The Burglar
I was driving down my street at dusk. My husband had called me and said he was going to work a little while longer so I would be going home to an empty house. I drove into the garage and parked and closed the garage door. I walked into the house and put down my purse and keys. Standing in the kitchen I looked around thinking of what to cook for dinner. Suddenly I got this funny feeling that I wasn't alone in the house. I was about to call out and ask if anyone was there when all of a sudden I felt a movement behind me and a strong muscular arm went around my neck from behind and squeezed my throat.

I tried to struggle but the arm just squeezed tighter. I could hardly breath let alone scream. I felt him move close to my ear and whisper for me to not to scream or struggle or he would kill me. His other hand reached around me and showed me the knife he was holding. He asked me if I understood and I nodded yes. Slowly he released his hold on me and he told me to turn around. I rubbed my neck and looked at him with fear in my eyes. There stood a masked intruder in my home. He was white and about 6' 2" and athletic. I guessed him to be in his mid 20's but I wasn't sure because he was wearing a ski mask. I asked him what he wanted. He said he broke in my house originally for money or drugs, but now there might be something else he wanted.

I was scared out of my wits and I had this hopeless feeling. I kept looking at the knife in his hand and wondered if he really would kill me. I had to make sure I didn't upset him and tried to stay calm. He was looking up and down as I stood there. I was in my mid 40's. I tried to stay in shape by running and working out. I was used to guys staring at my body but not like this. I had been out shopping and was wearing a tight fitting dress that showed abundant cleavage. I had large breasts and wished I had worn something more conservative today.

As I stood there rubbing my throat he looked right at me and told me to get on my knees. I closed my eyes knowing what was coming next. I knew I had to obey and I was shaking as I slowly got down on my knees before him. I looked up at him and tried to smile a little. He unzipped his jeans and reached in and pulled his stiffening cock out. He simply said suck it. I looked at it. It was huge. It had to be twice the size of my husbands. He was the only man I had ever had inside me. I had to try to do this or risk upsetting this guy. I leaned forward and licked the head a little. It was so wide I didn't know if I could get it in my mouth. I looked back up at him and he said to suck it bitch. I reached out my hand to grab his cock and steady it. I opened wide and sucked. I was able to get the head in my mouth and worked on more. I thought about when my husband might get home. I wanted him to save me but I also didn't want him to get hurt too. What would he think if he saw me doing this?

I got this guys cock to the back of my throat and that was all. It was too big to go any further. Maybe if I could make him cum he would just leave. I knew he was enjoying it from the sounds he was making. Suddenly he stopped and pulled his hard cock away. I looked at him wondering if I had done something wrong. He looked at me and said I was a good cocksucker but he had other plans. He told me to go to my bedroom. I was numb as I walked down the hall to the master bedroom. He followed close behind me and as I stood in front of my husband's and my bed he told me to take my clothes off. I wasn't going to be able to get out of this with a simple blow job.

With shaking hands I unzipped my dress and let it fall at my feet. I reached behind my back and unclasped my bra and slipped off my 36DD breasts. I took a deep breath and pushed my thong down and stepped out of it. I stood there in front or our bed shaking and naked waiting for my next instructions. He told me to get up on the bed and lay on my back. I did as I was told and when I looked at him I saw he had gotten undressed too but was still wearing the mask. He had a chiseled body and his hard cock looked even bigger now with a large pair of balls hanging low.

He looked my naked body over and said that I had a smoking hot body for an older bitch. He said that this must be his lucky day. I know it wasn't mine. There were a couple of my husband's neckties on the chair. He went and got two of them. He tied one end of each tie to each of my wrists and the other end to the headboard so I couldn't move my arms. Only then did he set the knife on the nightstand. He climbed on the bed and spread my legs apart. Leaning down he lifted the mask up just high enough to expose his mouth. Getting lower he held my thighs apart and started to lick my pussy. I felt his wet tongue and hot breath on my smoothly shaved lips. He had a stubble of a beard and it was rough and scratched my skin. My husband wasn't very good at this and really tried to perform oral on me. This guy was very good at it.

His tongue danced around and explored my tight opening. He kissed and pulled on my oversized lips. I was still very scared and freaked out about this whole thing but I also felt the butterflys start in my lower stomach. I thought to myself, oh no this guy is going to make me cum. I didn't want that but I couldn't help the way my body was responding to his efforts. I tried to think of something else. I thought about what this would do to my husband if he walked in on us. That actually was a real possibility. As I was trying to hold back I felt his lips go around my clit and suck on it. I took a sharp deep breath and arched my back involuntarily. When he gently nibbled on my swollen clit with his teeth I lost it and started spasming as I came.

My breathing started to slow and he pulled his face away from between my legs. I looked at him and saw I had flooded his face with my pussy juice. It had been so long since I had cum from oral sex I almost wanted to thanks him but I stayed silent. He wiped his face on the beds clean sheets. He laughed and said that I sure enjoyed that didn't I. He said that he bet my husband didn't suck pussy like that. He was right. I had almost forgot we were both naked on my bed but suddenly I knew what was going to happen next. He rubbed my wet pussy with his hand and stuck one finger in. He said wow I sure was tight. I swallowed hard and told him that my husband's cock was not very big and it had been the only one I had ever had in me. I said his was just to big and it won't work. I suggested that I just give him a blow job and then he could leave. He just laughed and rubbed my pussy then rubbed his cock getting it wet from my juice. He spread my legs wide and I resisted. He stopped and said for me not to do that or it would get worse for me.

I closed my eyes and decided to just lay there and get this over with. He got closer to me and I felt the huge head of his cock rub against my pussy lips. I was crying a little. He pushed it in me some trying to get past my tight opening. I held my breath as I was stretched to beyond my max. Right when I thought I would be seriously damaged the big head popped in me. We were both breathing hard and in awe. He kept pushing in feeding more shaft. It hurt but I found myself wanting more in me. He used slow strokes going deeper and deeper. Time stood still but finally he hit bottom in my pussy. His cock still had a few inches not in me but that was all he could get in for now. He grabbed my hips and started long strokes. It felt like my pussy was being turned inside out it was gripping his cock so tightly. He was the only man to do this other then my husband and I didn't even know him.

As he stroked I was in a sexual fog. My body was responding to him without me telling it to. When I thought about his bare cock inside me I snapped out of it. I said to him, please don't cum in me. I wasn't on birth control because my husband was sterile. I could get pregnant. While he was stroking his huge cock in me he asked me if I wanted him to stop. I almost said yes but then I shook my head no and said don't stop just pull out when you cum. He said sure thing slut. As he stroked his hands were all over my big tits. He was squeezing them hard and pulling on my nipples. This was driving me wild because they are so sensitive. I was having small orgasms and my pussy would grab his cock when I did. He leaned forward and sucked on my nipples and I wished I could wrap my arms around him. I did wrap my legs around him encouraging him to get deeper in me. He was banging me hard now and I felt his balls touch my ass and I knew he had all of his cock in me somehow. If my husband walked in right now I would tell him to get out or watch I wasn't stopping.

I reminded him again not to cum in me. He didn't say anything. He pushed up and took one of my big tits in each of his hands. He was stroking with a purpose now. My legs were still wrapped around him and I wondered why I wasn't letting go of him. I heard him say Oh Fuck while he pinched my nipple hard. It was then that I felt it. His cock exploded inside me. Spurt after spurt of his thick cum washed over my cervix. The head of his cock was pressed right against it and he was flooding me with potent sperm. I lost control and came like a freight train. My pussy gripped him so hard he had trouble stroking. Gradually things slowed down. We were both sweating when finally my pussy released it's grip on my still semi hard cock. He slowly pulled out of me. I felt so guilty for having enjoyed that but at the same time I missed him being inside me. I felt very empty. He stood up and went into the bathroom.

I was left alone with my thoughts. My pussy was sore and I felt his cum start to flow out of it onto the bed. How would I ever be able to sleep in this bed again with my husband and not remember this. He came out of the bathroom and walked out of the room with his big cock swinging before him. He left me there still tied to the bed. I guessed he had gone to the kitchen. He was gone about 30 min when he finally came back. He walked up to the bed and untied me the said for me to roll over on my stomach. I did as I was told and then he retied my wrists. He told me to grab the headboard with my hands and to get up on my knees. I did it still clueless about what was coming next. My big tits hung down below me and my ass was in the air. My ass, wait a minute, he wasn't going to do that was he?

I was panicking some when he got back up on the bed in a position behind me. He grabbed my ass with one hand and after stroking his cock a little placed the head back against my still dripping pussy. I guess he wanted round 2. He stroked in my well fucked but still tight pussy. Our mixed cum coated his cock. His cock got really hard again but after about 5 min he stopped and pulled out of me. I knew he wasn't finished. He squeezed my ass and then I felt it. The huge head of his cock touched my asshole. He was going to push it in me there. I shook my head and begged him to please not to do that. I told him I had never had a man do that to me, even my husband. He just laughed and said it looked like he would be my first then.

I knew it was going to hurt bad. I had no idea. He tried to push in and it wasn't working. He slapped my ass and told me to relax and push out a little. I tried as I started to cry some. He pushed harder and I tried to relax. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. I was going to get fucked in the ass by a total stranger. He pulled back and dipped his cock in my pussy one more time and the pushed hard into my ass opening. I gritted my teeth and pushed back on his cock. Slowly my sphincter relaxed and he started to slide forward. When the head got it he stopped. I couldn't believe it. A cock was in my ass. I was shaking so bad he let me relax for a moment. He grabbed my hips with his hand and pushed again. It hurt really bad but he was making progress getting more and more of his cock deep inside me. I heard him say I had the tightest and hottest ass he had ever been in.

I felt his balls touch my wet pussy lips and I knew he had gotten all of his big cock in me. It felt like it was in my throat. With some effort he started to stroke in and out of my ass. Slowly it relaxed molding to his cock. He had just cum in my pussy so I didn't know how long he would last in my ass. He called me his dirty ass slut. I did feel dirty and degraded but I was actually proud of myself for being able to take a cock the size of his my first time back there.

As he fucked me in the ass he would reach under me and squeeze and pull on my big swinging tits. He would slap them and slap my ass as well. If he left marks or bruises on me I wondered how I would hide them from my husband. I knew he could walk in any minute. I didn't want him to see me like this. I said to the guy that my husband could come home any minute so he should hurry and finish in me. He laughed and said he wanted my husband to walk in on us so he could see how a real man fucks his wife. He told me I would always remember how I got fucked tonight and that it would ruin sex with my husband from now on. He told me to say that. I didn't want to but he slapped my ass hard and I yelled out that I was ruined for sex with my husband. He slapped harder and I yelled it again louder.

He was stroking fast and I was moving my ass back against him. My big tits were swinging wildly about. We were like a couple of animal in rut. He reached under finding my pussy. He rubbed my swollen clit hard and fast just as he started to go off deep in my ass. The combination of him shooting deep in my ass and his rubbing my clit set me off once again. I had one of the biggest orgasms of my life. We both collapsed forward him laying on top of me. His cock was still in my ass leaking the last of his cum. Slowly he pulled it out. The bed was a mess and I was a mess with cum leaking out of both my pussy and my ass. He untied my wrists from the headboard. I was looking at him and as I wrapped my arms around him I told him to take off that stupid mask. He reached up and pulled it off ans smiled at me.

I kissed him and smiled back. He said, Mom you are the best. I kissed him again and asked my son if he had fun with our little rolepay. He said oh yes. He always like the burglar one. I told him he better not have left any bruises on my ass. He had slapped it pretty hard. He laughed and just said that I loved it. I did love it and I love having sex with my Son no matter what the situation was. I got up and told him we should take a shower and that he would have to change the sheets on the bed. He said sure and by the way, what's for dinner? I just shook my head.
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