The Bike
I looked out the window. Sunshine and blue skies greeted me. It would be the most perfect day to work in the yard. I rushed around choosing casual clothes to wear for the day. As I dressed in front of the full length mirror I studied my body as each article of clothing covered its smooth surface. The shirt went on first hiding my well rounded breasts from view. The shirt stopped mid-rift, showing off my well defined abs. A pair of cutoff jeans slithered up my legs and rested gently against my hips. The bottom hem, frayed from multiple washings rested against my lean thighs. The frayed strings danced tantalizingly against my legs as I put on my s hoes and walked outdoors.

Oh yes, it was going to be a glorious day. I went to work with a zeal for my task. Before long the sun was high in the sky. Beads of perspiration trickled down my body dampening my clothes causing them to cling to my body. I continued my soothing yard work.

Suddenly I heard a horn, I turned on my heel and noticed a motorcycle slowly drive by on the country road. He waved at me. Not recognizing him, I causally waved and watched in amusement as he continued to watch me as he drove onward. Smiling to myself I turned back to the flowerbed that I was wedding. I was still grinning a few minutes later when I heard the roar of an engine slow come closer and die out as it came to a stop. I glanced around and slowly got to my feet. Not sure what to think, I cautiously moved toward the motorcycle resting in my driveway.

I watched as the lean muscular body finished propping his bike. My breath caught as his jean clad leg lifted up and over the bike. For a moment I felt a flicker of jealousy toward the bike for having been encased by those hard legs. Laughing at my own wayward fantasies I moved forward to greet my unexpected and unknown visitor. I watched as he reached up and carefully pulled the helmet from his head. This time it was an audible gasp as his crystal clear eyes came into view. I shivered with repressed emotions as I looked into those eyes. I was surprised at the rush of feelings that tore through my body as I looked into his soul through those round orbs. A slow lazy grin covered his face.

"As soon as I saw you, I knew it would be that way between us," he said as he moved forward. He stopped a few inches from my body. His hands reached out and grasped my upper arms. Caressing my damp skin he continues, "I couldn't pass by without knowing for sure. I had to come back."

I listened to his explanation as one in a daze as I stared into his eyes, drowning in the depths that were revealed to me. Talking apparently done, he leaned his head forward. Only his lips touched mine. They were soft and warm against me. An all encompassing heat coursed through my body as his tongue probed against me. My lips parted allowing his tongue to enter and dance in my mouth. Melting, I moved the final inches; bringing my body up against his. My hands reached around to his back, pulling him even tighter against me. I could feel a rumble in his chest at the exact moment that his hard body drew up against mine. His cock was pressing against me. My body shifted against him instinctively trying to pull him inside me. I lifted a leg and wrapped it around his waist. His hands grasped my hips and lifted. Feeling my weight being released, I quickly wrapped my other leg around his waist. My hips ground against him, our bodies strained against our clothes. Mindlessly I began to pull at our clothes, desperate to feel his skin against mine.

The sound of an approaching car brought me to my sense. "Around the back," I gasped motioning toward the barely visible back yard, unwilling to put on a show for the passing cars. He understood and with me still clinging to his waist, he walked around the house. As soon as we were in a private area our lips met again. Waves of heat washed over us and my body grew damp with desire. My hands reached for his clothes pulling them aside with a ferociousness that surprised me. His hands pulled my top up and over my head. He adjusted his grip on my body and took one of my high pointed breasts into his mouth. My nipple immediately hardened in his mouth and caused my hips to involuntarily bump and grind against him.

I wanted him badly and my actions made it plainly obvious. I un-clapsed my legs and lowered them to the lush green grass. Falling to my knees my hands came to the metal buttons on his jeans. With a desperation born from need I undid his pants and pulled them down. Hisr legs were hard with barely concealed muscles that I traced with my eager hands. When the jeans lay pooled around his ankles I slowly kissed and licked my way back up his lower limbs. My lips scorched his legs with a sexual heat that had his cock twitching and jerking even before my lips gently settled upon it. My hair twisted and twined around the throbbing member as I parted my lips and allowed it to slip deeply into my welcoming mouth. My fingers encircled and played in tandem with my mouth, driving him wild with passion. I could feel his cock jerk in my mouth as he pulled it out.

I gasped as his body fell to the grass, pulling me down. He positioned himself so that his cock sat pillowed between my thighs. His eyes held mine, looking for acceptance, his body poised at the entrance to my womanhood.

Feeling totally wanton, I raised my hips. His head slipped inside my warm depths. I urged him onward, my small sigh enflaming his desire.

He drove into me with a force that took my breath away. I clung to his tight body as he pumped in and out. My first orgasm came upon me. I screamed my release against his gentle mouth as he smiled and held me close to his chest. Still holding me tightly he rolled us over in the lush yard until I lay positioned astride his hard body. He lay beneath me as my body relaxed. I slowly started to move again. His body quickened and tightened within me.

My hands roamed over his chest as I satisfied my desire to feel every inch of his body. Our breathing became deep and more labored as we drove ourselves higher and higher. I was the first person to explode. I jerked as every muscle in my body began to spasm in rhythmic pulses. Buried deep inside me, his cock exploded. He filled up my pussy with his hot cum. As soon as his body stopped it's spasms he withdrew. Rising to his knees, he gathered me into his arms and lifted me against his chest. Striding across the yard, he tenderly deposited me onto the outstretched hammock. Leaning down he kissed me lightly on the lips before retrieving his clothes from where they lay scattered on the grass.

I lay idly watching as he pulled his shirt back onto his sweat slickened body. His pants came next. He smiled as he noticed the wetness that my dripping pussy had left upon the light denim fabric. He gave me on last fond look before turning and walking out of sight. I lay nestled in the hammock, the soft webbing biting gently into my soft exposed skin. The rumble of the motorcycle reverberated as a slight aftershock wave of fulfilled desire coursed through my body.

As the sounds of the bike faded into the distance, I closed my eyes to relieve and etch each second of this memorable encounter into my memory.
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