The Dance pt 2 : Behind closed doors
This is part two please read The Dance first.

My hands vibrate from the rush of adrenaline flooding my body. I am not sure I can manage the leather buckles on her wrists and ankles, but I do. She is mine and no other Dom will release her but me. So, I straighten my back and will my fingers to work. With slow deliberate determination, I unfasten the buckles one at a time bringing her legs together as I release her ankles. I unfasten her arms she wraps them around my neck. Effortlessly I lift her into my arms, then walk silently through the crowd. They quietly parted and I noticed tears were in the eyes of the submissives. The Dominants nodded in a show of respect as we passed and pulled their submissives closer. I knew that they understood the amount of devotion, and trust tonight took from both of us, they also well understood my need to see to and be inside of my Submissive.
She surrendered to me so sweetly, and as I looked into her eyes all I saw was her devotion to me. She is mine and I am hers tonight more than anything has proven this to me. I will never willingly let her go. God, I am so fucking proud of her.
I grabbed the soft blanket and sat on the couch with her in my lap wrapping her in the warm comfort holding her close to me as I slow my breathing and heart rate down. I need this time to come down from my own high, the high of watching her complete trust in me. From the moment, she said yes Master tonight she had me enthralled the way she moved towards my whip the sighs and moans as the bright flash of pain drew her deeper into her submission. She stirs in my arms pushing her face into my shoulder I cup her head and lay my cheek against her head breathing in the citrusy scent of her hair.
As much as I want to just hold her I need to see to her care. That is more important than my throbbing cock and my desire to keep her tucked under my chin. So, I stood and laid her face down on the silky sheets to inspect her skin. No broken skin, welts are minimal mostly just thin lines that within a day will be gone. In the meantime, I would enjoy seeing the marks of my possession on her creamy skin.
I kept to my plan tonight, laying down eight vertical lashes, then crossing one over the another to form an x. The place where the lash over lapped were the reddest and I carefully probed the skin spreading an extra layer of the cooling cream. The creams lidocaine will help with the discomfort, as soon as she wakes fully I will have her take some Motrin as well. The next four strokes I laid on her wonderfully round ass, then on the tender skin of her thighs I placed five more. In the next twenty-four hours, they all should be gone except perhaps a few faint red lines.
I look up into the beautiful trusting eyes of my submissive as she looks over her shoulder at me.
"Hello Master." Her soft voice floors me every time particularly when she looks at me like that.
"Hello sunshine, how are you feeling."
"Wonderfully sore."
I look at her in that way that says don't lie or dick around with me and she relents.
"It is very tender Sir, but you know I love it. Daddy"
"Here take these, and drink as much of the water as you can, you need to hydrate." I hand her the pills and a full bottle of water.
"Thank you Master." She slaps the pills in her mouth then turns the bottle up and drinks heavily.
And then my beautiful Submissive rises from the bed, slides to the floor kneeling at my feet, placing her trembling hands palm up on her spread thighs. Her beautiful and very wet pussy on display for me. This must be causing her quite a bit of discomfort but here she is on her knees before me. I can scarcely breathe at the depth of her submission.
Holding my hand out for hers, I pull her to her feet and into my arms kissing her soft swollen lips. She must have bitten them during our scene, I run my tongue across the plump lower one before sucking it into my mouth to sooth it.
"God, you taste like sunshine"
"I ache master."
"Where do you ache, baby?"
"Down here" she says shyly pointing to her groin.
"What is that? What does your Master call it?"
"My pussy, Daddy."
"Who's pussy?" I growl.
"Daddies Pussy."
"That's right that is Daddies Pussy. Show me, spread those beautiful legs and show me my pussy."
I watch as she widens her stance and spreads those legs wide like she knows I like, I kneel sliding my hands from her knees up to her pussy spreading her plump lips. Nuzzling her mound with my prickly chin. She smells so goddam good, I bury my face in her pussy licking around her swollen clit, while I plunge my index finger inside her cunt. Pumping it numerous times before adding another digit. Curling them, I stroke the walls of her pussy till she is begging me pleading with me to cum. Her legs are trembling and I know she won't be able to support her weight much longer so I slip my free arm around her waist holding her up.
"Don't Cum" I warn, as slow the stroking to her g-spot.
I literally feel her shiver from head to toe as she locks her legs and nods at me, and all the while I'm pushing her towards the edge then pulling back at the last moment. Her sweet gasping breaths and the pulse in her clit letting me know how tightly she is walking that edge.
"Do you want to cum kitten?"
"Oh God Yes Daddy please. I need to very badly." Her sweet moans, and the desperate begging makes me want to give her everything she wishes for, "cum for me baby." I command as I bury my tongue into her pussy flicking her clit back and forth slowly deliberately dancing the edge with her.
Her trembling legs finally give way so I lay her gently back on the bed never taking my mouth from her sweet pussy stroking the spongy walls of her cunt as she steadily contracts around my fingers. When I feel her start to come down, I begin to suck her clit rhythmically, drawing out the moans the sound of her panting the sounds alone are enough to make me want to cum so badly that I have to bite my lip and grind my teeth together to pull back from the edge.
Standing I rip my leather pants down kicking them off my legs even as I kneel between her still quivering thighs roaring loudly as I thrust myself as deeply as I can in her hot tight pussy. The purity of that moment surrounded by her wet heat is as sweet as her surrender under my whip. For several moments, I lay still savoring the feel of being buried as deeply as a man can go inside a woman, the feel of her pulsing around me, heaven.
Leaning down I cover her lips with mine our tongues sliding over each other's even as I slide my cock in and out of her hot pussy the drag and pull along with the slap of my heavy balls against her ass, Pure completion a feeling I want to last forever, but the need to move to feel her soft depths against my painfully hard cock is much to great. So, I move pumping my hips filling her over and over gritting my teeth against the desire to let go to rush towards the ultimate completion. I draw back from the edge breathing through the overwhelming need, slowing down I drag my cock out keeping just the glans inside her then slowly sliding back in the pace is madding. Our coming together the perfect battle between the bliss of being inside her and the pull of the rapturous release, ultimately the challenge to cum wins. Reaching between us I thumb her clit and command her to cum pinching and holding her throbbing button in between my fingers. She is ready, more than ready she is vibrating with need trembling so hard I have wrapped my arms tightly around her holding her together.
"Cum," I command again, and she surrenders flying over the edge. The first contraction of her cunt around my cock is heaven and hell all at once. I grit my teeth but in the end, I let go with a great roar. Hips pistoning faster and faster as rope after rope of cum releases into her trembling body. Falling exhausted and spent on top of her taking as much of my weight as my trembling arms will allow.
We lay together in a trembling, sweaty, heap gasping for air. No words are spoken none are needed at this moment there is peace and comfort in each other's arms. We would deal with tomorrow when it came.

Some may wonder why the Dominant and Submissive were given no names this was intentional this story wasn't about the people as much as it was about the connection that the two of them have to each other. However, I am considering a prequal that will name the couple. Would you like to see how they met and know them before they were Dominant and Submissive? See what led them to the beautiful relationship they have and show the darkness that lurks in her past that could threaten their future?
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