alleyway
We walk down 5th Avenue in NYC, just window shopping and chatting. Your arm is around my waist as we walk along and I feel your hand slide down to my ass as we continue to move along with the very fast paced pedestrian traffic.
You look at me in my short skirt, knee high boots and short leather jacket and I can see the look of wanting in your eyes. You steer me towards the left and we are walking down a little alley way now that runs in back of the stores. Your hand is softly kneading my ass now and we stop part way down the alley and you push me against the wall. You kiss me softly on the lips but under the softness I can feel your wanting.Your hands begin to roam my body pulling me closer to you. "Baby you have no idea how much I want you, right here, right now." I kiss you on the lips, my tongue darting into your mouth. You can tell by my kiss how much I want you and our passion is ignited.
You are grasping at my jacket now unzipping the front to reveal my breasts. Your hands begin to fondle and caress my breasts as you pull my blouse open, popping buttons everywhere. "I'll buy you a new blouse" you say with horseness running through your voice. You lean ito me and begin to bite and suck at my nipples. I can feel your urgency now as your rock hard cock presses into me. I drop down to my knees and unzip your slacks. I pull your monsterous cock out and begin licking and sucking. "Oh yes baby,don't stop" you say as you moan with pleasure. I suck you hard now, taking you down my throat as fast and as deep as I can. Your hands holding my head, pushing in and out ever so lightly. I can feel your balls begin to harden and your cock is like steel, you pull me back up to standing, push me harder against the wall and kiss me with such desire. Your desire entices me more and I feel the wetness in my pussy pouring forth. I have never wanted you more.
"Fuck me baby, fuck me right here on 5th Avenue!"
Your hands pull my skirt up to my waist and you quickly tear my very skimpy thong off, tossing it to the ground. Your steel cock finds my pussy and you enter me with urgency and fire. Kissing now, roughly, your tongue dancing wildly with mine. You begin to stroke your cock deep into my pussy, my hips matching your rhythm. My orgasm is building quickly now rising from the depth of my soul. "I need you now baby, cum with me " I say. My words fuel your desire and I can feel you ready to explode.
Our bodies move faster and faster now forcing your cock deeper and deeper. I begin to rise up and my legs wrap around your waist. You let out a long,deep moan and begin to fill me with your cum. Your hips push against mine one last time as your rhythm slows and I drop my legs down, feet on the ground once more. We stand close together leaning against one another kissing softly, lingering. "That was amazing baby, absolutely amazing." And it was.
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