The Campsite
"Damn" I said to myself as I pulled my bike into the camp site along the towpath. A small tent stood serenely off to the corner of the camping area, a lone bike lay propped against a nearby tree. No-one was visible. I had been riding all day and had hoped to have the camp area to myself. This bicycle trip was my solution to the creeping dissatisfaction that I had been feeling with my life. I was spending the hours each day on the bike enjoying the scenery while my evenings were my time to quietly reflect upon my situation and the options open to me. I liked the peace and quiet that these remote hiker-biker campsites afforded. With dusk already upon me I knew that it would be foolhardy for me to try to make it to the next remote campsite. I would just have to set up my camp as far away as possible and hope that the other camper also enjoyed their solitude.

In short time I set up my tent and had a small fire going. I was just settling down in front of my fire when I first saw him. He was coming up the path from the water. His bronze skin glistened in the moonlight that was filtering through the trees. I felt an immediate surge of lust tingling from my breasts and down to the juncture between my legs. Nonchalantly I watched as he made his way to his tent. His body moved with a fluid movement that had my mind swirling with the possibilities of his sexual prowess.
"Get a grip, Rachel, you're here to figure out your life, not stare at the first man you see," I muttered to myself, even more determined to ignore the camper and the feelings he evoked within me. I turned my gaze toward the fire and centered my thoughts deep within me.

It was the snapping of a branch on the ground that pulled me from my reverie. I jumped, my glance moving from the fire and following the tanned legs upward to look into the face of my fellow camp-mate. His eyes were warm as they looked down upon me. I could see his chest rise and fall within his shirt as he patiently waited for my perusal of his body to end.

"Hello," he casually said, dropping down into a squatting position beside me.

My mouth was dry as I stared into his perfectly chiseled face. I had never felt such and instantaneous attraction for anyone in my entire life. I wanted to reach out and touch his warm skin, kiss his lips and run my hands through his full head of hair. I wanted to fall into his arms and beg him to make wild passionate love to me. Instead I calmly answered by introducing myself, "Hi, I'm Rachel"

I stretched my long legs out and patted the hard ground beside me in an invitation to sit. His perfect facial features broke into a smile as he sat down, "I'm Matt"

We sat staring at each other. The attraction was mutual. We both felt the pull toward each other. I was the first one to break the draw. I reached out a tentative hand and touched his muscular thigh. He drew in his breath at my touch just as I felt his heat spear through my body from that one simple touch. Unable to contain myself any further I turned into his embrace. His arms immediately surrounded my body and pulled me onto his lap. My hands slipped under his shirt, feeling the wiry hair on his chest. His hands pulled at my clothes, in a desperate attempt to feel my skin burning against his body. We both stood on shaky feet and stripped our clothes off of our bodies.

We looked around at the hard ground before his eyes lit upon the picnic table in the middle of the campground. Without preamble, he scooped me into his arms and strode purposefully to the table. His lips were on mine as he walked and as he bent to lay me gently on the table top, he followed me down with his body. I lay back on the table as his lips seared a path down my neck and to my chest. He first took one plump nipple into his mouth and then the other, alternating his attention. My hands searched and roamed over his body, anxiously searching and learning the hard planes of his physique. I wriggled under him, the hard table against my back. My hands found their mark and I held his engorged cock in my hands, reveling in the heavy heat that I gently supported.

My hands began to move and explore further, over and around, up and down. "I need to taste you," I gasped, even as his body moved into position.

I felt the heat of his tongue on my clit mere seconds before I took his full manhood into my mouth. His tongue began to run up and down my slit, darting into my pussy and then moving up to circle my swollen clit. I moaned with the pleasure of the sensations. I pulled his cock deeper into my mouth, sucking and pulling. My fingers danced along the base of his cock, lightly massaging and manipulating his balls. I could feel his cock throbbing deep in my throat and his balls tighten in my hands. I knew he was going to explode deep in my mouth, and I didn't care. I welcomed the primal heat of this encounter. I screamed out my release mere seconds before his cum filled my mouth.

We lay together on the table for many minutes afterwards, regaining our equilibrium and allowing our breathing to return to normal. He was the first to move, swinging up to a sitting position and pulling me onto his lap facing him. I gasped as he pulled me tightly up against him allowing me to feel his hardening cock.

"So soon?" I happily questioned.

"That's how badly I want you," he whispered, his fingers once again on my breasts. Fuck me," he whispered.

His crass words incited me to action. I raised myself up onto my knees, reached between our bodies to steady his pulsing cock and I slowly lowered myself onto his cock. I moved my hips back and forth as I felt him penetrate me to my deepest core. His arms came around me as I settled upon him. My eyes were closed as I experienced the delicious feeling of being stretched by his cock. With my knees firmly planted on the table on either side of his body, I began to lift myself off of his body. Slowly his body withdrew from within me until I could feel only the very tip of his cock inside me. And then ever so gently and calmly I lowered my body, allowing him to penetrate me deeply once again. Over and over I repeated the motions of slowly taking him in and then slowly retreating. The sensations built slowly, pulling us toward a strong and uncontrollable orgasm.

Suddenly I changed the pace. Instead of drawing his cock back into my body in that slow languid pace that I had been using, I slammed down onto his cock. His breath came rushing at me as the change in pace sent us both spiraling out of control with our second orgasms for that night.Many hours later, we parted company each going to our own tents. Our bodies spent and tired from our lovemaking. I feel asleep content.

The next morning I awoke to hear the birds chirping above my tent. Anxious to face the day I unzipped my tent and peered out. My heart stopped as I looked to the other side of the campground. The other tent was gone. There was no sign of the bike, tent or the other camper. I walked slowly across the campsite in a daze. I glanced at the table where so much had happened the previous night. On the table was a large rock. Knowing that wasn't there the night before I moved toward it. Anchored down by the rock was a piece of paper. I eagerly moved the rock and looked at the paper.

"I left before you woke up this morning. I didn't want you to feel awkward, especially if you have someone at home waiting for you. No hard feelings if there is. I will always remember this night."

Rachel smiled broadly as she read his signed name and the phone number immediately below his name. "Oh, I'll be calling!" she vowed out loud as she set about breaking up her camp.
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