The Classroom
I am in an old-fashioned classroom and sitting behind the desk, where various paraphernalia is lined up. Some chalk, some clean blackboard erasers, a little vibrator, a butt plug, a small whip with many leather straps, a cane, some breast clamps, a collar and a remote control.
Behind me there hangs a blackboard. On the top it says: "SEX EDUCATION".
On each side of the board there are some posters. Graphical illustrations of the female and male genitals.
In front of me and the teacher's desk, there are two chairs.
One is an ordinary wooden chair. Beside it, a chair almost shaped like a throne with a high upholstered back in black leather. On the seat, there is mounted a dildo with a device so it can move up and down and vibrate at the same time. There is a V-shaped notch in front, so you have to sit with very spread legs. Moreover, there are mounted various straps.

I am waiting for my student - you.

You knock on the door.
"Come in," I say.
You step in and close the door behind you. You are wearing a thin, tight white T-shirt, where I vaguely can see a black bra through the fabric. A short, pleated skirt with a tartan red pattern. A pair of white hold-up stockings that ends above the knees and a pair of black flat shoes.

"Sit!" I say in a firm voice.
You are a little unsure and hesitate a little because you do not know which of the chairs you shall sit on.
You choose the wooden chair.

I get up, grabs the cane, flick it in the air, while I go around you.
"Hmmm ..."
I sit on the edge of the desk in front of you.
"Hmmm ...," I say again.
"I have heard that you have been inattentive in class, you have been busy with many other things, especially in biology classes, where you were taught about sexuality. It is my duty to make sure that you learn something about sex, discipline and obedience." The last three words sound like commands, and I slam the cane hard down on the table.

"Let me see how much you already know. Go to the board! Write the names of various parts of the female and male reproductive organs and draw lines to the plates."

I follow behind you to the blackboard, while I eagerly flick the cane in the air.

You start writing.
Pubic hair. Mons Venus. Outer labia. Inner labia. Urethral opening. Vagina opening. Clitoris. Vagina. Uterus. Urinary bladder.

I have moved to your side. You glance towards me and I nods contented. I let the cane slide gently down over your back and across your buttocks. You hesitate a little when you write Anus.
"It is true that it technically does not belong to the genitals, but good that you write it, as we might also have to touch it later," I say thoughtfully, smiling.

You now write at the other side of the blackboard.
Scrotum. Testicles. Penis. Shaft. Foreskin. Glans.
The cane glides over your shoulder, down the neck, over your breasts, your belly and down your legs. I sense that you are slightly quivering.
You continue. Urethra opening. Corpus cavernosum. Seminal vesicle. Anus. Prostate.

Again you draw lines from the words for the different parts on the poster.
The cane caresses your back and buttocks.

"Let me hear some more everyday words for the same thing," I say, pointing to various places on the posters.
"Balls, cock, clit, pussy," You say promptly.
I smile and think that you must have listened some in the lessons, but we have to see if all the theory can be put into practice.

"Sit back on the chair!" My voice is firm and hard.

I stand in front of you. I undress and I soon stand naked in front of you. You are staring at my soft manhood.

"Show with your tongue that you are familiar with all the areas. Lick my balls!" I Command.

Your tongue slides over my balls. Under, over and around it. You first suck one ball into your mouth, then the other and finally both. You suck and lick.

"The shaft !," I say.
You are busy and don't hear. Immediately the cane flies through the air and land on your thighs.
You yell, "Ouch!!!" You look up, all confused.
"The shaft, I said." Immediately your tongue runs over my cock, which now begins to grow. Your tongue feels great.

"The head!" Your tongue and lips are moving immediately to the head, that is now throbbing heavily. The tongue runs over and around the head, which is still growing.

"The urethra opening!" You make your tongue hard and let the tip play in the small opening.

"Use your hands and show me what you can!" I say in a commanding voice.
You massage my balls. You squeeze them hard, so I both feel pain and it feels wonderful at the same time. The other hand grabs my now hard cock, which you stroke up and down while your tongue merrily licks over the head.

I grab your head and press my cock into your mouth. You try to protest. Immediately the cane hits your back twice.
You are trying to pull away and want to object further. I press my cock deeper into your throat, so you can't say anything. The only sounds that escape your throat is gaggling whenever my cocks head hits the uvula. I thrust my cock in and out and hold your head firm between my hands.

Suddenly I turn around, lean forward so that my butt is just in front of your face.
I feel your tongue pressing in between my buttocks and tip of the tongue plays in circles around my little tight hole. You spread my buttocks with your hands. You lick and push your tongue hard in and out. You play with a finger around the opening and push it slowly in and move your finger up, down and around. You have a grip on my balls with the other hand and massaging them. I almost forget why I'm here.

I turn around again.
"Get up! Hmm. "
I let the cane slide down your body on your clothing. Over the shoulders, the collarbone, over your breasts.
"Lash, lash" it sounds, when the cane hits your breasts.
You almost shouting: "Ouch!"
"You be quiet," I say in a low but determined voice. "I have not asked you to come up with any sound. Understood?"
You nod. The cane continues its journey down your breasts, your abdomen, to your side, down over your hips, further on to your legs, on the inside of the legs.
"Spread your legs!"
Sliding up the stocking and stop at the edge of the skirt. The cane lifts up the skirt on its way up your inner thigh until it reaches your panty. I rub your pussy through the fabric with the cane.

"Turn around! Bend forward! "Now it is time for your buttocks. The hard yet pliable wood caresses your buttocks.
Suddenly the cane whizzes through the air and lands with a high smack on your ass with the fabric of the skirt to absorb some of the slash. You wince.

"You get five strokes on each buttock. Count the lashes loud. If you're counting wrong, then I must start all over again."
"Lash!" "One," you say.
"Lash!" "Two." "Lash!" You have a hard time saying the figures clearly because of the pain."Three," you stutter.
"Lash!" "Four." "Lash!" "Five," I hear.

I walk up to you and caress your sore buttock gently.
Five quick strokes and followed by your counting is heard. Again, I gently massage your buttock.

You turn to me and slowly take your shirt off. There is no doubt, that you know I enjoy the sight of you. You let your hands caress your breasts before you take your bra off.
You slip your skirt down over your hips and drop it. You bend down and remove it completely and take off your shoes. Slowly you slip off your stockings and thereby caress your legs. Finally you take off you panties.

I let my hands roam over your beautiful body.
Your face, your cheeks, your sensual lips, neck, arms, down and up again. Across the chest and down to your gorgeous breasts, which I squeeze, while I kiss them and let my tongue follow. Around your nipples and over them. My teeth bites them, just enough so the pleasure is mixed with a slight pain.
My hands continued their travel down to your belly, my fingers play around your belly button and my palms moves over your mons Venus.
I grab hold of your hips and turn you around. I immediately see the red stripes across your ass. I caress them tenderly. I bend down and kiss them.
My hands glide around you and slide softly over your lap. The fingers caress your labia. I kiss and lick your buttocks while fingers spread your pussy's lips and slide up and down between them.
I can hear your breath and realize that my touches have a good effect on you. I also feel that you are pretty wet when I push two fingers into your pussy and begin to move them.
I lick your little tight hole. My other hand plays around the little tight opening. A finger presses inside. I grab the butt plug on the desk and pushing it into your ass.

"Sit on the throne!"
You lower yourself slowly down the thrones dildo. I spread your legs further and tie them to the chair legs. Each arm is tied to the armrests. I give you a collar on.

I take the remote for the thrones dildo and let it work slowly up and down. It goes very slowly all the way in and almost all the way out.
I take the breast clamps and put them on your hard nipples, they are connected by a chain. Then I catch hold of the whip with the leather straps. Let the straps caress your body. Turn on the vibrations of the dildo at the throne, which is still moving slowly in and out of your pussy.
I wield the whip over your breasts, the abdomen and thighs. Not hard strokes - but many.
Your skin turns red and I stop and kiss all the red areas.

The two speeds of the vibrator are increased. I take the little vibrator and use it on your clit. You are very close to the orgasm relief.

"You are not allowed to cum yet," I say firmly, while the pace of the vibrators is being increased.
You are fighting for not cumming. I pull your breast clamps.
Now increase the speeds to maximum.
You moan loudly.
Just before you cum, I stop the vibrators.
I whisper into the ear of you: "Well done, my dirty little schoolgirl." And kiss you deep and long.

I stand beside you, with my cock close to your mouth.
"Lick it!"
You immediately let your tongue slide up and down the shaft. Over the balls. Up to the head.
Again, I start the thrones dildo.
My cock has become big and hard and you close your lips around it while you move your head forth and back. You suck and lick.
Again I increase the speed of the dildo and use the little vibrator on your clit.

We both come closer to orgasm.
I tell you again that you can't cum before I say it.
You are holding back the best you can.

I pull the chain between your two breast clamps.

"Cum now!"

It doesn't take many seconds before all your muscles tighten and your body shakes in a violent orgasm, with a quick yank I remove the clamps and I explode and sends large splashes of sperm into your mouth.

I stop the throne dildo, but still massage your clit gently with the little vibrator, causing you to cum again.

I kiss you and taste my own juice.
I massage your sore nipples softly and loosen all the straps.
I pull you up. Your body is still shaking. I hold you close and kiss you long. I smile, take you by the hand and pull you into the next room. My bedroom.

We lie on the bed. Smiling. Kissing and caressing each other.

"How was it to be ...," we both say in unison and laugh out loud.
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