The Audtion
I was sitting in the middle seat of one of those jumbo jets, petrified. Pam had the aisle seat, and however, she talked me into going on this trip with her was beyond my imagination. The only good thing about this trip was it was dog free. Pam had filled me with drinks at the airport lounge, but it still did not affect me when the engines started whining. We started moving, and my hand clutched the hand rest on the seat. The young man sitting by the window seat said, "Ma'am, just try to relax." ‘Ma'am!', Who does he think he is addressing, sexy me the hot one that Bob calls his hot piece of ass. I didn't feel sexy because I was nervous at the prospect of zipping through the clouds. He gave me some more consoling advice with another attached Ma'am. I thought, ‘Honey, you don't want to call me Ma'am again, not this hot piece of ass or I show you what a Ma'am can do.'

I just closed my eyes as we screamed down the runway. He had the balls to pat my hand as we started flying. Weird sounds came from all over the place, but I did finally open my eyes. Pam was sleeping. Boy wonder was reading a book. I took a peek at what he was reading, and it was one of those shades of gray things. Oh, boy wonder might be horny. He did hold the book low on his lap. He either had perfect eyes or a hard-on he was trying to cover. Unfortunately, all the booze of courage Pam had put in me was starting to have its effect. With no common sense left, I reached over and felt whether it was good eyes or a hard-on. I had to relieve my curiosity. He smiled and lifted the book to make more room for my hand. With much one-handed ability, I managed to unzip him and let his boy toy out to play. He was a match for my dear departed husband, four inches. I stroked as he pretended to read.

I finally turned to see if I was being stupid enough to believe nobody could see what I was doing. But I was wrong, as a lady sitting on the aisle one seat back had the best view. I tried to interpret her smile, but her eyes never left my stroking. Boy wonder tried to cover his cumming with a cough. That just drew more attention, and we got his book all wet. He did his best to clean, but I just patted his hand and said, "Thanks, I needed that." I am pretty sure the flight attendant knew what was going on but ignored it. She was a cutie almost like my Elaine. She handed me a folded note, telling me that it was the lady across the aisle. I opened the note and read:

‘You do that for gals too?
If so when they turn off the
seat belt sign meet me at the
back restroom. The stew will
cover for us as long as she gets
a little herself.'

I guess that took me out of the Ma'am category. I waited for the seatbelt sign to turn off. Boy wonder wanted to have a conversation. He asked, "Would you be interested in an audition for an adult film?" Because I was feeling no pain, I said, "Love to, but my friend has to audition also." He gave me his card with the address, as the seat belt light flickered off, I got up to go on my adventure. He moved over to my seat to talk to Pam who now wide awake wondering what the hell was going on. I made my stumbling way back to the restroom and met the cutie who handed me the note. She smiled and reached down and felt me up. The woman sitting catty-corner watching me jack off boy wonder arrived and said, "Hi, my name is Linda. Shall we get to it?" Now Linda had a big ass and tits that would not quit. I thought she could have her reality tv show. She was a good looking woman with a statuette face. We both entered the restroom.

Now, these jumbo jet restrooms are not designed for making out and having sex. Linda is prepared. Bare legs, no panties, she sits her big behind on the sink, and I went to work. Her bushy pussy matched her size. It was hot and wet. She asked, "Do you kiss? I love to be kissed." I said, "Linda, I will kiss any hole you got!" She grabbed me and started kissing me. Damn, she is a hot one. I scooted down, holding her legs and I got low enough to get my mouth on her cunt. It took about 20 licks of her clit for her to cum. She held her hand over her mouth. I guessed she was the noisy type. A rap on the door and when I opened the door there was a line of people who had to go. What the hell happened to cutie? The last guy I passed in line on the way back to my seat, mumbled something about ‘' whatever the hell that is. All was quiet the rest of the flight. Boy wonder slept, Pam yakked about Elliott, wondering if he missed her, and I took a little nap also. When the wheels bounced on the ground, I woke up with a gigantic headache. Pam and I made our way off the plane. There was cutie standing by the door. She smiled that cute smile and handed me a card, with her phone number on it. Cutie wasn't going to give up that easy, and I indeed was willing to help.

Pam hailed a cab, and we were off to the hotel. The cab driver was offering a fun place for two ladies like ourselves. Come on, were we that obvious? Another card, I was starting quite a collection. We checked into the hotel with Pam getting ready to go to her meeting. She said, "At least I got some good sleep on that flight." I replied, "I got some, too!" "What the hell does that mean?" she asked. I then told her about jacking off boy wonder; my adventures with Linda in the restroom; and cutie handing me her card if I want to play. "Damn, I invited you on this trip to get a little off you, and you are doing everybody else," she said. "Don't fret Pam. After your meeting, I will make your cunt weep with excitement." I said, which made her eyes brighten. I did not tell her about the audition with boy wonder, as I thought she might balk at going and I certainly wanted an interview. I was not going to do an adult video, but I owed him for all the ‘Ma'ams,' and I just wanted to tease him and make him beg to fuck me and walk out.

Pam left, and I immediately started dressing for my interview at Vitar Productions. Bare-legged with heels in a mini skirt, push up bra, lace bikini panties, low scooped neck blouse and I was ready to interview. The cab ride was short and my call to boy wonder before I left, gave him little time for him to assemble his crew. I went up a set of stairs in an old building and walked into a room with cameras, lights, and other equipment I had no idea how they would be used. There sitting right in the middle of the room was a king size bed. I was greeted by boy wonder and told how happy he was that I agree to this interview. "Just sit on the bed and relax ma'am," he said. And I thought, ‘FUCK YOU, SIR!'
The scurrying around by the crew with all the equipment placement was finally over, and boy wonder stood in front of me with his little clipboard and started the audition.

"Is this the first time you auditioned for an adult movie?"

"My first!"

"Have you thought about doing one?"

"I have fantasized about it."

"Do you think you would enjoy it?"

"Not sure."

"Are you married?"


"Did you have any affairs while he was still alive?"

"Yes, a few."

"Would you have any objection to being with a woman? Sometimes we have to substitute when the man can't get an erection."

"I don't think I would. You have somebody on standby?"

"We do girl on girl videos and use one of the gals already here."

"Would you mind taking off your blouse and skirt? We need that for lighting purposes."

Without saying a word, I took off the blouse and standing up I dropped the skirt. The two camera guys, the little guy with the clipboard, the guy who messed with the lights, and of course boy wonder became more interested in old ma'am, standing in heels, panties, and bra. Wherever the audio guy went, I did not know, but the questions continued.

"Are you uncomfortable right now standing like that in front of these men?"

"A little."

"Are your breasts firm without that bra?"

"A little droopy."

"Would you take off the bra so we could check?"

I unhooked the bra and let it slide off my boobs. If I stood in the right place the lights did not blind me, I could see significant bulges in the pants of the crew. The little guy with the clipboard the most significant. Figures! Big tree; big root; little tree; all root, as the old saying goes.

"Do you keep yourself shaved or do you have a bush?"

Now, the asshole was playing a game; he could very well see that I had no bush. The lace panties were sheer enough to establish that. I got the hint and played their game. I stepped out of my panties. Eyes were glued looking at my body. There were no more Ma'ams said. Just a few, ‘mmmm's' ‘on man!' more than one, ‘FUCK!' The lightning guy already had his cock out, when the two cameramen grabbed an arm and dragged me to the bed, threw me down and put something on my wrist. My arms were pulled to each side of the bed, and I am constrained. My ankles followed being restrained with my pussy open to the world.

Boy wonder stood at the end of the bed nude. This guy who I graciously jacked off was about to start a gangbang of yours truly. My legs were held open as he mounted me. I reasoned, there is no sense in fighting this, I cannot win. So enjoy your first gangbang, even if you did not agree. The boy wonder started fucking me and I fucked him right back. He was faster than when I jacked him off on the plane. He was replaced by one of the cameramen, who entered me with a grunt, while the other camera guy dangled his cock in front of my mouth. Of course, I blew him. That started a stampede of cocks by my mouth. The crowning delight was the little clipboard guy. When he got that thing of his in me and started fucking me. I came. Oh, did that feel good! You would think with all that cock I was taking I would have orgasmed before he applied his wares. He took his time and fucked me as a lady should be. When he fired, I humped him as hard as I could. He was crying as he came. He loved fucking pussy that is for sure.

After multiple usages of my body, the crew was finished. I must have had enough calories of cum for two meals. I watched them start packing all their equipment and hauling it out of the room. This was not a production studio. Boy wonder stood before me and said, "You are quite the whore, just like I thought you were. The key to the locks will be on the dresser, and when I leave, I will give you a burner cell to call your friend on the flight. By the way, our little conversation on the plane, she told me that you two were here to get away and have a little sex with each other. Too bad she did not come with you. I would have liked to see that. Oh, the audio guy, he wasn't guyed at all. I think you know him as Linda. See you in the movies, whore!" He threw a cell phone on the bed and left.

Pam arrived to take off my bindings. She had a million questions, but I was not in the mood for any of them. She said, "Let's get back to the hotel, I need to taste that pussy of yours." When I told her I wasn't going to do that I was sore enough. She looked disappointed but after I showered and douched, I spent the next few hours eating Pam off and on. I probably was not as good as Elliott, but with her multiple orgasms, she never complained once...

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