The Architect
Introduction: I have met a number of incredible women, and Cindy Bell is certainly one, she wrote this story about her submissive love of this so appealing man, and would willingly submit to his every whim! I asked to add my thoughts to her story as she is such a shapely female treasure, one that any man black or white would love to have on his arm or in his bed! This is for and about her and Charles. and is a kinky love story filled with sex, that may or may not be to your taste! But please enjoy... MyGirls

The Architect Also please check out the pictures posted on my profile of Cindy Bell that go with this story!

Cynthia Belle had once been a shy girl, staring at the world with thoughtful and serious dark brown eyes, almost penetrating. She was an attractive married woman and had very little previous experience with men. For a long time she was too shy to embrace her husband's kinky ways. As she matured she had more thoughts of sinful sex, so decided to excite her once-dormant perverse sexuality. During her quest for sexual adventure she joined several risque� adult sites on the internet and began to explore this new and exciting world. This is where she met Charles, he was a very hansom black male, and successful Architect. She liked him instantly because he was confident and direct.

His timing in many cases was not only amusing and playful but it is what he did not say, that left her wondering? His quick whit, and firm replies were sometimes feared, like a virtual stinging slap to her bottom, or an appealing tantalizing and loving caress. He was a man that could woo women with his words of smooth flattery and enticingly filthy street talk, and had sent several pictures of himself. His name on these sites was "Black Thug" For Belle that erotic thought of being his naked helpless sex slave in his arms left her breathless!

He was clever, wicked and seemingly without fear, and had easily talked her into sending him nude pictures - ones of her in the most vulgar and explicit poses! For Belle it was very sensual and arousing to send naked pictures of herself to this wicked black man, who said she would be perfect for one of his artful projects. He had no need to prove the quality of his mind, nor did he have the time to spend insuring that others liked him. His natural dominance and well spoken demeanor pulled all of her submissive sinful strings. In her fantasies she had sometimes been unsure of what she actually wanted? But after the games they had played on the net she was certain now that she desired to be led, naked and exposed, then restrained and taken harshly, her wildest thoughts were to be carried, kidnapped and kept as a sex slave in a state of constant arousal and worn out from all the perverse abusive and ecstatic sex.

These thoughts were all explored in these fun online sex games, and like most women that play on the net she intended it to stay that and secure in her home with only the delicious sinful thoughts of kinky and abusive sex, with this so appealing man.

Not only was he a successful architect, but also an erotic design artist who told her she would love this other work, and not just the beautiful and remarkable buildings he designed. However his architecture was just a ruse, as the work he really wanted her to see was his erotic drawings murals and sculptures of mostly attractive naked bound women! Cynthia Belle had her own small but obscure business as an artist and graphic designer. Promising that he would love her thoughts an comments on this project, and saw her as the perfect woman, one of a bright but curious child, and seemingly so naive in many respects, even at her age.

She was very attracted to his work as well as his mind. Charles had invited her to visit him in his office thinking if she did he would have her exactly where he wanted and that she could not or would not resist. She was flattered that he had asked. The conversation was followed up with some dirty banter and some sexually explicit suggestions? Which, somewhere inside her mind and fantasy she wondered longingly whether he would actually follow through with all his nasty threats?

Subconsciously she rationalized and told herself that he would only be a perfect gentleman and that he appreciated her mind and the friendship they had developed, despite him lusting over her naked pictures and promising forceful love and some incredible heart pounding sex!She hesitated in her reply, and thought perhaps at first it would be unwise to meet him? He had beckoned and perked her interest with his usual matter of fact assurance and charm, but as a naturally submissive girl with thoughts of sinful sex, Cynthia Belle just, could not resist his offer.

She was to meet him in the afternoon at his office it was one of several large office buildings in Sydney, that towered over Hyde Park.

Belle had worried as to what she might wear, only wanting to please and impress him. But as any man could see Belle would look good wearing the most plain and uninspiring clothes imaginable. The dress she had picked out was cobalt blue, of man made silk and was tight at the waist with a ruffles down the plunging neckline, sleeveless, ending at mid length with a ruffled hem and tight belt.

But a woman like Belle, one with an incredible body could not be hidden, in what seemed like at first glance, the modesty of this dress! It was actually a bit sinful though, as the material was very thin, almost see through, and fit her curves more than very well. In her quest to impress and excite him with their first meeting she had worn only a bra and panties. The bra was one a woman would wear that would allow her shape to easily show under this dress, but not one she would normally wear if she knew it was going to be seen by others. Her thoughts were to indeed be ravaged by this most wicked man.

Her breasts required under wire because they were unwieldy unless restrained and needed a little taming at times. The bra was of cream lace with horizontal seam on the cups that would really show off Belles particular mango shaped and perky nippled breasts that were a size 10D/36D.

Her panties were light pale pink with soft icy lace, and the heels very high patent leather blue black Mary Jane's with a stylish strap. Usually a dress like this would require a full slip! However Belle feeling quite risque� and even more adventurous decided to wear nothing but this cobalt blue dress over these sexy underthings!

On this floor his was not the only office. She had gone to the reception desk and asked for him by name. The woman looked her up and down with a quick deliberate smile that seemed to know she was here for sin. Apparently other women before her had willingly succumbed to more than just his artful charm. Belle, now a bit hesitant was beginning to think she had made a mistake? Or was this part of some perverse secret plan that would easily corrupt a women like her? Another girl appeared and escorted her to his office down the hall.

She was told to make herself comfortable and wait for him. As she entered the impression was of a large corner office and a very plush one at that. To her left on the wall were incredible pictures of the many buildings he had designed. Beyond his desk the clear glass window spanned the entire length of his office with only a few supporting beams and structures. This gave a beautiful almost unobstructed view of Hyde Park, the city and busy sidewalk below as well as the building next to his. The sight over looking the park and the city was quite spectacular!

But what was on his desk was even more surprising. It was adorned with several large beautifully sculptured likenesses of..... naked shapely white women intertwined in lovemaking with black men! There were several others of women that appeared to be erotically restrained?.

The sight of these had left her heart pounding with mixed perverse emotions. She was drawn to the big window and had slowly walked the entire length to the corner, wondering about these sculptures.

The building next to his seemed close. Belle could clearly see the people in the offices next door moving about...when she came across what looked like a large ladder that seemed a bit out of place. She assumed it was for cleaning the large glass windows from inside the office and gave it no further thought.

She had turned around and on the wall behind, she was shocked to see incredible full sized pictures of what looked like naked women that were painted and also bound in vulgar and erotic poses, and yet still others with a black male and a white female intertwined is sex. She now realized that the smaller sculptured statues on his desk were similar, if not perfect copies of these full sized pictures. As she looked closer she realized that the ladder was what these naked women had been tied to! Then, in almost unbelievable shock, she further realized that he, this man Charles was in many of the pictures either pleasuring these women, doing the painting or with his hands taking dreadful liberties in their most intimate place.

This collection of erotica seemed more than out of place for a successful architect's office and would be more at home in some sort of perverse "Adult Art Gallery"! But as she looked closer the images were ever so more arousing and her earlier anticipation of their meeting along with these sexually explicit works of art had brought about juicy wetness and even more perverted thoughts of sex!

Suddenly the door opened, leaving her heart pounding, from being caught red handed looking, and with such thoughts she quickly tried to compose herself. Charles was impeccably dressed and his walk presented the same confident manner as his online behavior. He had some papers in one hand and with the other shook hers firmly, as though she was just a new client. But across his face was a smile that effectively conveyed he was very pleased she had come.

Belle was every bit as beautiful as he expected and had that special quality by the way she moved that could not be discovered from just her pictures. His eyes were wide and fixed directly on her "Ah Mrs Cynthia Belle, finally we meet. I have been looking forward to this for some time. Come here." As he held out his hands, she easily offered hers. He took and held them firm, then wide apart and said let me have a good look at you. This had easily presented her shapely breasts and his look was more of a sexual pervert than a well intentioned business man.

Then, before she realized what had happened he had lifted her hands up crossing them in front of her as he twisted her around then pulled her to him holding her arms and his under her breasts! She could feel his manliness against her, the smell of his cologne and the starch in his crisp designer shirt! First he bit her on the neck quite lovingly, then whispered in her ear what an incredibly beautiful woman she was, and that he had set aside the whole afternoon for their most intimate meeting, further saying his secretary had been strictly forbidden not to bother them so there would be no need to lock the door. 'I have a confession to make Belle.' With her heart still pounding it skipped...a beat, 'Yes?' She inquired.
Belle, I have so many plans for you, but you might be a little hesitant about experiencing them, so I thought best to appeal to your artist's eye as an enticement?

In her mind she chastised herself. Had she actually thought he would want or require her opinion on a professional matter. Silly girl,... apparently this solicitation was not for architecture?....

"I am working on some artful paintings and erotic sculptures that will be used in several buildings I am designing. I want to use you and your beautiful body as the inspiration or better yet an exact copy for several of these nude life like female pictures prints and sculptures.

My interest is in subverting, or should I say perverting your beautiful image into a symbol of fertility using your shapely female form, along with some decorative colorful embellishments. No really Bell, I just want to see you naked,.. helplessly tied and paint you (he grinned). Would you do this for me please?".....As he held her firmly in his arms, and again lovingly, kissed her on the neck.

She was quite flattered and a little scared, but being in his arms and him nibbling on her bare skin along with the wonderful comments about her looks, Belle as a naturally submissive and obedient woman could find little reason to resist, and at this point was curious about where this might lead? Besides she did love being naked and tied to things. "Just one more thing girl.

I really want you naked, and... clothes are a strict spoiler for erotic imagery like this. You should know this as an artist".... "alright" she said you can do what ever you want "if you promise to treat me well"....? Treat you well?...I plan on treating you, so very well that you will do this or anything else I want?....

She took a deep breath, and he noticed a bit of fear in her eyes along with a hint of excitement."Come Belle...don't worry I've seen it all before. Remember the pictures you sent, I have traced every curve of yours in my mind, her heart raced. She had never, not ever, done anything like this outside the safety of her home. But the photo sessions with her husband, for her portfolio on these adult internet sights, and for him had melted away most of her chronic shyness and she knew he was right.

His creative ideas for her, and now seeing actual pictures of others involved in erotic sex play were quite convincing. I'll treat you better than well, he said, trying with little success to remain professional in his demeanor. Belle had the habit of compulsively responding to male dominance, but pleaded half hardly that she could not be naked, especially here with all of the open clear glass windows. Where so many people could see!

But with little resistance left and his arms still around her, he had escorted her down to the corner and had turned her around facing away from Hyde Park and the office building next door, and with her still dressed in the cobalt blue dress, had backed her up against the ladder. This had given her a bit of modesty, at least for the moment, and to those in the building next to his. Then, no longer resisting, she allowed him to raise her hands over her head and securely bind her wrists, followed by her ankles tightly to the ladder. Belle was more excited than ever with her breasts perked up and her wrists and ankles helplessly bound.

She knew then he could do what ever he wanted? This realization had made her thoughts of sinful sex and her genitals more aroused and juicy than ever.

Already resigning herself to some sinful sex...she was terrified to see he had a knife? It was a shiny nasty sharp looking thing that he wielded around quite expertly, then held it up in her face and with a wicked smile said, "you know what I am going to do with this don't you?".....Belle now holding her breath, thought for a moment she had made a terrible mistake.

But to her relief, he only used the knife to slowly and deliberately cut the blue dress free from around her breasts. No longer scared, she could feel the cold sharp steel against her naked flesh as he toyed and twisted the thin blue fabric. With her bra fully exposed he squeezed her breasts finding her nipples, then carefully, had taken the knife and trimmed around them one at a time leaving her nipples bare sticking out and fully exposed, but her still wearing the bra.

Charles had laid the knife down for a moment and had grabbed both of her nipples then pulled her to him and twisted them just hard enough as he forcefully kissed her. She was a bit hesitant at first, but her body responded helplessly in anticipation. The kiss was everything and more, so much that she kissed back almost as forcefully trying to devour him, and lasted so long that when it finally broke left them both gasping for air.......He had found the knife again and continued to cut her blue dress, easily exposing her panties along with her bare tummy and legs, leaving most of her body with little covering it from the front...

Teasing her, he used the sharp point of the knife to first poke each nipple, then doing the same through her panties about where her cilt resided! She flinched and tried to pull away but being firmly tied to the ladder with her bottom against the rung she could retreat no farther.

Just as she thought the sharp knife might actually pierce her clit, he stuck it in the waist band of her pale pink panties with the sharp point right next to her over stimulated clitoris!

With the dress cut loose in several places, he proceeded to slowly and carefully rip and pull free what was left of it, leaving her in only this sinful form fitting underwear,.

She stood fixed to the ladder, legs and arms spread apart, buttocks partially facing the street below and office building next door. Leaving her breasts pointing into his office. Belle's nipples stiffened as he blew his warm breath across them for his pleasure and hers, this sent erotic sensations tingling up and down her spine. He took a moment to appreciate her exceptional body, bullet shaped nipples, small waist and her long pale full thighs, then after enjoying her semi naked helpless beauty grabbed the handle of the knife pointing the sharp blade out and proceeded to cut the pale pink lacy panties off of her incredibly shapely bottom and pubic mound!

Followed, up between her breasts that allowed them to spring free and jiggle unwieldy now that they were no longer restrained! For Charles to see these shapely naked white breasts of Belle's jiggling around unencumbered had made his dick harder yet!

Then to Belle's horror, and with her totally naked, Charles had turned the ladder completely around leaving her helplessly in view of those on the sidewalk below, but even worse to those in the office next door that seemed ever closer yet. For Belle it was another OMG! Moment that gave her a most incredibly erotic and powerless exposed feeling, as she could see those people in the office clearly looking back, but could do absolutely nothing about it! He had left her like this and had slipped into a side room where he quickly removed all of his clothes except for his tight fitting shorts, ones that barely covered his manliness!

For her the feeling was surreal, and just when she thought nothing could get any more kinky or exciting, the office door opened and a male voice called out 'Charles?... The reception desk is empty and no one seems to be about, are you busy?'.... She heard footsteps, and they were coming towards her! Who was it, where was Charles and what was this strange man going to do? Belle with her beautiful naked body totally exposed and bound tightly could only hold her breath and wait.

The man was his friend and business associate Reggie, he was the one that constructed many of Charles architectural creations. Before Charles could intervene, Reggie had easily been drawn to Belle and her beautiful helpless naked body!

'Well,... Well,.. Well,... What have we here?' Reggie said as their eyes met, 'I see now that Charles is apparently busy, and I would be happy to offer my assistance!' Belle was totally dumfounded by this most interesting and unwelcome turn of events as she eyed him coolly..noticing a slight bulge in his pants, as her body responded to his lustful gaze. He was, like Charles, a very hansom black man.....

Charles had rolled into this most interesting situation with an artist's entire set of brushes, colorful body paints and markers. Then made little out of this unplanned meeting as though it was an everyday occurrence, introducing them with little fanfare. "Belle this is Reggie, a business associate,... and Reggie this is Belle. She has been kind enough to allow me to use her beautiful body as inspiration for some of my creative art work!

Belle not at all sure what to say was speechless, and Reggie's only comment was, "Creative Art like hell Charles, you are just using this as an excuse to fuck her brains out, and you know it!'.....Then said , quite sarcastically 'I can see you two need to be alone' as the view of Belle's naked body was quite obvious from the sidewalk below and the office next door, that had left her totally exposed! Then saying as he left "My God Charles, you do know how to pick em, she is a beauty!'

Belle, not sure what had just happened heard the door close, and it was Charles turn who was going to use her naked helpless beauty as a muse - a woman who would be the sole source of his sexual inspiration.

At this time I wish to describe in detail Cynthia Belle's incredible body before it is covered in paint!

She has a full 37" bust, a 26" waist, 38" hips and a (bit more at the bottom!) Stands at 5' foot 8" tall

Her pubic hair is brown and usually well trimmed. Those who have seen it comment because having bush seems a little unusual these days but it is perfectly normal in the circles she travels! She loves the idea of trimming it further but does not wish to be totally bare, and intends to make a well-trimmed bush popular again!

She has not had children and as a late 30s-something woman has a most virgin like pubic area that easily responds with thoughts of sex, and much more with a little attention!

Belle has a small clit and does not think of it being all that sensitive but is not sure compared to other women. She only recently started to masturbate in front of her husband and enjoys this and really good oral sex, especially when her mind is really in the right place, her pussy becomes very, very juicy. When stimulated being wet like this helps to make her even more excited and of course after a few orgasms she is ready for what ever will come next... She has the ability to enjoy numerous orgasms in a day or in a session, especially with a man like Charles or her husband! So now you know what this incredible woman has to offer a man!

Charles has planned on taking Belle to the Hyde Park Barracks. It was designed by Australia's first architect, and was a prison for convicts back in the day and for a time after was used as a female asylum where these women were also treated much like convicts, and breeders. The Barracks are now a museum where tourist and locals come to hear about its colorful past, and view reenactments of these historical events. He knows the museum curator well and has planned an after hours session of decadent bondage and kinky sex with his new play partner Belle,... using many of the bondage and punishment devices with her as his prisoner of love.

Charles has picked up a black marking pen and a historical book of female prison life along with pictures of how the women were dressed shackled and treated by the forceful prison guards. This is the image he wants to paint Belle as, then take her through Hyde Park to the Barracks. I want to see how your naked white skin looks with the painted black and grey tattered prison garb all over it." He lowered his voice as he said this.

Efficiently, he began to inscribe, starting with a black tight collar around her throat. He was so close whilst he drew that she could hear and feel him breathing, his lips pursed and perfectly shaped in concentration. She could feel and anticipate the warmth from his almost naked body so close to hers. It suddenly felt so much more exhilarating than the countless online chats she had with "Black Thug". She was tingling and her nipples (which were very architectural) were so erect, occasionally brushed against his bare skin as he worked.

He enjoyed this immensely and cultivated the sensual feeling pretending he was concentrating on his work alone. He traced the lines of the prison uniform under her collar bone and followed them upwards along her arms, taking time to stop and fill in the black lines and creases with small strokes. This was so tantalising that she would hold her breath and then swallowed very hard gasping for air. Her skin was suddenly sensitive to every stroke, goose bumps had broken out here and there and tingled so inviting. He continued to draw lines, the seam of the shirt and make believe buttons of the convict jacket, then drawing pockets taking great care to paint buttons using her nipples where the actual buttons would go.

Then had drawn excruciatingly stimulating circles around her ribs and under her breasts that made her cringe, and the jacket appear as though it had followed her female curves. He could not resist and went down her torso, all the way to her well trimmed bushy cunt and started drawing seams leaving it appear as though it was open and unbuttoned leaving her bare fleshy skin and labia twisted unpainted and actually exposed! He had marked and painted the make believe belt buckle just below her so appealing belly button.

Her soft abdomen was wriggling and writhing from side to side. "Be still Belle, I don't want any mistakes", was Charles only retort. "I will need to take some pictures of this for my plans" She worried that someone she knew might see them, but inside she was intensely aroused by the thought of others now seeing her helplessly bound and in such a naked and exposed state. He continued under her hip bones and down her outer thigh, all the way to her narrow Mary Jane clad sensitive feet.

There he drew the folded up pant cuffs and creases along the make believe trousers with realistic wrinkles at the knees . Some of them came all the way up the middle to her hip bone and others towards the apex of her inner thighs. As he filled in the creases on her fleshy inner thighs, he noticed her cunt was glistening through bare lips and bush. Belle's juice's so fertile that left her aroused and dripping almost uncontrollably. With him down on his knees he looked up into her eyes. "Are you enjoying this Belle?" "Yes" she whispered, 'Am I ever' in a voice that seemed like from another and could barely be heard.

He stood up and walked back to the cart. Then picked up some red paint and a brush. As he turned back towards her his eyes flashed wickedly within his dark face.

He began to accent the grey and the black markings with just enough red to make what he had already done appear even more realistic at the center of her rib cage and followed it straight to her right hip bone, then the same to the left and a horizontal line across her belly button. She looked down at her body all covered in grey with black lines and realized he was painting a large red 'A' on her torso, accenting her most inner emotions. It was late afternoon and this last gesture made her feel she was going to allow him to satisfy her uncontrollable desires whether she wanted or not. He stood back to admire his work and then picked up his camera.

He took many digital photographs, stopping often to tell her how much he appreciated her visit. He released her wrists and ankles and turned her away from the window and told her put her hands up on the ladder, spread her legs, arch her beautiful bottom out, and stay that way so he could finish painting her back and bottom. She did what she was told. Out of the corner of her eye she could see the street below and many of the passers by. She knew that some were watching this erotic sinful paint job.

Behind her with Charles not quite finished he ran his black fingers around to her breasts, feeling her painted nipples. He pinched them hard and then gripped her small rib cage, digging his fingers in between her ribs, tracing them from front to back. He took his time to smear some oily substance on her pear shaped buttocks and down into her crack and finally into her already dripping pussy as though preparing it for devouring, then grasping her waist so hard it hurt, he ran his hand up her spine and neck gathering a fistful of her hair. Then whispered some of his many dirty nasty thoughts into her ear while he pulled her hair firmly, this had tilted her head back and upwards. His other hand ran down and dipped into her cunt juices. "Oh Belle, your pussy is so very wet you must really want my hard cock very bad!"....
"Yes" she said in almost a whisper........ fuck! "Yes"!...And not at all what a lady would say!

He forced his moist paint-stained fingers with her ambience into her mouth, which was tingling from the taste with pleasure. She moaned heavily. He took his hand away while still gripping her hair. Suddenly she felt the head of his smooth hard cock between her thighs. She was unable to look down, but her juices had already made a small puddle on the floor. She had never imagined the intense turn on it was to be naked and painted and to feel his black dick between her soft fleshy thighs.

He teased her very moist cunt lips and pea shaped clit, rubbing his thick rock hard black dick... back and forth. She thought she heard a gasp that wasn't hers, but it was, and then realized there were people in the street several floors below gathered and watching, but also others in the office building that were even closer! She was in such a state now that she didn't care. Then with his big black cock head poised in the perfect place he had pulled her elbows up and together tightly behind her back with one arm, forcefully, and with the other a fist full of her dark brown hair painfully pulling it and her head back roughly! Then with little warning thrusted this monster up deep inside her with incredible force. She screamed out even knowing that it was coming as the first intense thrust was followed by many more. Her juices flowed and were so abundant it felt like a hot river of sinful sex leaving her insides.

He had done this with such force that it lifted her toes off the floor by only his cock! Saying loudly to her 'you like it rough, don't you Belle?'

Caught by surprise and not expecting anything like this Belle screamed,...'yes!' Charles was a big strong muscular black male, and by the way he was holding her, with his big hard dick impaling her, she was totally and virtually at his mercy! Continuing to fuck her like this in front of the window would have been bad enough, but showing his incredible strength and male prowess in front of those watching he started forcefully fuck walking her ahead of him, and around the corner giving those in the office next door an even better view! ..

Then showing his strength, he raised her up quite high. Belle was in wonder as he raised her up, she had relaxed her pubic muscles for a moment and when she was slammed down hard you could hear her Mary Janes click when they hit the floor, loving her humiliating discomfort, and through wicked clinched teeth said quite loudly in her ear, "squeeze them pussy muscles of yours tight Belle", as he pulled her hair even harder and tightened his grip on her arms!

Belle, scared a bit by his meaness was really concentrating, and trying to squeeze her pussy muscles as tight as she possibly could that only added to her sinful pleasure!... Then to her humiliating surprise Charles continued to fuck walk her still impaled in front of the window with her heels clear off the floor, then raised her up with only his big dick, and slammed her down again and again forcing his big cock up deeper and deeper each time into a juicy place no other dick had ever been!

For Belle it certainly was the most embarrassing and humiliating public display that had ever happened to her, much like in her fantasy's! The sight with her toes pointed in her heels out and her bottom up helplessly in the air being fucked hard in her pussy from behind showed that she was indeed a somewhat willing perverted woman, and was it ever so good,..even for the perverts watching! Being naked and painted was bad enough, but being roughly fucked with others watching made Belle feel just like the helpless sex slave she had fantasized about being! She had said on the net he could do anything his lustful perverted mind wanted and was now proving that he could, in complete control!

Belle, with her back arched, hair pulled, and her elbows held tightly together behind her back, left her wrists dangling helplessly behind her back, and her ass pooched up at the perfect angle! This had pulled her painted breasts vulgarly apart out to each side leaving her nipples pointing almost straight up, as each time he would hump, her breasts and nipples would violently spring up and then down kind of like a big pair of toy paddle balls in unison! But this was not the only sinful view? The swollen part of her bare stomach around her navel and especially lower, around her painted pubic mound and upper thighs would also ripple, spread and jiggle up and down as he did her,.. using her pussy slit and love tunnel as the perfect pleasurable place for his gigantic ramming cock!

The,whap, whap, whap of his male pubic area slapping harshly against her very wet lower painted soft ass cheeks was so perverted to hear, and even more so to see! It was kind of like watching the most nasty perverted interracial porno one could imagine!

Only it was not on a video screen, it was happening in front of those that could see, in real time and impossible to ignore! Finally his thrusts slowed while he told her all of the things he intended to do. She was completely at his mercy and with her body pressed against the glass she came! Fuck. Did she ever? She came so hard she screamed and wriggled with intense pleasure, smearing black and grey body paint all over the clear glass window whilst those still gathered, pointed and watched from below.

She told herself it didn't matter because they would never know who she was? Charles was still fucking her soft painted body with force, talking loudly about how much he wanted her, and how much of his manly child-making seed he had spilled dreaming of using her over and over, and then he... came hard, his body was shaking and his voice softer, still pulling hard on her hair. He shuddered and groaned lower and softer yet. "I'm not done with you yet Belle" Then produced a kinky plug like device, a kind of pussy pacifier, followed by slowly withdrawing his hot slick cock from her well used dripping cunt, then quickly forced the knob like end past her tight pubic bone opening and once through her tightness locked itself in! Charles again told her to squeeze her cunt, so it would stay firmly in place. "I want to trap my jizz like black baby-making seed inside you until I have more to give, which won't take me terribly long Belle. Your sweet little pussy will stay full warm and wanting while it waits for more."

It was late afternoon, getting dark, and she was still wriggling with waves of pleasure. Her legs were weak as he let go of her hair and wrists leaving her barely able to stand. Charles, following his plans, had borrowed from the museum a period uniform - that of a prison guard along with the museums real leather cuffs, and laced her wrists helplessly behind her back, nice and secure. What next she wondered? Then he fixed a real slave like convict collar around her neck and attached a lead, another of real prison tools used back in the day. He left her standing naked painted while he slipped on his jacket and trousers. She could see the people below in the park. Some had stopped and were still pointing, others were starting to disperse as this erotic sex show seemed to be over at least for the moment.

"Ah Belle, you will have to stay with me tonight for sure, but first I want to show you Hyde Park, and the Barracks " as he led her to the door. Holding back she said. "But aren't there people still in the office", remembering that Reggie had shown up with no warning whatsoever.

"No Belle, I had everyone leave on time and the cleaners won't be here for at least another hour" He opened the door with little hesitation and pulled her out, leading her along the hall. She didn't have much choice being in a weakened orgasmic state. She knew if he was going to take her to his place later, and do what ever he liked all night, with or without her consent. Her pussy throbbed with anticipation as he walked her to the service lift. Inside the walls of the lift, she could see their reflections. He was dressed and she was completely naked, smeared with paint and ink, collared and bound, hair ragged, red lipstick smeared with paint and her juices oozing, like that of a woman who had obviously been sexually well used!

He pushed her against the lift, holding her helplessly and kissed her again deeply with such passion, and conviction as he pressed the lifts control buttons.

Her knees still weak,.. her heart rate slowing, this had relaxed her pubic muscles some and Belle did not realize that her pussy had relaxed and started to really drip from his incredible load of semen, then realized it was going to be very difficult to hold the plug in!

It felt like they were going down. Didn't he say he was going to show her off? The lift stopped and the doors opened, it was on the ground floor that opened into the service lane. She could see city lights just starting to glow reflecting off the moist stone walls.

It was warm and humid after the earlier spring rain and occasional thunder storm. She was reluctant and concerned that he had brought her here, not thinking he would actually do this. Surely he would not humiliate her like this by taking her out in public in the real world, naked and painted!

She could hear the sounds of cars and people chatting on the way to their evening appointments. Once she fully realized what he intended to do she became terrified and pulled hard on the lead, trying desperately to resist. But Charles was strong and was very sure of his wicked plans.

As he pulled her from the service lane out onto the paved walk that led to the park then said "Now that our pleasurable erotic meeting is over for the moment, I'm taking you to the Hyde Park Barracks for some.... real fun." She stiffened her legs, dug in her Mary Jane's an tried hard to turn away and retreat to the lift. But the only sound that could be heard was of her heels scuffling along the pavement as she said 'no, please no and tried to hold back! "Don't worry Belle my sweet" he said "we'll just tell them it's all part of the Hyde Park Convict Barrack's reenactment" scheduled for the week end !....

To be continued in part two
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