The Cowboy ...
She sat on the back porch of her parent's house, sipping a cup of coffee. Her mood wasn't the best but she smiled looking up to the mountains that she had grown up with. They were lightly dusted with a fresh coating of snow, there was a slight crisp to the air but it smelled wonderful, she had missed her desert home. She had missed New Mexico, however being home was not in the bit satisfying, a scowl crossed her face when she remembered why she had suddenly come back home, hiding at her mom and dads. The girl with the perfect life had fallen from her pedestal, her life was far from perfect and she had the last 3 weeks to remind her of that.

She was home to lick her wounds and recoup from her cheating soon to be ex-husband... What a mess her life had become. She shook her head and took another sip of her coffee... She still hadn't told her parents what was going on but she wasn't too sure how either of them would accept it. They were pretty laid back as parents go but her Dad had not been happy with her taking off to New York, even less happy when she had gotten married to the "pretty boy" as her dad referred to him more than once. She should have known better when her soon to be ex took longer to get ready to go out to dinner than she did. She wasn't upset about not being with him and them divorcing, but she was humiliated, everyone they knew had known the fact that he had bedded down with all of her friends, include a few of her male friends. She felt used by him and her so called friends, and even worse deep down she felt very un attractive, it was a huge blow to her self-esteem.

While sitting on the porch sipping her coffee, decided she wanted to go hiking, even though it was the end of November, she wanted to go up to the mountains she loved so much, but where to go was the question, Dripping Springs or Aguirre Springs. Taking another sip of her coffee and deep in thought she didn't hear her Dad walk out on to the porch. "Good morning" he said making her jump, she looked over at him and smiled, "good morning too you" He looked out in to the distance and sipped his coffee, "you and pretty boy getting divorced?" She looked up at her Dad and shook her head yes, "do I want to know why?" he asked looking at her, she shook her head no. Her Dad smiled a bit, "you gonna be okay?" she looked over at him "yes Dad I am going to be okay" Her Dad stood quietly for a moment, " I never did like him, you should have stayed with Josh" She shook her head "Daddy, Josh and I were never together, He didn't like me like that" Her Dad just smiled at her and shook his head "Daughter,a guy like Josh don't hang out unless there is a reason" he took another sip of his coffee " but you were too busy dreaming of places far away to see that" She stared at her Dad for a moment, and thought about Josh and their weird friendship, she hadn't seen him in about 7 years, they had talked a couple of years ago on the phone but other than that, she hadn't heard from him in a long while. "Daddy, Josh is married to his girlfriend from high school, the same girl he was dating when he and I were hanging out" Her Dad laughed at her, smiled "honey lots have changed since you left for the east coast, you should call him" She sat for a moment and looked out to the mountains, thinking to herself Dripping Springs, that is where I am going to go hiking today. She looked back up at her Dad and smiled " Daddy you only say that because Josh is the only boy you ever liked, no I am not going to call him, I don't even have his number" She stood up and walked over to her Dad and gave him a hug, " besides Josh was never interested in me and I am going for a hike" She went to go walk into the house to go get dressed, her Dad still standing on the porch drinking his coffee, looked over at her, "where are you going?" she smiled "Dripping Springs if you must know" He nodded his head, " you be careful" he said "I will" she replied. As she went to walk in the house her Dad looked at her "you know if you had just married yourself a cowboy none of this would have happened" she looked at her Dad and shook her head, then walked into the house to get dressed.

The drive over to Dripping springs was peaceful, yet she found herself thinking about Josh. The two of them had gone to school together, and rode the same bus. He pretty much spent most of their relationship torturing her, doing everything in his power to piss her off. There were many days she had gotten off the bus with the overwhelming feeling of wanting to shove that cowboy hat of his, down his freakin' throat. However once she got a little older he was no longer as annoying, as he was completely hot. It actually hit her the one day he had gotten on the bus after school and took off his shirt, completely tan skin, muscles toned and defined, his sparkling bright blue eyes, and blond hair, she couldn't help but to keep looking at him, he was sitting with his girlfriend, but he kept looking back at her with a sly smile on his face. She had spent the rest of her evening thinking about him, the following morning he turned her red when he got on the bus. He sat behind her, she could feel him staring at her, he finally leaned over the seat and whispered in her ear, " did you like what you saw yesterday" she turned and ended up face to face with him, his eyes piercing her, he smirked" I saw you looking" he stayed there in her face looking at her, while the red washed over her, she could feel her face burning, he moved a bit closer to her, their lips almost touching, like he was going to kiss her, then he whispered "let me know when you're not a child anymore" and he sat back smiling at her knowing he had completely unnerved her again. As soon as the bus got to the high school she raced off the bus, that afternoon she called her mom to come and pick her up and take her home, claiming she was sick.

She tried to avoid him but it would not work, he started dating her friends, then he started showing up at her house, hang out and talk with her, never hitting on her, but mostly bitching about issues with girls. They had finally become friends but she was one of the guys. Her Mom and Dad loved Josh, he had won their heart, he would come over and help her Dad out with the semi-trucks, when her Mom was sick and her Dad on the road he would go and get stuff from the store for her mom. He would have been the perfect boyfriend but he just never seemed to be into her, so she kept things on a friendship level. She pulled up to the parking area and stopped her jeep, she sat there for a second, there were a couple of really weird thing about her and Josh's friendship, he had threated to beat the hell out of a guy at a party one night if the guy tried to date her, the more she thought about it, they fought over every guy she had dated. He had quit talking for two weeks over her going out on a date with Corey, and even after her and Corey stopped seeing each other Josh still had nothing nice to say about him. She shook her head, that could mean anything she thought to herself. She got out of the car and started to hike up to the old resort.

The hike up to the resort was relaxing, and she had a chance to clear her head, she found a place to sit and she lit up a cigarette. She sat there lost in her own thoughts, when she heard footsteps she looked up and to her shock Josh was walking towards her. He looked at her from underneath his cowboy hat, she could see that sly smile on his face, she put out her cigarette and laughed. "Did my Dad call you?" Josh smile "maybe, or maybe I was just up here taking a walk" She looked away and laughed, "so are you going to get up and hug me" he asked her. She looked at him for a minute and thought to herself he still is sexy as hell, she got up and walked over to him to give him a hug.

Josh watched her as she got up to give him a hug; she had grown up and filled out from the last time he had saw her, as she walked towards him he noticed her ebony hair had gotten extremely long, she had definitely lost the look of being a child, she had filled out to become a beautiful woman. Watching her walk over to him he couldn't help to imagine her naked. Her breast had to be a D cup, her waist slender and then her ass; she had the perfect hourglass shape. He could feel his cock getting excited.

He had always had a thing for her, but he never acted on it, she had always been very cold towards him, never any signs that she was interested in him. Other than that one day on the bus all those years ago, she had always talked about moving away to the big city, being a photographer and mingling with the famous. She had done well for herself after she moved to the east coast, she went to art school and got a job with a photographer who took pictures for fashion designers, she had even gotten married, though her parents didn't like the guy, nor had they ever met him. Her parents had told him last year that she had finally gotten her own studio and was doing well, the perfect life.

Yet her Dad called him that morning and told him she had sold everything, filed for divorce and moved home with no explanation. Now here he was with her standing in front of him. She hugged him and gave him a kiss on the check, "so how have you been?" she asked, he smiled at her "good, I would ask you but seeing you are here I am going to assume not so good" she just looked at him, and swore under her breath "my Dad talks to much sometimes" she looked at him and smiled. Josh smiled back, snowflakes had started falling, and the sky had gotten dark. Josh looked up in the sky and then looked at her "we might want to take cover for a bit, it is gonna get nasty" She looked around at the old resort with was falling down due to age and weather, she looked at Josh "I really don't think that the old hotel is going to help us any, maybe we should make a break for the vehicles". Josh looked at her and smile, "hold on a sec" and Josh walked back down the path out of sight, a few minute later he came back up the path with a two horses, on the back of them was his camping stuff. She stood there looking at him, while he tied off the horses underneath an overhang from the hotel, it was a ready-made horse shelter. Josh looked at her and smiled at the shocked look on her face, "why don't you go gather up some fire wood" he said to her, "while I set us up a warm place to sit" She walked off to go collect some wood, part of her wanted to just go home but the other part of her was curious, he had obviously thought this out, but what was the question.

She came back a few minutes later and he had set up a tent, started a fire, inside of the tent were sleeping bags and blankets. He also had a thermos of coffee and two cups. He smile and patted the ground next to him, holding out a cup of coffee. They sat there for a bit and talked catching up on each other's lives. Then they both got quiet watching the fire and the snow falling harder, whiting everything out.She started to removed her jacket because she was getting warm, Josh watched her as she wiggled out of jacket, and decided he couldn't take it anymore. He took off his cowboy hat and turned towards her, he ran his hand through her hair, and moved closer to her, she froze. Josh no longer smiling, pulled her towards him, and looked at her in her eyes, "there is something I have been wanting to do for a very long time" he said to her, she broke eye contact and looked down to her lap, Josh growled " look at me dammit" she looked back up at him, his eyes penetrating her very soul, he moved her closer to him and kissed her, gently at first, lightly brushing her lips, then he kissed her harder, holding her tightly, completely giving int9o the desire that had built up over the years.Shoving his tongue into her mouth, not realizing just how rough he was being with her, but her mouth made him not care. At first she wouldn't open her mouth, and then suddenly her mouth relaxed and opened ever so slightly,inviting his tongue into her mouth. He broke away and pushed her back onto the sleeping bags, not saying a word to her he took off her hiking boots then ripped off her jeans, and revealed her pussy, shaved and smooth. Before she could protest he dived into her pussy, with force and wanting, far from gentle he found her clit and started to suck and biting it, while sliding his fingers into her tight pussy. It amazed him just how tight she was, and for a moment he wondered if she had never had sex,the quick thought that she was still a virgin, passed through his mind, but her scent and the sweet taste of her juices made him not care. He started to move his fingers in and out of her pussy while thrashing at her clit; she started to moan momentarly relaxing, almost giving into him, and then suddenly she tried to push him away. Josh smiled, determined not to be denied of her,sat up, he reached into his bag and grabbed a rope. Her eyes widen as Josh grabbed her to flipped her over, she tried to put up a struggle to get away from him, he tied her hands behind her back and then flipped her back over. She stared at him in shock and started to say something, but Josh stopped her. "Hush or I will gag you" then smiled at her "You have been driving me crazy since we were kids and dammit I am gonna have my way with you" he looked at her and slid his fingers back into her pussy, she let out a moan, he moved up over her and started kissing her letting her taste herself on his mouth, then he lean over to her ear and whispered," let me make you feel good" he looked at her and started to move his finger in and out of her slowly. "okay?" he asked, she looked at him for a moment and nodded her head yes. Josh smiled and moved back down to her beautiful pussy and ran his tongue over her clit, working it. making it swell. Her hips started to move with him, grinding her in to his mouth, he moved his finger out of her pussy and started to fuck her with his tongue while rubbing her clit with his thumb. Working it faster and faster, she started to moan and shiver "come on baby, cum for me" Josh growled, as he went back to sucking on her clit, all the while she felt like she was going to lose her mind, shuddering with each lick, her body going completely crazy. no one had ever done this to her before, and she couldn't stop him. All she could do was moan as her hips started to buck with each stroke of his tongue, then suddenly it hit, a wave washed over her, completely un describable. She was cumin harder then she had ever experienced, and she kept cumin, with each lick of his tongue she would cum harder, to the point where it almost was painful, and just as she felt like the pain was going to increase, she would climax again and intense pleasure would wash through her body. Josh enjoying every last bit of her cumin, juices flowing making her so completely drenched. She finally started to settle down and he moved back up to her face and started to kiss her again, he moved her enough to untie her.

She laid there for a moment not moving, he moved back and she sat up. Josh braced himself for a slap in the face, he had basically forced her, but it would be worth that slap. She leaned forward and pulled his shirt popping the snaps; he looked at her surprised, and then smiled as he removed his shirt, then Josh leaned forward and pulled her shirt off over her head, reveling her breast, firm and perfect, much to Josh surprize she was not wearing a bra. Her nipples harden from the cold air, they were dark and swollen. He pulled her towards him, up on her knees and he started to suck on one of her nipples rolling in his mouth, while rolling the other nipple between his finger and thumb, she let out a moan as he applied more pressure, he ran his free hand up her back to the base of her neck and grabbed her hair, pulling her head back reveling her throat he started to kiss and bite her neck. Her hands ran down his back then back up and through his hair. He stood up and kicked off his cowboy boots then removed his jeans he looked down at her and growled "suck it" she stammered for a moment and he looked at her again "suck it now" she moved forward and kissed his cock. She looked up at him "I have never given a guy head before" Josh smiled and grabbed her hair and forced his cock into her mouth. In an instant he thought maybe this is a bad idea, her mouth was warm and wet and he almost came right then, He waited a moment, then slowly started to fuck her face, she was on her knees and looking up at him, all he could think was she was such a beautiful sight, her dark eyes looking up at him with his cock sliding in and out of her perfect mouth. Her hands moved around to his buttocks, pulling him deeper in her mouth, with each of his thrusts. It was more than he could take, he slid his cock out of her mouth and laid down pulling her on top of him. He slid himself up into her, she was so wet, yet so tight he couldn't believe it, he grabbed her hips and started to move her, penetrating deeper with each movement. She started to cum again, hard and he started to move faster, pulling her down on him harder as she started to shudder "oh Fuck!" she cried out, making Josh smile and more determined to make her cum harder. He could feel her pussy tighten around his cock and she started to cry out louder, "Josh cum with me please cum with me" Josh pulled her down hard on to his cock and started to grind her down on him, making her shudder hard and cry out, he pulled her down on to his chest and held her while he shot his cum deep into her. He laid there for a moment listening to her breath, he reached over and grabbed the blanket and pulled it on top of them. She slid off of him and snuggled up on to his chest with his arms wrapped around her. They both laid there quietly for what seemed like an eternity, neither of them talking. "Are you warm enough?" Josh asked breaking the silence. "Yes" she whispered, and then she sat up and looked at him "Josh, why?" He looked at her "you don't know" she shook her head no. He smiled at her "because I have always wanted you, and you have always been mine" She looked away for a moment then looked back at him "but you never acted like you wanted me" Josh sat up, and looked into her eyes, "no you just never noticed, so I had to wait until you were ready to handle a Cowboy". He leaned in and kissed her, then he whispered in her ear "you ready for round two? Beautiful" and he pulled her back down into the blankets and sleeping bags with him...
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