The Chronicle of a Fellatrix
The Chronicle of a Fellatrix
By: Rachel R. and Sassy Sue


This is the tale of a woman who immensely enjoys the pleasure of fellatio and the details of how she became a skilled Fellatrix. It is the tale of the daughter of a southern minister and his wife who wanted to raise their daughter to be an upstanding young lady, a picture of virtue, not to be soiled by the temptations of a decadent society. However, as we all know, we don't always get what we want in today's world despite our good intentions and our parents attempt to control their daughter's actions. A story of a young woman who under goes metamorphoses from a virginal woman, who marries and develops her skill in the arts of a lady of the night., A woman who finds that sucking a man's penis is one of the pure pleasures that life offers. She makes this transition and manages to conceal it from her man of the cloth, husband.

Chapter One * The Beginning

I was born in a small southern town in, my parents hung the moniker Penelope on me, and that quickly became Penny. My father was a Southern Baptist pastor and my mother a dutiful pastor's wife who supported her husband. Growing up in a small conservative town in the South was a mixture of good and bad. Everybody knew who I was and if I did anything wrong it always seemed to get back to my parents. A pastor's daughter is held to a higher standard of conduct than the other kids in tow. Attending Christian school from kindergarten until ninth grade where I learned from a basic academic curriculum with Bible studies and theology thrown in for good measure. The only sex mentioned was in Bible readings and giving a quick once over so that I never realized the verse was addressing sex. I was so naïve that I can honestly say I didn't even realize it was talking about sex until I was older. Completely naïve about anything of a sexual nature I was the proverbial girl who fell off the turnip truck.

It was ingrained in me that I should always respect myself and to tolerate anyone to disrespect me. From my early memories as a small child, I was taught to be a lady, to dress modestly and to never disrespect my elders. I dressed in mostly dresses or skirts that went well below my knees, and blouses or shirts that were loose and had a tendency to conceal my budding breasts when I entered puberty.

But even in the bubble my parents ensconced me in I knew that boys and girls would share a special connection during their lives. As a freshman in high school the protective veil began to lift and I learned the ways of the real world. I even had a boyfriend of sorts, Tommy Jensen. Tommy or Tom as he preferred, was my friend since the third grade and it all seemed perfectly normal, at least to me, that he would be my boyfriend. We would eat lunch together every day, he would walk me home while carrying my books, and every Sunday at church, he would sit beside me. We were a serious item for the wagging tongues of the high school gossips. When we entered the tenth grade, our lives changed when Tom and I walked through the doorway of Jackson County High School.

I was wearing a white dress with embroidered flowers, puffy shoulders and a hem at least two inches below my knees with a pair of ankle socks and white tennis shoes. I looked like something out of Little House on the Prairie. The other girls were wearing tight jeans and very tight tops which showed off their blossoming breasts. Some girls wore shorts with a hint of butt cheek peeking out and a pack of drooling, teenage boys in tow. Bras seem to be optional as many of the girls you could see their nubile nipples pressing against the thin fabric of the shirts they wore. I felt as out of place as a whore would at one of my daddy's fire and brimstone revivals. Filled complete dismay over these girls dress and amazed of the fact that their parents were permitting them to come to school dressed like what my mother called hoochie girl. My daddy would have tanned my bottom if I even thought about dressing in that manner.

Tommy on the other hand fit right in in his jeans and button down shirt with the shirt tail hanging out. He walked around the school most of the day with his tongue hanging out and a little bulge in his jeans.

My mother had the task of guiding me through the perils of puberty and teaching me to become a woman. Each issue was addressed in a clinical fashion, no extraneous details, no superfluous stories, just the facts as interpreted by my mother. One day after a very disturbing Health Education class I had some questions and talked with my mother. The class subject was the pleasure centers of the human body during sex. The teacher had made a statement that people were sexually stimulated through sexual intercourse, oral stimulation or masturbation. The teacher said that it was a natural progressive process that started during the onset of puberty, usually with masturbation, and finally culminating in sexual intercourse. Oral stimulation was a popular choice for people who did not want engage in intercourse and wanted to retain their virginity.

My young mind was flooded with questions; questions I was way too embarrassed to ask in front of the class, questions that were making me tingle between my legs and making my nipples ache. When I got home I broached the subject with my mother.

Mom was in the kitchen busy baking when I dropped the bombshell.

"Mother, I have some questions about sex," I asked filled with confidence that she would give me an honest answer.

"Really Penny, sex, what kind of questions," she responded with a very quiet, controlled voice, a voice that made me feel uneasy.

Nervously, I asked her, Mom what is masturbation, oral sex and when does a girl have intercourse?

This trifecta of sex questions seem to bring the world to a halt, the kitchen became eerily quiet and Mom sat down on a stool facing me, looked around the room as if she were making sure were we alone before she answered my queries.

"Penny we will have this discussion one time and one time only. After it is over we will not speak of sex again do you understand me?"

"Yes ma'am."

"First of you are not old enough for sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse is the copulation of a man's penis in a woman's vagina in an effort to conceive a child. This act should only take place after a man and a woman are legally married in the eyes of god. Sex is not meant to be recreational as so many young people believe today. Penny when you are out with a boy keep your clothes on, your legs crossed and one leg on the floor at all times. Do not let a boy touch you below the neck and the same goes for you. Guard your virginity and only give it to your husband on your wedding night as a scared present to him. Once you are married you will be ready for sexual intercourse.

Masturbation is when you stimulate your vagina and body to experience a sexual climax. Boys will experience an erection and that is when they become sexually aroused and their penis will become hard, or stiff. They will wrap their fingers around the engorged shaft and pump it up and down until their semen squirts out. This is their climax and it is perfectly natural.

A woman will feel a strange tingle between the legs and her vagina will be very wet and she will feel very warm feeling between her legs. She will usually accomplish this by rubbing on her pubic mound and that little fleshly hump above your vagina is your clitoral hood and your clitoris is inside your hood and the only purpose of a clitoris is pleasure from sex. It is natural for a young woman to want examine her vagina and just like boys masturbate. However Penny, good girls or young ladies do not masturbate.

Now, oral sex is sexual contact between the mouth and the genitals or anus and is called fellatio, cunnilingus, or anilingus. Fellatio is where a girl will take a boy's penis into her mouth and bring him to or close to having an orgasm in her mouth. He will squirt his semen into the girl's throat and often wants her to swallow the semen. Proper young ladies never take a man's penis into their mouth.

Cunnilingus is when a boy stimulates a girl's clitoris and or their vulva with their mouth by sucking, licking and kissing them. It is quite a nasty act that proper young ladies do not allow to be performed on them.

Anilingus is an oral and anal sex act where one person stimulates the anus of another person by the use of their mouth, including lips, tongue, or teeth. This act is never acceptable and that is all you need to know.

To sum up my answer is that Penny you do not engage in sexual intercourse until you are married and then only with your husband to procreate. A proper young lady does not masturbate or engage in any form of oral sex. Now if you do not have any other questions this conversation is over and we will not speak of it again."

I had a question, but I would not ask it, "Mother why do you know so much about the subject?" This thought was foremost in my mind.

"Now scoot upstairs, clean up and get your homework done, Penny."

During the remaining years of high school my virginity remained intact despite the numerous attempts to change that status. I never ventured into the arena of oral sex in spite of the fact it seem to be the rage of the kids. My parents relaxed the dress code so I fit in with current fashion trends much to my father's chagrin, but not to the point of putting my body on vulgar display. True to her word my mother and I never spoke of sex again. I did masturbate and explore my body but never to the point of orgasm, and I would always stop short of climaxing. Tommy finished high school and went off to the seminary school still a virgin and a more conservative view of women and the world. Tommy and my father had become close as they worked together developing Tommy's religious training within the SBC. Me, I went off to a girl's college with Journalism as a major and Theology as a minor. Tommy and I stayed in touch during our college tenor.

College opened up many doors for me to explore and of course sex was one of them but that is another story.

To be continued in Chapter 2, The Lesson.
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