The Beach Trip
She had finally worked up enough courage to take her vacation and come visit me, we had sent over 400 emails to each other. She had some me some sexy pictures of herself, including a few nude shots. She had taken the train to see me and when she arrived I was waiting for her. I immediately recognized her from her pictures, she wore s halter top dress and flip-flops as the weather had been running near the mid 80's. I rushed to her and our tongues wrestled with each other's for what seemed to be ages. We broke our kiss and finally said hello to each other. Her pictures didn't do her justice and I told her so, her response was a mire blush. I brought her home and cook a small dinner for her which we both enjoyed. After dinner she said she was tired from her trip and wanted to retire which disappointed me as I was ready to fuck her senseless but being the gentleman I am I gave her space and told her we were going to the beach the next day. She giggled saying she loved the beach then went to bed. You

I awoke her in the morning, all she wore was a knee mid thigh length cover with flip-flops. I took her to breakfast at my favorite restaurant and we were finished I drove to one of our local beaches only I didn't tell her it was a nude beach. I parked and we made the long trek to beach and made the right turn at the bottom of the steps and walked for about 5 minutes till we found s secluded area. I spread out a large blanket so we could lay down. I stripped naked and saw a sort of shocked look on her face but reassured her I did it all the time still not telling her it was s nude beach. She removed her cover up then her bikini and laid down. I took the suntan lotion and lathered up the back of her legs and back. When I rubbed it on her ass cheeks I dipped my finger into her pussy which brought out a soft moan. I then had her turn out and applied lotion to her feet, the front of her legs and arms. My hand lingered over her pussy and rubbed her clit. She raised her hips to meet my hand which forced my fingers inside her. I bent my head down and took a nipple in my mouth and started to suck on it. She began moaning and in no time anounced she was cuming. Her pussy clamped down my fingers and her body shuttered the longest time. When she came down from her orgasm she said "I needed that". I finished putting lotion on here and layer down next to her.

Awhile later I sat up after hearing voices and looked around and saw a couple set up about 30 feet from us. She looked about 28 years old, 5' 4", long blonde hair, shaved pussy with 38dd tits. He looked like a Greek god. 6'6" tall, shoulder length hair with a cock that was about 9" long flaccid. I reached over and shook
Judy awake. I admitted I had taken her to a nude beach she replied " I wondered why you undressed so quickly". I sort of laughed and said "take a look at this guy". Her eyes opened wide, her jaw dropped open and I noticed her nipples went erect. They were long, hard and a dark brown color.

I mentioned to her how she was always saying how she wanted to please me. " I remember ". "Like what you see"? I said. She nodded her head. I got up and went over to introduce myself. She watched us chat for a few minutes all the while playing with her pussy. I brought over Scott and Sami to meet Judy. Her eyes went straight to Scott's cock and I noticed she was starting to ooze her wetness. Judy looked at Sami, her eyes asking permission. Sami nodded her head and Judy fell to her knees and took Scott into her mouth and started sucking on his cock. Sami and I sat down to watch the show in front of us.

Judy put Scott limp cock into her mouth which brought and instant reaction from Scott. His 9" cock grew to length and looked as though it grew at least 3 more inches. After a few minutes Judy laid back and spread her legs as Scott kneeled between her legs. She looked over at me as Scott entered her her, she smiled then screamed "oh God". Her pussy was so wet he buried himself completely in stroke. Scott pumped his cock in and out of Judy's pussy making her wrap her legs around him so she could meet his thrusts. I looked over at Sami and she was sitting up with her legs spread fingering her pussy. Her erect nipples looked like inch long pencil erasers. I moved behind her and squeezed her nipples hard as yes escaped her lips. I had her get on her hands and knees and entered her. Her pussy was tight and grabbed my cock. I fucked Sami as hard as I could as she keep watching Scott fuck Judy. Moans and the sounds of banging flesh filled the air which caught the attention of a few other men on the beach. I looked over and saw they were masterbating. After what seemed liked hours Judy announced that she was coming and that Scott should fill her pussy up with his cum. "You want it, you got it"! Scott's cum shot into her as her body stiffen as her orgasm hit her. She screamed her enjoyment then went limp. As Judy screamed I yelled "I'm cuming". Sami pushed back on my cock driving it deeper into her pussy and hitting bottom. My cum shot into Sami hard eliciting "YES,YES,YES". I fell onto Sami's back as we fell onto the blanket exhausted. Slowly Scott and I crawled off well fucked pussies and return to our girls. I looked at Judy and watched Scott's cum leak out of her pussy knowing mine would be leaking out of her later. I thanked Scott and Sami for coming over. I went back to Judy as she looked up at me and said "Best vacation EVER". All I could say was "wait until tonight"!
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