The Benefits of Plasma Television
The Benefits of Plasma Television

MaloMarz6969 - Lol what a freaking idiot. So what are you up to?
Sbarron85 - Just waiting for Matt at his place. He is supposed to be working late.
MaloMarz6969 - Aha. I did not know that office drones had to work so late, honey its 11pm!
Sbarron85 - I know that, what are you implying?
MaloMarz6969- Well I think he is out too late to just be desk jockeying.
Sbarron85 - Well I trust Matt so kaput 4 your theory. What are you up to aside from prying into my personal life?
MaloMarz6969 - I'm on this online forum and I'm just deliberately fucking with these people. There is one guy who is like bitching about these stories people submit. He keeps bitching and moaning about transsexuals so I am uploading these disturbing pictures of cross dressers and post op tranny women who look like men but have a vagina.
Sbarron85 - Wow that is incredibly sad. Weird because you are the biggest pussy I know
MaloMarz6969- The power of the internet, chica ;)
Sbarron85 - Okay I will leave you to it then
MaloMarz6969 - Sharon, Wait! B4 you go I want to show you something
Sbarron85 - Marla, Please no creepy tranny pics. I have to work in the morning and I need some sleep.
MaloMarz 6969 - Relax it's not that, check this out, you can't tell me this is not hot.

Sharon waited impatiently as Marla uploaded the photo to the chat window. She knew it would be an arousing picture but did not know how so. The thought of another post op tranny picture made Sharon recoil. She began to toss her red tresses with her hand as she watched the photo sharing applet load. Times like these she wished Matt would pay for broadband instead of having to siphon a wireless connection from the local pastry chain store.

Just then Marla's file transfer was complete. Sharon opened the file using her local paint program. To her surprise she let out a moan. The image she saw in front of her was absolutely beautiful. The image depicted two Asian lesbians, naked and covered in body oil engaging in a sensual embrace. Although they were just embracing each other, the looks on their faces were of pure ecstasy and bliss.
The image aroused Sharon in many ways. She had longed to have sex with another woman
But she loved Matt dearly and did not want to end their relationship. But Sharon longed to engage in a lesbian tryst with her best friend Marla.

Marla was a voluptuous curvy Latina that Sharon had known since High School. Sharon found Marla to be so very sexy but she was always in her own world. Although she could be selfish at times, she was very endearing and reliable. Sharon once considered finding an NSA partner online, but who would be a better choice, some woman you found on a classified ad website or your busty best friend that you have known for years? Sharon was scared to ask Marla in fear that it would ruin their friendship. What if she does not feel the same way? It would be hard to associate with each other after such a proposition.

Sharon continued to admire the image. The oiled bosom of both women and the looks of pleasure on their faces made Sharon tingle. She was so entranced by their loveliness she had to push the computer chair away from the desk. She stood up and walked to Matt's bedroom where she left her purse. She grabbed her mp3 player and quickly returned to the computer. She plugged it in and then synchronized the image to her mp3 player. With quickness Sharon practically leapt to the living room. There she plugged the mp3 player into the plasma television. Matt purchased the television for the Super bowl with intentions of returning it. One of his friends spilled a beer on the television so the return policy was null and void. He was now stuck with 56 inch plasma that he watched only twice a week.

After the light touching of the click wheel Sharon was greeted with the large image of the two women. She left the image on repeat as she made her way to the couch. The women were so gorgeous. It stirred up feelings of yearning that Sharon had hid inside of her. Aching to be touched by Marla, to feel her breasts pressed against her back. Her lips on her neck as she kissed her ever so gently. Her hands making their way down her sides, cupping her petite breasts, squeezing her nipples as Sharon moaned.

As these thoughts raced through her head Sharon removed her clothes. She reclined back onto the couch and spread her legs, leaving her left leg to dangle on the couch arm. Sharon gently stroked her legs, pretending that it was Marla touching her milky white skin softly, each touch sending waves of electric energy up her spine. Marla would start nibbling on her ear as she slowly dragged her fingertips up Sharon's leg to her thigh. Then Marla would trace little circles on her small thighs as she made her way into her moist area, rubbing her engorged clit until she came in waves.

Sharon moaned deeply as she dragged her fingertips along her inner thigh, thinking of all the dirty things Marla could do to her. The more she thought about Marla, the wetter she became and could not take the teasing anymore. She gently rubbed her lips and spread her legs wider until her clit was visible enough for her to see in her seating position. Her pussy was red from anticipation and glistening with cum from just thinking about her buxom best friend. Sharon dipped her right fingers in her sweet little honey pot and rubbed the juices over her swollen clit. It felt so good and refreshing she stuck her fingers in deeply, trying to reach her sweet spot.

With success Sharon groaned passionately as she felt her fingers touching that bean like spot. She stopped squeezing her small breasts with her left hand and furiously rubbed her clit as she stimulated her g-spot. Images of Marla fucking her with a strap on, licking her clit rapidly flashed through Sharon's head. Making her clit swell, her tight hole pulse. She wished she had bought one of her toys over; it would have been so hot to have something up her bum as she feverishly pumped her fingers in and out of her pussy.

Sharon stopped feeding her pussy her fingers and pulled them out to see the reward. They were glistening and covered in that savory juice. She rubbed those delicious juices over her nipples, loving the feeling that minor massage was giving her, wishing that she was feeding this delicious nectar with Marla. Sharon tasted it, so fucking good; too bad it has to go to waste. Sharon returned to rubbing her clit with that moist hand and then slowly guided two of her fingers back into her pussy with her thumb against her clit.

"Oh my gosh, this feels so fucking good!" Sharon shouted. Her throbbing love canal was tightening around her fingers; her chest was getting very red with passion. Her breathing became more labored as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure tried to release itself from her repressed body. Sharon furiously rubbed her clit with four fingers; her labia had become juicy and too slippery for two fingers. Sharon let out a loud yelp as she felt her muscles tighten and contract, the couch becoming soaked underneath her.

Drenched in sweat Sharon moved her leg from the couch arm and laid down. She was completely spent. While enjoying her afterglow Sharon heard a thud. Matt stood in the doorway with bags of groceries; he dropped one of them at the sight of Sharon, nude and sweaty on his couch.

Sharon abruptly tried to put her clothes on but Matt walked across the living room to her. He grabbed her hand as she was trying to button up her skirt. Sharon looked at Matt quizzically.
Babe, how long have you been standing in the doorway?" Sharon asked.
L"ong enough." Matt replied. He grabbed her hand and guided it to the bulging hard-on that was poking through his slacks; Sharon hesitated, and then smiled.....
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