The Birthday Trip - Written from her perspective.
He ran his finger over the bold type on the outside of the envelope. It read, "Max T, 605 Canal Street, LA, CA 90072." When he looked in the upper left-hand corner he saw there was no return address. His eyes moved to the postmark. It was unreadable. He quickly flipped the envelope over, slid his finger under the flap and opened it. Inside was an airline ticket from LAX to Las Vegas. He smiled to himself. With less than a week until his birthday, he knew things were about to get interesting.

He boarded the plane at exactly 8:50 a.m. on June 20th, turned off his cell and relaxed into his seat. The hum of the plane's engines kept him vacillating somewhere between consciousness and a dream state. The dreams finally won out and his mind began racing ahead to the sights and sounds of Vegas and what would be awaiting him there. When he arrived at the Las Vegas airport, a driver was waiting to escort him to a limo that was waiting outside. It would take him to Wynn. As he entered the car, he was greeted by a freshly made Bloody Mary. He only hesitated for a second before he took it in his hand and thought, "What the hell."

He checked into his room at the hotel where found a delicious lunch of grilled chicken, rice, and spinach salad waiting for him. As he sat down to devour it, he heard something being slipped under his door. It was a cream-colored envelope. He opened it. The only words on the note card inside were, "Casino 5:00 p.m." It was 3:15 now so he figured he had a little over an hour to eat and nap before he had to get ready. His curiosity had been piqued and possibilities were forming in his mind.

As he made his way into the casino, he heard someone call,
"Hey M.T."

He turned toward the source and to his surprise he recognized two men walking toward him.

"Damn! Ill Phil... Marcus! What are you guys doing here?"

"Got a ticket to Vegas in the mail and a note that says, Better be there'. Now you know I'm not passing that up," Phil smiled as he said it. "Got to the room and there was another note that said, Casino 5:00 p.m.' so man, here I am. Just saw Marcus on my way in, and now you. So, M.T., what's going on?"

"Not sure just yet, but I have an idea. Just waiting to see how it plays out."

At that moment an attractive hostess approached the three friends.

"Max T?"
"That's me."
"Will you gentlemen follow me please."

She led them through the casino, past the slot machines, black jack, and craps tables, and finally to the poker tables. "Gentlemen, please." She motioned them to three empty chairs at the table in front of them. As they sat, they noticed chips had already been placed at each spot. They looked back and forth at each other and shook their heads in disbelief and sat down.

Several hours, a few drinks and many poker hands later, Max began wondering if gambling was his benefactor's intended purpose of the trip. He wasn't complaining, but with all the possibilities that went through his head earlier, he couldn't help but think, there was supposed to be something more.

Twenty minutes passed and he got his answer. As he reached into his pants pocket for his vibrating phone, the text message met his eyes. "Floor 29, Room 27" was all it said. The phone number from which it was sent had been blocked.

Max finished his hand at the table and excused himself. He made his way to the closest elevator. Once inside, he pressed the button for the 29th floor. The elevator ascended and the doors opened, Max made his way down the hall. He could feel his anticipation increasing as he neared the room.

Arriving at Room 27 on the 29th floor, Max found the door ajar. He knocked lightly but there was no answer. He nudged the door open a bit.
There was no reply. Just then the phone in his pocket vibrated. Quickly he retrieved it and read the message. "Please come in and make yourself comfortable." He opened the door further to reveal a room bathed in candlelight and the silhouette of a champagne bottle and two glasses flickering on the wall. On the floor was a trail of red rose petals leading into the room. He thought he could smell just a hint of vanilla.

He slowly began to explore the room with his eyes. There was a light wood dresser, a state-of-the-art flat screen TV and entertainment system, floor to ceiling windows flanked by voluptuous draperies billowing onto the floor behind an overstuffed couch, a marble table for two set for dinner with the bottle of champagne chilling in an ice bucket and two glasses placed neatly beside it, and finally the large luxurious bed adorned with a gold-toned satin comforter and a small mountain range of pillows concealing crisp white sheets beneath. There was music playing subtly in the background.

He hadn't heard her come in as he was taking it all in. She quietly closed the door. He felt a change in the room's energy and turned to find her there, standing in the entry to the room.

"Hi Baby," she said softly.

He smiled and let his eyes wash over her. Her long blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders in loose waves. He beckoned her closer. As she gracefully walked toward him he could see the colorful flower print of her silk halter dress, and her black-patent pumps. She stopped in front of him and smiled.

"Happy birthday" she said as she met his eyes and touched her finger lightly to his lips. He reached his hand through her hair and around to the back of her neck, pulling her closer to him. As he did so, he leaned his head toward hers and kissed her lips gently. Instinctually, she wrapped her arms around his neck and returned his kiss.

"Did you do all this?" he asked.
"I did. Do you like it so far?"
"In that case, you should know the adventure is just beginning." She winked coyly as she said it. She walked over to the bottle of champagne, poured it slowly into the two waiting glasses and handed him a glass.

Shortly thereafter dinner arrived from Okada; hand rolled lobster rolls and toro-oh rolls, with a selection of sake and beer. Max savored every bite.

"Ok, now dessert time." Max said, half joking.

"Hmm, well I do have a little something." She excused herself from the table and returned a moment later carrying a pink pastry box, tied with a white ribbon. "Go ahead and open it."

Max smiled as he carefully pulled one side of the neatly tied bow causing the ribbon to fall away. As he slowly opened the lid, she could see his expression change to one of curiosity. He gently reached into the box and with one finger retrieved the CD that was sitting at the bottom.

"I think you should play it, " she said almost as a dare.
Max walked over to the entertainment system, found the CD player and popped in the disk. Then he turned to find her seated on one of the straight-backed chairs.

"I know you would be very comfortable right there on the couch," She said.
"What is this?" he asked.
"You'll see. Just go sit down."

The music started slow and sexy as she sensuously ran her hand down the length of her bare leg to her ankle and then up toward her thigh. She made eye contact with him as she leaned back on the chair, fanned her legs in the air and turned to the other side. She repeated the move tracing her hand down her right leg, back up to her thigh, fanning her legs once more and turning back to her starting position, all the while holding his gaze. Grabbing the back of the chair, she raised herself off of it as Janet Jackson's voice sang, "Tie me up, tie me down...Make me moan real loud," she faced the chair and swayed her hips in a figure eight. As she did, her hands followed the outline of her curves, from her hips to the back of her neck, where they rested for a second as she untied the halter-top of her dress and let it fall to the floor. She gently stepped out of it and pushed it to the side.

Walking around to the front of the chair she made her way gradually toward him in a sky-blue lace bra and matching panties. Once in front of him she turned so her back was to him, her legs slightly straddling his. She began seductively swaying her hips from side to side. He reached out his hands and placed them on her hips. She placed her hands over his as she continued to sway her hips and gently lower herself so she was just grazing his lap with her thighs. She raised herself slowly and turned to face him. She slid onto his lap, with one leg on either side of his hips. Taking his hands and leading them up her body to her breasts, she placed her hands behind his head and kissed the side of his neck.

"Is this the kind of dessert you were hoping for?" she whispered into his ear.
"Good, because there's lots more!"

She continued kissing his neck and as she did, Max reached his arms around her and squeezed her ass gently. She moved her hands down to his chest as her kisses found his waiting lips. One by one, she relieved his shirt buttons of their duty and gently peeled his shirt back, revealing his strong chest.
Max moved his hands to the small of her back, causing her heart to beat faster with anticipation. She kissed his chest and began working her way down his body, the warmth of his skin remaining on her lips after each kiss. Between her legs she could feel his hardness pressing against his jeans. Her mind began to think of what was to come. She carefully slid off of his lap, her hands resting on the button of his jeans. She peered up at him mischievously before she undid his jeans and pulled them off.

She was immediately drawn to the contour of Max's manhood. She playfully slipped her fingers into his waistband before she removed his boxers. Taking Max in her hand, all she could think about was the way he would feel against her lips and on her tongue. She started licking softly at first, all around the head and then slowly down the full length of his shaft, before taking him all the way into her mouth.

Max reached his hands into her hair and using his fingers held it out of her face so he could watch her. She met his eyes as she sucked and enjoyed his low moans. Little by little she quickened her pace, feeling him swell as she did. Thoughts were running through her mind and she knew it was time to take him to the next level.

She licked one last time down the length of Max's shaft, stood up, looked down at the result of her hard work and smiled. She took him by the hand lacing her fingers with his and pulled him toward the bed. Once seated, she pushed him back until he was flat on the bed. She quickly retrieved the restraints from the drawer of the bedside table, wrapping one end around each of Max's wrists and the other around the legs of the bed. She pulled her video camera on its' tripod out of the corner and set it up.

"You ok with this?" she asked as a formality.
"Of course." Max replied.

The thought of it made him hard again. She adjusted the angle of the camera and then pushed the record button. She climbed onto the bed between Max's legs and began kissing and licking the inside of his thigh as she made her way back up to his hard cock. Grabbing the base of him in her hand she took every inch of him back into her warm wet mouth. The feeling of him swelling inside her mouth aroused her and she increased her rhythm.
Max thought he heard the door to the suite open but dismissed it. He focused on the wave of intensity that was building as she continued sucking and stroking his dick. Realizing he wanted her on top of him but not having the use of his hands, he called her to him.

"Fuck me, Erin."
"I will baby, just not yet."

At that moment another male entered the room, came up behind her as she continued to suck Max, and ran his hand down her spine sending a chill through her body. For a second, Max was confused but then immediately recognized his friend, Marcus´.
Marcus´ placed his hands on her hips and gently slipped her panties off. Lowering himself down he spread her legs slightly and began licking her pussy from behind, causing her to moan softly. As he licked he stroked the inside of her thighs with his fingers deliberately teasing her as he did. She glanced up to find Max's eyes on her. She could feel her body temperature rise and her pulse quicken in response to his attention. She was finding it difficult to concentrate on keeping a steady rhythm going as the feeling between her legs intensified.
Marcus´ slid two fingers inside her.
You're really wet," he mused.

He kneeled on the bed behind her and with one hand guided himself into her. Then placing his hands on the front of her thighs, he leaned into her pushing in as far as he could, the walls of her pussy tightly hugging his shaft. He began slowly at first and then gradually increased his tempo, causing her to moan with every thrust. She kept stroking Max with her hand as she held his eyes in hers.

"You like that?" Max asked.
"Uh-huh, " she replied. "Do you?"
"Yes ma'am."
"Baby, I'm so ready for you," she said, her voice breathy.

Marcus´ slowly pulled out allowing her to climb up toward Max. Once there, she leaned down to kiss him as she unfastened his restraints. Placing one leg on either side of his thighs she lowered herself onto him while his hands found her hips. She smiled down at him and she rode him, relishing how good it felt to have all of him inside her.

Once again she could feel the intensity start to build. She looked back toward Marcus´ and signaled him with her eyes. He came up from behind and put his hands on her lower back for balance. She leaned forward arching her back slightly as he gently slid into her and began working his cock in and out of her ass. She let out a loud a small whimper. Max could see the passion displayed in her face. She was very clearly enjoying this.

"You got a dick sliding in your pussy," Max whispered.
"Mmhmm," she moaned.
"You got a dick sliding in your ass," Max whispered again.
"Yes, I do" she replied softly. "And it feels really good! I like the way you fuck me and all this attention from you both." she said.

Suddenly there was the sound of keys hitting the entry table. Max slowed down to listen.

"What's that?"
"Don't stop," she begged. "It's just a special guest."
Max looked inquisitively at her.

"You'll see," she taunted. "Just don't stop."

From around the corner came Max's childhood friend, Mike. Seeing the scene before him, Mike quickly disrobed and began stroking his already hardening cock. He watched for a minute, before she interrupted him.

"Come here," she beckoned to him. "I wanna suck it."

Mike walked over to her on the bed. She tilted her head up and parted her lips. He ran his hand through her hair pulling it lightly. Then he slid his growing cock into her waiting mouth as Marcus´ and Max continued fucking her with a raging intensity. The feeling of having three men inside her was very erotic. She grabbed Mike's shaft with one hand guiding him deeper into her throat and saturating him with her saliva.

She knew Max was relishing the thought of being inside her while he watched the two others fuck her. He reached his hand down to her clit and began rubbing it and it swelled under his touch. She could no longer concentrate on the dick in her mouth, as she succumbed to the feeling between her legs.

Max could feel her body start to shake and knew she wasn't far from cumming. This heightened his own arousal.

"I'm almost there," she gasped.
"Just let it go Babe."

Within minutes she was bearing down hard on Marcus´ and Max as a hot wave of ecstasy washed over her. She could feel herself squeezing the two cocks inside her as she came, drenching them with her juices. Marcus´ gripped her hips firmly and pressed into her ass full force shooting his load into her as he did. Max wasn't far behind, driving himself deeper into her as he unloaded, moaning loudly.

Now she turned her attention to Mike who had been watching while stroking himself. She took him into her mouth and began working him with both her hands and mouth. She could feel his smooth hardness slide between her lips, and taste his pre-cum on her tongue. She tightened her grasp around his shaft pumping him faster as her saliva dripped down his rod and over her fingers. He reached his hands behind her head, pushing her down on him. She could feel the head of his cock hit the back of her throat as his warm cum filled her mouth. As he pulled out, she swallowed every drop, and then licked her lips.

For the moment their hunger had been satisfied, but they knew the adventure was far from over.

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