The Bikini Tree
The summer had just officially started but it was already hot, not just hot, but hot and humid. Which made the 90 plus degree temperatures feel closer to 100 degrees or more. When you live in a climate like this you learn quickly were the best water activities are. Living near the beach there were always the touristy type places to go but crowded with people who believed, that because they were on vacation, that they were entitled to special treatment, lines, rules, etiquette, plain courtesy did not apply to them as they are "on vacation". So local youth quickly found their own ways and places to enjoy the water.

Rivers and creeks were a favorite and each weekend brought scores of teenagers. Girls with their tiny bikinis and guys with mirrored shades so they could watch the girls in bikini's. Ropes slung over low hanging branches. Coolers filled with beer bought at convenience stores that catered to the underage clientele. Blanket or towels spread for girls to ‘lay out' which in this instance was short for, show tanned bodies to their best effect. Sometimes we took inner tubes and floated down the river girls tied tubes together, gossiped giggled and flirted. Guys looked from behind mirrored shades to catch a glimpse of tit or ass cheek. Couples held hands exchanging looks, touches and whispered words. Guys pressed for more, girls tried to resist, but eventually surrendered to the "right guy".

One of these rivers had a beach with white sand, pine trees and oaks, offering protection from the hot Alabama sun. This particular beach was sheltered from all but a bit of the main river. This was where my friends gathered on lazy weekends, where couples slipped into the woods with blankets, girls came back wearing the guys shirt because he would have her bikini top stuffed in his back pocket usually letting just a hint of material show. Then down the river at a particular tree he would proudly and with great whoops from the guys and ooh's from the girls, toss that top into the tree to be displayed for all to see. Just a silly tradition that today would come to mark the end of my virginity.

Mark and I had been seeing each other for a few months, we had tied our inner tubes together and as we floated down the river, with our gear in a waterproof bag tied to our cooler. I knew he hoped that today would be the day he made sure I saw army blanket he brought. Of course he told me he did not expect anything, but I knew he hoped.

I knew without a doubt that I wanted it to be today but the closer we floated to "the beach" the faster the bees in my stomach swarmed. They would calm every once in awhile as Mark did the best that he could to calm my nerves.

Mark was no virgin at twenty six he had been with other women and made sure to not push me. I was tired of the badge of virgin but fear of pregnancy, of being labeled a whore, slut, or worse my parents finding out, had kept me from submitting so far. Mark assured me he would bring a condom and would refrain from tossing the bra in the trees he did not feel the need to announce his "conquest" he told me he felt it was more of a gift to be treasured. Which of course was just the right thing to say.

We rounded the bend I knew would bring us to the beach already I could see our friends ahead paddling their tubes over towards the shore. My hands shaking I unconsciously clutched my arms across my chest fingernails digging into my skin nerves nearly making me sick.

My mind screaming with thoughts. What if he hates my body? You don't know what you're doing. What if you do something stupid? What if you are not good at this?

I looked up as Mark pulled our tubes closer to the shore then wrapped his arms around me.

Whispering in my ear, "I can hear your thoughts from here, you are perfect if you want this we will. If you don't we won't, it changes nothing."

Feeling safe and protected within the safety of his arms I knew I wanted this. "No it's just nerves I want this. Please."

Several minutes later with the ragged blanket tucked under his arm. Mark held out his hand to me, a question in his eyes. The first step took my breath from me but the next was so much lighter, my decision made my nerves morphed into a heady mixture of sexual tension and anticipation. Coming to a small clearing Mark stomped around making sure any critters would be well aware of our presence then he spread the blanket out on a lush patch of grass, and dropped to his knees.

"Come to me Cherry," his voice a husky plea. He pulled me back against his chest.

Kissing the top of my head he held me against his strong chest. My mind still going a mile a minute I turned to look up at Mark who smiled as he brought his lips down to mine. Our kisses became, touches as our touches grew bolder my mind finally settled as my body took over. My hands traversed his shoulders as I rained kisses on his neck and chest, tiny nibbles to his hard and muscular chest elicited a moan. He traced his fingers delicately down my side. His arms wound tightly around me as he lay me back against the time worn softness of the blanket. He lay beside me, his hands deftly slipping inside my bikini top to cup my lush round breast, fingers finding pebbled nipples to pinch then roll them between his thumb and index finger.

The distant sound of the river mingled with my soft moans and Marks deep ones. Reaching behind my back he untied my top and pushed the scrap of fabric aside my breast free and exposed to his greedy eyes and hungry mouth. His hand slid down my belly and dipped into my Bikini bottom, I cried out as, one long thick finger slid into my moist folds. My hips rose up to meet him as he finger fucked my virgin pussy.

His hard cock was pressed to my leg, I wasn't sure but I thought I felt it move, curious I shyly slipped my hand between us and wrapped my hand around his massive member. Then I felt it move, a tiny jerk that made me giggle. I had no idea that he could do that, a drop of creamy cum dripped wetting my fist. Curious I scooted down my face even with his large cock. He was so big my fingers could not touch as I grasped him. His shaft was long at least eight inches. I knew it was supposed to fit but looking at it I suddenly wondered how.

"It was made for you Cherry, don't worry."

"Not worried baby, I just want to explore. Is that okay?"

He groaned deep in his chest and at first I thought I may have upset or hurt him, but I quickly realized that I had done something he liked very much.

Up close with his cock for the first time I was enthralled it was hard as stone with silky smooth skin, heavy dark veins pulsed. The crown was something altogether different it was so deep red it appeared almost purple the texture was different than the shaft the slit on top was oozing a pearly liquid I knew was cum, without thinking too much about it I swiped the drop away with my tongue which caused Mark's stomach and thighs to tighten as he uttered a small growl. Watching his reaction I swiped the entire mushroom shaped tip with my tongue, before slipping it past my lips.

"Oh damn, Cherry I'm trying here but you are driving me mad."

I knew that he was happy with what I was doing which urged me on. I let him slip deeper and deeper within my mouth the backside of his cock laying on my tongue, which I used to suck him the head slipped down my throat and I nearly gagged but controlled the urge by breathing deeply. I did however learn to time my breaths with the strokes so I breathed deep right before his cock slipped to the back of my throat. Just as I sipped into a nice rhythm Mark grasped my face and pulled me up. At first I thought I might be doing something wrong but the look on his face told me other wise.

"Baby, careful or i'm going to cum down your throat."

He held my face kissing me passionately his tongue warring with mine. As he layed me back against the towel and climbed between my legs. I heard the rip of a package and then as I looked on he rolled a condom on, he looked deep into my eyes and whispered.

"Are you ready baby?"

Tears shining in my eyes I nodded. I wanted this and I would not leave this beach until I was fully his. I felt the head of his cock against my wet folds pressing deeper, the fullness a welcome presence. He slid still deeper the fullness was incredible then he paused.

"Breathe with me baby in, out, in..."

He surged forward filling me in one stroke, a hard pinch and it was over, I was no longer a virgin.
Mark held himself deep for several long moments, then he began rocking in and out of my pussy, I had no idea what to do but I needn't have worried as my body did. I rocked with him surging up as he dove deep we set a rhythm as old as the stars.

A fullness built low in my belly spreading a white hot heat through my core. I felt a need to reach for something I didn't know what nor did I really know how to reach it but instinct told me to move faster to take Mark deeper. I grabbed on tight and rode the feeling I was not going to stop until I reached that deep ache inside and set it free.

Mark's hands griped my hips lifting me up to him as he set a brutal pace, it was then the heat in my core tighten into a tight ball threatening to explode, Mark leaned down looked deep in my eyes.

"Cum Cherry, Cum for me now."

My eyes fluttered close as lights burst behind my lids the heat coiled in my core burst and released waves of pleasure that coursed up my nerve endings then did a u-turn and traveled just as quickly back to my core where they exploded in wave after wave of the most intense pleasure I had ever known.
My eyes flew open meeting Marks there was no need to guess if Mark was feeling the things I was as his eyes said it all I watched as he closed them tightly amazing sounds of pleasure and the look of pure ecstasy on his face then the feel of hot ropes of cum shooting deep within my core.

Mark pulled me close to him holding me tightly, as our breathing returned to normal.

"Your so sexy, Cherry. Thank you for trusting me. I'll never let you down. I promise you that. We need to get back to the river or we will be left behind."

We dressed slowly, touching and caressing each other as we did. I picked up my bikini top, thought about it for a moment. Then tossed it to him.

"Mark I'm going to need your shirt."

He grinned, as he pulled his shirt off and slipped it over my head.

We walked hand in hand, as we came upon the clearing our friends were already preparing to leave. Several of the girls looked at me and smiled knowing smiles. I also noticed several guys grinning and a couple of them secretly high-fiving, Mark.

We gathered our things packed them and set out on the river again. Around the next bend in the river was the tree, hanging from its branches colorful tops blew gently in the wind. I shyly smiled as Mark pulled my top from his pocket. He looked at me with a smile and a slight nod of my head, his fell back a loud hoorah on his lips. Both of our friends fell in as I hid my face in his chest. The initial embarrassment over, our friends went back to their cool summer fun.

©2016 Charity Robbins All rights reserved no reprinting without the expressed permission of the author
All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
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