The Chronicle of a Fellatrix Chapter 3
Chronicle of a Fellatrix
By: Rachel R. and Sassy Sue

Chapter Three * The First

Nervous, anxious, apprehensive and fretful all good words to describe her current state of mind as Penny prepared for the day with her mind focusing on three p.m. and not her pending classes before her rendezvous with destiny. She reached behind her and fastened the clasp of her bra. Her breasts spilling over the lace cups of her bra and she felt a slight ache in her nipples today. Next she stepped into a pair of bikini briefs, a pastel blue and fit tight and smooth over her furry vulva. Lexi had told her she should shave her vulva because should would amplify the feeling she felt when she masturbated but Penny was hesitant to do that. It seemed to her that she would be another connection severing to her upbringing. It was not she had not already severed quite a few already in her declaration of freedom, but she did not want to totally discard her family's values.

Much of her sexually awakening had been a result of her questioning the restrictive tenets of her parents, and the church. Surely acts that would yield so much pleasure could not be wrong. She had watched porn and did not go blind or sprout a horn or a third eye. She explored her naked body and calamity did not befall her. Penny had been masturbating for weeks now thanks to Lexi who taught her the art of self-pleasure and happy with the reaction her body experienced. She was addicted to getting herself as wet as she could get between her legs.

The other night she watched Lexi give a guy head and Penny soaked her sheet lying on her hand with a finger in her pussy. Her mind consumed with that delicious act, it was something she wanted to do herself. Penny did not know any boys, this was an all-girls school but yet Lexi had a boy and sucked his cock in their room, right in front of her. The sight of that hard dick sliding in out of Lexi's mouth, the juices on her chin as she worked that cock in and out of her mouth coupled with the slurping sounds were what made Penny wet herself and sheets. Lexi was the obvious choice to talk to about all things sexual.

Lexi was sophomore and Penny a freshman and a year difference in their ages. Lexi was a party girl and had been since her last two years in high school. Lexi gave up her virginity just after her sixteenth birthday, but that is history now. Now Lexi was skilled in the art of sex and was teaching Penny the joy of sex. Lexi has loose morals but did not have a reputation of being a slut, just a girl who liked sex. It was not easy to get into her panties, but once you did Lexi always wanted more.

Lexi did not have a shred of modesty Penny thought, she was always in her panties and a t-shirt and many times she just laid on her bed naked. Lexi was shaved and had a little strip of pubic hair above her slit. Her breasts were round, big for a girl with a small frame. Large dark brown areolas and perky pink nipples, Lexi wore a 36B bra when she wore one. Penny and Lexi became friends, with Penny relying on her new friend. Both from the south, both polar opposites, and both in need of a friend and Lexi took Penny under her wing teaching her the ways and pitfall of college life.
Penny on the other hand was extremely modest at first but as time passed her modesty began to fade. The girls shopped and Penny wardrobe underwent a metamorphous, the Wal-Mart underwear gave way to more sensual pieces and soon Penny had a new friend with a secret and her name was Victoria. Penny liked the way lingerie felt on her baby soft skin. The way the bras caressed her supple 34B breasts and best of all they did not bind or cut on her the way others did when she wore them. Her panty draw was filled with colors, and did not look like BVDs. She had a variety, bikinis, boy shorts, some French cuts and the two she had the most trouble accepting were thongs and G-strings, but Lexi convinced her that she needed them in her panty drawer. Lexi wore them all the time but then that was Lexi. Penny's mother would have a cow if she saw them and Penny chuckled at the thought.

Penny wore jeans, and a pink t-shirt with a pair of Nikes today for class. Class seemed to last forever. Penny still could not come to grips that Lexi had called a guy and asked him if he wanted a blowjob. Of course he did, what guy on earth would say no to that question. Penny was mortified when Lexi told her that she would be giving this guy a blowjob. While Penny wanted to experience the act of sucking a guy's dick she just was not sure that today was the day, let alone with some dude she never met. Damn Lexi. The dye was cast and Penny knew she could not change Lexi's mind so she went along with the scheme. She met Lexi in their room.

Lexi had laid out some clothes for Penny, a short blue mini skirt, one of Penny's thongs and a demi bra that showed more breast than supporting them, and a gray T-shirt with a faded school logo that had been cropped at the bottom and a deep V cut into the neckline.

"Let's go Penny get changed we have a date with a cock," Lexi said with a smirk."

"I don't know about these clothes, they are something you would wear not me."
"The skirt and tee are mine, bra and thong are yours, trust me you want to look smoking hot for Jami."

Penny quickly changed and when she put on the thong her pubes were poking out all over and Lexi just shook her head.

"Penny, you have got to shave your kitty, keep a landing strip or just go with a bald beaver, but get rid of all that hair," Lexi chastised Penny.

"OK Penny said but Jami is not going to see it today anyway, so it can wait. You said I did not have to get naked to give him a blowjob.

"No, just suck his dick and get him to cum. If you don't then I have to get him off, Lexi told her apprentice."

Penny looked in the mirror and saw herself in a strange costume. The cropped t-shirt barely covered her boobs and hung from her tits like curtain. The deep cut view exposed the swell of Penny's breasts and they would almost fall out if she bent over too far. The skirt is the shortest band of fabric that she ever wore just mere inches below her crotch, and she felt completely vulnerable.

"Really Lexi, is this necessary, I am almost naked."

"Penny you got it so flaunt it, it can do nothing but help, you will see. Jami will be so horny when he sees you. Now let's get going."

The faded red Honda crept to a stop in front of a large dingy white house. The house had been converted into five apartments and Jami's was on the second floor. We climbed the creaky stair, nearing the top there was a clamor coming from the front apartments, shouting, what seemed to be gunfire and radio communications of someone say over. All of sudden Penny was having second and third thoughts about the viability of the idea.

Lexi saw my hesitation, pushed on my butt so I would move and said "That is just Jami he is a gamer, probably playing one of those online war games boys like so much."

Lexi knocked on the door, and the door to apartment 3A swung open and there stood Jami. Jami was a lean young man with tousled, wavy, brown, hair and eyes to match. He stood just shy of six feet and maybe 140 pounds. He was wearing a Green Lantern t-shirt and a pair of grey sweats that hung from his hips. The room was cluttered with computers, a big screen TV, a bicycle leaned against one door, and a skateboard rest in the corner by the front door. A large well-worn leather couch sat in front of the TV and three mismatched chairs filled the large space. A soda and a half-eaten pizza sat on a make shift table.

"Come in, Jami said greeting us warmly and giving Lexi a little kiss on the cheek, It been a while Lexi. You girls want a drink or some pizza, it is still warm, he offered."

Lexi quickly made the introductions, navigated me to the couch and then took a seat in the overstuffed chair. Jami approached and I could see him looking me over, with his eyes lingering on my exposed or almost exposed breasts. Nipples hard pushing on the thin cotton were prominent, more so than I ever before and they were throbbing.

"Have a seat," Jami said I was petrified as I began to sit down and I could feel the tight skirt riding up my legs.

I was sure that my thong was on display, just peeking out with tufts of dark pubic hair sticking out. I could feel my pubes were matted from my leaking pussy and I was aroused, but I was not alone. Looking at Jami when he plopped on the couch I could see a bulge in his sweat pants. Nervously I licked my lips.

We engaged in some small talk, Jami was a nerd, he worked at a computer repair shop with a couple of other of his friends and that was their income. He played video games and did other thing that a teenager would do but he was in his mid-twenties. I liked his carefree attitude and approach to life.

Jami complimented me on my looks and I blushed, and he ran his fingers along my arm raising goosebumps. It was the first time a man had touched me with sex on his mind. I liked the sensation. Lexi excused herself to use the restroom and left us to get on with the deed.

Jami reached over and stroked my auburn hair and then kissed me lightly on the lips.

"Relax Penny you are stiff as a board," and he kissed me again.

My heart was racing, I could feel it pounding in my chest and I ran my hands through his wavy hair and down his back. My tits rubbing on his chest, I was sure he could feel my erect nipples and I like that. His fingers brushed my breasts, instinctively I thrust them to him and I felt so wanton at that point. It was at that point I crossed the line of no return.

My hand trailed down his ribs and rested on the bulge in sweat pants, I was touching his penis. His hand was on my thigh, rubbing the naked skin and creeping towards my hairy pussy, I moved his hand to my breast which he squeezed gently.

I could feel his cock swelling and stretching, growing hard, so I stroked him softly with my fingers. Then summoning all my courage and lust I began to roll his sweats down.

Lexi was leaning in the doorway to my back and had a perfect view of the two of us intently observing me playing with Jami's prick. I slipped to the floor and pulled Jami's grey sweats down. He was commando and his engorged prick was exposed. It reminded me of peeling a banana and the sweet fruit being revealed for my consumption. It was the first cock I had ever seen in person and I shuddered. Jami lifted his butt and I pulled his sweat pants from him and took in the beauty of an aroused man for the first time.

Jami was so sweet, not in a rush; he let me take my time as I marveled at his erection. Cupping his balls in my hands, I carefully drew my fingertips up his swollen shaft. Stroking and rubbing Jami's genitals, making sure to give a lot of attention to his scrotum as I caressing each ball. I feel his penis growing, pulsating and it was so hard now I could not remove my hand from his phallus. Jami is moaning, low guttural moans, and I feel a strange feeling of power that is making me feel fabulous. I wonder, is it the power, the pleasure I am giving or is it the e anticipation of what's to follow or the sensations you're feeling that does that, I wonder? However, my mind is focusing on a singular thought, one objective to give Jami the best blowjob I am capable of performing. My apprehension has vanished I was on a mission.

I was on my knees now, between Jami's legs, his fingers in my hair, my fingers holding his cock mere inches from my mouth.

"I am going to put this cock in my mouth and I am going to suck Jami's cock," this thought kept replaying in my head.

My face was so close to the now full erection. I have never been that close to one. I could see the veins, the way the foreskin is stretching, and the purplish colored glans with a slight wetness on the head. I was holding it so it was nearly at ninety degrees to his stomach and the top of it was above my face. I moved a little so that I could get my mouth to it and then in one swift swoop, my tongue was running along the entire length of his erection. I licked Jami's shaft from the very base, where it went into his scrotum, right up to the swollen tip sticking out from, what looked to be an impossibly, stretched foreskin. I did that several times. Each time his body seemed to buck a little bit, his erection throbbed and I felt such wonderful tremors of excitement went through my entire body. Nevertheless, childishly, I felt I needed even more confirmation.

"Is that ok Jami?"

"Oh God yes, it's great," he moaned tugging on my hair, "just carry on please Penny, please."

Lexi still leaning on the doorway was beaming, pleased with how well her apprentice was performing.

I opened my mouth and I tucked my tongue down a bit. I edged forward and watching, fascinated as the bulbous glans slid effortlessly between my lips; I could hardly believe that at last I was having oral sex with a man. I wrapped my lips around Jami's prick and then with a slithering movement I took Jami's cock as far into my mouth as I could. I held his throbbing penis in my throat for a moment or two and then slid my mouth up again so that it almost slipped out of my mouth.

With my womanly instincts that seem to be guiding me, intuitively, I felt I knew what to do. Well, after all it is not rocket science involved in sucking a fella's dick, is it? It does not take a genius to work out the key elements of the process as he effectively fucks yer face does it. A girl does not need a high intellect to work out that her mouth is, in effect, transformed into a surrogate cunt, does she?

Swirling my tongue around the dome of Jami's delicious cock and I continue to stroke and squeeze his balls soothingly. As I move up and down his shaft, I take him into my throat. I can feel him pulsing in my throat and I gag a little. I follow Lexi's advice, I back off his cock some, straighten my throat and Jami's is in my throat with his nuts on my chin. I could taste his pre-cum and craving more of his rich cream, that he was withholding from me.

I thought Jami is ready to cum and I now facing the dilemma of what to do with his cum. I am not naked so letting Jami shoot his cum on me is not going to happen. Now I would love to see his sperm shoot out of his cock but nowhere as much as I wanted to taste a man's cum and experience Jami filling me with his seed. Jami took the decision out of my hands.

Moving my mouth up and down, licking sucking and slurping, I revel in the feelings in my mouth. I adore the near convulsions in his body, his moans, grunts and sighs and the way his hand tugs at my hair and burst of flavors that titillate my taste buds. Jami's cock filling my throat and I feel his body buck, stiffen and he is pressing his cock as deep as he can get. Jami's scrotum pulling tight, with his legs shaking breathing heavy, Jami griping my shoulder and he gave me my first taste of cum. I could feel squirting thick slimy sperm down my throat. Backing off his cock, I manage to swallow most of his seed. Sucking his dick, I am extracting the lingering goodness from his prick. Jami moans and cusses and I continue to swallow, when Jami begins to slide from my warm wet mouth.

Eventually all good things have to end and Jami pulled his cock from my mouth. My jaw is a bit sore, other than that, I was no worse for the wear. Pulling his cock from my mouth released a rivulet of his cum dribble from the corner of my mouth and I wiped it with my fingers. Like a drop of liquid pearl on my fingertip, raising it to my nose I inhaled the wonderful aroma of Jami' seed. Next placing the droplet on my lips, I pushed it across my lips and then sucked the drop into my mouth and consumed his passion fruit.

Jami lay there, panting, sweating and his once diamond hard penis was soft as a stick of warm butter. I sat there watching his marvelous cock shrink. I was soaked, my thong is dripping with Penny juice, rubbing my thong, and I sampled the fruits of my labor.

Lexi sauntered over, dropped some tissues in my lap, and stroked my head.

"Penny you suck a mean dick girl, never would have guessed it was your first one. How did ya like it?"

"I will tell you on the way back to school, but it was good."

Jami pulling up his sweats chimed in, Penny you give head as good as Lexi does."

Penny smiled and Lexi shot Jami a dirty look. We left Jami exhausted, and ready to go back to his video game.
Said our good byes and Jami said "Anytime girls anytime."

The red Honda lethargically rolled down the street and before we got to the first intersection, Lexi was bursting at the seams with questions.

Penny sat in the passenger's seat staring out the window and pretending not to hear Lexi. Lexi was chattering away, demanding details from Penny, and Penny riding, her eyes closed and reliving her velvet sensuality of seeing, touching and most of all sucking her first cock until she swallowed Jami's sperm. She thought of her mother cautionary words and quickly discarded those words, thinking that her mother must never had sucked her daddy's cock or she would know better. Penny finally broke her silence.

"Lexi, it was a vile degrading, dirty act to have Jami's cock in my mouth, especially when he filled my mouth with his cum. I was on my knees, my hands all over his genitals, and his throbbing prick in my mouth, down my throat and all I could think of was taking everything he had to offer. I loved the sensation and I want to do it again very soon.

Lexi letting out a sigh of relief and they chatted about Penny's first blow job as two sport analysts would about a big football game as they rode back to the school. Life had just changed for Penny and now she was trying to figure out how to give another blow job to another guy.

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