The Babysitter
It was a long evening out. My wife and I had finally decided to call it a night. Her friend Angie was going to catch a ride home with us, after a fight with her husband. It'd been a long week and the girls had had a lot of fun at this social. I had indulged as well, but not nearly as much as they had and definetly not enough to impair me.

As we get in the car Shari gets in the passenger seat and Angie jumps in the back. I pull out of the parking lot and get on the high way headed in the direction towards our house. I no more than get merged onto the highway when Shari lays her head on my shoulder and begins to rub my inner thigh. I know what she's trying to do, but I'm pretty nervous with Angie in the back seat. I can feel her looking at us, giving us the look as to what's going on.

I know both of them are a little tipsy, but didn't realize that Shari was going to be this emboldened. As I look in the rear view, I see Angie start to sit up and start to give Shari a hard time about "quit fooling around" obviously thinking Shari is just pretending. Before I know it Shari has my cock rock hard and out of my pants and goes down on me. She caresses the tip with her tongue, ever so slightly. At this point, I see Angie sit up and peek over my shoulder, laughing because she thinks Shari is just messing around. Shari must have felt this because at that exact moment, she sits ups, turns around and grabs Angie by the back of her head and shoves her tongue deep into her mouth. I about drive off the road in pure shock, still not quite able to process the whole situation. Angie pulls back after a 10 second kiss, obviously surprised. As I take our exit, I see Angie think twice and then kiss Shari again. Now, I'm still in disbelief, but all I can see now is my wife and her friend making out beside me while my rock hard cock just hangs out. I look down and see Shari's spit still on my cock, making it glow from the interior radio/clock light. I slowly start to rub my self as these two horny milf's are now eating eachothers face. I pull into the driveway and we all compose ourselves. We need to act normal as we head inside to send the babysitter home.

I let the girls out and put the car in the garage. I sit there a minute or two, contemplating on whether I should jerk off to what I just saw, or head inside before the babysitter walks out and were to catch me. I start to stroke it for just a second before I decide I'd probably better get inside.

I walk inside and the lights are still off, except for the lamp and glow of the tv coming from the living room. Our kitchen sits higher than the lving room, there is about four steps you walk down into as you go in the living room, so it's easy to survey the room before walking in. As I head towards the door I notice Shari and Angie are just behind the corner, making out and starting to undress one another. At this point, all shock of the situation has been erased and I pull my shirt off, step out of my unbuttoned pants and lean against the wall, opposite of them, and start to stroke my cock. This is unbelieveable! These two beautiful women, one of which is my drop dead gorgeous wife, are all over each other and I can only anticipate where this is going. While all this is happening, I just assume that they had paid Jess, our babysitter and she went out the back door or I missed her going out while I was thinking about jerking off in the garage. Oh boy, was I in for a suprise. As Shari and Angie come up for air and take their final pieces of clothing off, Shari sees me and grabs my dick as she sticks her tongue down my throat. We make out as I grab her ass, tits and shove my dick up against her. She stops kissing me and looks me dead in the eye with a really naughty look and smile on her face. She puts her finger to her mouth as to "quite" me and pulls me to the doorway by my dick. She sort of pushes me into the doorway and stands behind me.

I'm here to tell you, what I saw in the living room was something that even my wildest imagination couldn't come up with. There in the glow of the room, was Jess, our 18 year old baby sitter laying on the couch, with her back to us, bare naked, masturbating like it was her last time. Her perfect little teenage body was exposed, showing her athletic build with vuluptouis tits. She stands about 5'8 with a softball players build. Thick thighs, fat little ass and big perky tits. She's thick, but no where near fat. She's 18 with the woman's body and curves that will make any married man sneak off to the shower and have his own fantasy about her.

So, to set the picture, this gorgeous knock out babysitter of ours is fingering herself, bare naked, on our couch like it's her last time. My wife has me naked in the doorway watching, as she's behind me, holding my dick in her hand, and her friend Angie is leaned up against the hallways to my left, peeking around the corner, rubbing her own pussy. Abso-fucking-lutely incredible.

I try to contain myself some and fall back into the hallway, looking at these three naked women and give Shari the "what do we do" look. Angie and Shari look at one another and grab one anothers hands as they walk into the room. They walk beside the couch and I look for Jess to be startled. She isn't so obviously her eyes are closed. Shari and Angie both look back at me and smile as they kneel beside Jess. As they reach out to touch her, she IS startled and immediately embarrassed. She tries to cover up, but she has nothing to cover up with as there are no blankets and Angie is sitting on her clothes. I see the two smoke show MILFS start to slowly kiss her and caress her body as Jess is still startled and unsure, but slowly starts to give in. I'm still in the hallway watching all of this when I see Angie make the first move and goes down on Jess. I can see from a distance that Jess has a perfectly shaved pussy with big fat lips with her rock hard clit exposed. Angie starts to play with that as Shari caresses Jess' big tits and kisses her mouth. Jess still has no idea that I'm behind them all watching. As I watch this incredible site, I start to stroke my cock, knowing I won't last long if I'm invited in. I watch as Angie and Shari touch Jess ever so perfectly giving her from what I can only imagine is her first real orgasm. At this same time, I have stroked myself into my first load. The site was just to much.

As I relax some, I look up to see Shari giving me the look to come in. My heart immediately jumps into my throat and my dick instantly springs back to life.

As I come around the corner in Jess' view, she is even more embarassed and surprised than when the girls got to her. Again, she looks confused, yet with slight excitement in her eye as I walk in. Angie and Shari are still working on her, touching her, teasing her. She's obviously orgasmed once and I can tell both the women are close. The room is filled with the sweet smell of pussy and my hormones are all over the place. I approach Shari from behind and as I walk up, I can see that she has taken Jess' hand and put Jess' fingers in her pussy. I reach out and grab Jess' hand from my wifes pussy and have her grab my cock. As she grabs it I can tell she doesn't have much experience with this, as she's gripping it like she's trying not to fall off of a ride. I look over at Angie and the way that Jess' hips are bucking into Angie's face I can only assume she is trying to hold on.

At this point Jess has relaxed and has almost turned into the horniest one in the group. Shari has now worked her mouth down to Jess' tits and stomach and Angie I see is working her tongue up the inside of Jess' thigh. I watch them for a second longer as they meet in the middle and begin to make out again. I look back at Jess who still has a hold of my cock between Shari's legs. We lock eyes and we both know that before this is over, I'm going to fuck her. Her gaze is practically begging for me right now. She looks at me, grins and positions my cock head right at Shari's entrance. I can feel my wife's gaping pussy as she's so aroused. I feel Jess tug my cock and slide it into Shari. Here is the exact moment I was so happy I'd cum the first time already. Any man can tell you that the first time may only last 30 seconds, but that second time you feel like a marathon man.

So here I am, fucking my wife from behind, as her and her friend make out over the body of our gorgeous baby sitter. As I'm fucking Shari from behind, Jess starts to rub her clit. I'm not sure Shari last three seconds after that...she collapses on to Jess' tits while I keep pounding her and she keeps cumming. In one motion, I watch as Angie gets up and positions her self so she's scissoring with Jess. In my wildest fucking dream come true, I'm fucking Shari, who has now having her face attacked by Jess, who is getting scissored by our hot hot friend Angie. Both Jess and Angie have shaved pussies, clits exposed and cum all over both. They rub one anothers pussy's together until they both climax, while Shari still catches her breath.

Shari pushes my hips away and I slide out of her. She grabs Jess by the hand and pulls her onto the floor and spreads her legs right in front of me. As I again make eye contact with our beautiful teen baby sitter, I almost cum right here. I start to inch forward on my knees, but Shari grabs me from behind by the hips. Shit, I thought, she won't let me fuck this smoke show of a baby sitter. As I start to turn around and back away, Shari is right here behind me. She smiles at me with a little wink and I know that I thought wrong. I am going to get to fuck this baby sitter. She turns my head back around and I look down as Jess and i again lock's so damn hot to do that with this girl. My eyes dart away and down to her sweet little pussy. She's slowly fingering her clit and shoving one finger in and out. I start to inch forward again, but this time Shari reaches around from behind and grabs my dick. I feel her chin on my shoulders and her big goreous tits are pressed up against my back. She tugs my cock forward as we both semi crawl in unison towards Jess' spread open legs. As we get in closer, Jess lifts her legs and tries to wrap them around us. Her thick thighs, freshly shaved legs, soft skin and smell of teenage body lotion are intoxicating. For a split second I'm over come with excitement and feel like I'm about to throw up. I contain myself as Shari starts teasing Jess' pussy entrance with the head of my dick. She slips the tip in, rolls it around like she's stirring something in a pot and pulls it back out. She rubs the head of my dick over Jess' clit, pushing my hips in with her other hand so that the length of my shaft rubs her clit and her fat lips wrap around it. Angie is laying on the couch now, above us, legs spread and fucking her pussy with a dildo that Shari had brought in. Judging my her motion and the dildo, she'd already cummed multiple times watching this.

As Shari pulls my hips and cock back, she starts to tease Jess' pussy hole again. She slides the tip in and pulls it back out, but as she slides it back in the second time I feel her other hand push the small of my back as I suddenly am rammed into Jess' pussy, balls deep. This takes Jess by complete surprise and she instantly cums all over my cock. The teasing of her pussy and the cum used as lube from Shari's pussy allow me to slide in with no resistance. At this moment I have to pause and catch my breath. I look down and one of the most beautiful girls I know has MY dick so far in her she can't move. Her thick thighs are now wrapped around me and her gorgeous teen age perky tits are almost exploding they're so tight and aroused. Shari moves around beside me and grabs me by the back of my head. We make out for what seems like an eternity. It must've been a while and very hot or both, because as we're making out I feel Jess start to grab my hips, wanting me to fuck her. Shari feels this too and she pulls back and smiles at me, as she gives me a "get after it" wink. She moves her way over to Angie and I'm ready to roll.

I lock eyes with Jess again and we both grin as though we'd both been fantasizing about this exact same moment. I can't help but feel like a stud knowing this smoke show of ateen age babysitter has thought about fucking me.

I grab Jess by her legs and get those beautiful thighs on my forearms as I start my assault on her pussy. Before long, I hav them on my shoulders with my hands caressing her hips, so she can't get away. She's screaming in pleasure as I thrust in and out, in and out. She came extremely fast, but I wasn't letting her get away. I continued to pound that pussy. So tight and so eager for cock, I'd forgotten what a pussy had felt like that hadn't had a child.

Before I came, I know I had to have Jess from behind. Her fat little ass with thick and tight and was one of the main things I fantasized about when jerking off to her in my thoughts. I pulled her up and bent her over the couch, but not to far as I wanted to be able to grab those big perfect tits. As I'm doing this I'd almost forgot that there were two other women in the room. Shari and Angie were watching us, fingering themselves as they watched this real life porn right in front of them. As I moved Jess around, they moved with us. They positioned themselves to scissor. This site alone would have been enough for me in one night. But these two milfs knew what their pussies wanted and they knew how to get it. They kissed, tongued and fucked their way to orgasma after orgasm. I finally got back to Jess after I took my eyes off the other two. I stroked my cock a few times as I slid it into Jess from behind. Her perfect little ass fit perfectly into my thighs and hips. I grabbed her tits and pulled her into me by her tits as she writhed and moaned and grabbed my hips begging for me to get deeper. I knew I wasn't going to last long when Shari and Angie got in front of Jess and took turns making out with her while I fucked her from behind. I pulled out and for the last few strokes rubbed my dick between her ass cheeks, pushing them together with my hands. The sensation of her ass hole being rubbed by my dick caused her to orgasm one last time. I squezzed her ass cheeks together so that they totally engulfed my cock. The site of her perfect little fat ass and that it was thick enough to eat my dick was to much. I exploded all over her back and ass crack. I watched in enjoyment as my load rolled down her back and ass cheeks. Shari and Angie slowly kissed each other and Jess and carressed one another. I sat back in the chair and watched as things slowly came to an end, wondering what the fuck just happened.

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