The Conversation
The Conversation
By: Sassy Sue

"Hello Kitty!"

"Hi Rod, how's it hanging?

"Doing well, I see we are meeting again, he must really like my mistress," Kitty says.

"Yeah I was sore after the last time we met. The boy has no conception of being conservative or a little goes a long way."

"I feel ya, my mistress just keeps encouraging him and then he makes you take it out on me. So abusive of them, don't you think?"

"Looks like they are staring again," Kitty exclaims.

"OMG he is making me stretch and getting me hard. So damn hard to move when I am that way. It is your Mistresses fault, clearly it is."

Rod, don't blame her, duck here comes her fingers!

"Oh god she is choking me and trying to wring my neck, all this tugging and pulling, she is making me nauseous. Oops, just puked a little!"

"Yep, just like that a little bit of puke on my eye and she thinks she is my mother. A wet lick with her slobbery tongue and I am all clean. But I don't understand why she wants to shove me in her wet mouth?"

"God does she think that is pleasant for me? With her tongue licking me, her constant sucking, as if she is drinking a thick milkshake and to top it all off she wants to play with my marbles. Does my master say anything, noooooo, he just moans and groans and enjoys my displeasure, more so when she bites me and grazes me with those fangs of hers."

"Look Rod, you master is no prize either, in fact he can be a bit of a dick, if you know what I mean? Wow that was a close one his finger just about got me, ummmm. See what I mean, he just pushes his finger into me, it a good thing I am sweaty so he just slips around in my hole. Then he just begins to push my button and I can't control myself and I am opening and closing my door just to cool down, but he keeps rubbing until I am tingling."
"My mistress is absolutely worthless, she just keeps rocking me back and forth on his fingers and I feel I like am in an Amazon rain forest with all this humidity."

"Kitty, she is making me hot and I am going to toss my cookies, ooooo UMMM, Kitty, Kitty...too late just puke all over her throat. Why is this woman choking me? I will give her some more puke that will teach her."

You show her Rod I am goanna pee on your master's fat fingers. OOOHH, hot pee and my mistress arches her hips and groans. Useless bitch!

"Oh he pulled his fingers out and my Mistress is licking them, Rod, Rod, how ya doing?"

"Finally, she is finally taking me out of her mouth, and stroking me like a lost dog. I just get to relax and my Master is making me get up for her. I just don't understand these two. I really don't get it."

"Rod, control your Master, he is rubbing my wet lips and playing in my slit and he is making a mess, a big wet sticky mess. Huhmmm!"

"What about your Mistress? Look! She is going to put me back in her mouth. Wait; there is something in her mouth. Oh god, I can't breathe very well, she is covering me with latex, rolling it down my shaft to the base. Now I have a funny hat on my head. What does my master do? Of course he lies down. What a moron!"

"Kitty, I see you are drooling."

"Yes rather hard not to notice all the dripping, making everything wet. I guess you're next. You are right, it is a funny hat on your head, tee-hee."

"Hey. Hey! It is getting dark, maybe if I push these flaps open."

"I have been here before, she sure likes pink. It is getting darker and darker, KITTY, Kitty, kitty. Wow what a neat echo. Kitty why are you squeezing me so tight? Yahoo, this is a good ride!

"Rod you hurt me when you entered me, but I like it now. Why do you keep poking me? Mmmm it is so good. Keep poking me Rod!"

"Mistress has me spread open for you to poke me hard. I hope you are feeling better and you don't puke again. My mistress is begging your Master to fuck her, is that what we are doing, fucking?"

"Kitty, why are you peeing on me? Is this why she put a raincoat on me? Ick, your pee is sticky and warm."

"Cum Rod, it is cum not pee. Damn men, don't know the difference, I have a lot more to release and I am ready, hear my Mistress groaning and shrieking. Weather forecast is hot and humid with intermittent showers. "

"Really Kitty, they can probably hear her in the next city, is she always this flamboyant when she fucks? Does she always call for God? What's God going to do for her anyway?"

"You should talk, you keep slapping me with those balls of yours, why is that? Poke and slap, poke and slap, gad gets old after a while."

"Kitty, I am feel nauseated, I goanna hurl again.

"Oh Rod, you are not going to hurl your are going to cum, climax, shoot your load, bust a nut, whatever you guys call it. I am going to drain you of your seed, so big boy, fill'er up.

"Here you go girl, hot sticky cum for you."

"Hey Rod, you hat is filled with your cum, you look like an aquarium. All my cum is dripping down the outside of your raincoat."

"Kitty I am starting to wilt, he is taking me from you."

"Rod it was good to talk to you. See you the next time we fuck."

"This light is blinding me. I am all wet and sticky ick! OUCH, hey bub those hairs are attached, be careful peeling my banana, OK."

"Kitty, you're lucky to be bald. You are so red now. Look he is stuffing me back in his pants. God your mistress is just putting on her skirt. No panties for you I guess. Have a good one, thanks for cumming."

"See ya Rod thanks for the fuck!"

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