The Call

The ring of the telephone took her attention from the television. She muted it automatically. Then picked up the receiver. "Hello" she said in a half asleep state. "What are you wearing?" The sound of his voice made her heart skip a beat. She smiled into the receiver. "Well, I am wearing a tee shirt and panties. Why?" He ignored the question entirely. "Take your clothes off, all of them." She had learned long ago not to question him when he was in this mood. Shifting the receiver from one hand to the other she pulled the shirt over her head and wiggled out of her panties. She laid them on the mattress at her side. "Do you have your toys?" His voice as husky. She grinned bigger "Not at the moment.", "Get them." She said yes Jarl. She slid off the bed and walked to the foot. She flipped the lid to her toy chest up and started looking. He hadn't told her what to get. Yet he knew all the things she had, He had played with them many times. She grabbed the nipple clamps, the vibe, a dildo just in case, the ben wah balls and the last a long tendril flogger. It was black and red. He had carved her name into it's handle long ago. Toys in hand she slid back onto the bed. "Alright, I have them." she said nervously. "Good girl, which did you get?" She ran through the list. His voice held a tone. She knew it well. He needed to hear her scream. "Tease your nipples roughly for me and snap the clamps on." Her hand immediately slide up to her breast. A smack was heard over the phone. She had slapped her tit for him. He always loved it when she did that on her own. A moan then a whimper assured him that the first had been put into place. Another resounding smack and a delicious moan. He groaned in the phone. The sounds were getting to him. "Put the ben wahs in." It wasn't a request. He heard the lid squeak. A soft gasp followed by a helpless whimper told him they were there. "Good lube up the vibe and push it in your ass." She wouldn't argue. She would never argue with him. She lubed the dildo up and pushed it against her puckered star. Slowly she pushed it in. Her nipples were beginning to burn. He knew she loved it when he told her what to do. "Put your vibe in your pussy." She whimpered but pushed it in. She turned it on low. The vibration made the velvet walls close in around the toy sucking it deeper. "Did I say to turn it on?" She quickly turned it off but it was to late. "Oh no baby girl, turn it on high." She whimpered and with three clicks the vibration inside her was making her squirm. "I bet you are sorry you did that aren't you?" He asked. She grinned in the reciever "You have no idea!" He chuckled but said nothing. He had gone silent. She hated when he would do that it always made her wonder if she had done wrong.

The floor squeaked as he walked into the door. He grinned when he saw her spread eagle with her knees drawn high. The vibe humming away inside her. Her ass stuffed full of the dildo and those damn nipple clamps. The covers that made her nipples burn and tingle all at the same time. The flogger was laying across her belly. It's long tendrils were resting over her side. "Would you just look at that." He turned his phone off and laid it on the dresser. Without saying another word he walked to the side of the bed. He picked up the flogger and slapped the long leather straps over her breasts. "God why did he have to his my breast. Fuck that hurt! Yet it felt so fucking good!" She thought to herself. A loud helpless moan bubbled from her lips. He smiled at her. "You liked that didn't you?" Before she could answer leather met the skin once more. She automatically arched. The fire deep in her belly was spreading. It was coursing thru her veins. "I think I asked you a question Ann. Do I need to repeat myself?" Her lips opened she started to answer. She wasn't quick enough. His hand hit bottom of both toys making them drive in a fraction deeper. She sucked in a ragged breath. He was hard as a rock. She could see his cock in his pants straining to get free. Her nipples were burning, god they were fucking burning so badly. He slapped the toys again. The leather met her thighs. "Open" He demanded. She knew if she opened to wide she would cum. She knew she would and there was nothing that could keep her from it at this point. He slapped her thighs with the flogger again. "I said open, Do it now!" Her knees sprang open wide. Helplessly her heels dug into the bed. Her hips thrust upward. Her body was begging for more. He had every nerve straining. "Good girl" with that he put his hand against both toys and rubbed HARD. She screamed as the orgasm took her. Her juices flooded out around the vibe and trickled down the crack of her ass.

"I don't think you had permission to cum did you?" He asked with a grin. She quickly shook her head from side to side. Her hair was beginning to cling to her face. A thin sheen of sweat was coating her body. Her nipples were on fire. That damn vibe hummed away angrily. She was fucked and she knew it. "That is to bad." there was something in the sound of his voice. "Get on your knees." She started moving the moment he spoke. "Oh wait, I nearly forgot." She turned to look at him. He gave the nipples a flick first one and then the other. She groaned in response. Not the sound he had wanted to hear. "Definitely to bad." She started to say something to his words. When his fingers curled around the chain that held the clamps together. In one fierce jerk the clamps were jerked off at the same time. She screamed loudly and her body contorted with delicious pain. The kind of pain that could send a girl to oblivion. He dove onto her breast sucking her nipple deep in his mouth. It was cold against his tongue. She shivered. He pinched the other roughly twisting it. She squirmed. The vibe still humming away as fast as it possibly could. She was going to cum again. She was fighting it but it was close. She whimpered a helpless plea. "Please Jarl?!?!?" He looked up at her. His blue eyes were sparkling in delight. He was torturing the hell out of her and he knew it. He shook his head from side to side saying no. His teeth sank into her nipple. That is all she could take. A helpless scream shuddered from her lips. Another orgasm gushed thru her. He chuckled and licked her nipple. "Oh is that how we are going to be?" He didn't give her a chance to respond.

In one quick twist he flipped her on her hands and knees. His palm met her ass in a hard smack. She cried out. The pain bit into the cheek of her ass sharply then faded to a slow burn. She trembled. She was at his mercy and he was in a mood. "I asked you a question. Do you not have an answer Ann?" before she could answer his hand met her other ass cheek even rougher than the first. She screamed again and bit the corner of a pillow to keep from cussing. He pulled the dildo from her ass and plowed into her. Her ass didn't need time to adjust. It was ready for him. She pushed back unable to stop herself. His hands curled around her hips and yanked her back. She cried out in delight. He was buried to the hilt in her ass and he showed no signs of stopping or slowing down. He plowed thru her viciously. The thin wall is all that kept him from gliding against the vibe. It however didn't stop the vibration. It didn't protect his cock from that fucking hum. Her fingers curled into the sheets. Her body was on fire. Sweat covered her from head to toe. It was mere seconds when she felt his cock twitch deep inside her. A burst of his hot cock milk shot deep in her bowel. She groaned and shoved back hard. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. He wasn't done with her not by a long shit. Juices leaked out of her and pooled around her clit. His fingers were rough and they found their mark. He rubbed that hard bundle of nerves hard and fast. His hips slamming into her ass. Her head jerked back and a single word was torn from her lips in a scream "PLEASE!!!!!!" He rubbed harder, faster his cock plowing away in her ass. That hum in her pussy worked back and forth against her cervix with every thrust. He bit the back of her shoulder leaving the imprint of his teeth behind. "NOW!" He hissed. She screamed and at the same time. She felt him unload inside of her. As he own dam burst. She jerked at the covers as one orgasm rushes into another. His arms wrapped around her tightly as if his very life depended on it. He rubbed her clit slowly helping her come down. Out of breath and drenched in cum. She trembled beneath him. He kissed her shoulder where he bit her. Only then did he slide out of her. He pulled the vibe from inside her and turned it off.

He took her by the hand and lead her to the bathroom. Her knees were trembling. Clear nectar trickled down each side all the way past her knees. He turned the shower on. While they waited for the hot water he kissed her with a fierce passion. Something she had never known before. They showered together without a word. Little red stripes covered her body from the floggers kiss. He tenderly caressed each one. He had hurt her but she had loved it. When they were both dried and the toys had been washed and put away. The sheets had been changed. He pulled her into bed with him. He started to speak but was shocked when she leaned forward. Her mouth slid over his cock and sucked him deep. He growled as his cock swelled in her mouth. He had stroked that fire that burned so deep inside of her and there would be nothing that could tame those flames but him. Her tongue was velvet fire. It caressed his cock flesh. She moaned around him. The palm of his hand gently stroked her back, then drifted lower. His fingers found her pussy. She was already wet again. She was already ready for him once more. He slid two fingers inside her velvet tunnel. She whimpered and pushed tighter to his hand. "Ride me" he said in a dry hoarse voice. She pulled her lips from him and climbed on top. Her green eyes met his blues. She leaned forward on her knees and rolled her hips dipping low first then pushing up and back. He slid inside her inch by hot thick inch. She moaned louder. Her head fell back when she had him completely. He leaned up wrapping his arms around her. He kissed her deeply. They moved together. Every move was slow. The friction between their bodies was intense. He pushed his middle finger in her ass and curled it in deeper. A whimper was lost as she sucked his tongue. He had used her and she had loved it. Now he was allowing her to express just how much she loved it. The made love again and again throughout the night. The next morning when she awoke. He had left for work but had left her a note. "My dearest slave, enjoy the day. I miss you already." She smiled and slid out of bed. When she walked into the bathroom. The full length mirrors reflected every welt, every bite mark, every bruise that was left behind. She would remember last night for the rest of her life. She grinned at the reflection and shivered. Fate had finally smiled on her. Fate had finally given her her soul mate.

This story is dedicated to my owner. He is my inspiration. He is also the love of my life. I hope you all enjoy. I love you M.
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