The Bet -- Game 2
The Bet -- Game 2

He had won the bet to start this baseball fantasy; then he had come from behind to win the first game. I hated losing the bet, but the game had been fun. I did enjoy that last Wildcat move. . . where did that come from?? Now he wants to go for 2 out of 3. That means 2 more games, IF I win game 2. When this started out I just wanted to pay off the bet. That was it. I would never welsh on a bet. Now, I wanted to win, and 2 out of 3 was my only chance. I will accept this challenge. I will win. Yes, it is time to dominate the second game. Well, maybe not the BDSM dominate, but I will win decisively. He won't have a chance.

"Ok", I answer, "We'll play for 2 out of 3, but I need to freshen up first."

"You chicken?" he teases. "Or just still trying to recover?"

"Oh, Babe, I'm not chicken and I have recovered. You just go over there and sit on the edge of the bed and prepare for defeat." I slip into the bathroom before he notices my nervousness.

He kicks off his shoes and pants as he goes to the bed. He runs his fingers through his hair, and checks himself in the mirror. What?? Did he really check himself in the mirror? He's thinking he has this thing under control. This is going to be more fun than I thought it would.

In the bathroom, I freshen up, dab some perfume in a few sensual spots, fluff my hair, and add lip gloss. As I step back I think, 'not bad'. I still had on the stockings, heels, sexy bra, and garter belt. He was a sucker for spike heels and stockings. What did he do with those panties?? Oh, never mind, they'll be gone soon enough anyway. So here goes.

I enter the room, flip on my iPod, and off some of the lights.

"Marvin Gaye. Nice touch." he says. "You setting a mood for the second game??"

As Marvin sings, "Let's get it on", I try to move sensually to the music and my hands caressing my body. Walking slowly toward him, I begin fondling my breasts over my bra. My eyes never leave his face. His eyes never make it to my face. At least he didn't laugh.

About half way across the room I reach back, unhook my bra, and let it fall to the floor. Caressing my breasts, I push them up and together, as I slowly run my thumbs over my nipples.

"You're killing me." "Come here." "You are exquisite." "Enough, already." He's babbling. His eyes are still glued to my body.

"Aren't you enjoying my pre-game warmup?" I say in a soft breathy tone. I move my hand slowly down across my stomach. As I look over at him, I can see that his bat is definitely made of wood and he is ready to play, but he isn't thinking clearly. His brain had been taken over by lust. That's just where I want him.

"Alright, alright, stop." He shakes his head. "I won't last if you continue doing that."

I straddle him on the bed, grab the sides of his face, and kiss him hard. The kiss is hot and passionate. I can tell he likes the way this is going. He moans and pulls my tongue into his mouth, sucking gently. I move his mouth to my breast and say, "Enjoy, this. It is an intentional walk and It's probably the only time you'll get on base in this game."

He doesn't question his luck. He just takes my nipple into his mouth and gently rakes his teeth down to my nipple. My sharp intake of breath tells him he is headed in the right direction. "Do you like that?" Without waiting for an answer he swirls his tongue around the tip. Then takes me back in his mouth and flicks my nipple gently with his tongue.

He loops his hands through my garters pulling me closer. His mouth moves to the other breast and using his teeth again before taking the nipple back into his mouth. My pulse is racing. He is getting the upper hand. He slips his fingers down to feel my wetness.

At this, I regain my composure. I can't give in this easy. I will not lose this time. I pull back and began trailing kisses down his neck to his chest. Before I nibble at his peak, I move his hand, and whisper, "You're out; trying to steal second."

I have already lowered my hand across his body, wrapped it around his hard cock, and started stroking slowly, squeezing just enough. I stroke up and down with a slight twisting motion. My thumb circles his tip and feels the moisture that has already worked out of him. His head falls back and he moans.

"I'm already at second base, heading to third," I say as I continue my trail of kisses down his stomach to lap the pre-cum from his slit. I slowly kiss down underside of his rigid shaft to his balls and lick them gently, flicking my tongue playfully.

I move to a position between his legs and look up at him as I take his crown in my mouth sucking gently. His cock slides slowly, inch by inch, deep into my mouth as I continue to stroke. I move my hand to cup his balls in my hands, while sliding up and down his length with my mouth.

He is leaning back on his elbows now and says, "Damn, that feels good. I'd love to close my eyes, but I'm not missing a minute of this."

I lick from the base of his shaft to his tip, stopping to nibble before burying his full length as deep as I can. I return to my up and down motion until I notice that his breathing is getting ragged and his sack is beginning to tighten. I'm moving too fast.

So I stand up and push him all the way down on the bed. As I straddle his body, I pause to be sure he knows what is coming. I shove his full length into my core and I say, "Game 2 is mine!!!"

As I ride him in victory, he arches his back and thrusts to meet me. He growls from deep within as he reaches up to grab my hips. I feel him explode inside me. His thighs shaking as I feel my core milk the rest of his juices.

I lay on top of him, still holding him inside of me until our breathing returns to normal. We are both spent. After a few minutes, he says, "If that was losing, I no longer care if I win."

But what about game 3, the rubber game.

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