The Camera Discovers Christiana
In recent years I have taken up the craft of photography as the serious hobby. More than just a hobby the intellectual challenge to keep the mind from becoming stagnant and also keeping alive this craft of the past. This is photography as it once was, the film and chemicals and magic in the darkroom, even to the extent of the larger format of the sheets of film that are loaded and exposed one at a time. Nothing fast, or digital, more thoughtful and deliberate. Capturing moments and from this creating the photographs and images. Because of this I was approached by Christina, who I have known for a while about creating some romantic images for her to give to the newest boyfriend she was trying to keep interested in continuing the relationship.

Arrangements had been finalised and then my surprise when I arrived at her house to set up the lights and other equipment to find the front door unlocked and open and a note waiting for me explaining that she had to go meet someone and to feel free to do what was necessary to set up and she would return soon.
Simple enough, having been to Christina's home before I already had the ideas for the images I wanted us to create. Obvious is the bedroom with the heirloom four post bed with the canopy. At the back of the house the sun room with the windows and the garden views are also a natural spot also. It is fortunate for me that the equipment I have is ample enough to set up in multiple locations. Lights, camera and film in both areas. No sooner than the setting up was completed, the sound of Christina,s auto-mobile pulling into her driveway.

Ordinarily Christina is the quiet and reserved lady, however by the sound of the slamming of the car door and the heavy foot falls made it obvious that Christina was upset. Not to mention the unpleasant mutterings as she walked into her house. The look on her face was one of distress. Which leads me to asking her what happened. Without dragging the explanation out, while Christina was thinking of moving the current relationship to the next level while he was planning on moving on to the next relationship.

After letting Christina talk it out for a while the next thing she yells is; damm it. What I ask? I had you here to take my photograph for the S.O.B. and I had thought I would get back before you arrived much less had set everything up, and now you have done all this work for nothing. I point out that this is not the problem that everything can be packed in just the little while, however since I am here and set up we could do just a few photos for test purposes. Who knows when she may want to do this sometime in the future., and since the afternoon had already been planned and I was there. Why not? Christina and I discuss this for a while and she agrees, since her original plans were ruined. In fact she was to have dinner with the guy but now no-one would be expecting her anywhere for a couple of days. Her only request was did I mind if she opened the bottle of wine, she felt the need for a drink which was just fine with me.

As we are in the back of the house garden room with plenty of outside light, and I am noticing that as Christina is moving about and talking and drinking the wine that with the windows behind her the light is back lighting her shape. Christina is the very attractive and shapely woman yet dresses in the subdued manner. Having known her for a while I knew she was beautiful and now I will take advantage of the situation to see if I can find out if what I have not been seeing is as beautiful as what little I have seen of her. She is wearing the plain white blouse with the dark skirt, almost the librarian look, but the dammed good looking librarian.

When I mention this to Christina her answer is this a part of the problem, what I ask? This is when she starts to tell me that the guy had decided that she was too reserved and that he wanted someone more exciting. Which I can not understand, and then she starts going on about how she could be as exciting and daring and sexy as any other woman. This is when I suggest that if she wanted I could still take the photos and I could with her permission share one or two and then he could learn what he would be missing. To my amazement Christina said yes. I wonder if this was the wine talking or her wanting to prove something, either way this is too good of the opportunity to pass up.

We start off with a couple close shots and as I have been noticing the sunlight from behind her highlighting the profile of her breasts, which leads me to asking if she had different blouses, and Christina then runs back to her closet and returns with blouses on hangers. I pick one what is smooth and sheer, and being the gentleman turn my back while she changes blouses. A few more sheets of film are then exposed, when I suggest that if Christina is that daring why not try a few exposures without the bra, so Christina does the trick of every woman of removing the bra without taking off the shirt. Of course a few more exposures and then I use one of my tricks of clips and pins on the back of the blouse to make the blouse hug Christina's body more closely.

When I suggest that she unfasten a few buttons she quickly agrees, and soon enough the blouse is loose again and I tighten the clips on the back of the blouse pulling it tight against her body as if a size too small, and suggest a few shots with the hands fluffing the hair. You had to be there, the open blouse showing the swell of the breasts, the darkness of the nipples showing through the sheer cloth. That is when I decided I was going to have Christina, that the far longing and wanting to have her that I have had since first meeting her would now be fulfilled.

Which lead me to suggest a few more photographs in the bedroom and on the bed, Christina agrees.

While I am following her to the bedroom watching the sway of her hips and the swish of her skirt I am passing my point of no return, I will have my wish, Christina will be mine before this night is over.

The photos in the bedroom start with her face down on the bed, back arched, the shirt open and the breasts showing but her hands just covering the nipples. While setting up for the photos I would swear Christina was teasing her nipples. Then a few without the blouse, bare from the waist up. And amazing to me she agreed. And yes She is so far everything I had imagined, the soft and smooth skin. Skin that is so smooth it is almost liquid to look at, her skin is that smooth, the full swelling of her breasts as she breaths. The hint of perfume on the air.

This is when I mention did she have anything with a little spice or sexy. Yes was the answer, and she disappears into the closet, when she returns, she has the robe, but when she opens the robe Christina is wearing the merry widow, and she still had her stockings on from earlier. What I am seeing is taking my breath away. Back on the bed with the same poise. The camera is facing her, and I suggest pulling the merry widow a little lower to show off more her girls. A few more shots and then move the camera to look past her shoulder and down her back, the feet crossed. This is when I mention that the panties are cutting into her hips and casting the shadow lines. Would she mind removing them?

If for a moment I had thought of changing my mind about making Christina my own, those doubts dissipated while watching her slip out of her panties while on the bed, shimming and pushing the panties down her legs, and I would swear she was grinding her mound again the bed as she was taking off her panties. Then the smile when she looks up and hands them to me, removed my doubts.

After the exposing of a few more sheets of film then I suggest the change of poses. Which she agrees to my suggested pose, but requests I go get her wine glass while she is moving about. When I return she is exactly as I requested. Sitting at the end of the bed, with her legs hanging over the foot board, Being the lady and keeping her knees together so as not to show too much. But she has the smile that tells me in her own ways she just might know what I am thinking and planning. A few more photos, and then I ask, if she has the toys, anything a little kinky, since we are showing off just how adventurous she can be.

This is when she confesses she does have the toys box in her closet but I will have to get it for her. Seems she is not quite willing to move around too much, not wanting to show off her charms to me yet, but the time will come before this evening ends for me to explore Christiana's most intimate places. Just waiting and preparing for my chance. This is the first time I've been in Christina closet. For now let us say there is more to her than you might first guess. There is this hidden woman just waiting to be discovered. I find the box and bring it out. Open it up, and find some of what I was looking for. The handcuffs, will come in handy. I suggest she hold out the finger and let the cuffs dangle, with the secret type of smile. A few shots of this, the the make it look like you are putting on the cuffs, and again that smile. I get a few more shots, then I grab her hand and pull it over to the bed post and clamp the cuff around the post.

Grab the other arm, and again another set of cuffs, and pull her arm to the other post. Amazingly that smile is still there. One or two exposures, and then I walk to Christina and grabbing the front of her merry widow pull it down till her breasts are bare. Step back and another few shots. She starts to exclaim; what are you doing? Simple enough letting you show him what he will be missing. This is where she is starting to doubt my intentions, or maybe she now knows my intentions, but I walk close and putting my hands on her shoulders the along her neck and let one hand slip behind her head grabbing her hair, tilt her head back so she is looking up at me and bend down and start to kiss. Well the words from her were no and stop but the body was saying please and yes.

When my free hand traced down from the chin and down the neck to the collar bones and then lower till I am lifting a breast and feeling the nipple in the palm of my hand swell and stiffen, I had been waiting for years to explore Christiana's breasts and yes; they are everything I had imagined. Then drifting
my fingers to the other breast and pulling and teasing the stiff and hard nipple. Her words were still no and stop, but with less and less conviction in the voice.
When I pull away it is obvious the effect of the touching, the heaving chest from the heavy breathing the flush of the skin from the increased flowing of blood , and those nipples now stiff and erect, just begging to be touched again.

But I step back and having already prepared take more photographs of this now aroused woman. Then as I return to her I stop at her box of toys and find the scarf, and grabbing first one leg then the other tie the scarf on each of her legs. And while she is asking what I am doing take first one leg and push it toward the corner post then the other leg to the other post.

I will admit, this is too inviting the sight and I go back and grab her and pull her towards me and start to kiss, and then knowing there is no practical way she can avoid what I am doing to her while exploring the breasts with both of my hands. And again the words may be the meek no and no, and still the body is saying yes, yes. So I reach around and start to unfasten the merry widow, till it is loose and pull it away. Such the beautiful thing to see, Christina, nude, just wearing her stockings and a hint of her smile. And not forgetting why I am there taking the time to take more photographs.

Then going back to Christina grab her around the waist and pull her off the end of the bed, so now she is standing there, legs spread and tied apart to the bottoms of the posts and her arms tied to the tops of the posts. Now it is time for a few more photographs. Do not want to forget why I am doing this. Then again will have have the opportunity like this with her again?

This is when I decide to take the break, it is so difficult to walk away from the beautiful Christina, but I gather up the exposed film and film holders and walk them out to my car and lock them in the vehicle. Christiana is calling out to me; don't leave me like this. As if as the male animal could pull himself from what pleasures Christiana's body may offer.

When I return, Christina is still looking beautiful and is starting to ask that I release her, this is when I stand close and taking one of her breasts in each of my hands, pull and tease the nipples and bend down to kiss her. I would have expected her to pull away, but instead her mouth is getting hungry and she kisses with abandon. This is reminding me of what I want to do with her, so I let go of one of her breasts and let my hand travel down her belly till I am caressing her mound. I can feel her rotating her hips to press against my hand, I can feel the heat building in her loins.

My hand is wet from her excitement and I have yet to fully explore her body.
Exploring Christina's body comes later, I have been waiting years too long, so I step back and strip out of my clothes. She asks what I doing, simple enough my my girl, something I have wanted to do since the first time I met you. Then come back to embrace Christina and feel her skin next to mind, as I am pulling her closer, she is asking what I am going to do and I point out that I am going to have her, that she is too much for me to resist, as I am starting to probe with my staff and explore, Christina asks that I untie her legs, you can imagine the situation, take her now, or can I wait a few seconds more before I take her? I untie the legs, and the lift her up so that she is just perched on the end of her bed and as I am entering her I can feel her legs wrap around me and pull me in closer. The rocking of her hips, my long delayed release is too much for me and in what seems like just moments I can feel myself building to that release.

The clenching I am feeling is too much to resist. And I am releasing inside of her. Her legs hold me close and in and her movements are pulling from me everything I have to give. You may be expecting the long and extended ravishing of Christiana and I wish this was so. With the afternoon of excitement and with Christiana's enthusiast responses she soon had me exploding and climaxing. The years of waiting rewarded in moments.

It was all I could do to continue to stand after Christina had finished with me, I still even now, from time to time wonder who was having who? When did the table turn and who was saying yes.

Having finished my ravishing of Christina it requires just about the last of my strength and will to pull myself away and get dressed and then start to pack up some of the equipment, when Christina calls out to ask what am I going to do to her now, and then she is asking when or if she will be released.
My answer to here questions are simple enough, What I am going to do is take the film and my cameras to my vehicle, then for my own protection, I will release her from only one of the cuffs, the rest she has to do her-self. To which she answers that I do not have to be afraid of her or what she might do.

Then I explain I will be leaving the lights and other equipment set up and will be returning, soon, very soon. To which Christiana exclaimed; what do you think? That you can come back here anytime you want, and have me do your bidding, take your photographs and have your way with me anytime? Use me for you pleasures? Is that what you are thinking? Of course, I answer. To which she quietly responds; oh! At least please call first. What if I have friends over?

They can be in the photographs and join the fun too, I answer. I will be back tomorrow to finish what we started today. Expect me!

When driving away, looking at the view I was leaving would swear that Christiana was pressing her body against her bedroom window and smiling as if she was looking forward to tomorrow.

And yes I did give Christiana the warning, called to told her I would be there in the hour so be ready and when I arrived she was ready. Dressed in the same skirt and blouse as the day before, but somehow looking even better, as if she was wanting to look a good as possible for the continuing photographs.

While setting up gave her a package, and told her to have a look, this was some of the proofs of photographs from the day before. For someone that by the end of the day before, was forced to pose for photographs she was quite excited to see herself. The words out of her mouth were at first; what have you done? And before I could answer, she starts talking about how she can see this person, no this woman, in these photographs that is searching her very soul and seeking her long lost lover, and how did you find that. And then she goes on about how she was afraid the photographs would be just skin and body parts, but the photographs are art and what did I do to make her so pretty?

This is when I explain to Christiana that she is the beautiful woman and whatever she had been told in her past otherwise is not correct, that she had been hiding her beauty and sensuality from the world and most discouraging is from herself. And that the EX that told her to go away was and is the fool, and if she is willing we can show him just how foolish he was. Her reply to this offer is when do we start.

Before we started with creating more photographs had one more item to show her; here Christiana open this, which was the photographs packaged in lightproof plastic, look all you want. Now place the photo back in the package. Why she asks? Simple I will show you as the day progresses.

The photographs were almost the repeat of the day before, I had the story line in my mind that needed filling in from the day before for the visual story in photographs for the Mr. EX. Starting in the sun room, with the light behind Christiana and the shadow lines of her shape, when she started with the loosening the buttons of the blouse, is when I ask what is different, this is when she confesses that she is wearing a different bra. Is that okay? That will be fine, the bra was the smaller demi or half bra, and once Christiana's blouse was unbuttoned the difference was obvious, her breasts and spilling out and looking delicious, fuller, riper, ready to be tasted, this is when I decide to expend a few exposures on her breasts, and I suggest that she adjust her bra, and Christiana with the smile said; I don't know what you want, I will want you do the adjusting instead?

This is my pleasure, the handful of her breasts in each hand, while tugging the cups of her bra just a little lower, her breasts are spilling out, the nipples popping free as I stroke each erect and stiff nipple with my thumbs and Christiana is placing her hands on my shoulders, pulling me closer, looking up at me with the smile and her parted lips. I bend down and kiss her deeply and she is matching my energies. And then she pushes back ever so slightly, and tells me I have photographs to make. One of my favorite images from this is Christiana where she has taken off her skirt, but still has the open blouse, the leg flexed forward showing leg and thigh to her hip with the light behind her showing the shape and curving swell of her bottom, technically everything is covered, but the minds eye expands thoughts into the shadows and imagines seeing and seeking the hidden story behind the photograph.

After a few exposures, this is when Christiana asks do I need to take any of the bedroom photographs again too, who would or could say no to this. But before we go, I mention that she has to look at the special photographs, when she does she notices they are now looking darker and grey. Simple enough I explain, that the chemical process was not finished and the paper not fully fixed, so what will happen the longer someone looks at the photos the quicker they will fade away, and my suggestion is we give a set of these to her EX to remind him what he would be missing. She loves the idea, but asks and suggests that she can help me with the darkroom work. However for now there are more photos to create.

We have moved to the bedroom and Christiana is enjoying this process more than you or I would have imagine, when she is on the bed and moving around and picks up the cuffs from the night before and letting them dangle from her fingers tells me that if I want to use the cuffs again that is okay but that I will not need them. Christiana is down to her bra and panties and stockings and is face down on the bed and it looks like she is grinding against the bed and exciting herself. I suggest the photo looking over her shoulder and down her back and this time she is asking will she have to take off her panties again this time, and she is again squirming and grinding and at this point exciting us both with her movements, and that special I have the secret type of smile of hers.

After few of these photos I suggest something a little different, the shot looking up at her as she is sitting astride a pillow and going through the motions of being on top. We try this, and it is not working for her when she suggests, that I let her get on top of me and I can take the photograph that way. This works well, and another one of my favorite images. While I am reaching back to get more film and still holding the camera, Christiana leans over me and as I am distracted by her breasts in my face, she take her cuffs and wraps them around my wrists. Christiana now has my hands trapped over my head and I am pinned to her bed. I am trying not to loose grip on my equipment either. While still being distracted by the beautiful breasts in my face. What are you doing I ask her the answer is simple enough, she is returning the favor from the night before. For the moment she gets off of me, and takes my camera from my hands and sets it somewhere.

And then returns to start kissing me, as she is kissing she is unbuttoning my shirt, and then starts on my belt and pants, soon enough she has my pants off and she is now sitting astride me again. Christiana leans forward pressing her breasts against my chest, and moving up my body till her nipples are at my mouth and the whispered request for me to kiss her breasts and suck her nipples. As I am sucking I can feel her excitement rise as she is grinding her mound against my body. Then Christiana is sliding down my body and grinding her mound against me I can feel her heat and how wet she has become against my own stiffness.

I want this woman. As she lift lifts up and reaching between us gapping my shaft in her hand gives me a few swift strokes, and then takes my tip and wipes the dripping precum against her clit, I can feel her shiver with her own excitement as she does this, She is holding my shaft and using the head to tease and stimulate herself, I can watch her swelling chest as she is breathing heavy and feel as her body stiffens as she is reaching her own climax. In moments she is collapsing against me as she is recovering from her waves of excitement. Then to my initial pleasure Christiana is lifting herself and grabbing my shaft and guiding me into that hott wetness that I want.

Still Christiana has her own plans, as she leans back, and settles her weight against my hips she places her hands on the inside of her thighs and pushes her legs apart, and then glides her hands up her legs, and with one hand spread herself and pulls back the hood, and with the fingers of her other hand starts stroking and circling her clit. I can feel her ripples of pleasure as her body shivers around me, still her weight has me pinned so I can only feel her pleasures but I am unable to enjoy Christiana for myself so that I can achieve my own release.

This is the maddening pleasure as she is grinding and rocking against me, and those moments where she stiffens to enjoy her own climaxes. Will admit to being unable to keep count of the number of times Christiana brought herself pleasure and at the same time she was managing to keep me from my own release. This is a woman made for pleasure, not only the pleasure of her man but her own appetite for her own selfish pleasure, and for the moment she is sharing that pleasure with me. After what feels like the eternity of frustration I can feel Christiana almost relax as if she is reaching her own levels of required satisfaction.

When she leans forward and is now supporting her weight and giving me room to move my hips she whispers to me that I can have her now. As I am rising she is rocking her hips to meet my thrusting, and almost as I am about to climax, Christiana relaxes her weight so as to pin my hips and stop my thrusting, and with the smile reaches over me and unfastens my wrists, and then requests that I touch her breasts. The soft fullness, the pulling of her erect nipples, and then Christina rises just enough to allow me to thrust again, and again, and she is clenching inside almost holding my shaft, the rhythm, is too much, and soon I am exploding inside of Christiana. I would have collapsed but I am already on the bed and instead Christian falls forward and relaxes against me.

Both of us are too depleted to expect anything more from the other. This woman is going to kill me with her demands for pleasure.

Fortunate for me Christiana had rolled off of me and was deep in sleep, taking advantage of this to collect the equipment and take away the evidence of the photo sessions. Once everything of mine was safe in the vehicles when back to the bedroom to check on Christiana, who was still somewhat groggy or foggy in her thinking. She had the hint of the smile on her face as she was waking up and looking at me. Then when Christiana was fully awake she started with her questions, what is next?

What are you going to do to me now? Oh Christiana, this is simple, I have enjoyed you for now, and in two days I will expect you at my place and I will then have you do my bidding again. Seven pm, and do not be late. I can still hear the sound of her voice as I was walking out of her bedroom; yes sir, I will be there!
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