The Camping Trip
Chapter One

"Sure Jen, I know David would love to go," Mandy said on the phone. "I know we'll have fun with the girls." Mandy listened a few moments, brushing her free hand over her titties and pushed them up. She looked at me and winked. "Okay, See you then. Love you. Bye."

My naked girlfriend hung up the phone and turned to me. "Jen want to take you camping with her and friends for a few days. I wish I could go, but I have to work."

"Oh cool!" I said, my hand resting on my semi erect cock. It hasn't really relaxed since Mandy and I visited the Adult theater a few days earlier. I had not worn any clothes since that day either, as Mandy and I lounged around the house over the long holiday weekend. Mandy was uninhibited with having sex with me and allowed me to fuck her wherever I desired. We even fucked on cam while Jen watched, and again for Marie, another one of my fuck buddies.

The next morning after Mandy and I slept together in her bed, having sex. I went to Mandy's bathroom to wash off the residue of my cums and Mandy's juices. Mandy got up and came into the bathroom. "Morning, Mr. Stud." She smiled as she sat on the toilet and began peeing. I tossed the wash cloth into her hamper and it landed on top of her thong.

"Good Morning, Mandy," I said, rubbing under my balls, my cock bouncing up and down from the massage.

Mandy finished her peeing and pulled her pussy lips apart to wipe it. "I'm going to take a quick shower, then go to the Biscuit Barn and get us a biscuit for breakfast. How about that?" She smiled at me, her hand holding her pussy open. I could see inside the red tunnel where my cock and tongue had been. Some moisture from our fuckings still remained in its folds, glistening in the light.

I left Mandy to her shower and went to my room. I logged on my computer and read messages that Marie had left overnight. She had sent some pictures of their truck stop the evening before and her usual flashing. Marie had requested a
live cam chat during the night. I switched on my cam and saw Marie lying on her bed naked, asleep. Her bedroom door opened, and her roommate stepped into the room. She stood there looking at Marie, taking in her nakedness, then turned and went out, closing the door softly behind her. Marie stirred and tucked her hand into her pussy as she relaxed and slept.

I sent Marie a note of apology and explained that I would be out for the next few days on a camping trip. I also told Marie of her roommate coming into her room. Mandy stopped by my door. "What kind of biscuit do you want?" she asked.

Mandy had put on a short sundress, and I noticed she didn't have a bra on, and figured she wasn't wearing panties either. While Mandy was gone to get the biscuits, Jen called. I could hear some girls giggling behind her. "Hi honeybuns!" She said. "We're almost ready, and will be there in about an hour and half, as soon as these girls get dressed and loaded."

My cock jumped at the mental image of them naked. I told Jen that Mandy had went out to get some biscuits and would be back shortly.

I went back to my room and checked the computer. Marie's roommate was standing beside Marie's bed, and Marie was sitting up, clutching her sheet over her body. Her roommate was telling Marie how hot and sexy she was sleeping in the nude and told her she have breakfast ready. After the roommate left, Marie dropped the sheet from her titties and kicked it off her legs. She swung her legs apart, giving me a good view of her shaved pussy as she got out of the bed and came to
the computer.

I had a good close up view of Marie's titties when she bent to wake her computer from its hibernation and startled a bit at my smiling face on her screen, then grinned back. She read my message and looked sad. I told her that I saw and heard what her roommate said.

"Yeah, she don't know I sleep like that all the time." I watched Marie find her pajamas beside her bed and pull them on over her naked body.

"I'll miss you, but I know you'll have fun with your friends." Marie said. "I wish we can get together again really soon."

"Maybe we can over the next weekend." I said. "I'll have to ask Mandy. But we might can."

I heard Mandy returning with the biscuits, and we exchanged our goodbyes. While we ate our biscuits, I told Mandy of Jen's call and asked her about visiting Marie later. I watched Mandy's titties bob about, nipples tenting her sundress as she ate. My cock was erecting, and relaxing gently as I thought about Marie's nakedness and sex, as well as anticipation of the upcoming camping trip with Jen, and several of her friends. I wondered what they were like naked, knowing I would see them that way at the campsite for a few days.

"You'd better run along and put a pair of shorts on." Mandy said smilingly. "I think they are out there now."

I jumped from my chair and went to my room. I pulled a pair of shorts on commando. I was looking my packing over when Amy and one of her friends came into my room. I had known Amy since the year before, from the University that we all attended.

"Hey David!" Amy exclaimed, hugging me. We kissed unashamedly for a few minutes. I felt my cock growing hard.

"David, this is Bri." Amy introduced her friend to me. Bri smiled at my shyly, as I noticed her bikini clad body and long brown hair.

"Hi Bri." I said, holding out my hand. She moved toward me and leaned into me for a hug. I felt her skin and fabric covered titties pressing into my chest, My cock was still hard in my shorts and I wondered if Bri felt it against her.

"I may have packed too much, but I think I'm all set though." I told the girls as I picked up my duffel bag.

Amy giggled. "We made Bri leave half her stuff at home."

I smiled at Bri and she looked down embarrassed. "Lets go see the rest of the girls."

Amy and Bri led the way from my room and I followed them. Amy's mini skirt flounced with her steps, showing her bare buttocks. I looked at Bri's bikini clad butt, her bottoms forming a wedge between her buttocks.

"There's the man!" Said Jen when we walked into the living room. She was standing by Mandy, and the other two girls was perched on the edge of the couch shyly.

The dark haired one had a pair of cut off shorts on, along with a top and the other was wearing a 1 piece bathing suit. The waist portion was cut pretty high, showing her upper thighs and buttocks, while the crotch was pulled into her pussy, making each side bulge out. Her small titties were making sharp points at the top of her bathing suit.

We walked out to the van, and Jen took my bag to stow it with the rest of the luggage and camping equipment. The girls was getting into the van. Amy climbed in after Bri, her skirt riding up, showing her bare bottom and pussy framed underneath.

"Let's sit in the back, Mel." Said the dark haired one to the other in the bathing suit.

I got into the van after the girls. Bri already had her hand in Amy's crotch and Amy smiled at me. I grinned at her, my cock

stirring in my shorts. The other two were sitting on the back seat, and I sat between them. "And what is your names?" I asked.

"I'm Laura, and this is my friend Melody. We call her Mel." The dark haired girl smiled. "Amy told us a lot about you." She finished, looking down at my crotch.

"I'm sure she has." I said as Amy looked over the seat at us. Jen stood outside talking with Mandy for a few more minutes.

Bri's fingers began making a slurping sound in Amy's pussy as it grew wet. "No fair." laughed Laura. "You said we were going to do that together."

Mandy and Jen hugged, Jen's hand on Mandy's butt, pulling her sundress up. Mandy ran her hand under Jen's long t-shirt feeling for her pussy. I wondered if Jen had shorts or panties under the t-shirt, as neither were visible. They finished their goodbye hug and fondlings. Jen slid the side door shut on the van and got into the driver's seat. While the van was backing down the drive, Laura unfastened her shorts and slid her hand inside. She looked at me with a smile. I gave her a
wink. Mel sat shyly on the other side, her hands resting over her camel toed bathing suit.

Jen pulled the van out of the driveway. She looked up in her rear view mirror at us. "All right chicks." She smiled. "We got the rooster, but his Mandy wants us bring him back intact."

Jen rushed along the highway to the mountains. The girls made small talk and fingered themselves or each other occasionally. I kept shifting my growing and relaxing cock in my shorts as Mel and Laura watched curiously. They were not as openly exposed like Amy and her friend in the middle seat were. I was admiring Mel's thighs and swimsuit clad crotch as she drowsed, her head leaning against my shoulder. Mel's hand relaxed and slipped off her lap, showing me her camel toed pussy against the tight bathing suit. Laura still had her hand inside her shorts, fingers wiggling occasionally on her pussy.

Jen pulled the van up at the convenience store. "Pee break." She said, "and I need to get some gas."

Mel roused, and Laura pulled her hand out of her shorts. I shifted my cock again and rose to my feet. I looked over the seat at Amy and Bri. Bri was threading her bikini between her legs and pussy, and Amy was sticking her legs into her skirt. I could see their bare pussies until they covered them. Laura was zipping up her shorts when I pulled the van door back and jumped out. We went into the store and I made for the restroom with the girls following.

I stood at the urinal and peed, while Amy, Laura and Bri closed themselves into a stall together with much giggling.

Shaking my head at the girls' laughter, I went back out. Mel was wandering around the hallway waiting on us. I let her inside the bathroom. I selected a Mountain Dew and decided on a Snickers candy bar when the girls came out, still giggling. They noisily slapped the drink coolers doors, picking their drinks. I could see Amy's butt showing at times while her friends played with her skirt. The female clerk smiled at me in recognition as Mandy and I had stopped there often..

I watched Jen walk to the bathroom, her skirt bouncing. I noticed she wasn't wearing panties, much less a thong underneath. While the girls were chatting with the cashier, snacking on their food. I went to Mel over to the drink coolers and slid my hand over her bottom a few times while my cock swelled in my shorts.

Mel giggled at my fondling when she bent to retrieve a bottle of YooHoo chocolate drink. I ran my fingers along her pussy camel toe between her legs and turned to see Laura smiling at me. Her nipples were pointing in her top. I walked behind Mel when we went to the front of the store, and thrusted out my groin to bump my hard cock against her bottom to her delight. I noticed Bri trying to hide her hand under Amy's skirt without being too obvious to the other customers in the store.

We got back into the van, and I settled on the back seat with Mel, while Laura unfastened her shorts and teasingly pulled the fly apart to show me her shaved pussy. My cock jerked within my shorts as Laura scooted over to her seat, and slid her shorts down before sitting. I helped Mel open her bottle and looked up as Bri pulled the bra strap over her head and
tossed her hair back. I knew her titties was exposed. Jen looked at us in her rear view mirror and smiled. She pulled the van onto the road and the miles began to roll.

I ate my candy bar and watched Laura fondle her pussy. Mel ate her chips, crumbs sprinkling the front of her bathing suit. She clutched her bottle of YooHoo between her thighs against her pussy. Laura sipped her soda and kicked her shorts off her feet. She propped her legs up against the seat, revealing her shaved pussy. I shifted my cock and Mel stared at my
crotch. I smiled at her and pulled the zipper down. Mel's eyes widened as I reached into my shorts and pulled my cock outward.

One of the girls in the seat in front of me moaned her pleasure. Laura leaned forward to peer over the back of the seat and Jen shifted her eyes to the rear view mirror at them. Mel glanced briefly at the seat in front of her then back to my cock. I reached deeply and shifted my balls, pushing my cock further outward. The girl in the next seat kept on moaning and whimpering as her orgasm climaxed. A musky smell began to waft toward us from the middle seat.

My cock hardened at the orgasmic scent, and Mel stared wide eyed as I lifted my hips upward and slid my shorts down to my feet and kicked them off. I spread my legs apart and squeezed my cock as Amy began to giggle and shriek from her
orgasm. I reached for Mel's hand and laid it on my cock. She held it gingerly, and I wrapped my hand around hers. Laura looked over to us and smiled when she saw her friend clutching my cock.

Jen slowed and turned the van off the highway onto a forest service road. She pulled the van to a stop and we all roused ourselves. "I'm going to pee and make myself comfortable, guys." she said.

Jen walked around the van, pulling her shirt off. Amy clambered over Bri, who was still sleeping from her orgasm. "I got to go too." she said.

We were outside the van, stretching our naked bodies, as traffic whizzed by on the main highway visibly. I shook the drops off my cock, watching Jen and Amy pee simultaneously, yellow puddles forming in the dust beside the road. I helped Laura out of the van, and she squatted. Jen went to the back of the van and retrieved some toilet paper and began to wipe her pussy. She handed the roll to Amy, who in turn, parted her pussy and wiped. My cock was hard, and throbbing in its excitement.

Mel was still at the van door, struggling with the zipper on her swimsuit. I reached over and pulled it down. She peeled it off her body and stretched out her leg to step down. I caught her hand and she jumped to the ground. "I have to pee." she informed me.

I walked with Mel to the trees, and we found one that had fallen from a storm. Mel angled her bottom over the tree. I admired Mel's smooth pussy spread on the tree branch when Laura crunched up to us. She handed me the roll of toilet paper, then looked at my cock.

I admired Laura's small titties poking from her excitement, while Mel peed. I pulled some toilet paper of the roll, and handed it to Mel. Mel finished her business and Laura brushed her hands over her hardened nipples. My cock throbbed.

We walked back to the van where Jen, Amy and Bri stood waiting for us. "It's not much further from here." Jen told us, as I watched the girls climb into the van, their legs parting wide, pussies exposed.

My cock was dripping its precum and Jen ran her finger along it's head and licked her finger off. "Mmm, been a while since I've had this." she said.

I touched Jen's pussy, and she pushed my hand into it. I felt its wetness and her excited clitoris. I stood there, my cock throbbing, fingering Jen's pussy as the girls settled into their seats. Reluctantly, I withdrew my finger and stepped into the van. I crouched along the seats, and Bri reached out and touched my cock. Jen slid the door shut and walked around to her door.

I watched Jen get in naked and began to drive. I sniffed my finger that was in her pussy and sucked on it in my mouth. Jen watched me in the mirror and smiled. Laura and Mel began to touch and play with my cock.

To be continued:
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