The Anatomy of a Penis
Anatomy of a Penis
By: Sassy Sue

No annoying alarm to jolt me from my tranquil Saturday morning rest, the morning is mine and I intend to enjoy it after a night of raucous sex. It had been two weeks since the last time I had gotten laid and I really enjoyed fucking James last night. The morning sun creeping through the window woke me, that and the fact that I really had to pee.

I sit on the toilet as the amber liquid is streaming from my body and I thought about what a wonderful versatile organ a woman's pussy can be and how much I depend on this body part. My pussy keeps me healthy, happy, and best of all a source of pleasure for and most of all myself. It is my personal entertainment center, I thought.

As most women have done at one time or another, I have scrutinized my pussy in detail. I have sat naked on my bed, with a hand held mirror, poking, prodding, and manipulating the soft velvet folds of my soft, supple velvet skin that lies between my legs. I have masturbated slowly with my fingers, dildos and a sundry of common household objects and recording it all on my trusty iPhone. All in the name of research, just to see how my pussy would react to a man's cock in my pussy.

I am never disappointed in the show, as my pussy swells, changes with so many hues of red and pink, the copious juices coupled with the viscosity transformations my nectar during my sexual arousal. No matter what, it is always short of seeing the actual event, which is seeing my pussy impaled on a man's cock as he thrusts in and out of me. Then the thought strikes me I have never taken the time to study that wonderful male appendage, the cock.

Never have I looked at a cock when it was not pumping in out of my cunt or sliding down my throat as I give a blowjob. No, I have not just looked at a cock and enjoy the topography or the lay of the land so to speak. Seeing a cock when it is hard is so much different than seeing a cock in its natural state, soft, flaccid and wrinkled.

Now I wipe the last few amber drops from my pussy, drop the toilet paper into the yellow tainted water, watching it swirl down the toilet when I depress the silver handle. Why not this morning, the time is perfect, James is naked, in my bed, fast asleep and has a magnificent male appendage between his legs that is not serving a useful purpose to me right now. I slip into the shower and quickly wash the remnants of last night's lovemaking from my body. I ease a sheer pair of green bikini panties on; I have no scent, yet. I do not want to awaken James' dormant cock right away, as I want to see it first, au ‘natural.

Padding back to the bedroom, my tits flouncing as I walk and my nipples are stiff. Just the thought of seeing James' cock is a bit arousing, I must admit. He is sound asleep, on his back and his cock lies on his left thigh in a languid state. Gently I ease onto the bed, my face is just inches from his flaccid cock, and the added weight of my body to the bed causes James to shift his body a bit but his cock remains in the perfect position for me to pore over this superb appendage.

His cock is not a monster cock as most men think of themselves to possess, he is average on the penile scale (if there is such a thing), six or six and a half inches when erect (we measured it once in a moment of silliness) but now it was flaccid and much shorter, stubby would be an apt description. I smiled; they were multiple folds of skin just under the bulbous, mushroom head. James is circumcised and up to this moment I never gave this much thought, not as long as a cock is pleasuring me, I could care less about an inch or two of missing foreskin, a crust of film clung to the meatus or the eye of his cock, must be a leftover from last night. The soft shaft of pale flesh is ending at his balls, which dwell in his wrinkly, a very wrinkly scrotum.

I find the scrotum to be fascinating and it never ceases to amaze me as their capability to give me so much man cream. The left ball hangs a tad lower than the right as it does in most men. Normally they sway freely, to and fro, as he pumps in and out of my body. They serve as a thermometer, warm most of the time and hot when the man is about to cum. If his nuts pull up, close to his cock, I hold on as he is about to fill me with his sweet cum. His cock is in my pussy or my mouth and he is going to give me copious amounts of his seed. Thick, sticky, gelatinous ropes of cream ejecting from the eye of his throbbing prick that surge through the thick vein that winds through his prick delivering his payload to me.

I have discovered that James loves it when I hold his balls in my hands, caressing them gently, giving them a soft wet kiss or two and if I want to push the envelope I will take his orbs into my mouth. His hairy balls in my mouth, my tongue licking them and then I suck on his balls pulling them into my mouth. My nose is rubbing his hard shaft and I feel it tremble with his balls in my mouth. I am sure he can feel my hot breath on his boner and my fingers stroking the velvety glans of his cock. My long hair rubs his inner thighs and James can do nothing but enjoy me sucking his balls and grip the sheets in an attempt to delay the inevitable, his climax.

I lightly trace the quiescent veins with my finger and I see James's cock react with a little spasm from my touch. What was soft spongy flesh is now firm and unyielding from my handling of his package, and his firm cock is now hard. The circumference of James' cock is somewhere between and 1 ½ and 2 inches which is sufficient enough to stretch my pussy when he enters me. I will grip his shaft with my pussy when he fucks me and slides in and out of me with ease as he makes me moan. The bottom of his now engorged shaft is sensitive to my touch as I am stoking his erection with my fingers.

My fresh panties are now wet and as a result of my detailed inspection of James' cock which is now erect, curving upward and cradling a drop of pre-cum on the meatus of his cock. James looks at me and asks what I am doing.

Holding his erection in my hand I give him a little smile, "Nothing, just looking," as I roll my eyes.

"I think I wanna fuck you," I said and slipped my panties off.

Straddling James, his hard cock parting my labia and my pussy swallowed his cock,

I have come to a conclusion after my studies and that is once you get a cock hard just fuck it.

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