The Cabin
Carol joined our office staff a little over three years ago after graduating from college at the age of 52 with a degree in Business Management. She is a woman of color with beautiful radiant skin, black hair and dark eyes. She stands 5"7" tall and is chubby in a sexy kind of way and full figured. Carol is a pleasant coworker who gets along with everyone and has a marvelous sense of humor and laughs easily and often. We've talked on a fairly regular basis primarily in idle chit chat. She is divorced and has a grown daughter who is married and has two daughters of her own. All in all she is an attractive and very personable woman and Lady.

Two weeks ago Saturday I was walking in the woods behind my house that adjoins the Chippewa National Forest. It was a cool summer morning under an overcast sky and breezy. I was about a mile from my house on a gravel walking path. The sky was beginning to look a bit more threatening and I stepped up the pace of my walk. Looking ahead I saw a figure coming toward me on the path walking a dog. As they drew near I could see that it was Carol. Surprised, we stopped and exchanged pleasantries, both of us anxious to move on before an approaching thunderstorm caught us far from home. As we spoke a streak of lightening hit somewhere close by followed by a huge clap of thunder as rain began to fall. I told her to come with me as I headed to an old cabin that was used occassionally on the weekends by a couple from the city. The rain was really coming down now as we hurriedly made our way the eighth of a mile or so to the cabin. Thankfully the cabin was vacant and I opened the door for her and we rushed in, both of us soaked to the skin. After catching our breath I quickly lit a fire to warm us from the cold rain and get our clothes dried out. I looked in the closet and found bed sheets that we could each use to wrap ourselves up with after we got out of our wet clothes and huddled in front of the fire.

I pulled a blanket from the bed and spread it in front of the fire. I sat and Carol sat down beside me directly in front of the fireplace, both of us wrapped is sheets as if we had just come from the shower. Without thinking I put my arm around Carol's shoulder and pulled her close that our bodies might share in the heat. When I realized what I had done I became visibly embarrassed and she said don't worry about it and tucked her head in under my chin. Her arm went around my waist and I could feel her warm breath on my chest. After sitting motionless and in awkward silence for what seemed like forever but in reality was probably only 2 or 3 minutes she softly said, it feels good doesn't it. Yes, I replied. The heat feels wonderful. She pulled her head away from my chest and looked at my face. Our eyes met and for several seconds we froze looking into each others eyes. She run her hand slowly up and down my side and she could see it was affecting me by the expression on my face. I took her cheek into the palm of my hand and traced my thumb up and down her face and softly across her lips. I leaned my face closer to hers and she moved in as we met with a tender kiss. Not the bedroom variety but rather a warm and affectionate closed mouth kiss. A very soft mmmm came from both our mouths in unison. I think we were both surprised but happy with the events unfolding here made possible by an early summer thunderstorm.

We laid on the blanket on our sides and took in the heat from the fire. We laid there with heads propped up on arms bent at the elbow content to look at each other and take in the moment. The rain was pelting the windows and the sound of distant thunder was setting the mood for romance and love in the afternoon.

I stood to fetch more wood from the box to feed the fire. When I turned to go back to the fireplace I found Carol laying on her back with the sheet opened to her waist. She had ample breasts that laid slightly to the side as she lay there. Her areola was dark and her large nipples were black. She had a bit of a tummy that reflected her wonderful chubbiness. She was smiling and raised her arms while moving her fingers in a come hither motion inviting me to her side. I placed the wood in the fire and took her hands so she could pull me to the floor. I came to rest between her already open legs and my chest was laying on her sheet covered mound. Without saying a word we kissed a long and tender kiss, she with her hand on the back of my head. I think we both felt the magic of the moment and the excitement for what was sure to follow. I felt the softness of her breasts against my chest as her tongue entered my mouth for the first time and sent a tingle all the way to my stiffening cock. She was obviously and visibly enjoying the same sensation. I accepted her tongue and together with mine they danced a slow dance exploring the inside of our mouths. I softly pet the side of her face and took an earlobe into my mouth and began sucking it. She gave her approval with an audible mmmm. I lowered myself and began kissing her throat and chest with those little tiny kisses that stir the senses and put butterflies in the stomach. I cupped a breast in my hand, massaging and squeezing it gently. Again she voiced her approval when I run my thumb over her nipple and took it into my mouth. Her hand was on the back of my neck pulling me close as I started to suck her nipple while I continued to fondle her tit. I lingered for some time at her breasts enjoying the smoothness and softness. She was loving every minute of the time given to her sweet bosom .

I kissed between her breasts and started my slow journey to the south. Kissing those same little kisses I raised myself slightly and worked slowly down to her navel. There I kissed all around her cute little belly button and her reaction clearly indicated it was tickling her. We chuckled briefly. She pulled her sheet open the rest of the way exposing her beautiful and shaven slit. I didn't hesitate. Her pussy was beautiful with lips glistening with moisture. I kissed her softly just above her opening and both of us bristled with anticipation.

The wetness on her pussy had the scent of freshness and filled me with want. I kissed all around her opening, her honey dripping from my chin. The smell was enticing and the taste was out of this world. I eagerly lapped it up and swallowed it longing for more. Carol was squirming and beginning to pant as my tongue slipped between her lips and caressed her clit with gentle firmness. She heaved her hips upward pleading for more and I answered her request with firm licks on her swollen nub and vigorous sucking that went on and on. Her body was beginning to tense and she held a death grip on the blanket in her fists. I slowly withdrew my tongue and planted sloppy wet kisses over the entirety of her pussy and her upper inner thighs. I began licking her and collecting all the ooze and wetness I could, relishing every drop as I swallowed it down. Her body was warm to the touch and covered in her own perspiration...her panting continued and her heartbeat was racing. I placed my hands under her butt checks and buried my face in her crotch first licking then sucking her clit until she squirmed with her orgasm releasing her ooze that I greedily took in. I held her down and continued sucking her clit until she moaned loudly and gasped for air as her body began to spasm with a second orgasm. I laid my head on her thigh about an inch away from her slit. Her breathing was heavy and labored and she was moaning through whispers of "oh my God, oh my God". She began to calm as I lay there taking in the fragrance of her excited and very wet pussy.

As she was regaining her composure she began running her fingers through my hair. Her face flushed and she was smiling a lovely little smile of contentment. She pulled at my shoulder and I rose and came over her with my cock hard as stone as we kissed the longest loving kiss ever and I settled my body over hers. Her legs were drawn up at the knees and had fallen to the side with her feet flat on the bed. Her pussy was wet and slippery and gaping at her opening.

I slid my cock inside her very tight and very slippery hole with ease. She was looking into my eyes and rolling her thumbs over he nipples. She liked what she was feeling and bit her lower lip showing her approval. Her pussy was swallowing my hard dick and loving it. I fucked her deep but very slowly pulling all the way out and then pushing all the way in. We fucked for 20 minutes in that same slow rhythm with her hips moving to meet each push and each time the area just above my cock was brushing gently against her still sensitive clit. We were getting close and she began to tense again as I fucked her harder and faster. In just a minute or two I felt my own orgasm forming and gaining strength and my thrusts became harder and harder until she said loudly, "I'm cumming I'm cumming" and I mumbled "me too" as ribbons of my hot jizz streamed deep into her juicy hole. Our orgasms came in unison and we were both out of breath and sweaty as I kept fucking her until I was so soft I had to withdraw. We collapsed together wrapped in our arms. We calmed within a few minutes and kissed loving kisses until sleep overtook us...
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