The Chocolate Box
I received the roses with a keycard tucked between the stems that afternoon. My mind ran wild as he knew it would with all the options. Two hours later a box arrived wrapped in chocolate colored paper and tied with a silver ribbon. I ran across my apartment giddy with excitement, sat on my sofa and tucked my legs under my butt, then ran my fingers over the silver ribbon, willing the wild acceleration of my heart to calm. I took a deep breath, lifted the lid from the box and peeled the whisper thin light pink papered back. Tucked inside was a satiny brown blindfold and a card with "My pet" written on the top in his strong, confident hand. Inside were the following instructions:

'At 5:00 pm a car will arrive for you. Dress in the yellow sundress and a pair of sandals. At The Heathman proceed to the third-floor room 327 and enter using your keycard. Once inside take off all your clothes and kneel by the bed facing the door on the pillow I have provided. Put on the blindfold, wait for me with your hands behind your back.'

At 4:00 I showered, shaved all my girly bits and applied cherry and vanilla scented lotion, his favorite, before sliding the sundress over my head. It required no bra, but I chose a pair of delicate panties, translucent brown with tiny pink ribbons in honor of the box. I did not know if he would see them, but I wanted to be prepared. After brushing my hair till it was shining and dry, I waited.

At precisely 5:00 a sleek black car arrived. The driver never spoke a word, he just collected me and drove. Within 15 minutes I walked out of the elevator and towards the room. My hand shook as I slid the keycard in the slot. I relished the rush of endorphins as I removed my clothes and folded them neatly and placed them on the cabinet. I smiled as I left the panties on top. Rushing to complete my preparations,  I finally slipped on the blindfold and clasped my hands behind my back; I bowed my head to wait.

Anticipation is a two-edged sword, and it clawed at my insides, twisting and turning this way and that, but it was also sweet as it built and grew. With my eyesight removed, the experience was heightened as all my references to time were removed. I fought to calm the rush of nerves and adrenaline and let the weightlessness come.

An experienced submissive can be half way into subspace within minutes, given the right set of circumstances, her body tingling, colors and sounds muted you feeling almost ethereal. Some things are heightened, mostly things surrounding him. It was because of this that I had no awareness of time, I only knew time had passed by the pressure on my knees and back.

I heard the slide of a card and a beep as it let him into the room, his indrawn breath as he saw me, the sides of his slacks rubbed together as he walked past me. The clink of ice in a glass. His scent surrounded me, male and spicy. My nipples tightened, and a familiar ache settled in my womb.

His fingers threaded through my hair as he tilted by head back exposing my neck, "Did you follow my instructions today?"

"Yes, Sir," I whispered, his fingers firmly on my chin, the warm, scent of the scotch on his breath let me know he was very close. Although I couldn't see him, I felt his disapproving stare. I ran through all that had happened that day; my mind searched for any mistake.

"What were you to wear?" He asked.

"My yellow sundress and sandals..." the words hung in the air as I realized my mistake. My shoulders dropped, "I'm sorry Sir, but I wore panties."

His hand gripped my arm. "Up."

I rose and followed him as he led me across the room.

"The bed is in front of you, bend over face down on the bed. Spread your legs."

I didn't have to ask why.

Fingertips trailed down my spine and over the globes of my ass raising goosebumps over my skin. His touch tender... then fire bloomed as his hand connected with my tender skin. First one side then the other several alternating blows later he stopped and caressed the heated skin.

"So sad that we need to start the evening with punishment."

"Yes, Sir" I whispered as silent tears wet the bed. Tears not from pain but from the disapproval I heard in his voice.

He placed his hand on the small of my back; his fingers soothed the satiny skin before his other hand rained down the next series of blows. The throb of my rear was mirrored in my clit and became an insistent ache. The last several blows were harder. They landed heavily between the crease of each throbbing cheek. I stilled as his fingers slipped easily into my very wet pussy and stroked against the walls of my cunt. My clit cried out for attention, throbbing incessantly, almost painfully. My pussy clenched and grasped his fingers over and over.

"My what a needy cunt you have. But I think that you have a bit further to go towards earning my forgiveness." He lifted me from the bed, his hands on my shoulders gently pushing me down to kneel before him. I heard his zipper, then felt the smooth crown of his cock against my lips.

"Open." He commanded.

He slid his cock deep bumping the back of my throat as work worn hands griped my hair. He was not gentle as he fucked my mouth moving in and out several times then holding deep as I swallow around the swollen head of his cock. He repeated that several times having me milk his cock with my satiny mouth. I felt the tension in his thighs, and the throb of his dominant cock as he grew even harder and longer against my tongue. The taste of his semen thick and hot as it spurted toward the back of my throat. He held himself deep.

"Swallow it all." He groaned as his fingers clutching my hair, became gentle slowly running up and down the satiny length. "You did well my sweet."

He slipped out of my mouth, and I hear the rustling of his clothes as he removed them. His hands gently lifted me pulling me against his hard body. I melted against his chest my face hidden in his neck the scent of aftershave encircling me as he holds me tenderly.

"The bed is just behind you, climb up and lay on your back."

His fingertips and lips were soft against my belly as he worked up to my breast cupping the soft weight in his hand. His lips surrounded my nipple sucking deeply. I arched my back desperate to get closer to the magnificent pull of his lips as he moved from one to the other. His teeth pull my nipple away from my body, scraping over the tight, dusty peak, as he released it.

All the while his hands roamed touching everywhere. Desire bloomed fast and hard. I tried to grip his arms and pull him to me, but he captured my wrists holding them in one large fist as he glided his other hand to the juncture of my thighs. His fingers slid through my wet, aching slit to the tight bundle of nerves quivering with need. I went utterly still praying he would allow me the release I desired.

"Oh, God please, please Sir" I begged.

He swept the blindfold away from my eyes. Suddenly he was over me spreading my legs wider apart with his knee and ever so slowly he buried his thick cock as deep as he could go, not satisfied he slipped his hand under me tilting my hips to sink even deeper. We moved slowly in perfect synchronization, face to face, the sensual slide of his cock against the walls of my pussy spiraling us ever higher.

"Wrap your Legs around my waist." He demanded. I answered by throwing my legs tightly around his waist then grinding my pussy against the base of his cock.

"Yes, fuck rub that pussy against me." He growled in my ear.

Then he flipped me over, pulled me to my knees, and pounded into my pussy. His balls slapping against my ass felt so fucking good. I tilted my head down and thrust back against him the pressure of my impending orgasm almost painful in its intensity.

"Please oh God please I need..."

"Come for me my sweet baby girl." He grit out between his teeth.

And I came free falling over the edge of passion and into pure white hot bliss.

Moments later he followed me, roaring out. "Fffuckkkk, milk my cock."

My cunt clenched repeatedly griping his cock in its heated depths as he spewed spurt after spurt of his cum into my dripping heat. Finally spent we fell exhausted in a tangle of sheets to the bed.

Pulling me against his chest, he reached down to tug the comforter over our quivering bodies.

I wrapped myself around him as he whispered. "Sleep baby girl. I have you."

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