The Challenge
The gloves were off. The challenge had been issues. It was a battle of sexual desire. Who would be the first to cave and unable to continue in the sexual fun? Who would reach that point of complete satiation first? I was sure I would win. You seemed confident that you had this challenge wrapped up. Time would tell.....and it was time.

This was the weekend that we were finally going to meet and lay this challenge to rest. Nothing was on the agenda, nothing but you. You were the complete and entertainment. In preparation, I hadn't touched any of my abundance of toys for a few days. It was driving me insane with repressed need. But hey, I was going to hit you with all guns blazing. You were going to go down.

The morning finally came and I dressed carefully. I put on some select pieces of lingerie under my street clothes and hopped in my car. It was a bit of a drive to where we were meeting and every second of the drive to where we were meeting and every second of the drive was spent contemplating how good your cock was going to feel sliding into my wet pussy. I contemplated how tasty you would be in my mouth. I breathed deeply with anticipation at the thought of your tongue stroking my body. These errant thoughts rolled through my brain and before I had even driven a five miles I could feel the moist heat dripping between my thighs. I was ready.

Finally I pulled into the parking lot of the hotel. I called your cell phone and you quickly responded with the room number. My breathing was already choppy and harsh, just with anticipation. I grabbed my bag and hurried into the building. I knocked on the door. I stood there a nervous energy coursing through my veins. I could hear the tumblers in the locks. I pushed my hair back and my smile lit up as you swung the door open.

All fear and tension vanished as soon as I saw you. I knew at that moment, the very first time I laid eyes on you in real life that it indeed was going to be good. You reached out and grasped my arms and gently pulled me in to the room. My bag dropped to the floor as your hands slid up my body to bracket my face. Your lips upon mine were soft yet forceful as your tongue darted out. I sighed and allowed our tongues to dance and mate together. The temperature seemed to rise exponentially in the room. I needed more. You needed more. The need was palpable in the room. Without breaking contact we walked toward the bed and fell to it. Our fingers were greedy with desire as we divested each other of our clothes. My lingerie, chosen carefully for you was thrown to the floor without a second glance. Soon we were touching skin to skin, our bodies rubbed against each other...the need great.

"I can't wait any longer babe." I whispered against your lips. "I need you inside me now."

My plea did not fall on deaf ears. I parted my legs and you pushed inward. I gasped as your hard manhood invaded my tight wet pussy. Your long drawn sign echoed through the room as your bodies took over when conscious thought left off. We rocked together until our bodies convulsed in a simultaneous orgasm. We both fell back upon the bed, our chests rising and falling dramatically. For a few minutes we allowed the after affects of the strong mutually shared orgasm to die down.

I felt you breathe a sigh of satisfaction. I knew how you felt. We had talked for so long with anticipation that this act was powerful and mind blowing. But I remembered the challenge. I rolled toward you and playfully poked your shoulder.

"Quitting so soon?" I grinned as I brought up the challenge.

"Darlin', not even remotely," you answered as you pushed me onto my back upon the wide bed. Your hands were hot against my skin as you pushed my thighs apart. I felt your lips on my inner thighs first, so warm so wet so hot. My tongue traced a path to my core, burning me with passion. I gripped the bedspread in my hands as your tongue lathed me with the heat of desire. You plundered my body. You made me burn with desire. You brought me to orgasm after orgasm. My body was humming with pleasure. I couldn't contain the cries of sexual gratification that poured over me. I was breathing hard when you pulled back and rose to your knees. I looked down the length of my body as your rose before me. The sight of your cock, slick and hard with renewed desire sent a pure look of hunger to shine brightly within my eyes.

You rose and without a word drove your hard cock deep within my body. The sensation of being filled with you was phenomenal as we this time slowly swayed and oscillated together in the age old rhythm of love. This coupling we took the time to savor the taste of each other's skin. This coupling we took the took the time to fully explore the crevices and valleys of each other's bodies. This time we slowly drove each other toward the ultimate. The heat rose slowly as our bodies responded to the stimuli. We drove each other made with lust and the raw sexuality until we could contain it no longer. Our cries of satisfaction rippled through the room as we both came in a burst of raw passion.

We lay curled up together, our bodies intertwined. I giggled at the sensuous mood that still lingered in the air.

"Is that a laugh of concession?" You asked as your hand ran the length of my body.

"Heck no!" I still have to take you into my mouth! You have to take me from behind! Ohhh ohh ohh, and the shower, we have to go to the shower! Ohhh ohhh ohh, and on the chair over there! " My eyes lit up, actually starting to think that maybe, just maybe I had found a worthy partner for my nymph ways.

You laughed and put a finger on my lips, finally satisfied that you had met your match. "All and more," you whispered even as your fingers slid down my body into my warm dewy depths.
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