The Brothers Part 1



Looking back Sally definitely decided that leaving Jake was the best thing she'd ever done. It had taken a long time for it to sink in that that their relationship was dead as the proverbial door nail. The eye opener had come early one cold spring morning when only a thin sliver of light filtered through the curtains, throwing a thin line of light across Jake as he lay snoring beside her. Sally sighed realizing as she looked at him, that she simply didn't love him anymore. Jake just didn't cut the mustard any more. Time Sally mused to pack her bags and leave before things got really messy. It had after all already been five years, for most of them she came to the conclusion they had been drifting along on some kind of automatic pilot.

Jake, Sally sighed wasn't even that good in bed, not that she expected that much really. In the beginning what she had thought was a wild animal drive to make mad passionate love to her was in fact a quick roll in the hay just enough to give him satisfaction, often leaving her with a yearning for something more, the wham bam thank you madam syndrome, hardly likely to make the earth shake, at least not for Sally; Sex had become somewhat routine, Jake would fumble for her nipple, give it a quick squeeze, then a brief suck while his hand would dart down to between her legs, nudge them apart with his hands part her lips to find her nodule, once there one or two quick rubs and he would expect her to be horny and as ready as he was. To be fair to Jake, Sally had let him get away with it, it was easier to give into it rather than pander to his wounded pride if she said no, or that she wasn't ready or simply not in the mood, which was more and more often these days. Gone were the days when they would talk about such issues and try and work something out. Again Sally realized that even then Jake paid lip service, he like her would try harder to make their sex life more romantic taking time to explore each other as they had done in the beginning, but soon they would drift back to bad habits and the same old routine.

Sally looked back at how they had met, Jake has seemed to be the perfect man, away every fortnight on the oil rigs, earning a very respectable wage, there were romantic reunions every time he came on home leave, but sadly Sally realized even those had become somewhat automatic, as though they were expected rather than spontaneous, boring and routine were the words that came to mind. With that thought still in her mind Sally got up and went to have a shower, might was well get ready for work before Jake woke, saving the trouble of wriggling out of the usual morning fumble. Sally's body twitch with unsatisfied desires as she let the hot water play over her sensitive nipples and cascade over her stomach and on down to the plug hole.

Later that day Sally put her plan into action by contacting an estate agent to find somewhere to live which had a suitable livery stable near by to house the real love of her life and champion of her heart, Clive, a big dark brown thoroughbred with a kind head and wise eye, conformation to die for and a temperament to match. He was simply everything she wanted and what's more she knew he loved her back, nickering every time she strolled into the stables where he stamped round his box, kicking at the door in impatience to be with her. The freedom she felt on his back was simply second to none, and no man however great he was in the sack would ever measure up.

Having found somewhere to live along the coast not too far from the city, Sally set about cleaning the house she and Jake shared, she knew she could never leave with things in disarray and if she was also being honest, she wasn't sure just how she was going to break the news to Jake.

The day dawned when Clive was loaded onto the lorry to go to his new stable and Sally's cases were all packed into her little fiat car. Snooty, a lovable cat who had strolled into her life two years ago was sleeping peacefully by the window, his tray, bed and bowl in the car, his carry box hidden behind the coat rack in the hallway, ready to scoop him up and run if things became too difficult between Jake and herself after she revealed her intentions to leave.

Sally cooked Jakes favourite meal of mince, mashed potato and peas and sat watching him eat while trying to find the right time to broach the subject which she knew would break his heart. Picking at her own food Sally sighed heavily, put down her fork, looked long and hard at Jake as he shovelled the next fork full into his own mouth.

"Jake," Sally said while clearing her throat a little nervously, "Jake, I'm sorry darling, but I can't take it anymore, I'm leaving."

What." Jake almost shouted, looking stunned. "What do you mean leaving?"

Sally jumped up shakily, the chair scraping across the wooden panelled floor as she did so, setting her teeth on edge. Jake put down his fork and looked hard at Sally with a hurt puzzled expression.

"Why?" He asked quietly.

"I've found" Sally started to say.

"What do you mean found, found what?" Jake interrupted, then sighed. "Just how long has this being going on?"

"A few weeks," Sally quickly said then continued on before Jake could interrupted again, "But I've been thinking about it for a while, I'm simply not been happy Jake."

"Not happy" Jake echoed even more puzzled, then sneeringly. "Funny, you've never said anything before, at least not to me. When did you meet this other man?"

"What other man?" Now it was Sally's turn to be puzzled, what was Jake talking about.

"What are you talking about, there isn't anyone else, I haven't found someone. I don't want another relationship, at least not now maybe eventually, of course.

"No one, I thought you just said you had found someone?" Jake raised his eyebrows in disbelief.

"No, I meant I'd found somewhere to live" Sally replied, looking hurt that Jake would think she would simply leave to jump into bed with another man. "There is no one else, never has been while we've been together, I just feel it's time to go, that's all."

"Then why?" He asked quietly

"Jake, please don't ask." Sally said looking down shrugging her shoulders. "It's just that it's all become rather routine hasn't it, our lives I mean, same thing week in and week out, I'm climbing the walls wanting more, and don't ask what because even I don't really know what, I just know there most be more to life than this."

"Why didn't you say you were unhappy, we could have gone on holiday, talked, taken time to find something to do together." Jake thrashed around for ideas.

"No Jake, a holiday wouldn't fix this, not anymore." Sally strolled around the room trying to find the words without hurting Jake. "There's no thrill any more." She said somewhat lamely.

"What do you mean no thrill?" Jakes voice dropped dangerously low, beginning to glimpse what Sally was hinting at but hoping that he was wrong.

"There's no romance Jake." Sally said, tears collecting in her eyes, threatening to spill over, she shook her head, rubbed her eyes and continued. "It all so routine, mundane and predictable, there's simply no flame there Jake."

"Oh, you're saying I'm no good in bed is that it?" Jake shouted. "I'm not good enough for little miss perfect, who wants the earth to shake every time, wants it all her own way."

"No Jake." Sally sobbed. "It's not like that, I'm just as much to blame as you."


"I don't mean it like that Jake, your making it difficult for me to explain."

"Oh am I." Jake crossed the room quickly and grabbed Sally by the arms. "You want excitement do you, like a bit of rough?" He snatched at Sally's shirt ripping the material as he did so exposing her bra as he did so. He grabbed at her, pinching the nipple hard, wanting to hurt her. Grinning manically as Sally winced and tried to pull away.

"Don't Jake, please stop." Sally protested, managing finally to push him away, she pulled the flaps of her shirt together as she ran to the door sobbing, confused and hurt by Jake's reaction, she'd never thought he would try and hurt her on purpose, not like that.

"I'm going, please don't try to stop me and please don't follow me." Sally said from the safety of the doorway. "Let's end this as friends, please." Sally pleaded backing away as Jake made another move towards her.

Jake stopped in the doorway as he watched Sally back up, the hurt and fear in her tear stained eyes. Realizing what he'd done and feeling ashamed about it, he pushed his hand nervously through his hair and in an unsteady voice said "I'm sorry Sally I didn't mean to frighten you, it's just that I don't want to lose you, don't understand why your going, or what I've done wrong."

"You've not done anything wrong Jake, please believe it's just one of those things. I don't think we were meant to be really, I've thought that for a while, and kept kidding myself it would get better, but it hasn't, don't you see. We're suffocating each other, best I left and we remained friends."

Before Jake could change his mind and perhaps attack her again, Sally quickly scooped up the cat and shoved him protesting wildly into his travel cage she hurried out the door, got into the car and gunning the engine harder than she meant she shot out of the drive way and up the lane before Jake could even whisper goodbye.

CHAPTER TWO - The Advert

That had been three weeks ago, and now Sally was settled into her new cottage on the coast, not far from a nice wee village with a pub and a couple of shops. Sally had never lived in the countryside before and found the peace refreshing. She could please herself with what she did when, there being no one to tell her what to do, Sally felt liberated for the first time. Up until then Sally realized she had always lived with someone else, going from a loving home with her parents to live with Jake. Time she thought to spend some quality time on her own and please herself for a change.

Well now was her time. The weekend stretched like a leisurely blanket before her, no plans except her daily visit to see Clive and exercise him. That was her pleasure time, leaving her worries at the stable door, she and Clive would head off into the countryside exploring all the nooks and crannies. Sometimes heading inland when the weather was less than savoury, at other times they would gallop with utter freedom along the coast, letting the salt water splash up at her face and the wind bite at her reddened cheeks, Sally felt truly alive and happy.

As the weeks rolled by Sally settled into a routine of travelling to work by the local train into the big smoke, spending her days in an office on the edge of Newcastle before getting the train back to Chathill, then a quick ride in her Fiat to her cottage on the coast, somewhat distant from any other residence in the area, giving her the privacy she hadn't been afforded before.

The coast of Northumberland was a wonderful wind swept almost wild place, with just a few sheep and cattle cropping the sparse coastal grass, plenty of sandy beaches to gallop along and almost hidden coves to explore as long as one was careful about the tides. There was plenty of wildlife to share her visits, the puffins and sea gulls flying overhead voicing their discontentment at Sally's intrusion. Occasionally Sally would spot a common seal off in the distant water, heading off to one of the small islands just off shore. Maybe one day during the summer she would take a boat out to the Farnes to watch the birds and seals, Sally smiled at the thought of the summer stretching before her, holiday time coming up and no one to bother her with plans of their own. Once in the distance she thought she saw a sea otter with its young, but when she finally reached the areas they had been all that was left was a few paw makes on the each of the sea, nothing else, it was as though they had been phantoms.

Once Clive was resettled into his stable and Sally had talked briefly with the owner Mrs Stafford, she would head home, to be welcomed enthusiastically by Snooty as she kicked off her shoes and headed for the kitchen to grab a quick bite. Then she'd settle down in the cosy chair in the living room with a good book while listening to the radio or music from her iPod. Sally wasn't that interested in the TV, most programmes seemed to be repeats, so often as not the TV she had obtained remained silent in the corner of the room.

Once tired, Sally would go along to the bathroom for a leisurely soak before drying off and then climbing into bed where Snooty had already made himself comfortable. One evening having taken her bath Sally stood naked in front of her wardrobe mirror and studied her features with a critical eye, taking in the slightly button nose, the determined chin. Beautiful shoulder length hair, gleaming black it hung in loose waves against her neck when down as it was now, she gazed at her slender neck and neat shoulders with long tapering arms. Her eyes shifted to the swell of her large well shaped breast. Traced a finger around the dark skin of her areola acting almost like a beckon to the nipple proudly in the middle, Sally lightly touched one and felt a slight tingle deep within. Jake had always said they were good sucking nipples.

Sally sighed at the memory of Jake, shook herself and continued with her appraisal. Going from her breasts her eyes travelled over the slight roundness of her stomach to her shapely hips and long slender legs in Sally's mind easily her best feature, ending in equally slender ankles and feet. Gently Sally traced her fingers over her nipples, felt a tingle again as the nipple hardened to her touch, before she let her hand drift slowly down across her stomach to her bare lips. Sally parted them to expose her pink nodule beneath, sighing gently she slide down to the floor and embraced the sheep fleece carpet running fingers through the long hair, whilst she caressed her node, increasing the pressure as her pleasure built, imagining as she did so some handsome bloke using his hands and tongue instead of her own fingers. Groaning quietly Sally reached her peak, relaxed back as the feeling subsided just as quickly.

Getting up a short time later Sally contemplated the frustration she felt, she knew she didn't want another relationship, nor was she into one night stands, that left prostitution, not the most savoury of ideas and Sally dismissed it as soon as it flashed across her mind. The fact was though she felt horny and didn't relish a celibate life, she couldn't see herself haunting those ghastly singles bars where desperate people went in the hope of finding someone. Sighing again Sally climbed into bed to think on it more, but settling back she realized there wasn't much choice. Letting the thoughts go Sally drifted off to an uneasy sleep, dreaming of being a street girl, allowing any man to use her for a few measly quid.

On waking the next morning Sally remained disquieted by the dream and found it increasingly difficult to concentrate at work, wrestling as she did with thoughts of men and sex. Friday came as a blessing; Sally was thrilled when the clock came round to 5.00 and knocking off time. She quickly left the office for once wanting to get away before the usual questions of what she was doing over the weekend were put forward by the others. Normally Sally enjoyed the banter and chit chat, but not tonight. She felt strangely disquieted as she left the building and walked briskly to the railway station to catch the 5.30 train up to her home.

Sally grabbed a seat by the window and spent some time looking aimlessly at the changing landscape from town to countryside before a local paper that someone had left on the seat opposite caught her eye. Sally picked it up to have a nose through its pages to while away the time. Quickly scanning the usual rubbish about which celebrity was jumping into bed with which, Sally's eye caught a small advert tucked away in the corner, so small that she almost missed it and was curious as to what made her take a second look.

Looking for more than the norm?
Come to the Suite 5, King Edwards Hotel, Bamburgh
8.00 pm, Friday 29th May.

That was it, no other information was given, Sally puzzled over what it could mean, her inquisitive nature getting the better of her, she decided to go along and see what was meant. After all nothing ventured nothing gained.

CHAPTER THREE - The Interview

Not knowing exactly what to expect at this invitation' Sally dressed in a smart suit, tailored to hug her wonderful curves and to extenuate her slender long legs, she put on black court shoes with a good three inch heal. Not that she was short, but the added height gave her more confidence and Sally knew she looked good. Applying the minimum of make-up, after all Sally didn't want to hide her deep green eyes or her naturally soft clear tanned skin under a mountain of foundation or mascara, rather she wanted her nature attributes to shine though, not sure why she was out to impress so much, Sally shrugged she shoulders, glanced quickly once more in the mirror before picking up a small evening bag giving her glossy hair a quick brush letting it tumble over her shoulders before heading along the corridor to feed Snooty and finally out the door.

Looking briefly at her watch as she parked outside the King Edward's, Sally noted that she had a couple of minutes to spare. Locking the car she slowly walked into the Hotel and up to reception.

"Suite 5, please" She said to the young receptionist sitting reading her novel behind the counter.

"Are you expected?" She asked in a somewhat bored voice, hardly looking up to see who it was asking.

"Well not really, I am responding to an advert in the local paper." Sally replied a little nervously.

"That's ok, just go straight up, first floor, last door on the right." The receptionist gave Sally a quick smile whilst nodding in the direction of the stairs.

"Thank you." Sally smiled shyly back and quickly made her way up the stairs and along the corridor, stopping briefly outside the suite door before taking a deep breath and knocking smartly on the wood frame.

"Come in" A deep male voice said from behind the closed door. Sally let the door swing slowly open and stepped tentatively through, quickly scanning the room, seeing there were two men seated behind a desk, a single chair stood all alone in the centre of the room interview style. There was a bed which had been pushed against one wall to make space, other than that there was the usual assortment of furniture you would expect to find in a hotel.

"Please sit down and tell us your name." One man gestured to the chair, Sally moved across the room in what she hoped was an assured manner as the men looked her up and down smiling as they did so. Curiosity gaining pace Sally took the seat indicated and briefly wondered if she should cross her legs or not, deciding for now against she sat upright in an official sort of way, hoping it conveyed the right sort of impression, again not sure why she should be bothered or what all this was about.

"Sally Gordon." Sally said quietly before asking, "And you are?"

"Of course, my name is Fred Taylor and this is my brother Bill," said Fred briefly.

Sally looked from one to the other, noting their obvious family resemblance, the dark hair, straight nose, tall and athletic looking. Both had kind faces with a twinkle in their eyes as if they found the whole world a wonderful joke.

"You were probably wondering about the advert and what we are after." Bill injected, speaking for the first time, his voice sounded younger as did his look. "It's tricky and we are not after offending you or anyone else, indeed you're the first person to have answered our query, and probably be the only one by the looks of things." Bill finished looking at his watch and noting the time.

"Why did you come here Sally?" Fred asked directly.

"To be honest with you Fred, I'm not sure myself, curiosity I guess, the advert said so little and I have an innately inquisitive mind. So I thought nothing ventured etc and I can always leave can't I, if I don't like what you are proposing." Sally shrugged her shoulders in a matter of fact way.

"Yes of course, we wouldn't dream of holding anyone to anything." Fred said "Even after you have heard our proposal, although we would appreciate a level of confidence, we don't want everyone knowing our business after all, something you will appreciate after we've divulged our plan.

"Perhaps it would be an idea for me to give you some background of us first. We live not far from here in a large house surrounded by its own grounds, quiet and discrete." Fred said

"Just how we like it," Bill said with a rye smile.

"We enjoy an adventurous sort of life trying out new things." Fred said slowly before nodding at Bill and continuing. "We like to experiment too, and to this end we have come up with an idea which involves one other person, if they were to agree that is."

"What sort of experiment are you talking about?" Sally asked a little nervous, she could hear her heart pounding in her chest.

"Let me explain as best we can, without going into too much detail and frightening the living daylights out of you." Fred said before laughing.

"Ok, I'm listening," Sally said beginning to wonder what it was, that curious nature of hers probably getting the better of her again.

"Sorry we don't mean to alarm you in anyway." Bill said leaning forward. "To be blunt with you Sally, Fred and I have a very carefree and inquisitive sexual nature, not one for the mundane. We're looking for a lady like your good self who would be a willing partner in a little sexual fantasy of ours and some others."

"Ok, I'm still here, "Sally whispered her mouth suddenly dry.

"We have an idea, for an evening's entertainment at our house where we would be hosts for a few friends no more than 6 or seven including us, where you would be the hostess, but with a subtle difference." Fred said before he went onto explain in more detail what they had in mind.

Sally's eyes grew wider and wider, her heart pounded in her chest as she listened as Fred laid out the plan for the Saturday evenings entertainment' they had planned, along with her beating heart Sally could feel herself becoming aroused at the idea, and smiled despite herself, shifting slightly in her chair.

"I see, said Sally eventually having asked several questions, "And what do I get out of this in return, after all there has to be something in it all for me?

"Of course there would be, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed by what we have planned for all of Sunday." Bill replied. Leaning back in his chair he went on to outline roughly what her payment' would be.

Sally's smile broadened and her body tingled in answer to his proposal. She liked what she heard, it was different and sounded exciting if not a little scary, but having come this far Sally was determined not to let this opportunity slip through her fingers.

"Well," said Sally, "I'm game if you are, it sounds very saucy and a little kinky, but I like it."

"Ok, that's great, we just have one request for now before we commit ourselves to the agreement."

"What's that? " Sally asked.

"Would you mind removing all your clothing please." Fred said with a rueful smile.

Sally hesitated for a second before standing up and slowly began to unbutton her suit jacket. Letting it drift down and off her arms, before bending her head to undo the buttons of the white silk blouse underneath, keeping her head demurely down and with slightly shaking hands she opened her blouse to reveal a white silk lace bra, the shirt dropped to the floor to join the jacket as Sally hurriedly went to unzip the skirt letting it too slide down her long legs. The brothers just watched in silence, hoping that their own beating hearts couldn't be heard in quiet of the room, the only sound was the ticking of a clock on the ornamental mantelpiece.

Both Fred and Bill caught their breath as they watched Sally continue to slowly undress, taking her stockings off one at a time, almost teasing them with the slow easy movements as she gathered confidence in her actions. Standing there barefooted, with just her bra and pants on, Sally hesitated to go further.

"And the rest if you wouldn't mind Sally." Fred said in a slightly strangled voice, the throb in his trousers pressing against the material, Fred pleased for once that he was sitting down at that moment.

Sally sighed, of course they would want to inspect the merchandise' before committing themselves to anything, and so taking a deep breath she reached behind and fumbled with the clasp of her bra.

"Here," said Bill jumping up. "Let me help."

Crossing over from behind the desk, Bill strode behind Sally and quickly undid the clasp letting the bra straps fall to her elbows, whilst looking over her shoulders at her magnificent breast, now free of their restraint.

"Gorgeous, simply gorgeous." Bill whispered in her ear, as Sally bent slightly and pushed down the matching silk pants she wore.

Fred gazed in genuine admiration at what he saw and Sally could hear Bills rapid breathing behind her as he was treated to the sight of her rounded vivacious curves, Sally smiled to herself as their reaction told her they were well pleased with what they saw.

"Thank you" Fred said whilst clearing his throat. "You're a beautiful woman, with a delightful body Sally. You can get dressed now."

Looking at each other and simply nodding in agreement, Fred said "We would be very pleased to offer the job' to you Sally."

"That's great, when and where do I need to be?" Sally asked.

"We thought the bank holiday weekend, a week after next." Fred said before going onto describe where they lived and when she should arrive, and more importantly what she should wear.

"Ok, I'll be there." Sally smiled back at the brothers.

Having quickly put on her clothing Sally stood uncertain of what to do next. "Right then, see you in two weeks time." She said stepping lightly from one foot to the other nervously.

"Hm, yes, thank you Sally," Fred said stepping forward to guide Sally out of the suite. "I can tell you honestly we're looking forward to seeing all of you again soon." Fred continued stressing the word all, which wasn't lost on Sally as she strode out of the room and headed down to her car.

Sally drove off, looking briefly in the rear view mirror, still wondering if what had occurred was not just some elaborate daydream, but seeing the brothers standing at the hotel door, she was assured it most certainly wasn't.

Sighing heavily it dawned on Sally that she would have to do a major shop as well as find someone willing to look after Snooty and Clive over that weekend. Carefully driving along the country lanes she cast her mind back to the conversation with Fred and Bill smiling to herself at the thought of what lay ahead, letting her imagination take over, her body responding to the idea's which floated unbidden across her mind, she mostly certainly couldn't wait for that weekend to begin.

Over the next few days Sally put her plan into action contacting an old friend who lived not that far away and persuaded her into look after the cat and check in on Clive on a daily basis, after all she said it was only for a couple of days she would definitely be back on Monday to take Snooty home and ride Clive before getting ready for the week at work. Sally successfully diverted any questions away from what she was going to be doing over those days by asking her friend about family.

Next came a trip into town for the necessary shop which led Sally into areas of the town which her previously hadn't been in search of exactly what she had in mind. Satisfied eventually that she had brought nothing that would disappoint either of the brothers, nor herself, Sally headed for the hairdressers and beauty parlour for a make over to further stun and hopefully please those at the party.

The day of the event came which pleased Sally no end as she was getting more and more nervous about what to expect and once or twice nearly rang Fred to chicken out and say she couldn't come after all. The only thing that stopped her was the growing curiosity she had as to what was planned and the tingle in her body she experienced every time she thought about it, her nipples hardening under her clothing, fortunately well hidden by her work clothes. It however made her realize just how much she missed sex and the contact of a man. His arms around her, his lips on hers, their hands exploring each others bodies, just the thought of a mans hands on her sent Sally into a spasm of longing, the tightening in her vulva proof that she was sex starved, perhaps this weekend would provide enough to sate her growing frustration.

Friday's work day was real trial as the time had crawled by having galloped over the past two weeks, knowing that her colleagues would be intrigued if not shocked to know what she had planned for her bank holiday weekend, she quickly quashed this by telling them all that she planned a quiet weekend alone in order to do some much needed repair work on the cottage. Some groaned at this telling her she was daft, that she should join them in going to the music festival organised for the town centre, or to a party with the local kids from the university. Others simply didn't believe her and wondered what she was really up to, but Sally simply laughed at all the suggestions thanking them kindly for their invitations whilst gathering her coat and almost running for the door in case anyone else had some bright ideas.

CHAPTER FOUR - The Game begins

Now here she was sitting in the car all ready to embark on what could be a great time, at least Sally hoped so having spent a considerable sum of money on the outfit the Brothers had desired. Taking a deep breath Sally started the car up and drove carefully out the drive and up the road using the directions the Brothers had given in great detail so that there wasn't a hope of Sally getting lost and having to ask the way. Stirring the car between the rather imposing gateway with its stone lion figures either side, Sally briefly wondered what on earth she was letting herself in for, brushing that thought aside she quickly drove on, parking the car outside the grand main entrance, then walking up and knocking on the door.

The echo of the knock seemed to echo all round her as she waited for a response which came eventually. The door was opened slowly to reveal Fred, smiling broadly at Sally before saying "Thank goodness you've come, we had thought that you might get cold feet and done a runner on us."

"Oh I wouldn't do that, Fred, I would have rung long ago if I didn't think I could go through with it, indeed I nearly did, but that old curiosity got to me again and here I am." Sally smiled up at him.

"Champion, would you like to go and get ready?

"Yes please." Sally said simply before adding, "I could do with dumping my stuff somewhere out of the way."

"There's a room just up here that you can use, it's yours for the duration of your stay, treat it like home. I hope there's everything you need in there." Fred gestured for Sally to follow him up the stairs and to a room to the left; he opened it letting the door swing smartly back where it rebounded noisily off a stopper. Sally entered into a charming room in light yellow, a four poster bed dominating the room with a chest of drawers a comfy seat and a door in the corner, which Sally rightly assumed led to an on suite bathroom. There was a large full length mirror on the wall by the door which Sally caught her reflection in and noted that she was blushing slightly, not something that she did very often, which was just as well. To her mind only silly girls and virgins blushed, she was neither.

"Yes I'm sure it will be fine." Sally nodded her head in appreciation at Fred.

"Good, well we'll call when we're ready for you." Fred said before leaving her standing alone, and closing the door quietly behind him.

Sally didn't have much to do, other than store her small overnight bag in the cupboard provided. She took off her coat to hang it on the hook behind the door in doing so revealing what she had put on earlier at home. Sally checked herself in the mirror, the gown was a shear black silky material that hung loosely about her frame, slightly showing what was underneath in a now you see it now you don't way. She had a black see through bra on; if you looked carefully you could just make out her darkened areola surrounding already slightly hardened nipples. Her pants were of the same material and all who looked in that direction would know instantly that she was fully shaven, and could again on closer inspection just make out the dark inviting slit between her lips. Thigh high, black leather boots with a shockingly high heel gave Sally the impression of being very long legged and very tall, a simple chained gold necklace and long dew drop pearl earrings accentuating her slender neck conclude the attire.

Sally was pleased with the over all effect the outfit gave her, and hoped that the Brothers would be impressed by her appearance. She sat on the edge of the bed waiting for her call to come, going through in her mind what the Brothers had suggested the evening would likely include. Her heart racing at the idea, and she almost bottled, thinking this is ridiculous and somewhat dangerous to, but something kept her there.

Finally a bell rang out and Sally jumped slightly nerves getting the better of her for a moment. Assuming that it was her command to go downstairs and answer the front door bell as requested. This she did so quickly not wanting those outside to stand for long in the cool air of early summer.

"Good evening gentlemen," Sally said with her head bowed slightly submissively as Fred and Bill had asked her to do, "Please come in."

"OH I say, what have Fred and Bill done now," one man said coming through the door and giving Sally an eye full, a broad smile on his cheeky face as he appreciated the vision in front of him.

"I have a feeling we're in for a real treat this evening chaps." Said another at the same time clapping his hands together and skipping lightly through the door, smiling briefly at Sally as he did so.

All in all Sally counted that there were six men including Fred and Bill standing around in the sitting room when she joined them carrying a tray laden with glasses of red wine. These she pasted to each as she went round nodding and smiling as she went, enjoying the looks of admiration for her as she went.

"Gentlemen" said Fred in a commanding voice obviously taking charge. "This is Sally, our hostess for the evening. The rules are simple, you may touch with your hands and lips but on no account must you use that tool which is currently twitching in your pants, it must remain there until either Bill or myself say you can remove it, and then only to satisfy your needs, no hanky panky if you get my drift." He concluded with a laugh.

"OH, is it to be sweet torture then?" The hand clapping man said.

"Yes Henry, you will have to behave yourself, dear boy, no leaping on the poor lass." Bill said gently clapping Henry on the shoulder as he did so.

Sally decided it was both weird but rather kinkily exciting to be talked about in such a fashion as though she were theirs to command, it was a new experience and sent a thrill through her as she circulated the room, not stopping long enough for anyone person to touch her, only to look at. She teased them all with a look or a glimmer of what was promised below the material, laughing as she did so, pleased with the effect.

"Come here Sally," Bill said with a smile.

Standing behind her Bill removed the outer garment to reveal Sally's matching bra, pants and stockings. Gasps filled the room as each man was able to see the now hardened nipples protruding from underneath the silk see through bra, and the darkened area of her lower lips, so inviting.

"Oh my god" said Henry gasping and swallowing hard before asking "How do you expect me to behave with a creature as beautiful as that?" Not really expecting an answer to this Henry continued to gaze in open admiration for Sally's attributes so clearly visible yet still out of reach behind that sheer material.

"Charlie," Fred said smiling at what Henry had just said but wanting to tease him further, "why don't you get a closer look and perhaps a feel, I know Sally wouldn't object."

Sally stood and nodded her head in agreement to this request, a smile on her slightly bowed head as a tall blonde man stepped forward and hesitantly cupped on breast in his hand, groaning quietly as he did so, before lightly caressing the noticeable bud through the sheer material making Sally squirm under his touch.

"God I would love to feel those in my mouth." He said trembling with excitement.

"Later stud," said Bill smiling enjoying both Charlie's and Sally's reaction.

Sally's heart leaped as she felt her nipple respond to Charlie's touch, so gentle to start with but with increasing pressure as he became more confident. He took hold of her other breast and squeezed hard through the material, so much wanting to dive in and feel them unhindered, Charlie groaned with frustration.

"Hey you, don't hog the action." Said another man with a giggle as he stepped forward then going behind Sally and caressing her backside through the sheer material, catching the edge of a stocking as he did so, flicking the material so it slapped gently against her.

Charlie stepped aside reluctantly letting the other man come round to the front and feel her very tempting breasts for himself before he lowered his hand to feel between her slender legs pressing hard against her lips as he did so, breathing heavily against Sally's shoulder, she groaned wantonly, surprising herself at her own reaction.

"Beautiful isn't she Ted?" Fred said from behind her. Feeling his cock straining against the material as he became more excited with just seeing and hearing the reaction of others, he knew this idea was the best yet, so frustrating, tantalizing, yet so alluring.

As Ted's hands fell away, another man, short and stocky built stepped forward gingerly. "May I?" he gestured towards Sally's breasts. Sally nodded stepping towards him and letting him roam his slightly chubby fingers over her chest, hands shaking slight he took his time outlining the protruding nipples, making Sally shudder and gasp as he did so.

"Delightful." He said turning towards Fred and Bill who where standing side by side by the fireplace. "I look forward to discovering more of her secrets." He said with a smile.

"And so you shall Tony, so you shall." Bill smiled at his friend. "Gents, we have a real treat in store for later, but now we shall go into dinner, which Sally will service unmolested." The last words were directed at Henry who chuckled and turned towards the door.

Let's go and settle in the dining room while Sally gets the first course." Fred nodded in Sally's direction.

CHATER FIVE - After Dinner

Wishing her heart wouldn't beat so hard and rubbing her still tingling breasts thoughtfully as she went, Sally mused that she'd enjoyed this first encounter and looked forward to what surely would come after dinner had been eaten. Taking some long hard breaths she went to the kitchen and found a tray ready with the first course. This she took into the dinning room and handed round to the recipients before leaving closing the door behind her, smiling to herself as eyes had followed her round the room.

Waiting for a short time, Sally went back to the dining room to collect the now empty dishes, before retreating to get the main course of beef stew and trimmings. Having gone back to the kitchen Sally picked at what the Brothers had left her for dinner, before reappearing in the dinning room to clear the main course. All that was left was dessert to serve, before going back into the dinning room with this, Sally did as the Brothers had earlier requested and removed her attire apart from the jewellery that graced her neck and ears, the stockings and thigh high boots.

Going back into the dining room showing all her glory, Sally was greeted by several wolf whistles and a room full of sharply in taken breaths.

"Christ." Tony said in an undertone as Sally placed his lemon meringue in front of him and moving on to the next guest as Tony's eyes followed her shapely bum, as she bent forward slightly to serve Henry sitting next to him. Coughing slightly he averted his gaze and resolutely looked at Fred across the table, who seemed to think it very funny and was chuckling away to himself.

"More than you can bare'?" Fred said teasingly. The meaning of which was not lost on the rest of those round the table and several laughed to cover up their own lurid thoughts on Sally's bare offering.

Sally retreated slightly red faced to the kitchen to eat her dessert before taking coffee's through to the sitting room where the fire had been lit and the room was bathed in a warm glow for which Sally was thankfully as she was getting a trifle cold, goose bumps would be appearing if she wasn't careful.

She sat waiting patiently for the men to return from drinking their brandy and smoking their cigars in time honoured fashion. On hearing their feet in the passage way she quickly got to her feet and stood, head again slightly bowed in front of the fire. They drifted slowly back to the living room, all anticipating what they would be allowed to do with the delightful young lady there.

Bill came first and stood by the fire admiring Sally as she stood still in silence homage to the returning crowd. He could see her slightly shaking as some of the men sat down, whilst other hovered not sure what was expected. Fred came in last and closed the door, strode over to the Zepplin dock and put on some music just loud enough to be heard without covering any conversation that might occur.

Henry stepped start up to Sally and said "My turn I think," and clasping her round the back with one arm steadying her and keeping her close to him, cupping a breast firmly with the other hand he bent down and did what he had wanted to do all evening and suck her very inviting nipple, feeling it respond and harden to his touch, he suckled harder pulling at the breast as he did so. Sally groaned and lent back pushing her breast towards Henry, wanting more. Letting go sharply making Sally's breast bounce back he turned and took the other in his mouth, rolling the rock hard nipple round on his tongue before pulling sharply again.

"Hm, delicious my dear." He said letting his hand drift down to her lower asset and lightly touching the outside slight mound, before gently parting the lips and pushing in a questing finger, bringing it back up to his lips and tasting her sweet moisture, closing his eyes as he did so before opening them and smiling down at Sally, he lent forward and took command of her lips with his, pushing gently against them encouraging Sally to open so that he could flick his tongue over hers as he gently caressed a protruding nipple. Finally Henry let her go and stepped away not sure he could control himself much longer and not wanting to be told off by either of his good friends.

Smiling ruefully he said, "I think I should let someone else taste your obvious delights, don't want to be accuse of being a hog." He nodded as he sat down and reached for the Brandy he had left on the table in his eagerness to touch those wonderful breasts.

Ted came forward moving slowly as Sally stood passively waiting for the next man to enjoy her assets' she was beginning to enjoy being the centre of this crowd of well behaved men, showing their appreciation of her body. Not sure what to make for first Ted cupped her breast and stared at it for some moments before tweaking the nipple hard between finger and thumb which made Sally jump forward leaning towards his hand groaning loudly, he dropped his head and nibbled gently at the darkened skin around the nipple before heading to the bud which stood so proud and hard, whilst his hand moved down and explored the lips below, noting with pleasure the slight moistness there, she was obviously as turned on as they were by the experience, encouraged by this Ted went further in, finding the hard nodule there and rubbing it gently, causing Sally to shudder and part her legs willingly as he did so, leaning against him for support, her vulva responding immediately to Ted's assured stroke.

Meanwhile, Sally felt someone behind her gently caressing her rounded bum cheeks, fingers drifting in and out between them, hands cupping the one exposed breast from behind, squeezing and teasing as they did so. Tony's breath came hot on her neck as he kissed and caressed her ear lobe, blowing gently into it, making Sally shiver and groan at the same time, with the different sensations drifting through her body.

The caressing and fondling stopped as Sally was lifted her off her feet then being lowered gently onto a coffee table which had been draped with a soft blanket so her back was cushioned against the hardness of the wood below. Her head against the lip of one end and her bum resting just at the edge of the other, Sally was spread eagle by several hands gently pulling her legs wide apart. Hands then seemed to come from every direction, probing, needing tweaking, squeezing and caressing. Sally never felt so wanted or more alluring as she did then as many finger then mouths sort to play and taste her.

Bill and Fred stood apart from the scene taking in the view of four men taking turns in caressing different parts of Sally's figure, the widely spread slightly bent legs giving a wonderful view of her pink petals glistening with the moist as evidence of her obvious enjoyment, her arms held wide so as to give complete access to her breasts from either side. No one seemed hurried or over zealous, each appreciating the others needs and wants, willing to wait their turn even thought they were all very obviously horny their trousers bulging with the evidence. Sally relaxed as much as she was able and closing her eyes enjoyed the wonderful sensations of hard and soft fingers, teeth, lips and tongues caressing all over her sensitive skin.

Sally groaned loudly amid the mass of bodies, as one sucked a breast gently while another pulled urgently at her other nipple, someone's hand had found her vulva again and was gently rubbing it causing a gentle friction against their fingers, another was seeking further in and finding her now very willing opening, hot and wet with desire as fingers probed deeper into her, seeking her inner tender spot, and as Sally's hips rose to meet the fingers, finding it deep inside fingers pressed against the sensitive area causing Sally to cry out with pleasure, the fingers pressed again before withdrawing slightly then returning again and again in more forcibly way, slowly and with a steady rhythm, Sally gave herself up to the pleasure of being finger fucked and caressed in every direction, no longer sure who's tongue was where, or whose fingers were probing the other more secretive hole, gentle pushing against the tight muscles. Entering gently as Sally stiffened slightly, but relaxed back again as the sensations of two lots of fingers fucking her simultaneously over rode her fleeting objection.

Bill and Fred stood aside from this and watched in fascination as Sally was fucked by hand and tongue, against clit and vagina, each man taking a turn to taste her juices as she came again and again as fingers pushed inside her again faster and more insistent now, bringing her closer and closer to a full blown climax.

"Oh God," Sally cried out as wave after wave washed over her, the round robin game of sex continued, each man having been awarded a taste and fuck with his fingers got up and moved round to let another take his place, fingers and tongues swopping place without pausing, not giving Sally time to calm down or relax.

Bill and Fred still watched not entering into the game themselves content to enjoy the sweet torture of their own by watching the others play, knowing their satisfaction would come much later and they would enjoy the ultimate, which the others would be denied. Not that they looked like they would miss it much judging by the bulges in trousers and the enthusiasm as each took his turn at either end of the coffee table.

The voyeurism was the best idea yet, and both the Brothers were thoroughly enjoying watching the others have their fill of Sally's delicious body, driving themselves as well as her wild.

"You may take out your weapons boys and pleasure yourself, but I must insist that no penetration takes place, as we have agreed. Oral of course is allowed, if Sally is willing to oblige."

Not having breath to speak and certainly not trusting herself to say anything Sally nodded her head at Fred's suggestion. Just as soon as she agreed Ted offered her his rigid long manhood throbbing excitedly having been released from its prison, to take into her mouth, which she did willingly tipping back her head as he knelt behind her, taking him in as far as she could, sucking gently at the firm young flesh, as his cock pulsed between her lips. He rocked back and forward, fucking her gently as his friend Tony fucked her with his fingers in her love box, Sally groaned again at the new sensations, feeling Henry suckle freely at one nipple while Charlie did so at the other, both with their cocks out, Sally placed her hands around each and gently pushed back and forward on their skins, gasping hard one second then releasing as they pushed back and forward.

Sally caught a sight of herself in a mirror at the side of the room, surrounded like bees at a honey pot, her hands now down thrusting back and forward against two penises, making her back arch slightly pushing her chest up, her breasts bobbing slightly with all the movement, a head could be seen bobbing as though for apples between her widely spread bent legs as two others concentrated on her nipples, tweaking, pulling and twisting the tender sensitive buds between their fingers or sucking down hard on a nipple, all engrossed in their tasks, Sally found the sight of her body arousing and lay withering in exquisite pleasure in the middle.

The sight of Sally being used in such a way was the final undoing of Bill, he so wanted to taste her nectar, feel her inner muscles against his hand and the slip of a hardened nipple between his lips, he groaned loudly, not able to bare the almost painful sensations he felt at the sight of her body lying shuddering between the others, her hips thrusting upwards as a hand thrust demandingly inwards, her back arched violently against another gentle bite of her nipple. He turned his head and cupped his penis in his hand; taking release where he could into the fire watching as it splashed hissed and sizzled against the red hot wood burning below, his ragged breath coming in sobs as he did so.

Fred fought for control himself, not wanting to give his body the satisfaction of release just yet; he wanted that later, much later, having already thought of many of the delicious things that awaited them on the following day. The painful sensation in his groin gave him some sort of weird satisfaction as he stood there propped up by the mantle piece watching as Sally twitched, groaned and cried out in front of him.

"Oh God ," Sally cried out as she felt yet another hot wave fill her being, her pussy almost on fire with the sensations it was being subjected to, not one part of her body seemed untouched, unkissed or unmolested. Building in her mind came the final shattering climax having cum many times as each man fucked her with his hand, whilst another fucked her in the mouth. The tongue against her vulva gave way to teeth and sucking, which she could no longer bear and denying herself no longer Sally gave herself up to the waves of delightful explosions coursing through her body down to her toes. Her hips rising in one final almighty jolt as she cam big time, wetness coating the mouth which nestled against her at the time, shuddering violently as she did so, the men seeing her come so violently let their seed loose against her body, some landing on her hair, others against her up turned nipples or even lower. Wanking themselves off until finally sated, they sat back and let the dying sensations wash over them.

Sally lay there breathing deeply trying to steady her heart as it pounded violently in her chest. Her legs hung loosely over the end of the table, Sally didn't mind what sight she presented now, as her arms dangled over the sides, still holding now semi limp members as each man fought for his own control, eyes still shining with lust. She smiled up into Fred's shining eyes as he sighed deeply, Sally felt another shudder rise and shivered with the after shocks as they came again and again. Finally she was still totally and utterly spent, hardly able to move because of it but managing to disengage her hands from the limp spent cocks she still held, and she wiped the wetness off on her own body.

CHAPTER SIX - The aftermath

"Would you like to go and clean up Sally, while we let the men sort themselves out? Please do join us for a drink afterwards." Bill said softly to her, while helping Sally to her somewhat shakily feet.

"Thank you Bill," she said quietly as she got rather unsteadily to her feet and walked very slowly to the door, stopping briefly to look back at the men still standing there with cocks hanging from opened trousers. Sally smiled as it suddenly occurred to her, that she had been the only one naked throughout the whole saga. Climbing the stairs felt a little like going up Everest at that moment and it took Sally some moments to negotiate a path up to her room.

Once there she turned on the taps to the shower and step into the welcoming hot water, washing away the sweat and cum from her body, letting the water caress her still tingling tender flesh. Having washed herself thoroughly including her hair, Sally stepped lightly from the shower and found a large soft bath towel to wrap around herself before going back into her bedroom to find something more demure to wear downstairs.

Deciding against a bra, her shapely breasts would show very slightly against the sheer fabric of the light blue silk blouse she chose which clung in all the right places just giving a hint of what they all now knew lay below. A simple pencil skirt in white to show off her wonderful curves, Sally completed the outfit with a pair of high heel court shoes, very like the ones she'd won at the interview' and having sprayed herself lightly with perfume and dabbed a bit of make up on here and there, bushing her now dry hair until it shone, Sally left the room and made her way back downstairs to join the blokes in the sitting room.

Stepping back through the door was somehow more difficult this time being fully clothed and knowing what had just taken place. The whole act now seems almost like a dream, but the still pulsing of her vulva told her it hadn't been. Her nipples hardened anew at the thought of what had taken place. Sally cleared her throat and opening the door wide walked back in.

"Ah there you are, refreshed I hope." Bill said with a smile handing her a large glass of red wine, which Sally took gratefully.

"Yes thank you Bill," Sally looked round casting for something else to say, but failing. What do you say to a room full of men who not half an hour ago had been ravishing your body.

Fred came across and put his arms around her in an almost brotherly fashion and whispered into her ear. "Thank you Sally, you don't know how happy you've made us all tonight, you were simply splendid."

"That's alright Fred. I'm glad I wasn't a disappointment; I would be lying to you all if I said I hadn't enjoyed it myself too." Sally replied smiling broadly at the others.

Henry clapped his hands together and started laughing in appreciation. "Well said, and if I may say so, it's a pity it had to stop when it did, I for one would love to have continued further, if you ever care to, here's my phone number,." With that Henry stepped forward and handed Sally a piece of paper with his full name, address and phone number on it.

"Me too," said Charlie, quickly adding his to Henry's, before stopping to kiss her lightly on the check, his hand dropping to lightly caress the side of her body, even though what he really wanted was to caress her wonderful breasts again.

"Well lads," Fred said seeing what Charlie was doing or rather not doing, "Perhaps its time to drink up and head for the door, it is after all getting late."

"We'll be in touch about the next gathering, if any of you have any ideas how we top this one, please let me know by the usual methods." Bill smiled as each finished their drink and got up to leave.

Ted hovered by the door, seemingly undecided whether he was going or staying. "Hang on a mo," he said quickly crossing the room to where Sally was and quickly pressing a piece of paper into her hand. "If ever, you know, give me a call." He said quickly before turning about and leaving before anyone could say anything.

Tony looked back at Sally as he headed for the door. "Its been a marvellous evening and I've enjoyed every moment, don't think I'm not tempted to give you my number, but Sally my dear I think you'd be very bad for me." Tony chuckled as he nodded his head in her direction, blew a kiss and left, still laughing as he did so.

Having seen them all to their cars Fred locked the front door and came back again. "Well," he said as he came back through the sitting room door. "That went extremely well, did it not?"

Both Sally and Bill agreed silently nodding to Fred, Sally not trusting herself to speak at that moment and Bill not saying anything as nothing seemed to be left to say.

"I for one am shattered and I'm going off to my bed, night night Sally, I hope you have the sweetest of dreams and wake refreshed." Bill finally said before slowly getting to his feet and making for the door.

Fred raised an eyebrow but said no more than wishing his Brother a good night's sleep, before turning to Sally and offering her another drink.

"Yes please I will," Sally smiled. "In truth I need to calm down after all the fun we've had."

Sally inclined her head towards Fred slightly before continuing. "I do wonder though if you or Bill really enjoyed it, after all you didn't participate in any of the action, didn't I please you?

"Oh Christ Sally, not please us, you couldn't be further from the truth, you were wonderful and I so much wanted to ravish you along with the others, but we, that is Bill and I, made a pact that neither of us would part take but would simply observe. I can tell you that being a voyeur was the most torturous experience I have ever hard, but also the most pleasurable, for we both know what is to come, or at least have some idea of what pleasure there is in store tomorrow."

"I'm relieved." Sally replied with a sigh. "I was beginning to think that I'd done something wrong."

"Far from it Sally." Said Fred, crossing the space between them and planting his hands on each of her slender shoulders. "Don't you realize just how much each and every man wanted to take you this evening, how much constraint it took for them not to go all the way? It was only the strictest of codes we have as a group that prevented any man from taking you there and then regardless of your feelings on the matter, damn it woman you were sensational."

Fred looked long and hard into Sally's deep green eyes almost losing himself in them remembering all that had taken place on the coffee table that evening, he could feel himself becoming aroused again and quickly put some distance between them.

Sighing heavily he said "Much as I wanted to, and still want to, it wouldn't be fair on Bill so I think it best if we finish our drinks and go to bed, separately." He finished with a rueful smile, then drained his wine stepped up to Sally again, took her in his arms and crushed her lips to his, taking her the only way open to him ravishing her lips hard and urgently, before he gained enough control to push her from him, breathing hard as he did so.

"I shouldn't have done that." Fred said, but then added, "But I don't regret it for one minute, however I better take your glass and mine and go off to bed before I get any other ideas, agreed?"

"Yes." Sally whispered between tingling lips. Gulping down her wine she handed her glass over to Fred as he kept a safe distance, then strode quickly out the door, turning back suddenly he said "Good night Sally," Before disappearing into the gloom towards the kitchen.

Sally sighed again, and slowly walked up the stairs to her room and closed the door quietly behind her. Standing with her back against the door, heart still hammering a tattoo in her chest, she smiled to herself, tomorrow was after all another day. With that thought in mind she quickly removed her clothing and got naked into bed and was soon dreaming of the glorious day she would have.
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