The Courtesan-Part I
As I look at the sun setting over the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, I toast you, Mr. Stewart. Not only did you teach me history in my 12th year of high school, but you helped me determine my "career" path and journey my life would take. And I can assure you, Mr. Stewart, it has thus far been a most extraordinary journey. But I am getting ahead of myself.

I am smiling as I sip on a glass of 2000 Krug Clos du Mesuil and think about the first time you fucked me on your desk. You were the key to my getting out of this godforsaken small town.

For days I had been wearing short skirts without panties to class. And when I walked into your class room and knew your eyes were locked on me, I would "accidentally" drop a book, pen or anything that would ensure that you had a perfect view of my firm little ass as I bent over to retrieve the dropped object. I knew exactly what you wanted to do with me and I intended to give you every opportunity to get what you wanted. I intended to learn everything I needed to from you in order to make a man happy beyond his wildest dreams and it did not involve cooking or sports.

I will never forget that afternoon when you asked me to stay after school to discuss my history term paper. I had already put my fingers up my pussy and spread my juices behind my ears and around my breasts as if it were perfume. I knew you would bend over me and smell my scent. And you did. Of course you did. I wasn't completely naive. As you bent over my shoulder to discuss my term paper, the fingers of your hand gently stroked the inside of my thighs. I believe you were quite shocked when I took your hand and put it on my hot pussy.

I groaned. You backed me up against the wall and thrust your fingers in me. You started rubbing my clit with your thumb and I tried to silence my scream. You asked if I liked it when you put your fingers deep inside me and I could hear your short, quick breaths next to my ear. I thought you were going to bend me over your desk and fuck me.

But I was wrong. As you pushed me onto your desk, you spread my legs and started softly touching the inside of my thighs with your incredible mouth and tongue as you slowly moved up my thighs and moved your mouth toward my pussy. And as you put your tongue fully into me and started nibbling ever so softly, I came.

I couldn't get enough of you and my pussy was aching for your cock deep inside me. I could see your hardness pressing against the fabric of your jeans. I undid your belt and unzipped your jeans. Your cock sprang loose and as I spread my legs even wider, you shoved that gorgeous cock deep into me. You started pumping your cock deeper and harder into me until I came and came.

I couldn't catch my breath and begged you to stop, but you just laughed. Finally, you pulled out of me and shoved my head toward your cock. I sat on your desk and straddled you as I started sucking your cock. At first I thought I would choke, but you whispered to just relax my throat and fully take you. It was incredible.

Your hips started pushing your cock faster and faster into my mouth as your breathing quickened. I started licking the shaft of your cock with the tip of my tongue The sound of you moaning made me even hotter and I softly caressed your balls with my nails and hands. I took you out of my mouth and gave you love bites on your inner thigh as I started to play with my clit and pussy. I continued to caress your balls and put your cock back into my mouth. I looked into your eyes.

Suddenly, you appeared to be a in a trance and I could tell you were getting ready to cum. Huskily, you told me to turn over and put my ass in the air. I bent over your desk and took my hands and spread my cheeks as far apart as I could. When you shoved your cock into me, I screamed again. You held onto my ass as you kept fucking and fucking me. Slowly; then quickly. Suddenly, you pulled your glorious cock out of me and told me to turn over. You couldn't hold back any more and as I got into position, you shot cum all over my pussy. You collapsed on top of me.

Once we were able to speak, I said to you, "Now, teach me exactly how to fuck you like every man dreams of being fucked". That afternoon, I knew I loved sex and knew if I could learn, among many things, how to please a man in myriad ways, I could make a lot of money while doing what I loved best...FUCKING.

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