The Dancing Club
I just had made coffee, and the doorbell rang. I ran for my robe because I had not got dressed yet. Another bing-bong occurred before I made it to the front door. I opened it and there stood Alice. The Alice not dressed in a sweatshirt and sweat paints covered with paint, but Alice looking very much stylish in a skirt that showed off long slender legs. Her blouse was part way unbuttoned which made it interesting for the eye. "Good morning, Carol. I guess you are kind of surprised I am here. We were all sorry to see the class finish because we all could no longer see you. And no I am not here to ask you to pose again. We have student from the local college who is signed up to do that." After all that I got a chance to invite her in and ask her if she would like some coffee. Before she could get going again, we sat our kitchen counter bar, and I asked her, "What can I do for you?" I watched her sit on the kitchen stool and thought ‘You should never hide those legs in sweats.' As she leaned over to get some sugar for her coffee, her blouse opened and again never hide what I saw in a sweatshirt. She was young and firm enough to forget about wearing a bra.

"Carol, I will have to give you some background information before I tell you why I am here. As you may or may not know, Roxanne and I were having sort of an affair. Unfortunately, her husband caught us making out in their living room, and he went ballistic. They are getting a divorce, and I thought she would want to live with me, but I was wrong. She said she wanted to be more freedom to do what she always had fantasies while doing her husband. She was very blunt telling me she wanted more than one cock or pussy to enjoy. I hope I am not shocking you with all of this, but Roxanne and I thought you and Tina had a thing going also."

I just grunted as she continued.

"Roxanne asked me to come to see you. She wanted me to ask you if you would do a threesome with her."

"With who?"

She coyly moved in the chair, her breasts moved under that blouse and said softly, "Me."

I looked at her thinking ‘You Alice in a minute, but Roxanne was another covered with paint protection clothes.'

"Carol, every time you climbed on that platform to sit in that chair, I wanted so bad to make love to you. The Center keeps a close eye for any pursuit of the models, but never worries about the students, who they never see as at risk."

"I believe I have to get to know Roxanne better. Maybe we should go out together to see if we fit. I know a bar with dancing catering to just women. It is a long drive, but it might be fun for all of us."

"Just name the time and date, we are both flexible," she replied in a very husky voice. With what happened next, I was not expecting. She slipped off the stool, stood next to me. She slipped a hand in my robe, rubbed her thumb across my nipple and kissed me. "I waited so long to do that. I hope you enjoyed it," she said with that husky voice again. Not only did I enjoy it, when she climbed back on the bar stool, I came to her and moved my hand up those long legs. She didn't stop me as I passed the hem of her skirt and the softness of her thighs was only beat by a pantie-less pussy. ‘Oh, you fucking hussy1' I thought as I kissed her.

"Carol, would you like to go to bed?"

I said, "There is nothing more I would like to do, but I am expecting my daughter back from an early class."

She spotted a picture on the dining room hutch. She went to it and picked it up, and asked, "Is this your daughter?" When I nodded yes, she replied, "Wow! Like mother, like daughter! She very gorgeous." I knew what was running through her mind, but chose silence, as my daughter has her own life now. She is no longer a young teenager with flying hormones. I thought to myself, ‘Yeah, an OLDER teenager with flying hormones.'

Watching Alice move around and seeing her for the first time, I would say she has a cute ass. The more I looked, the more I wanted her. I told her I would call her to set up a time. I was hoping to get her on her way before Elaine showed. Almost met my goal, but Elaine arrived as Alice was leaving. I introduced them and the way Alice was looking at Elaine, I knew what was running through her mind. I just thought, ‘Whatever.'

Even though I tried to manage Elaine's sex life since middle school, she had a mind of her own. At eighteen, I found her kneeling before the couch with a cock in her mouth. I did not interrupt her but let her finish and enjoy the pleasure of that feeling. We did have a long talk after the young man left. Her argument was his admission that he would like to fuck me. I was flattered, but I didn't know what that has to do with giving him a blowjob, so we didn't get very far with that talk. She told me the girls at school said it was a way not to get pregnant. Of course, the girls were right, and it reminded me I used the same technique a long time ago. Her proud announcement to me that she had been fucked by an older man. That sent me into a panic of protection. She was just eighteen, and when I tried to find out who the man was, she kept silent. I think we both prayed for the next period. Gloriously, it did happen, and a prescription of pills was immediately sought. She bitched about having to wait a month for her new lifestyle. She was her mother's daughter.

I was sure Elaine liked the way Alice looked and fawned over her. I wondered if she had sampled that pleasure also. When Alice left, Elaine had all kinds of questions about her. I just kept saying, "I don't know." She never got to ‘Why was she here?' She finally went upstairs to take a shower, and it wasn't long after that I heard her dildo running. A truly noisy but delightful thing.

I looked at my planner and Thursday I was free, but most of all that was a night that bar was full. I called Alice and she said, "Roxanne is very excited, that you are going out with us." We set the time and place to meet because we only needed one car to go that far. I sat and pondered what to wear because I wanted to make a good impression on Roxanne if she was that hot to trot for me. I was for Alice, and a good threesome would be a good experience with only the ladies involved. I got wet thinking about one of them sucking my tits while the other ate my cunt. I did have an old club dress which showed a lot of leg and low enough for the girls to bounce up when dancing. I felt like I was going to enjoy this and never considered a bra or panties. If they show, let them. Wasn't that what we were there to do.

I gave myself plenty of time to get to the front of the bank where we were supposed to meet. I walked right past this chick, who called to me, "Carol!" I turned to see who was calling me, and damn, it was Roxanne. Her hair down, make up on, and a sexy dress, maybe a little too young for her, but she filled it oh so nice. She looked ten years younger than the 50 years old; I was told she was. She was one hot fucking momma. "Roxanne, you look fabulous!" I finally got out of my mouth. She thanked me, and we started chatting waiting for Alice. "I use to admire you so much, sitting up there without a stitch on and looking like a queen. I use to go home from every class and use my vibrator on myself. Hey girl, you were that hot!" she proclaimed. We chatted quite a bit, giving each other compliments, while we observed the loveliness of our boobs. If I knew what was under all those baggy painter clothes, I would have gone hell bent for leather to get in Roxanne's pants. Alice was late, and when she called saying she would be late due to a meeting at the Center, Roxanne and I went on inside. Trying to find a table was next to impossible. We did have a few offers from some older gals to share their table, but we both knew what they wanted to share. We wound up at the bar and ordered a couple of drinks. The bartender a hot little number herself said, "You two are about the best we had in here in a long time." Of course, that was bullshit, and I guess she was looking for a big tip. I asked her if you can smoke in here, and she said, "There is a back room." Roxanne said, "I am craving for a cigarette. I used to get so jealous of Tina having you all to herself in the smoking area." I replied, "Well, you got me now." I let Roxanne interpret that anyway she wanted. I lit her up while staring down at her cleavage. I would have kissed them right there if it was not for the two chicks on the other side of the room. When those two started making out, Roxanne kissed me. She gave me a warm wet kiss that I liked. She offered her tongue and I softly sucked it into my mouth. I felt her hand on my chest and a gentle exploration all that my chest carried. When she pulled away, her hand was on my ass and said, "I would give anything to fuck you, Carol." I said the feeling is mutual, and kisses were exchanged once again, only holding longer. "Alice is not coming. Let us get out of here and go to my place. Nobody is there now that he has gone. What do you say?"

No sooner than she got the words out of her mouth than Alice walks into the smoking room and says, "There you two are." Roxanne looks disappointed. I am beginning to think Roxanne doesn't want a threesome at all. Alice was used to get to me. Roxanne said, "Shall we dance." The three of us bounced up and down to the music. I only got my ass pinched three times. Roxanne claimed four and Alice won with six, although we thought she backed into a few on purpose. I was interested in a slow dance with Roxanne, but that was never going to happen in here.

Roxanne suddenly proclaimed she was ill and thought she better go home. I was disappointed, but Alice was not. That gleam in her eye told me she was going to get what she wanted with me if we had to take Roxanne home. Poor Roxanne, we had to stop once to let her throw up. That had to be a long ride for her being sick. She tried to sleep in the back seat while Alice rubbed my leg, getting close to making her way up my skirt. She was teasing me unmercifully, just when I thought she would find bare pussy she would pull away. If she thought she was getting me excited, she was. We arrived at Roxanne's place offering her help which she declined. She made it through her front door and we were on our way.

Alice asked, "Can we go to your place for some fun?" "Nope," I replied, "Elaine will be there and I just don't have guests while she is there." "Oh," was her disappointing pronouncement. I was damn sure what she had in mind, thinking a threesome might happen after all. "How about your place?" I asked. Got a big no with that one, as her mother was visiting. Poor Alice said, "I am constantly barraged with when I am going to give her grandchildren. So with me bringing you home, would not go over that well." We both laughed. "You want to play teenager and park at their favorite spot?" she asked. "Sounds fun, as long as we don't run into Elaine!" We both laughed again.

Giving me directions, we picked out a spot. Alice leaned over and kissed me. I liked the way she kissed, remembering our kitchen cuddling. Our tongues danced with delight exploring each other's mouth, and then I felt her hand on my thigh, but this time she did not tease, but slowly rubbed my inner thigh, up my dress until I felt her hand on my mound. With deft fingers, she parted my lips and entered where my little cock was hiding. She manipulated me as I played with her firm breasts. Her nipples were so damn hard; I could not believe it. But when I when I got her breast out; a rap bounced a few times off the side window. A man with a flashlight pointed it at Alice's breasts.
"Now ladies, you know we patrol this area, trying to protect your daughters from becoming mommies. Can't you find another place to do your thing, maybe at a hotel or someplace not so well known?" he said in a lecturing manner after we rolled the window down. We thanked him and told him we would be on our way. We left the park and laughed at his staring at all the right places. "I bet he would have fucked either one of us if we asked him," Alice said. "Yeah, he was having a hard time not peering of your hand up my skirt," I countered, "Time to call it an evening." We agreed, and I dropped Alice off to listen to her mother's chant for babies. I made my way home. I walked in and there stood Elaine wanting to know who I was within that sexy dress. She pressed asking if it was with Alice. I finally just told her, "Go to bed!" and stomped off to my bedroom.

Dropping my clothes on the floor and climbed into bed and called Roxanne. "I am so sorry we didn't make love tonight, but I will make it up to you," I said. She replied, "I want that bad. You looked so hot! When we kissed in that smoke-filled room, I just wanted to drop to my knees and tongue you." I said, "That is something I want to happen, and I ensure you it will be duplicated on you." After chatting just a few minutes she excused herself, apparently to go to the bathroom, and she hung up. I did have a good night sleep thinking about her and surprisingly Alice. The best dream of the night was me sucking Jesse's cock. Just a great night of dreams.

The next morning Elaine met me in the kitchen saying, "I want to apologize for last night. It is not my business what you do or who you date. Please forgive me." I could sense something was bothering her and asked, "What is the real problem?" She hesitated but then blurted out, "My boyfriend wants me to sleep with him and his friend!" "I asked, "You mean this Bob, older than me, wants to use you as bait for other men?" She started crying and said, "He told me, he likes to suck other men." I said, "Honey if that bothers you drop the fucker!" "Oh mom, he is so good at what he does to me," she replied through the tears. "Sweetie, there are a lot of men and women who can make your emotions soar with their lovemaking." And then it finally came. "Does Alice do that for you?" she asked. I finally gave up, and said, "Alice would very much like to do you. If that is what you want, I will set it up." All the crying stopped as she was getting what she wanted. "I guess watching him sucking cock is not so bad, he even showed me a few techniques to use on men," she said out of the blue. She left for class happy. I thought, ‘Whatever turns you on. If you like to watch a man suck on another guy so be it. I never got turned on watching two guys. I had enough of that with Peter and William. Now what will turn me on is watching a woman enjoying a cock in her mouth, and I enjoy the same thing.

After finding Elaine's schedule, I called Alice and asked her if she would be interested in doing Elaine. I thought she was going to pee in her pants with excitement. I told her about Elaine's schedule, and she told me she would get back to me. I thought, ‘What about all the bullshit about getting in my panties?' No matter I had not heard from Roxanne in a few days, and it was time to pay a visit. I rang her doorbell, and soon the door was opened by a man. He said, "And who might you be?" I said, "A friend of hers and who are you? He looked at me and said, "Her husband, and are you one of those from that art class?" When I nodded he want on, "Well, she ain't interested in all that pussy licking anymore. I will take care of that!" With that, he shut the door in my face. I thought ‘Motherfucker!' I left and drove home.

Here I thought I was going to have two hot relationships and now had none. My daughter stole one from me, and an asshole husband stole the other. I needed somebody to play with...
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