The Beginning
We met in here. We "clicked" as soon as we chatted and things warmed up quickly between us. I soon learned she was an unhappy sub in that she couldn't get from her Dom anything but sex that had her totally controlled, and she never really felt that it was as enjoyable as what freestyle fucking would be.

I'm not really a Dom kind of a guy, but you could call me Alpha. I thought I could-provide her with the fun she had been missing. We talked about it at length and she wanted to meet me to see if we were a match. Since we didn't live too far apart, that was a fairly easy goal and we met for "coffee" one afternoon.

She was lovely. A warm smile, eyes filled with happiness and almost laughter, golden hair with natural curls, and curves that made me want to see more. After about an hour where we got to know each other better and our bodies started to get primed for more than talk, we found a nearby hotel.

I checked us in and took our bags to the elevator. Once the doors closed behind us, she reached for me, kissed me and pressed her body hard against mine. What a first kiss! Soon the doors opened on our floor and we almost ran to our room.

It was a lovely suite with a living room and bedroom filled with luxurious furniture well suited to being used for what we both wanted and needed. I dropped our bags and took her into my arms for our second kiss and my hands slipped down to her ass so I could pull her up against my growing hardon.

"Oh, sir! What do you want of me?" She whispered.

I told her that this is not going to be a Dom/sub game. "Whenever you do not have your collar on, you and I are equals. When I bring out the collar and put it on you, the game is different. Tonight, you are going to get what we have talked about for so long and I hope you enjoy it thoroughly."

She smiled shyly and started to undress me, kissing the flesh she had exposed. Soon I was naked and it was my turn. I lifted off her sun dress to find only a red lacy thong. For now, that stayed. I took her hand and led her to the bedroom where we pulled down the linens so we had crisp, white sheets for our love nest.

"What do y want me to do, Sir? She asked.

"I want you to tell me what you want me to do with you to get you wet, turned on and ready to fuck me."

"Mmmmm, I like that idea." She said. "Eat my pussy, finger fuck me and make me cum." I did just that, her thick, sweet tasting nectar on my face and fingers. I kissed her so she could enjoy her taste, too. She clamped on my fingers so I knew she had cum. I took her legs, pulled her to the edge of the bed and lifted her legs to my shoulders.

Sliding my dick into her was wet, tight and totally arousing. I had to stop for a second to keep from cumming. She felt so good! I kissed her foot and took her big toe into my mouth as we began to stroke. All I could hear was soft moans and "yes!" As our rhythm steadied at a pace that could only end up with both of us exploding together.

Soon, I pulled out and rolled her over to enter her doggy style with her feet on the floor. As soon as I rammed into her, she cried out that she was cumming and her pussy tried to squeeze all the blood out of my cock. Fuck, she is and felt good!

Soon,she was cumming often and stronger than before. My stroking was more like my fist was trying to milk cum out. I felt my orgasm beginning to electrify my groin and I told her I was there. "Take me!" She did as my cum shot into her cunt and warmed her all the more.

I pulled out and moved her to the center of the bed so I could slip into bed next to her. She l,oozed into my eyes, kissed me and said, "Thank you, baby. That was good."

We fell asleep, totally spent.


"I thought you'd never ask."
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