The Barn
She had wondered why her mama and daddy didn't want her to go up to the barn when their two farm hands were working there. It hadn't always been that way.

Her parent kept on a short lease all of her life had left Elma in a bad way. Never allowed to date or do the things that other girls at the age of eighteen could do. Her parents had said that on her next birthday when turned nineteen she was going to marry their neighbor,Mr. Sloan, a man old enough to be her daddy and looked old enough to be her daddy's daddy.

Now late at night when the throbbing between her legs in her special place became to much for her to ignore, Elma rubbed it and thought of the two farm hands. They had been with her family for as long as she could remember. One white the other black, tall, lean muscular bodies, both having strange elongated eyes in deep blue and pointed ears. She remembered the first time that she met them as a small child after getting lost in her mama big vegetable garden. The two farm hand had found her crying because she was lost, but she stopped when she saw them. They knee down to her and she stroke their faces telling them that she thought they were pretty. Both of the farm hand laugh at her baby talk and her innocents. The each took one of her hands and kissed the palm which made her giggle. Elma in turn kiss each of them on their cheek, by then her father had found her. Instead of being happy to find her safe he response still puzzled her to that day. He was very anger and screamed at her,which only made her cry. Roughly picking her up her father said something to the two farm hands in an angry tone and carried her back to the house. As her father took her away Elma remembered waving good bye to her pretty new friends and they waving back. That was seventeen years ago and she still hadn't forgotten them. She had even tried to sneak up to see them a few times. Only to be found out by her father and the last time when she was sixteen Elma was given such a beating that she hadn't thought about trying to see them again until now.

As she rubbed her special spot she thought about them and wondered if they remembered her. She started to feel the tingle rise that she always felt as rubbed harder and faster between her legs. The spasm start deep inside of her special place and radiated out to the rest of her body causing her almost come off her bed as her release came. Elma buried her face in her pillow to keep her parents from hearing her moan. She knew that she would be beaten for touch her special spot, a place that was only for the man that her parents would married her to could touch. She had been beaten for because her mother had caught at it. Elma had not known what she did was wrong until her father beat her as her mother watched and explained why. Since that time she had done it in secret as she learned how to navigate her parents world of unspoken things that were off limits until you received a beating for doing it. Elma grew up keeping her thoughts to herself and being very aware of her surrounding as well as the people in it.

When her mother told her one morning over breakfast that she would be given to Mr. Sloan the next day, Elma knew that she had to act. She had to go and say goodby to the only two people who had ever show her any kindness.
That night while her parents slept in a deep sleep, thanks to the sleeping powder that she had put in their evening coffee. Elma creeped out of the house with the moon to light her way, she ran to the barn. Finding it locked, Elma remembered that her father carried a set of keys with him . That he never seem to let out of his sight. She remembered that the keys were always on the table near his side of the bed. So Elma ran back to the house,creep quietly into her parent bedroom and took the keys as her parents laid in a deep sleep snoring loudly. She ran back down to the barn, with the moon high now in the sky it gave light to whole barn yard. Causing Elma to open the barn door fast so that she would not be seen. Opening the door she stepped into the darkness of the barn. In spite of the light pouring through the few windows, Elma had trouble seeing, so she called out to them.

Are you here she said to the two workers, hoping that they would response and perhaps remember her.

They out like ghost from the bales of hay, naked and guarded in their stance.

"Do you two remember me ?"Elma said as she walked toward them, with no regard to their naked state. It was important to her that they remembered her now more so then any other time. In the morning she would be leaving the farm and them with no hope of returning.

They stepped into the stream of moon light coming through the upper barn door and for the first time in years she could see them up close. They were just as beautiful as she remembered them to be. One white and one black with blue eyes, pointed ears and long straight black hair. They looked at her through eyes with no pupils in faces that showed no expression.

Elma felt her a pain in her heart, at the thought that they didn't remember her, but then it was years ago. As a tear slid down her face, she turned to go and to face her uncertain future without the joy of being remembered.


She stopped and turned around just she she heard her name said noticing it said with a strange accent but not unpleasant to the ear.

She turn to see them smiling at her and she knew then that they remembered her. The little girl that they had found in her mama's garden so long ago.

Elma ran to them as they reached out and pulled her into their arms. Elma was so happy that she didn't see the look that pass between the two as she hugged them in turn. She had never seen the nude body of a man before nor had she even seen herself as her father didn't not believe in having mirrors in the house.

Elma was so sheltered that she had no friend other than books and her mother,when she felt like she wanted to talk to Elma which wasn't often. Elma had no point of reference to know that she was a beautiful young woman. With a mass of dark brown hair that hung down her back to her hips,large amber eyes in a face that showed her sweetness and general kindness. In two seconds,they realize that Elma was an innocent.

"Come and sit with us," the white one said as they both took her by the hand and lead her to a bale of hay where she took a seat facing them.

Elma sat there and just admire their beauty. So alike and yet so different in body and shape she didn't know which one to look at first. They seem unmoved by their nakedness, as she did since she didn't know if it was wrong or right to see someone with out their clothes on. That was something that she hadn't gotten beaten for yet. She allowed her eyes to admire them slowly looking down their bodies to that special place that she figured men had,but was much different then hers.

The two farm hand looked at each other and then back at Elma who was looking at their hard ons as something that she had never seen before.

Without thinking, Elma reached out and took the cock of the white one in her hands. She stroked it as she examined it and the sack of skin between his legs, which he let her do as the other farm hand looked on. Her touch while that of a novice was genital and warm. It brought him such pleasure that the white farm hand closed his eyes and breath deeply. Elma ran her hands over the rest of his body from front to back, exploring the body of another so different from her own. It brought a tingling sensation to her special place and a warm wetness started to gather there. When she had finished with the white farm hand she did the same to the black one who now guided her hands over his body as he murmured words in a language that she had never heard before. The white farm hand went behind her and lifted her night gown over her head as she stood up to touch the chest of the black farm hand. She was now as naked as they were and not knowing that she was doing anything wrong,Elma was not embarrassed by it. They in turned started to examine her knowing full well what they were doing one in front and the other in the back they start to touch Elma in ways that she had never been or would even imagine being touched. Starting at her head, the black farm hand traced her face and all that was in it with his fingers allowing them to linger on Elma's full pink lips. The white farm hand had moved Elma thick silky curls to one side and what he saw stopped from going further. He looked up and into the eyes of the black farm hand and showed him what was seeing.

Elma who did this to you and why?,the black farm hand asked as the white one continued to show him through his eyes the condition of Elma's back and hips.From her neck to the top of her hips,Elma's back was a mass of criss crossing of scars.Somewhere old and other where fairly new.

Elma felt a shamed and uncertain. There was so much that she didn't understand. No one told her things until she did something wrong, then she was beat in the way of it being an explanation.

Elma tell us, who hurt you and why, they both said at the same time,in what seemingly sounded like the same voice.

Looking into the chest of the black farm hand, Elma started to explain and when she was finished with tears running down her face she fall into the chest of the black farm hand and cried.

The two farm hands looked over the head of the weeping child/woman and realized that they had found another victim and prisoner of the farmer.

I am sorry to cry like that Elma said as she wiped her tears away with her hands and still looking down afraid to look up thinking that she would be punished for doing something wrong.

Elma, look at me, the black farm had said as he put a finger under her chin and tiled her head back so that she would be force to look at him.

You have done nothing wrong.

Yes, you have done nothing wrong , the white farm hand said from behind her as he move closure to sandwich her between the two of them.

The could see the confusion in her eyes and smell the fear coming off her.

No Elma you didn't nothing wrong , the Farmer is the one who is wrong they again said in the same voice. With that said he lean down and kissed her softly on the lips as the white farm hand began a slowly and patience seduction from behind her.

With just their hands and mouths they explore Elma's body. Causing her special place to be come very wet, hot and ache. When the white farm hand slid a finger into the hole between her legs as the suck at one of her breast and he pinched the nipple of the other Elma thought she would come a part.

The information that Elma was a virgin was passed without words between them as words had been passing since she had come into the barn. Not knowing who she was at first they had thought to kill her, but now knowing that she was the little one who had they had found in the garden change all of that. Also knowing that she was a much a victim and prisoner of the Farmer as they were aided in their decision to let her live. Now as she stood between them, innocent of intimacy and of the world, they saw no reason not to indulge her desire to explore and to understand the cause and effect of her exploration. Laying her down on the hay where they made their bed, laying her between them they started her exploration by kiss her,first one then the other as their hands wander over her. Squeezing breasts and sliding fingers into her special place to play with the nub here. They wanted her nice,wet, and wanton when they took her, so that the pleasure would over ride the pain that they would cause. As Elma had never seen a man body she didn't know that she was with beings that where not human . The farm hands cock were covered with nubs that rose up when aroused and their tongue long coming to a point were in mouths with very sharp teeth with two long fang like teeth on each side of their mouths that was retractable. As she laid there between the two of them all she knew was that were sending her into sensory overdrive. She wanted them to do something to her but she didn't know what it was or how to even ask for it. So she did what she could do,Elma reached for the cock nearest to her slid down the body and slid into her mouth. Sucking as much of the cock as she could into her mouth, Elma massaged it with her tongue and if to taste it and feel it a new way. She felt the cock swell and the rising as she got a taste of his precum. It was like nothing she had ever tasted, and she wanted more. So sucking hard on his cock, Elma unknowingly causing owner to become more aroused and has he grabbed her by head sink his fingers into the thick curls the white farm hand pushed and pulled his cock out of Elma's hungry mouth as the black farm hand looked on with eyes that had turn and unnatural deep green to match the white farm hands. Their eyes always showed green when their passion was aroused and it was with this innocent between them. There was no sexual desire that they would not explore with her.

Ahhhh I come ... the white farm hand said has he shot warm cumming to Elma's mouth who tried to drink it all. After she had swallowed as much as she could and had licked and suck the white farm hand clean, she reached over for the black farm hand stiff member and gave him the same treatment. He too came moaning as she sucked him into cumming,then she licked and sucked him clean. Sitting there between the two of them not sure at what she had just done or whether it was right or wrong, Elma looked up at them with fear in her eyes as she waited.

Elma we aren't going to hurt you the black farm hand said as he move closer to her as he moved her hair from around her neck to place a lingering kiss there. The white farm hand said nothing as he did the same. They held between them as they took claim of her body and heart. Again taking her to the sensual height where she would feel no pain, they each chose and as she was held between them both enter her at the same time.

When they enter Elma her mouth was covered with the mouth of the black farm hand and it was his mouth that she screamed into . She felt the pain of the entrances as her special place gave way and her behind was entered. They held her in place until she her tears had stopped and then they started to move in sink back and forth, in and out with her in the middle.

Not knowing what to do, Elma let the pleasure that was replacing the pain take over. She had been told little by her mother about sex other than that her husband when she got one would expect her to do her duty. She was suppose to lay there and let him do as he please with her body. Elma knew that in spite of whatever happens after to night she would never just lay there and do her duty. They laid claim to her until they could feel the sun starting to rise, but was not see by the human eye. Each taking turns with her as he other watch or assisted. At no time was she not touched by them and them by her. They ended with the both of them licking her clean with their tongues. The knew that she would feel no pain in her special place as Elam called it or anywhere as their saliva had painkillers and healing antigens in it. The took great care to lick the spots where they had marked her with their teeth. Once they had finished they laid her between them whispering their story to her.

Their name were Sear and Belian , the black and the white, the night and the day. Looking at them she understood their name as they were their names. They said that they were race call Elvin and were prisoner of war that taken place along time ago. They had been force to work for her father, the Farmer even thou the war had been over for a long time and others had been set free on both sides. They missed their families and had assumed that their families thought they had passed away in the war.

Elma felt so bad for them to know that they had been keep away from home, their families and to know her family was the cause of their pain and continue incarceration.

What can I do to help you get home and back to your family?, Elma asked

Sear and Belian looked at each other with hope and yet they worried about Elma being put in harms way.

No,Ederoi, we can not let you come to harm because of us. In time we will find our way back home. Sear said as Belian kissed her right cheek as his hand stroke her right breast and nipple.

Yes, Ederoi we can not let your father's anger hurt you anymore, Belian
said as he claimed her lips. Sear had moved closer and had put his mouth to the nipple of her left breast,as he slid his fingers in between the lips of her sex to arouse her.

No you don't understand, Elma said breathlessly as what they were doing was more then just arousing her.

What is that we don't understand Ederoi, the both asked in the same voice.

I am to be give away today to Mr. Sloan as his wife and I am almost certain that I will never return. Elma said as she looked into the green lust filled eye of her two lovers.

They said nothing in words spoken but between minds here was a serious discussion going on and it was pleasant.

Do not worry Ederoi, we will take care of everything, just trust us they said in one voice. Then they went back to reintroducing Elma to the pleasures that had not been know to her and others only the few who had take the chance or had been forced into found out.

It was almost dawn when Elma left the barn and the arms of her lovers. They had instructed her to say and do nothing out of the ordinary. They would take care of everything. She had asked them to spare her parent lives,even though they were two people who didn't care about the well being of others. They understood,after all they were her parents. The said that what they would do would effect the Farmer in other ways and that they would wait until she was gone before the acted. With long lingering kiss goodbye and promise made to be careful all around she went back to the house to face what the day would bring .

After breakfast her father told her to go and pack her things as he was taking her Mr. Sloan's where she was to become his wife. She had learned that morning that her father was getting a size able price for her. Her mother took her aside and for the first time that she could, remembered her mother told her things and let her ask question as to what was expected of her in her role as a wife and hopefully soon a mother. At the end of the conversation, Elma felt like she need to say thank you as if a stranger had given her needed information and not her mother. Then her mother surprised her by hugging her and kissing her on both cheeks as they stood by her father's car as he waited in the driver seat to take her to Mr. Sloan. Getting in the back seat she looked at the back of her father's head on the ride to Mr. Sloan farm. Not once did he acknowledge her existence. She wanted to say something to him but didn't know what to say or whether or not it would get her beating,so she said nothing.

Arriving at the entrance to Mr. Sloan Farm, her father got out and rung a bell that was attached to a tall pole on the side of the road. The bell was so loud that it seem like it could be heard for miles. He did this 3 times each time waiting for the ringing to stop. Her father got back in the car and drove down the road leaving the main road behind. Elma figure that the bell ringing was to let Mr. Sloan know that he was having visitors. Her father drove on for a few miles and then stopped he car.

Elma looked at the back of his head,not knowing what was going on. She had thought he would take her to Mr. Sloan, but that now seem to be not the case.

Get out Elma, her father said a voice that show no emotion. She had hoped that today might be different between them,but she had quested wrong.

Elma got out of the car and her father drove off without a word to her. He went down the road and found a place to turn around which he did. On the way back he stop the car in front of her.

Elma got excited thinking that he father would talk to her, say something kind for once. She ran up to the car and as he rolled down the window Elma waiting to ear what he had to say with a smile on her face. She was reward with a slap to her face so hard that it made her ears ring. As she back up from the car and fell to the ground,Elma looked up in surprise and shock.

What did I do, Elam said to him with tears now running down her face that was now throbbing with pain.

"You will do all that you husband demands of you, you will obey his every word and wish and you will not speak unless spoken to. No get up you cunt and walk to your husband house." with that said her father drove off leaving her on the side of the road in tears. As he looked in his rear view window, he saw his child for the last time. She had risen to her feet,picked up her suitcase and was walking down the dirt road toward Mr. Sloan. He smiled approvingly as he drove away and then spend the trip on thinking about how he was going to spend the money that he just made off selling his daughter to a man who had killed his last 4 wives.
Elma had stopped crying when she made the turn to take the short over grown path to Mr. Sloan's house. Scared, in pain and tired of life she stood there, with some inkling at what waited for her. More of the same but probable worse, he would killer and buy another woman when she was gone.


Elma heard someone calling her name she started to run back up the road figuring that the life she had know was not worth living anymore.

Elma, stop it is us .

Elma turned around and saw Mr. Sloan walking toward her.
She screamed and ran, dropping her suit case she ran like a mad woman crying and screaming all at the same time. She was grabbed from behind by strong hands and pulled into the body of the man who had grabbed her.

Elma beloved it is us, Sear and Lilian

Elma stopped fighting him and slowly turned around to see the form of Mr. Sloan melt away to replace by Sear. Whom arm she ran into,crying kissing his face and lips all at the same time.

"Where is Belian?," she asked between kisses.

I am here and she looked over Sear shoulder and saw him walking up the road toward them coming from the house. When he joined them, he received the same treatment from her. The kissed turned from greeting to passion as they stripped her of her clothes leaving her naked. These things here you will not be needing anymore,this is your past and we are your present and future, Sear said and Belian concurred as he kissed her as he fondle her bare breast.

How did you get here, I mean why did you come here, why didn't you two go home? Elma asked as she look at them.

"When you left the farm we had been gone for sometime. In fact we left the farm right after you left us and came here and waited for the Farmer to bring you to us."Belian said as he stroked down her back to her hips smoothing the damage surface of her skin.

You need now worry anymore about Mr. Sloan as he is no more. It seem he had become ill and died and since no one was here to take him we did. Sear said as he glanced over at Belian who nodded his head in agreement. The felt there was no reason to tell Elma that they had killed the monster who was had been waiting to ill use her. They had made a meal of him and now were back at that strength level enabling them to do many things.

I have the gift to be able to take on any form that I choice, so I will be Mr. Sloan when need be said Sear. Which will not be often as he is a recluse and doesn't have any family who come to visit him. So let us go to our place beloved they both said in the same voice as they took her by her hands and lead her to her future.


The Farmer return to find his farm hands gone and he farm in a terrible stated
all that had grown there was dying animal and plants. He went into such a rage that he beat his wife, Elma's mother to death and then buried her in the vegetable garden which she love beyond all else. He never contacted Mr. Sloan again, nor did he hear from Elma. It is said that he spent the last of his days living in an anger rages that was so terrible no one came near him. The Elfs paid him a visit the last night he was alive and then told him about his grand children 5 in all and that they wife is daughter was now pregnant with twins. They also told him what a good wife and mother she was and how happy she was with them and they were with her. They leaned over him as he sat in his chair in what use to be a dinning room in a house that Elma kept clean as she worked as slave for parents. It was was now filled with trash and filth. As Sear and Belian smiled down at him they could smell the sour scent of his fear. They then turned to their true selves smiling down at the Farmer with razor sharp teeth accompanied with fangs. They were the last things the Farmer saw as they ripped him apart and dined on his flesh.

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